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Basil Brush
Pageant Miss Adele but I am planning on being on stage later to wish our Queen a very Happy Jubilee Birthday - Basil Brush (8 months ago)
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Rodney Fowler
Happy Friday to you Adele take ur nan some nice chocolates and drink and help her eat and drink th - Rodney Fowler (8 months ago)
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Billie s No Time To Die let me remind Adele s Sky Fall. It was my 29th birthday. We drove to a dam in the country s - 樱 (8 months ago)
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Erik Smelser
Happy 18th Birthday Claire Adele Smelser! - Erik Smelser (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday May our mutual love for Adele and sad songs only grow here on. Hope you have a lovely daayyyy! - Rida (8 months ago)
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Michael Buie
Ron Bravolto said that first you re stealing it. Happy Birthday Adele! - Michael Buie (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Adele Dazeem - Ö (8 months ago)
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Saint Anne
Happy Birthday, Adele! Remember when John Travolta introduced her at the Oscars as Adele Nazeem ? - Saint Anne (8 months ago)
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Shaun Williamson
Happy birthday Ray. Sorry we missed it. We were working. All our love, Shaun and Adele - Shaun Williamson (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday You have a very excellent beard shadow. - AdeleNinanotNinja (8 months ago)
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This is the addition to All My children. Happy 34th birthday my soul sing. Adele baby Adele - LESLINE & ROBIN THICKE JR, SUNDAY. (8 months ago)
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Christine Hunter
So happy you\'ve found some contentment. Once your birthday celebrations are over what about updati - Christine Hunter (8 months ago)
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Ethan Duke
Rolling in the deep ~ PHOTOS: Happy Birthday Adele! Look back at the life and career of the Hello singer as she t - Ethan Duke (8 months ago)
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Adele Aspinall
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Emily - Adele Aspinall (8 months ago)
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happy Birthday Now I don\'t know 76 messages \"funny\" - ZhaoYa (8 months ago)
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Richard Wilson
- Richard Wilson (8 months ago)
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Hey Can you wish Happy Birthday, massive fan. (I\'m a massive fan) - Dr.T (8 months ago)
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bob poirier
HI from Boston My wife will be celibrating her 37th year of teaching and also her 60th bday. Her name - bob poirier (8 months ago)
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Valenzia Rigby
HAPPY BIRTHDAY weeks ago but one thing that u have to know is that everyone around the world is - Valenzia Rigby (8 months ago)
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Omo Lamurudu Media
Happy 24th Birthday to Princess Tinuade Adejuyigbe, Adele Iboropa Ondo State. Aseyi Samodun Lase\'Edumare Oriade - Omo Lamurudu Media (8 months ago)
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. Happy happy birthday, dear Adele! Hope you have the best day!! So glad to call you my friend and - joshatella (8 months ago)
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Yasmin Denise Vaughn
My name is Yasmin Vaughn and I enjoyed your role on Different World as Adele Wayne. I love your musi - Yasmin Denise Vaughn (8 months ago)
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Carol Deal #ColoradoKetoLady
Happy birthday to me! My Adele collection is now complete. I love her voice and even the somewhat melancholy songs - Carol Deal #ColoradoKetoLady (8 months ago)
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Put on some Adele or Faith Hill and it\'s a good time! Laurie loves to karaoke while staying hydrated with Mountain - ImageBloom (8 months ago)
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The Village of Taunton Mills
Happy 90th Birthday to Adele! - The Village of Taunton Mills (8 months ago)
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happy birthday to my dear - 苏苏不爱喝水 (8 months ago)
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Happy ( ) Birthday!! - ユエ (8 months ago)
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Carl Johnson
Rolling in the deep ~ PHOTOS: Happy Birthday Adele! Look back at the life and career of the Hello singer as she t - Carl Johnson (8 months ago)
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sharpwin’s hurricane wedding planner
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR MY LOVE ofc pt 2 is adele hope u enjoy your one day off from my death trope agenda - sharpwin’s hurricane wedding planner (8 months ago)
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stranger things spoilers
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR MY LOVE ofc pt 2 is adele hope u enjoy your one day off from my death trope agenda - stranger things spoilers (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR MY LOVE ofc pt 2 is adele hope u enjoy your one day off from my death trope agenda - AILU DAY!!! (8 months ago)
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im done
HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR MY LOVE ofc pt 2 is adele hope u enjoy your one day off from my death trope agenda - im done (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY FR MY LOVE ofc pt 2 is adele hope u enjoy your one day off from my death trope agenda - SHARPWIN WEDDING DAY (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Adele! I hope you\'re having the BEST to time Singapore! xx - jess. (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - InterGalacticCommander (8 months ago)
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avery melissa
happy birthdahappy birthday queen y queen - avery melissa (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Li . Many more years and years - 아델 (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday dear - iwannadisappear (8 months ago)
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Mark Stewart
Rolling in the deep ~ PHOTOS: Happy Birthday Adele! Look back at the life and career of the Hello singer as she t - Mark Stewart (8 months ago)
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adele - avatar - MYTP
Happy Birthday i want a birthday like this sooo bad - adele - avatar - MYTP (8 months ago)
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Eko Wiyanto
Happy Birthday Wish you all the best... - Eko Wiyanto (8 months ago)
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happy birthday - JELTI (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday - iOrion (8 months ago)
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joseph mann
Happy birthday - joseph mann (8 months ago)
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Michele Hallman
Oh Adele, it s beautiful Happy Birthday to your moms - Michele Hallman (8 months ago)
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Florence Onochie
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to who celebrated her Birthday recently! CONGRATULATIONS - Florence Onochie (8 months ago)
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Adele Sanchez
Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for all of your hard work. - Adele Sanchez (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - ArdeleanGroup (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - GroupArdelean (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - GroupArmenianAG (9 months ago)

