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The 1st of September for back to hogwarts day but one of my friends couldn t & we ended up going on the 23rd, so an - TIANNA (7 months ago)
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Happy late Bday Z! From, your like, BIGGEST fan - Ellys (7 months ago)
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aaron sullivan
sorry i missed saying happy birthday to you, so Happy Birthday - aaron sullivan (7 months ago)
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Katie Dunn
My niece Brianna shares a birthday with her biggest idol so she rewrote her song for her! HAPPY (belated) - Katie Dunn (7 months ago)
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Zendaya wish a happy birthday if you care about your fans - zauren (7 months ago)
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09/01 Belated Happy Birthday - Zendaya - MajorVoyeur (7 months ago)
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laurel ∘
Okay uhm so happy birthday to like my first long time internet friend?? i love you so much what the fuck can you be - laurel ∘ (7 months ago)
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Sasha Perkins
Pretty please can you send my wonderful daughter a \"Happy birthday\" or hello me - Sasha Perkins (7 months ago)
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Carrera Kriewald
Happy Birthday !!! It wouldn\'t feel right NOT wishing you a happy birthday, so here ya go! You are an ama - Carrera Kriewald (7 months ago)
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Crypto Angler
Hey could you wish my little girl a Happy 10th Birthday? She is a HUGE FAN! It would mean so much - Crypto Angler (7 months ago)
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Ronald De Rothschild
Happy 22nd bday Zendaya ^_^ - Ronald De Rothschild (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday zendaya Hope you have a great day - Jinnaenwiya (7 months ago)
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happy birthday my bby i m so glad to have you in my life and i hope to see you soon because i miss - cécé (7 months ago)
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Samantha Neves
Happy Birthday to a queen Zendaya - Samantha Neves (7 months ago)
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Happy late birthday - HaileyBailey (7 months ago)
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Imagine zendaya wishing me an happy birthday.. that would be too powerful for the world to see - cléa BIRTHDAY GIRL (7 months ago)
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Markesse Jones
Happy birthday to Beyonce & Zendaya - Markesse Jones (7 months ago)
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Ms. Raqueletta Moss
my daughter is in love with you. If you could reply with a Happy Birthday, Faith it would make her - Ms. Raqueletta Moss (7 months ago)
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Demetrius Smith
Happy birthday to you - Demetrius Smith (7 months ago)
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hbd to me
hi babe today is my birthday and I would be very happy if you gave me a happy birthday, it means a lot to me ily - hbd to me (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday ZAC - graziabocchi (7 months ago)
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African Chi
happy belated birthday - African Chi (7 months ago)
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Danna Zavala
I\'m so sorry please , i\'m so sorry but Happy Birthday ( atrasado ) i\'m so sorry plis i\'m so sorry - Danna Zavala (7 months ago)
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Cliff Moss
Happy Bday 22 you feel stronger than if you were in your late 20s - Cliff Moss (7 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME - blue (7 months ago)
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Taylor williams
Happy late birthday - Taylor williams (7 months ago)
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Just a reminder that is a queen. - Egotastic! (7 months ago)
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Karen J
A drawing only for you. Happy birthday zendeesha - Karen J (7 months ago)
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Kristy hough
Sometimes you forget to wish me a happy birthday! - Kristy hough (7 months ago)
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Kesso Diallo
happy birthday darling love you - Kesso Diallo (7 months ago)
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She turned 22 years,I see her like a great person. Happy Birthday Zendaya!,I hope you turn much more years. - Juanra (7 months ago)
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happy birthday amber. oh my god, you are september baby like Zendaya. that\'s so cute. hope you have an amazing day. smile a lot. - ushoshy (7 months ago)
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It\'s a week of queens bc it was and my mom\'s birthday :) Happy birthday I love you all - d3pr3ssion (7 months ago)
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cailyn loves peter parker
I want to wish a very happy birthday to my baby ambs! I love you so much girly + I hope you have the best day <3 p - cailyn loves peter parker (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Sweetheart - Aquamarine (7 months ago)
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Rovina Orosa
Happy birthday zendaya! - Rovina Orosa (7 months ago)
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Darris Bryant
Happy Birthday - Darris Bryant (7 months ago)
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Zendaya got Naomi Campbell wishing her a happy birthday with like fifty heart-eyes emojis, this sis is really winning - 별 (7 months ago)
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Belated Happy Birthday,mj - ○○○ (7 months ago)
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Sewuese Bem
wish Beyonce a happy birthday: Former Michelle mu - Sewuese Bem (7 months ago)
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Happy BirthdAy Beautiful!! - Joey (7 months ago)
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Happy 13th birthday, Can she get bday s/o from her 13 fave celebs pls? - Mary (7 months ago)
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Happy belated Birthday beautiful - BestSagEver (7 months ago)
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Sam Crane
Happy Birthday Hannah! X - Sam Crane (7 months ago)
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Mike Hastings
Hi! Any chance of a Happy Birthday to my daughter Holly H in the UK? Huuuuuge fan of yours. Thanks!! Xx - Mike Hastings (7 months ago)
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Zendaya Wore Alessandra Rich on Her 22nd Birthday Happy post-Labor Day: The unofficial start of fall is here, amid - ⚡️CommonWhiteGirl⚡️ (7 months ago)
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son mikey ㊙️
Happy belated birthday wifey - son mikey ㊙️ (7 months ago)
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Destiny Montoya
Happy Bday Queen Can t wait you see you in 2 weeks ! - Destiny Montoya (7 months ago)
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Happy bday!!! This is weird bc it is not your birthday where I am but yanoe love u lots xxxx - Harry (7 months ago)
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Jonas Austin
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEY - Jonas Austin (7 months ago)

