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happy birthday I hope you have a good birthday - breannapichette17 (1 week ago)
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from the band one direction and from the show x factor - imalka (1 year ago)
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Chesca Dimacali
Happy birthday ldr-bff/zayn malik ng buhay q0uh, see you soon! Feb g it - Chesca Dimacali (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

Destiny Hansen
HUSSSNNAAA I miss you sm happy birthday boo ily, enjoy these pics of us and Zayn Malik - Destiny Hansen (1 day ago)
birthday balloon

dana odeh
happy birthday zayn malik !!!!! all our pics are on my old phone :((( - dana odeh (2 days ago)
birthday balloon

Ain Nurnashrah
happy birthday insin zayn malik hava a good year ahead - Ain Nurnashrah (2 days ago)
birthday balloon

فزرين اضام
Happy birthday aka zayn malik hahahhaa hv a good one bro - فزرين اضام (3 days ago)
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SUNNY 103.1 FM
HAPPY Z DAY. That s the birthday message left on Instagram for the now 24-year old - SUNNY 103.1 FM (3 days ago)
birthday balloon

Embalaje Digital
Taylor Swift teases Zayn Malik video as she wishes him happy birthday by - Embalaje Digital (3 days ago)
birthday balloon

m a r i
themalilk: happy birthday Zayn Malik - m a r i (4 days ago)
birthday balloon

Ash. | 아샤
January always remind me of You & Zayn Malik happy happy birthday - Ash. | 아샤 (4 days ago)
birthday balloon

Harris Devoto
Gigi Hadid Wishes Her \\\'Handsome\\\' Boyfriend Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday See The Gl - Harris Devoto (5 days ago)
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بطريشيا عمالينا
oh my. Hi! Happy birthday to you tooooo! May god bless u. Yeah im 51 and still stan zayn malik - بطريشيا عمالينا (5 days ago)
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Taylor Swift teases Zayn Malik video as she wishes him happy birthday - BuyBitcoins (5 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik: His 13 Best Vocal Moments via - Zayniac (5 days ago)
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Leo Eguizabal
Liam Payne Wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday; Fans Go Insane Over It via - Leo Eguizabal (5 days ago)
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Gigi Hadid Wishes Her \'Handsome\' Boyfriend Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday -- See The Glowing ... - Flint (5 days ago)
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\"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAYN MALIK ^.^\" ( - Valeswood (5 days ago)
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Happy birthday my bollywood zayn malik luv u 5eva - Viids (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Zayn Malik\'s girlpweeeenddddd. please stay gorgeous forever. - axel (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Kurban Aliev
\" happy birthday-ZAYN MALIK \" ( - Kurban Aliev (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

#BuyKEMusic Often!
Gigi Hadid Wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday on Instagram - #BuyKEMusic Often! (6 days ago)
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HAPPY belated birthday zayn malik. You are now 24 years old and I am very glad that liam payne wished you a happy birthday. - HEIDI (6 days ago)
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Amir Higher
Gigi Hadid Wishes \'Handsome\' Boyfriend Zayn Malik a Happy Birthday -- See the Sweet Post! These two clearly ca - Amir Higher (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

1DUpdates!!!! ♡♡♡♡
happy birthday Zayn Malik!!!!! :) - 1DUpdates!!!! ♡♡♡♡ (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Taylor Swift teases Zayn Malik video as she wishes him happy birthday - musicpromoterusa (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Zesty Taylor Swift
teases video as she wishes him happy birthday - - Zesty Taylor Swift (1 week ago)
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Gigi Hadid\'s birthday message to Zayn Malik is giving us all the feels - HuffPostEnt (1 week ago)
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Kaylee Smith
Gigi Hadid Wishes Her Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday : .,,, - Kaylee Smith (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Yash Aryan
, , , Happy Birthday Zayn Malik a little tribute from my side must watch - Yash Aryan (1 week ago)
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Liam Payne wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday on and Directioners can\'t handle it - : - Marty (1 week ago)
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Gigi Hadid Wishes Her Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday : . - BINGBING Cocktail (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Lousie Dianne Martin
Belated: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SA pinakapogi kong mahal.: Zayn Malik <3 - Lousie Dianne Martin (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Jen Collins
Happy birthday babe! :)× - Jen Collins (1 week ago)
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Amna Hussain
Ooo it\'s 13 January today.....Cans forget to say happy birthday to Zayn Malik....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZaynMailk - Amna Hussain (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Anna Azzahra Mazry
happy birthday zayn malik l hope have an amazing days , we are so pround of you and all you have - Anna Azzahra Mazry (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Anna Azzahra Malik
happy birthday zayn malik l hope have an amazing days , we are so pround of you and all you have - Anna Azzahra Malik (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday zayn Malik 24 British singer ... - SHAKEEL AKHTAR (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Gina Lawriw
Gigi Hadid Gushes Over Zayn Malik While Wishing Him Happy Birthday via Bazaar - Gina Lawriw (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Benedict Racaza
Taylor Swift Wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday With New Music Video Teaser - Benedict Racaza (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Cherry Louie Dacalos
Be lated happy birthday Zayn Malik! - Cherry Louie Dacalos (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated, Check out birthday message for him: - 965tic (1 week ago)
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Today\'s 101.9
Liam Payne took to social media to wish his former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik a happy birthday. - Today\'s 101.9 (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