34 years old (Born on May 05, 1988)

British singer-songwriter; She is famous from 'Rolling In The Deep' and 'Someone Like You' Singles.

She is dating David Archuleta. (thespoof.com)

Adele's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Love you beyond words. Thanks for keeping me sane
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to record-breaking star Adele
Happy birthday to popular British singer & songwriter Adele ! Art by. Sanil Chitrakar
. wished a happy birthday to on her website!.
Happy birthday Adele!
Happy 29th birthday to one of the best-selling artists of our generation and winner of 15
Happy Birthday, Adele (1988.5.5- )
Happy birthday to the absolute queen that is  ...manifesting \34\ with this album artwork I made
Happy birthday to Adele, Katy\s neighbour, by all the katycats
 Happy Birthday, keep slaying
Happy Birthday we love you and your incomparable voice!
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous Adele!      have the best birthday!
 When We Were Young by Adele      Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the legendary Adele
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday,
Hello Adele & Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday Pretty Lady...
Happy birthday simon & myself we both love u lots
To my soulmate Adele. Happy birthday & love you loads. Andy xx
Happy birthday Abby Caraway, Tucker Bridges and Adele Foret!
Raven and Jamie wishing Adele a happy birthday
Happy birthday a la mejor cantante que a parido este planeta.
Happy birthday Adele

Thank you for your songs
Happy 34th birthday to Adele.
Happy 29th birthday Adele!!! We love you so much, hope 29 is amazing to you, have fun!!!!
Happy birthday captain Tom
Happy 33rd Birthday to multi award winning singer songwriter Adele.
I love her that\s all
 happy birthday
Kwa Heshima ya Adele Leo ametimiza miaka 34

Happy birthday, tell us your favorite song
Happy birthday to the awesome
 Happy birthday Adele
Happy birthday to
Happy 90th Birthday to Adele!
Happy birthday baby!!
I love you so so much and i can\t wait to see you again!  +29
Happy birthday Adele - it\s tomorrow!
Happy birthday to one of the best human on earth, my idol forever, my inspiration and my biggest miss
Happy birthday !
Dahil bday ni mareng today.. happy bday mare, wish ko magkaron ka ng poging jowa at bagong  album.. chars..
Happy 33rd birthday to
Happy birthday to this queen who i love happy birthday !
Happy Birthday Adele!!!
My kid wanted to dedicate his dance to you  Happy Birthday Have an amazing day
Happy birthday dear Adele
Happy 32nd birthday to the fantastic Adele!
Happy Birthday you beautiful, Cutest incredible human being, I love you so much Miss you like Crazy
Happy Birthday to     I miss you!
Happy birthday Adele 120 million records and counting  : Adele.
Happy birthday, legend Solta o A4 pelo amor de Deus.
Happy birthday Queen   love u queen
Happy 33rd birthday to my Gyal Adele
Happy birthday to my mother adele who turned 34 today!!!!
 trending in US 