22 years old (Born on September 01, 1996)

American actor; She is famous from Shake It Up as Raquel "Rocky" Blue.

Has been seen in the Kidz Bop music video "Hot N Cold". Attended Oakland School for the Arts and had to leave, to move to LA when she got the role of "Rocky Blue" on "No Ritmo" (2010) Favorite TV Show: "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999). Favorite singer is Michael Jackson. Is one of the back-up dancers in the Sears Arrive music video, featuring Selena Gomez.

Zendaya's Best Moments

Happy birthday to the flyest to ever do it
Happy Birthday ! when we recorded
Happy Birthday to the biggest goofball I know,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday sis/queen     much love!
Happy Birthday to this queen Hope you have a beautiful day!
Lil bro singing your theme song  Happy birthday bday twin!
Happy 22nd birthday to
Happy 21st Birthday, Your star is shining so bright, and we are here for every bit of it!
Zac Efron Wishes Goofball Zendaya A Happy Birthday With A Silly Pic
Happy birthday,
Happy 21st Birthday to the incredibly talented You\re the greatest!
Happy birthday ! The actress turns 22 today.
Happy birthday, The talented actress turns 22 today. We hope she\s having an amazing day!
Happy 21st birthday,
Happy birthday the actress, singer and red carpet assassin is 22 today
Happy 21st Birthday to the triple-threat (actress, singer, AND dancer) entertainer,
Happy 21st birthday,
Happy birthday to Tumblr fave
Happy birthday to zendaya. the woman who can do it all, an icon and a role model
Happy Birthday
If you re wishing a happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy 21st Birthday Zendaya
Happy birthday to my KWEEN
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, Keep making magic.
It\s star big day. Happy birthday and keep rocking!
Happy birthday darling i love yo so much xx
Aight time for bed, happy early bday to my lord & saviour zendaya, & goodnight to all my followers <3
Happy birthday my love
Happy 21st birthday to my beautiful girl Zendaya , I hope you have a great day muffin
Happy birthday to continue to slay all of our lives    sending you love x light
Happy birthday queen
  Hey queen, pls wish my friend happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday queen Z
Miss Zendaya put me and my friend on her story today. Happy Belated Birthday to me!
Happy birthday to one of the most inspiring, woke and talented woman out there, Zendaya
Happy birthday you beautiful soul i love you so much
Happy 22nd bday to this beautiful girl ilysm
Happy Birthday
Just a reminder that is a queen.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, See the singer-actress\ style evolution:
 happy 22nd birthday 2 this legend, icon, and star ! i wish i was half d woman u r.
Happy 22nd birthday to Zendaya, a very beautiful girl with very beautiful feet.
Happy 22nd birthday to my babygirl zendaya  see you soon;)
SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Star Tom Holland Wishes ZENDAYA a Happy Birthday
An early Happy Birthday from me xx
Happy birthday to this goddess  my one and only inspiration to succeed in life
Everybody better wish our president miss zendaya a happy birthday tomorrow
Happy birthday to mr jungkook & ms zendaya
. more like ZenSLAYa! Happy birthday to a true queen!
Happy Birthday, Zendaya!
Happy 21st bday  Here\s 7 times she was a total badass to celebrate >>>
 happy birthday zendaya i love you so much!!
Happy birthday to Oakland\s own Doing big things with grace and poise!
Here are some recycled selfies just for Happy Birthday! Ily