. wishes ex bandmate a happy birthday: - OCEANUP (1 week ago)
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OnScreenHits Officia
Gigi Hadid Wishes Handsome Boyfriend Zayn Malik Happy Birthday With Sweet Throwback Pic - OnScreenHits Officia (1 week ago)
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Go Tickets UK EU USA
Taylor Swift teases Zayn Malik video as she wishes him happy birthday Zayn Malik turned 24 on Thursday (12Jan17), w - Go Tickets UK EU USA (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Zayn! Think you know the modern multi-hyphenate well? Test your... by via - Azpilifofo (1 week ago)
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Gigi Hadid Wishes Her Handsome Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday by zirigozacom - Zirigoza (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Sheila Weeks
Taylor Swift Wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday With New Music Video Teaser - Sheila Weeks (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Rumor About
Taylor Swift Wishes Zayn Malik Happy Birthday With New Music Video Teaser: I Don t Wanna Live Forever was the - Rumor About (1 week ago)

24 years old (Born on January 12, 1993)

British, Singer; He is famous from One Direction.

Zayn says he feels quite protective over niall in an elderly brother way as niall is so innocent and care-free. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com) Zayn always loses his passport. He even left it on the plane once. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com) Zayn:"My biggest fear is water, i can't swim"
Louis:"What about when you drink it, mate?" (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com) zayn cried for a week when he found out santa didn't exist. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com) '' I can't swim, but if my girlfriend was drowning I'd try to dive in to rescue her.'' (facebook.com)

Zayn Malik's Best Moments

\" All smiles for to wish Zayn Malik a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday    GIF by
  Happy Birthday Zayn Malik - born on this day in 1993.
  Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
24 photos of in honor of his 24th birthday.
Happy birthday Zayn Malik! Look back at our April 2012 interview with the singer
\" Happy 22nd Birthday,
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Download Joe Jonas New Song 
Es momento de ver las fotos más hot de en este día de su cumpleaños
Happy birthday to Dazed cover star
Gigi Hadid Wishes Her Handsome Zayn Malik A Happy Birthday
Happy 23rd birthday Let\s celebrate with these super hot 23 pics of him:
Happy birthday Zayn Malik! Celebrate by checking out the 1D heartthrob\s hair evolution!
Happy birthday to the Zayn Malik of the House of Representatives
Matéria fofa do ZAYN, confiram em
  Let\s take a walk down memory lane to celebrate:
Happy 23rd birthday A thorough look at the former 1D star\s hottest ever moments
Happy birthday wishes you the fan club of Zayn Malik Paraguay, success.
        Zayn Malik Happy Birthday  Zayn
            Zayn Malik  Happy Birthday     Cooooooooooolll!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday  Zayn Malik!   Magiging kapitan tayo!   Stay strong satin bespren since birth!
 Happy birthday to the incredible hero, to the incredible Zayn Malik :) thanks for being who you are!
\" Happy birthday to the perfect and beautiful Zayn Malik __  Love you Sorry the edit..
Happy Birthday Wir feiern mit seinen besten Songs:
. wishes happy birthday in the most confusing way ever
What is even happening in Gigi Hadid\s weird birthday message to Zayn Malik?
Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik. 
The British singer, heartthrob and former member of One Direction turns 23 today!
 Happy Birthday Zayn Malik 23                1           Zayn           I love you
Happy Birthday Zayn                        Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik .
This is Just Your Name Right
Happy birthday, Here\s why he\s one of the most stylish celebs in the game:
Happy birthday zayn malik
(((** Zayn malik **)))  Happy Birthday                                           ** Zayn perrie couple **love
Happy birthday Phil here\s zayn Malik
Happy Birthday to my boy Zayn Malik! Keep doing what you\re doing
Zayn Malik for Fader 
(Happy birthday!! )
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik    Wish you all the best!
Happy Birthday and zayn malik   Two great masters, stage 1 and otra.o twiter,,,,,, really blessings at 2
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik!
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik!
Ohhh n zayn malik called saying he is gonna strip dance for u!!    I got more spam
Happy birthday deskmate belakang  P/s : mamat kat belakang tu zayn Malik Eh
Zayn Malik Happy Birthday         Zayn Befour
Gigi Hadid wishes Zayn Malik happy birthday with a sweet Instagram post.
                      BIRTHDAY  Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday!!!
Zayn Malik
Have a good day
Happy Birthday: 7 things to know about ex-One Direction member zaynmalik:
Happy birthday Zayn Malik jus\t can\t believe that you are 23. That\s Wonderful bro! Lots of love just for you!
Love you Zayn Malik! Happy Birthday!
 See all said goodbye to last year & what\s up this year here:
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik.
Happy Birthday                  zayn
 °  Happy Birthday °  Zayn Malik:)                 \\   /
  Happy Birthday Zayn Malik  his birthday is tomorrow
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERO.   Zayn Malik you\re perfect.
Happy Birthday! Party mit
Happy Birthday to the one and only king Zayn Malik!!
Happy 15th birthday to my baby love, ! You\re my everything! Love you so much Mrs. Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday ZaynMalik Happy Birthday ZaynMalik Happy Birthday Zayn Malik          !!!

