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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Jules ☕️
Happy birthday Thanks for being cool and having a cute dog and being the best spiderman - Jules ☕️ (3 months ago)
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Cottingham Public School
It s time to celebrate our June and July Cottingham gems. Happy June Birthday to Raelen, Alexander, Emma, Danny, Q - Cottingham Public School (3 months ago)
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hey, happy birthday Adele! - Leemineral (3 months ago)
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Segerstrom Center
Happy birthday to Idina Menzel otherwise known as Adele Nazeem to John Travolta! Your soaring vocals have creat - Segerstrom Center (3 months ago)
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maicol bliss
happy birthday I wish you well with your family and friends doing their best as a pop singer singles - maicol bliss (3 months ago)
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Maurice Flynn
Can u say happy birthday to adele n noah whos 3 today mossy louise evan teyla from waterford oit the b - Maurice Flynn (3 months ago)
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West Orange CoC
Today we celebrate you! Happy Anniversary Missy & Ken, Ruth & Ernie! Happy Birthday Adele, Brooke, Coralie, Dori - West Orange CoC (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Adele Dazeem!! - Kiara (3 months ago)
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Brenno Bezerra
Happy Birthday to Adele Dazeem - Brenno Bezerra (3 months ago)
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Michael McKean
Happy birthday, Adele Dazeem. - Michael McKean (4 months ago)
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Leanne Brookes
love this pic Happy birthday _summerlyons_xo - Leanne Brookes (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Stacy Adele! From , and Kerry and Russ Fitzpatrick! - AnnieMacWorx (4 months ago)
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Evening Standard Arts
Happy birthday - Evening Standard Arts (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Adele - emerald. (4 months ago)
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hello and happy birthday vs what a known racist and segragationist stated in direct response - Caia (4 months ago)
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Darrell Flood
All the best Matt hope you can make the most of the situation but I m sure Adele and the - Darrell Flood (4 months ago)
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Kwadisi Photography
Excerpts from Baby Adele pre-birrhday session. Happy Birthday . Photo by ___________________ - Kwadisi Photography (4 months ago)
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OH MY GOOD GOD!!! I just FULLY cried at this honour. This article is flawless, hilarious and yes the ENTIRE thing i - Siblings (4 months ago)
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Linda ☕
captainsantiagos: happy birthday adele! - Linda ☕ (4 months ago)
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Linda ☕ 그대로 kiss me ♪
captainsantiagos: happy birthday adele! - Linda ☕ 그대로 kiss me ♪ (4 months ago)
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Justine Deacon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Justine Deacon (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Eunseo. Adele said I wish nothing but the best for you, so does Def. A birt - DEF. (4 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday, Eunseo. Adele said I wish nothing but the best for you, so does Def. A birt - WINWIN. (4 months ago)
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Adele - skyfall - 얌 (4 months ago)
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Gladys Ben♞♛
Happy birthday teman sepersumedangan, seperjajanan, sepermemean, seperftvan, seperligadangdutan, sepersawahan wkwkw - Gladys Ben♞♛ (4 months ago)
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Elizabeth | Tsukiakari1203Secunda
Happy birthday I hope you have a great day! - Elizabeth | Tsukiakari1203Secunda (4 months ago)
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happy birthday lovely!! i hope you re having the best day - sophie. (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Adele from Ellie and well done learning to ride your bike - Angels (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Adele hope you had a lovely day. Mrs King - ViewlandsPs_nursery (4 months ago)
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Amber || Fangirl/YT Editor
Again, so glad you like the vid! You deserve ALL the birthday vids lol! Happy birthday! - Amber || Fangirl/YT Editor (4 months ago)
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fede // sinan stan account
happy birthday dear adele!! I hope you\'ll spend an amazing day love you xx - fede // sinan stan account (4 months ago)
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Adele Marie
Happy birthday - Adele Marie (4 months ago)
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jordyn is in the house
adele you re so amazing, happy happy birthday queen - sending big love stay safe ma am - jordyn is in the house (4 months ago)
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adele you re so amazing, happy happy birthday queen - sending big love stay safe ma am - jordyn (4 months ago)
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Gaby Hurtado
Grateful for for coming out to wish our Divine Goddess a Gaby Adele a Happy Birthday. Thank you Lt. B - Gaby Hurtado (4 months ago)
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mellica ♡
Happy birthday adele - mellica ♡ (4 months ago)
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Callum MacLean
Haha! Adele thought it looked familiar...I cant even play Happy Birthday so I wouldn\'t worry. - Callum MacLean (4 months ago)
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happy birthday adele - ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆⁷ (4 months ago)
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happy birthday adele - zay⁷ (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Adele - WPCSDPrincipal (4 months ago)
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Richard Lanning
Happy Birthday Jo, hope you managed to celebrate. (PS, is that Adele in a viking hat?! - Richard Lanning (4 months ago)
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Adele Karpel
Happy Birthday Bernie. You two are legends xxx - Adele Karpel (4 months ago)
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Kara McCormick-Lyons
Happy birthday, Adele! - Kara McCormick-Lyons (4 months ago)
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Today is a very special day because four years ago I was at Adele\'s concert . . . . Oh wait, that\'s not why I\'m her - * CAROLINA. (4 months ago)
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☆ Rachel ☆
Happy Birthday Ian CD ordered (finally.. my bad ) Hoping for a Clappers reopening soon - ☆ Rachel ☆ (4 months ago)
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Adele Wright
Happy Birthday! Celebrate with lots of blue nun and dog cuddles! Can t wait for your return to telly! - Adele Wright (4 months ago)
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damn i gotta delete that scheduled happy birthday post for lan adele ray - mxtthewt (4 months ago)
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I pray you continue - Mina (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday adele el 8laba - S A L A M A (4 months ago)
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Kasey D Edwards
Just awesome good luck Cher and Happy Birthday! - Kasey D Edwards (4 months ago)