Happy birthday to the most stunning human being of this world. the ultimate queen
Happy birthday zendaya! she s only person who can have a good day today.
Happy Birthday Z
Happy birthday
Happy birthday gorgeous. i love you so much.
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Zendaya
Happy birthday queen daya
Happy birthday to a goddess, an icon and a queen, I love you
Happy Birthday
Claire_maree64: happy 21st bday to the love of my life!
Happy birthday to my beautiful queen
Happy birthday queen
Happy bday Zendaya
Happy birthday to you\ll always be one of my role models. love you lots!! have a fantastic day
Happy 21st Birthday
Happy birthday to this beautiful glowing ray of sunshine i hope you have the best day!! ily queen
Happy birthday to this cutie!! i love you so much <33
 happy birthday zendaya
Waiting for Zendaya\s annual bday wish to Michael Jackson...
Happy Birthday legend !
Its official honeybun  HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!
Happy birthday goddess i stan you so hard
Happy Birthday to the most amazing and brilliant person out there,
Happy Birthday,
HAPPY 22ND Birthday ZENDAYA I love u so much  !!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Check out her track as Meechee in
HAPPY BIRTHDAY tothemostgorgeouspersonwhodeservesallthelove
Happy 22nd Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Zendaya
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday. I love you
 Happy Birthday again and again Queen we love ya
Happy Birthday to Actress turning 22 today! What s your favorite Zendaya song or 
Happy birthday to Zendaya
Zendaya Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Zendaya
It\s midnight here so this is my way to wish my woman an happy birthday
Happy 21st Birthday
Zendaya Happy Birthday!!!!
Since it\s already September 1st here in Switzerland... happy birthday to my girl   i love youu
 Happy Birthday from the UK xx
 Happy Birthday queen
Happy 21st Birthday
Happy birthday babe   can\t believe you are 21 already, keep slaying everyday
I have so many of her pictures on my phone I can\t chose  Happy birthday
Happy birthday!!!! have a good one
In Italy is already the first day of September this means it\s \s birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNSHINE
Happy Birthday  You are my favorite actress and role model and I hope to be as strong and as fierce as you
Happy birthday
Happy bday babe, I lovelooovelove u so much    xoxo from Spain
Happy birthday to my forever girl crush the queen
 it s 1:30am here in the UK so happy 21st birthday! I hope you have a great day.
 Happy Birthday (from my timezone at least) you magnificent, woke, inspirational queen. Love you mum
 Happy 21st Birthday gorgeous Please
Happy Birthday Z!! God bless you always in your entire career and life! Ily xo
Happy 21st birthday to my queen and idol
Happy Birthday 21st Birthday to
 Happy Birthday my queen   Love ur style, fashion,dance...everything Hope you have a great day xx
Happy Birthday Beautiful
Happy birthday zendaya you are so inspiring and such a wonderful human being. have a good day love
Happy birthday to this queen, a person I\ve looked up too every since she played rocky blue
Happy birthday z
Happy Birthday to Zendaya who turns 21 today!
Happy 21st birthday
Happy birthday 21 years old is a great figure enjoys it today is a great day for you and your family
Can y\all believe this beauty is 21 today wow I\m so in love HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZENDAYA ILYSM BB
 Happy Birthday
 Happy 21th bday Queen