Happy Birthday.

Zayn Malik I Love You     1       :)
12 Januari - Happy birthday to Zayn Malik!
Happy birthday Zayn Malik
Wish You All The Best
I Love you
Happy birthday to He turns 23 today. Looking forward to hearing your new music:
Happy birthday Zayn Malik! Here are some of his hottest moments, because tumblr:
Not one member of One Direction has wished Zayn Malik a happy birthday
\ZDAY\: wishes new love happy birthday in cute snap:
Happy birthday Zayn Malik aka, Stay perfect & don\t let anything drag you down! Miss you na po!
Happy Birthday BABY BUNSO!!!
Zayn Malik ng Philippines
Ka-Bday mo nga siyah
Happy birthday, Zayn! 24 style lessons from Zayn Malik:
Gigi Hadid\s birthday message to Zayn Malik is giving us all the feels
\"amanhã Zayn Malik está de aniversário\" \"22 anos\" \"happy bday zayn\"
Zayn Malik   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Zayn Malik!!!!!
Zayn malik wow cant believe hes 22 happy birthday m8 hope ur day is as hot as you ;;)
Zayn Malik you\re a sweetheart  Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! You\re the best, always has been my favorite and always will be.     I Love U
Happy birthday to an absolute god, hero, angel and legend and the most perfect human being on earth, zayn malik
En UK ya es oficialmente el cumpleaños de zayn malik 

happy birthday zayn
Happy birthday to the sexiest man alive aka zayn malik
Pics of 1D\s Zayn with puppies, kittens & babies to celebrate his birthday!
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik From Brazil
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! We all love you very much!   Russia love you
  happy bday here is a pic of zayn malik  thank u god bless America
                                                             1        Zayn Malik
Happy birthday  Zayn malik

I love you
Happy birthday Zayn Malik
Happy birthday to the incredible, talented, beautiful 2016 will be the year of zayn malik so be ready
Happy birthday Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik   . We\re always here for you . I love you
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! - 23 years old.
It\s 23rd Birthday! See how his life has changed dramatically in the past year
Happy 23rd Birthday, Zayn Malik! | Digital painting
Just over heare checking out pics of the birthday boy...
January 12, 1993, a day that will forever go down in history.Happy 24th birthday zayn malik
Happy Birthday to this baka And coincidentally Zayn Malik as well
 Happy 24th Birthday Zayn!
A few days longer Zayn Malik\s birthday . yeyy happy birthday zayn
Happy birthday to my idol\"zayn malik\" 22years
There\s so much beauty in zayn malik ... i miss him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
       Zayn Malik Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Zayn Malik  We love u so muchhh  We\re looking forward to meet u
Zayn Malik! 

Happy Birthday !