Btw happy birthday Mommy
Happy birthday Adele I love you so fookin much have a wonderful birthday queen
Happy birthday adele
Happy Birthday to the super talented
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the music industry  we love u sm even though u starve us
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday we love you so much
Happy birthday love of my life, Adele
Happy Birthday legend  , may you have the amaizing 29th birthday ,Thanks for everything
Happy birthday to Adele!!!  I love u so much.
Happy birthday to the qween of everything   Keep slaying
 Happy Birthday young lady!
My inspiration, my one and only queen happy bday
Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl!!!!
Happy Birthday You are Queen I love you
Happy birthday have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday Adele! Hope it was a great one!! Love you
Big Happy Birthday to Freshman coach Ms. Adele Phillips. We hope you have as much fun as this woman.
 Happy Birthday    30
Happy Birthday, !
Happy birthday to diamond selling, Grammy and Oscar award-winning artist, Adele.
Wishing the lady a very very very happy birthday on turning 32 and a very glorious year ahead.
Happy Birthday Adele The artist of my life. Please come back soon, we all miss you so much
Happy Birthday Adele!
Happy Birthday my love 
Happy Birthday  Adele
Happy Birthday to the Golden Angel
Happy birthday queen Adele, i will always love you, words can\t describe my love for you...
Happy Birthday to The Queen that is Adele
Happy birthday to the one and only Adele What\s your favourite Adele track?
Happy Birthday   can\t wait to hear your next album when u\ll finally release it legend
Happy birthday to the truly iconic
Happy birthday talented queen and part of the beyhive
Happy birthday !! Love u.
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Miss Adele
I love you, and I miss you! Happy birthday! You deserve the best in the world!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -- Popular singer Adele turns 33 today.
Happy 33rd birthday to Adele!!!
Happy Birthday, Adele, now drop us an album.
Happy birthday our queen   33 year of beauty
  Happy Birthday Adele        i wish you a lovely n beautiful day sweetie!!!!!
 Belated Happy Birthday Ma am Adele!
  Happy birthday Adele!! I hope you re having a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday Adele
 happy birthday
Happy birthday love u
Happy Birthday Dear Adele!. Gracias por rstsr 34 años junto a nosotros mostrándonos el camino hacia el Amor Propio!
  Beautiful banner! Happy Birthday the one and Only Adele Adkins
With such heavenly vocals and a remarkable career I feel compelled to wish Adele a Happy 34th birthday.
Adele\s happy birthday Congratulations.
I love u so much darling, you are my world, My Little Love  Happy Birthday My Queen
Happy birthday Adele
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ADELE   Our queen is still beautiful
Happy birthday i love you very much
Happy birthday! Multi-awarded English writer and songwriter turns 34 today, 5 May.
te amo mucho, gracias por tanta felicidad<3
Happy birthday Queen ,I love you
Happy birthday my Princess
 Happy Birthday, Always my fav
Happy Birthday Queen
Happy birthday Adele!  /
Happy birthday Adele  . Age with grace.
Happy birthday to the lady with a magical voice
Happy Birthday
Beautiful Queen Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday bestie I love you
Happy birthday Greatest songwriter and singer I\ve ever known in my entire life
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday a la cantante y compositora británica  ¿Cuál es tu canción favorita de Adele?
Today in music: Happy Birthday 1988
Adele is born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins in Tottenham, London, England.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to the one and only   love you forever QUEEN
It can\t get prettier than this, happy birthday Adele
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!! Another day another Slay..
Happy birthday, who is still young.
Love you happy birthday
 happy birthday sweetheart hope you have a good day
Happy Birthday, Queen         (
 Happy Birthday My Queen!!! Love ya~
Happy Birthday Adele. 29 Today. Born 1988.
Happy birthday 
My Queen
Happy Birthday Adele.........you gorgeous talented women!!
Happy Birthday lovely
My little nugget is officially 29! Happy Birthday Adele. I love you with all my heart forever and ever
 happy birthday the source of happiness on our faces wish you good time
Happy birthday adele
WISHING YOU A HAPPY BIRTHHDAY      Love you Adele May All Your Birthday Wishes Come True
Happy birthday to my sweetie Adele! Love you forever! Hope you enjoy your birthday with your lovely family
Happy Birthday Adele!
Happy birthday juga untuk Adele. Penyanyi berusia 29 th ini pintar membuat lagu\" galau menyayat hati
Happy birthday to our queen !!
Happy, Happy 29th Birthday
Happy Birthday Adele!
Happy 29th birthday  hope youll be having a lovely day and spending today work free with your family.
Happy birthday to my one and only ADELE  LOVE
Happy birthday, Here\s 6 times the star served epic live vocals and slayed us all
Happy Birthday my love
Happy birthday,
Happy 29th birthday
29 today
¡Muchas felicidades Happy Birthday! We love you
Happy birthday :D have a nice day and see you in July!!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to our Queen Daydreamers!
Happy birthday to our Queen Adele
Happy birthday adele
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and precious woman You\re a legend.
Happy Birthday Many many happy returns of the day
  Adorable, happy birthday! From Moonpie and Adele
Happy Birthday-Adele/ Laurie Blue Adkins/
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Adele!
Hello all we ask is if you\d let us wish you a very happy birthday today!
Today, an inspiring singer/songwriter named adele turned 30. happy birthday adele!  love you!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday my queen
Happy birthday queen   Hello from thake outside
Happy 32nd birthday to the one and only   .
 happy birthday for today
Happy birthday Adele!
Happy birthday Adele
  Happy birthday Adele and it is also my birthday today too and Someone Like You.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday !
  happy birthday Sam !
Happy Birthday Adele via @ FemaleLead .
Feliz aniversário mamãe!! quer textinho? lançasse o A4
te amo. 
Happy Birthday, Adele
   happy birthday
Happy birthday to my biggest miss on earth I love you forever
     Happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: One is a superstar singer and the other is Superman. Adele is 33 today and Henry Cavill is 38.
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Adele celebrity 3
adele grammys 2013 4
Adele exclusive 5
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adele weight loss 8
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