To a queen i\ve adored since shake it up to now such an inspirational female figure, happy birthday
Happy birthday Zendaya, you constantly inspire girls & boys to embrace themselves
Happy birthday thank you for being such a wonderful role model
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO !!! Thank you for being a major inspiration to my life. I love you
Muchas felicidades a Zendaya Coleman por cumplir hoy 21 años. Mucho futuro por delante
Happy birthday
When Bae turns 21   Happy Bday , hope you Have a blessed one
Happy Birthday to Zendaya    About:
Happy birthday Queen
            Zendaya HAPPY BIRTHDAY                   I  love you
Happy birthday Zendaya
Happy Birthday Daya!!!!! We love you!!!!
Happy birthday to Wifey!!
 Happy birthday . My life saver and the person I look up to.        Have a great day.
Happy birthday to this beautiful woman who inspires me everyday
Happy birthday     may god continue to shine his blessings on you enjoy your day
  GURL - we\re wishing you a very happy birthday!! We hope you do something FUN! Love, your fam!
Happy 21st birthday,
Happy birthday, .
Happy birthday to the wonderful and beautiful zendaya ilysm
Happy 21st Birthday hope you are having a fantastic day
Happy 21st birthday, Keep killin\ it
 Happy birthday, 21 21 yea yea yea
A new postet of . 
Happy birthday
Happy 21st Birthday to the beautiful and talented
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday to fabulous you Zendaya! You are an inspiration to me! Love from Alexa. I am 9.
Happy y all  . Like this to get to wish a happy birthday
Happy birthday, I love you very much. 20 years
Happy Birthday Z
 happy birthday           =coleman
My two favorite humans ever.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABIES
 you re not alone!!! (happy early bday!)
Happy birthday !!! its incredible how far you ve come. i love u and hope you have the best day u deserve it
Happy birthday queen
Happy birthday     May god bless you with many more years
I just rlly adore her, Happy Birthday Goddess Zendaya      stay talented, gorgeous in everything you do
Happy birthday to my role model and an over all queen.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Queen
Happy bday to this gorgeous and sweet angel i love u so much baby happy 22nd year on earth(?
Triple-threat singer, actress and model turns 22 today! Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to  one of my  favorite actors  and may God bless you.
Here s wishing a very happy birthday to MJ from Marvel, aka
Happy birthday to the most angelic person ever love u so much sunshine
Happy birthday to my role model
  Happy 22nd birthday my love
Happy birthday to Miss Zendaya Coleman, this amazing, beautiful and talented human being
  Ohh nak gak hahahhaaha okok happy birthday zendaya
Happy Birthday Zendaya
Happy Birthday to my soul human - if that\s even a word!!  Love you !! Keep winning!!
Happy birthday  Have a nice year!!!
Happy birthday to , and ! Hope you all have amazing birthdays!!
 happy birthday queen      . Hope you have an amazing day .
Happy birthday to a legend We love you!!
Happy birthday You get your groove on gal!
Happy birthday to this girl. thanks for inspiring ppl, stay lovely as always
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday ZENDAYA
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Fun Facts About Zendaya

Her father is African-American, and her mother, who is caucasian, her German, Irish, and English ancestry.
She danced with Future Shock Oakland for three years.

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