Please be like you from now on!
Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday   January 12th     1         Zayn
Zayn Malik Happy Birthday
 JUST 1 day I CAN\T wait !! I am so happy    -I feel like it\s my birthday not zayn malik birthday-
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik :)
Happy birthday my zayn malik  wish you all the best. Makin success bareng 1D
Happy birthday 22nd zayn malik  .. longlife healthy and god bless you .. we always love you zayn :*
Happy Birthday dear Zayn Malik
I love you so much
Happy birthday Zayn Malik
Happy birthday to the loml, Zayn Malik. Hope you have the best day in the world.
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik)))
Zayn Malik
Zayn             !
Happy 22nd birthday D.O Kyungsoo and Zayn Malik !!   The Vocals
Happy birthday Zayn Malik !
22 years  wouah ! Love you Zayn!xx
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik <3
I love you so much from Japan
Happy Birthday to the man who has given me a reason to smile everyday  i love you Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik. I asked you to be happy forever.i\m will is fanclab for you forever.
Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik..
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
 Happy Birthday 
zayn malik    remember  forever Young    You are handsome and sexy
 happy birthday zayn malik
Happy birthday ZAYN MALIK. to be succes, wish tou all the best, god bless you. you will always be my idol. I LOVE YOU
 Happy 22nd birthday to Zayn Malik ( of One Direction! See you in 72 days, birthday boy!
Happy birthday Zayn Malik
Happy Happy Birthday Dj Malik  Love you 

Happy birthday zayn malik;)
His smile makes our heart melt!! happy birthday to our dear zayn malik
//// Costa Rica - Chile  //
///youtobe:  Happy Birthday Zayn Malik / Costa Rica .
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Happy birthday, Zayn Malik
Happy birthday to the perfect zayn malik ahah xx
Happy birthday Zayn Malik:**
We love you^^
 A massssive Happy birthday to my sunshine Zayn Malik aka perfection
Feliz cumpleaños Zayn Malik! :D idolooo
Traducido automáticamente
Happy birthday Zayn Malik     ...     Y Love You my love
I wish a Happy 22nd Birthday to Zayn Malik! xx Love u Zayn & Love u One Direction xx
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik :3 <3
Happy birthday zayn malik
Joyeux anniversaire zayn malik
Love you !!**  So cute
Happy 22nd birthday Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik, the most beautiful person inside and out. I love you forever and always
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik! I love you
Happy 22nd Birthday once again Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday to my superhero, Zayn Malik!
Happy Birthday!! I Love You Zayn Malik <3 More Than 22 Years so Fast :(
And happy birthday to the God of Gods Mr. Zayn Malik
Happy birthday to the hottest person ever, Zayn Malik.
 Ya cumplió 22 añitos¡El negro, el canela pasion,Dj malik Lo amo¡¡  Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Well I guess I got Zayn Malik\ birthday the wrong day well happy Birthday Bae you dammm Cool And Hott
  Happy Birthday to the male version of Beyoncé, ZAYN MALIK. Bow down for the beautiful man YAS
Happy Birthday my zayn malik, my EC3, my dave franco, my everything have a good one brotha!
Zayn Malik~ happy birthday happy birthday...
Happy birthday zayn malik!!! Hahahaha
Happy birthday  keep calm and love Zayn Malik!!
Happy birthday kev you almost pretty much zayn malik twin
Advance Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Tomorrow is zayn malik\s bday hence im greeting u in advance. Happy bday zayn!!!!hahahahahahahahha
 Zizo happy birthday 
Have a nice year to you 
And I am waiting for your album
Love you zizo
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik
Happy Birthday ! \"23 year old\"
  I love Zayn Malik  I will love you forever.
     My prince
Happy Birthday  Zayn Malik
Happy birthday to ZAYN MALIK              love you forever.....
Happy birthday zayn malik.....
 Happy birthday to my real-life super hero, Zayn Malik
Happy birthday Zayn Malik,ilysm
Happy birthday Zayn malik I love you
Happy birthday Zayn Malik!!!
Happy Birthday Zayn Malik: 7 time when singer broke the internet...
Happy Birthday to You!! Zayn Malik -(Jan/12/1993). You\re now, 23. Omg!! You\ve grown a lot .     1D
Singing Happy Birthday to Zayn Malik!
Happy Birthday, Zayn Malik.
 Happy Birthday Zayn Malik Pasatela Super Happy 23
Happpy Birthday Zayn malik
  i wish all the best :) muahh and again Happy Birthday ZAYN MALIK :)
 Happy birthday Zayn Malik . J\espère que tu vas passer une magnifique journée bae .
Team wishes the charming Zayn Malik a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy birthday to Zayn Malik, who turns 23 today!
Happy birthday zayn 23 years today a miracle came into this world his name was Zayn Malik
Happy birthday my lovely boy zayn Malik   I can\t wait to hear your new album all the support and love -S
Happy  Birthday To You my dear  Zayn Malik  !!
Happy birthday  zayn Malik 
Love you very much
zayn malik 2012 0
zayn malik smiling 1
Zayn Malik full body 2
zayn malik 2013 3

