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Welcome to Wavy Gravy's Birthday Celebration Page
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Marshall of Rock
Happy Birthday - May 15 Wavy Gravy 82 Brian Eno (Roxy Music, producer, David Bowie, Coldplay, Talking Heads, Ro - Marshall of Rock (8 months ago)
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Green Day LIVE
Via armstrong Happy bday Wavy Gravy via theuctheatre Happy Birthday - Green Day LIVE (8 months ago)
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Jay Blakesberg
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy With David Crosby 82 years old today May 15, 2018 - Jay Blakesberg (8 months ago)
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Sean Mcdowell
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy, Woodstock Icon, Spokesperson & Media Liaison at Max Yasgur\'s Farm, 1969. Wavy: \"What we - Sean Mcdowell (8 months ago)
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Al Dunn
Happy 80th Birthday to Wavy Gravy! Still laughing, raising money for charity, listening to music, writing haikus. - Al Dunn (8 months ago)
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The Ace Of Cups
Happy birthday to our dear Wavy Gravy! You are a friend and teacher, a collaborator in mischief and magic. Please - The Ace Of Cups (8 months ago)
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John Greenleigh
Happy Birthday, Wavy Gravy! - John Greenleigh (8 months ago)
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Rod Morrow
Happy birthday Wavy Gravy.... or Mt. Burns? - Rod Morrow (8 months ago)
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John B0Ok
Happy 82nd birthday to Hugh Romney, the guy who told the crowd at Woodstock \"for those people who still believe tha - John B0Ok (8 months ago)
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Roseann Weiss
Dare to struggle/dare to grin Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy who embodies creative activism. Sure, I could of done it - Roseann Weiss (8 months ago)
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happy bday authors♪♫
Happy birthday Wavy Gravy! American entertainer - happy bday authors♪♫ (8 months ago)
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Chris Stonehouse
The whole earth is in jail and we\'re plotting this incredible jailbreak. Happy 81st Birthday Wavy Gravy - aka S - Chris Stonehouse (8 months ago)
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Chris Stonehouse #fbpe
The whole earth is in jail and we\'re plotting this incredible jailbreak. Happy 81st Birthday Wavy Gravy - aka S - Chris Stonehouse #fbpe (8 months ago)
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Ronda Castle
- Ronda Castle (8 months ago)
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Karen Mangold
Happy Birthday, Wavy Gravy!!! - Karen Mangold (8 months ago)
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Mari Tamburo
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy. - Mari Tamburo (8 months ago)
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Wavy Gravy
Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the legend Wavy Gravy! - Wavy Gravy (1 year ago)
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Kevin Shapiro
Happy bday wavy gravy - Kevin Shapiro (1 year ago)
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Justin Wellman
Happy Birthday to Wavy Gravy. Born on this day in 1936. - Justin Wellman (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy!!! - fRe$h (1 year ago)
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Granny Goodwitch
...a Heartfelt Happy 81st Birthday to legendary <3 Wavy Gravy <3 - Granny Goodwitch (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Lance Miccio
Happy 81st Birthday Wavy Gravy - Lance Miccio (1 year ago)
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Curtis in Music Land
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy - Curtis in Music Land (1 year ago)
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Lisa Law
Wavy Gravy\'s birthday is the 16th. Happy birthday Wavy Gravy. - Lisa Law (1 year ago)
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Happy 81st birthday to peace activist Wavy Gravy! \"There is always a little bit of Heaven in a Disaster Area!\" - forionpozo (1 year ago)
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Nalanda Institute
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy!!!! - Nalanda Institute (1 year ago)
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Jane West
Happy Birthday, Wavy Gravy! - Jane West (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to clown/activist/writer Wavy Gravy (Hugh Romney) (May 15,1936), author of The Hog Farm and Friends (1974) et al. - Book_Addict (1 year ago)
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Ernest III
Happy Birthday Hugh \"Wavy Gravy\" Romney. - Ernest III (1 year ago)
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Groovy Reflections™
Happy 81st birthday Hugh Nanton Romney aka Wavy Gravy! - Groovy Reflections™ (1 year ago)
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Corey Mesler
Says, Happy birthday, Wavy Gravy. He said, Help me be the best Wavy Gravy I can muster. - Corey Mesler (1 year ago)
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Peter Hale
- Wavy Gravy turns 81 today -allenginsberg.org/2017/05/mm15-happy-birthday-wavy-gravy/ - Peter Hale (1 year ago)
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Vernon Webb
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy - Vernon Webb (1 year ago)
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Keith Greenberg
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy - The Allen Ginsberg Project - Keith Greenberg (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Mark, keep it wavy gravy brother - Morgan (1 year ago)

82 years old (Born on May 15, 1936)

Known for his comic hippie and clown personas and for his peace activism, this American counterculture figure founded a non-profit healthcare group called the Seva Foundation; a circus program called Camp Winnarainbow; and a California commune called the Hog Farm.

Wavy Gravy's Best Moments

Happy bday wavy gravy
Happy Birthday Hugh \"Wavy Gravy\" Romney.
Happy 81st Birthday Wavy Gravy
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy!!!
Happy Birthday to Wavy Gravy. Born on this day in 1936.
Happy Birthday Wavy Gravy
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Wavy Gravy new pic 1
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