Fun Facts About Zayn Malik

A fan gave zayn a book called "why smoking is bad for you" and zayn broke down in tears, hugged her and said "I'm sorry" :( (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn likes to remind the boys at least once a day that he came out number 1 in Sugarscape's Hot Lads of 2011 poll. (facebook.com)
Zayn likes girls who are intelligent. (facebook.com)
Zayn wants girl that he can speak to all day or night and he can tell her everything. (facebook.com)
Zayn gets teased by the boys cause he always picks his outfit out the night before. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
"what does your hair smell like?"
Zayn: "Anti-dandruff shampoo"
Louis:"L'OREAL because i'm worth it" . (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn is giving up smoking for his New Year's resolution. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn loves build a bear , he bought harry and niall one as a joke and dressed them up,Niall's had a long blonde wig. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
"When I met Niall, the first thing that came to my mind was, why is he always hungry?"- Zayn (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
when harry , niall and liam were crying after they came third on X-factor. zayn said "its not the end of one direction, we're all in it together" (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn:''I think I understand women more than average man does, to be honest.'' (facebook.com)
Zayn would date a model, but would marry a fan or normal girl. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn has plans to rap on their future album. (facebook.com)
Zayn said he likes to be on his own in his spare time and just listen to music. (facebook.com)
He has an ear piercing.
Zayn once dated triplets at the same time. (facebook.com)
His favourite hobby is drawing. (facebook.com)
Liam gave Zayn personal dance lessons to boost his confidence . (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Niall annoys zayn by singing everything in opera. one morning niall was singing in opera and zayn slapped him -.- (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
once Niall,Liam and Louis drove 2 miles to get Mcdonalds breakfast for zayn and harry. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
the boys once tried coloring zayn's hair when he was asleep. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
when zayn's younger sister was little he used to pretend to scare the monsters out of the bedroom for her . (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn's favourite colour is blue. (facebook.com)
He is really close to his little sisterand asks her for advice on girls. (facebook.com)
the day zayn received the news that his granddad had passed away, was the first time the boys ever saw him cry. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Louis once pushed zayn off a boat but forgot he couldn't swim, all the boys had to jump in and save him. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
zayn only wore the cross once because its was a fashion icon. he's Muslim and he's proud of it . (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn makes the boys call him "Pretty pretty princess" when they're alone. once liam forgot and zayn ignored him for 32 hours. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn has offered to be everyone's valentine for those who don't have one <3 (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
his favourite book series is Harry Potter. (facebook.com)
A tattoo artist mistook zayn for Rob Kardashin (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn doesn't let his friends watch the video of him refusing to dance at bootcamp because he thinks it's embarrassing. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn and liam got a pet dog. Harry got drunk one night, took it to a club and lost it . (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
He wants a girl who doesn't know she's beautiful, so he has an excuse to let her know all the time. (facebook.com)
Zayn likes girls who are brunette, aren't full of themselves, are shy, can make him laugh and has a nice smile. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
on the way to Sweden the boys hid zayn's luggage to him think he'd left it in the Uk by accident (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
When he was younger, he used to think that he would never get a girl to fall in love with him. (facebook.com)
He got over his fear of water when One Direction filmed the music video for "What Makes You Beautiful".
Zayn thinks that the most beautiful part of a girl is her eyes. (facebook.com)
Louis:"Liam is the smart one,harry is the flirt,zayn is vain,niall is the funny one ..."harry:"And louis is the leader" (http)
I don't eat pig, so i've got chicken,special chicken. because i'm special (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Zayn wrote the verse he sings in ''What makes you beautiful''. (facebook.com)
Zayn always wanted to do a Bruno Mars cover. (facebook.com)
"I'm the most jealous boy in the world when i'm with my girlfriend , i always kiss her so that the other guys know she's mine" - ZAYN (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
Niall can play guitar,Louis can play the piano,Zayn can kinda play guitar, Liam can play a bit of guitar but is better at piano, Harry gave up trying to learn after a week. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
when liam started crying while watching toy story 3 , zayn tried to comfort him. (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
I look for depth. I like a looker, but intelligent girls are hot. If I were pull a celebrity it'd be Jessica Alba or Megan Fox.Either will do! (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)
interviewer:"who has girlfriend then?"
Zayn:"I have four boyfriends,does that count" . (1directioncutefacts.tumblr.com)

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