32 years old (Born on May 05, 1988)

British singer-songwriter; She is famous from 'Rolling In The Deep' and 'Someone Like You' Singles.

She is dating David Archuleta. (thespoof.com)

Adele's Best Moments

Happy birthday Adele thank you for singing one of the best songs ever
Happy 32nd birthday
Billboard: Happy birthday, Adele!
Happy birthday,     Today we\re sending to you!
Happy Birthday the one and only - may this birthday be as epic as you are.
TheEllenShow: \"Happy birthday, Adele! 29. You know, that would make a great title for an album.
Happy birthday Adele! From pranks to photobombs, here are 10 of her funniest moments
When convinced Sir David Attenborough to narrate Adele\s \Hello\ Happy birthday to a legend!
Happy Birthday,
Hello,  Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
  Happy birthday to fan
\"Happy Birthday Adele\" - Beyoncé via site oficial.
Happy birthday to the one & only, Adele!
Happy 29th birthday to 15x Grammy-award winner,
Happy birthday to this absolute QUEEN
Happy Birthday to - who like us believes that should be in The Bible.
Happy birthday to my talented queen,
Happy birthday Simon
Happy Birthday
Radiodisney \"Happy Birthday Adele!!
¡Happy Birthday Adele!   Celebramos el cumpleaños de la cantante y compositora británica
Happy Birthday Adele
Happy 10 months birthday Amelia Adele we love you so much
# HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADELE , we need ur music so much:( hope you\ll be comeback soon:\")
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to popular British singer & songwriter Adele ! Art by. Sanil Chitrakar
Happy birthday to the amazing Adele!  She always knows how to steal the show.
Happy Bday
HAPPY birthday Queen adele .
Happy Birthday Adele
Happy 32nd birthday to photographed here during her Adele Live European Tour
Happy 29th birthday to one of the best-selling artists of our generation and winner of 15
Happy 29th birthday, Adele!
Happy Birthday Adele, thank s for all
Happy birthday Adele. Please release your song with Beyoncé & Chris Martin
Adele s friend Jedidiah Jenkins is wishing her an happy birthday in his Instagram s story
Hii happy birthday to my beautiful inspiration of my fucking life
Happy Birthday to the one who loves my singing and adele the most
Happy belated 29th Birthday to the ever astounding Adele.
Happy birthday to the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to the gorgeous and hugely talented !
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Birth 1988.5.5 ~
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, Today you\re officially 30, flirty and thriving
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, adele
Happy birthday we hope you have another year of killer liner and slayin\ contour!
A very happy birthday to cheers to
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADELE!!! WE LOVE U SO FKN MUCHHHH... cant wait for the new record xx
Daha iyisi gelir mi? Hiç sanmam....

Happy Birthday Adele
Happy birthday bitch i hate you so much
Happy 29th birthday Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Happy birthday, You are more amazing than you\ll ever know. All my love!
Happy birthday simon & myself we both love u lots
Happy Birthday to the incredible What Adele track is your fave?
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday, Adele!
  Happy Birthday, Max! Reptar and Adele say hi from Fargo, ND
 Happy birthday  Come back, we miss you
Wishing a very happy 32nd birthday today. Have a lovely day
Happy birthday to the one and only queen of Pop. Adele.
Happy birthday to my songbird   may your day be filled with a plethora of Adele, John and Ed!
Happy Birthday to the one with the most beautiful voice and a heart of gold -
Happy birthday to beautiful Adele!
Happy birthday to the amazing
Wishing the lovely a Happy Birthday! 

Happy birthday Adele! WomensHealthMag
Happy birthday to the SECOND best twins around. ps, A\s are always better
Happy birthday to my whole world :,-) can t wait to be lifelong bffs love youuu
 happy birthday Queen
Happy Birthday to the lovely and talented Adele From Lady Gaga s Little Monsters paws up
Happy 30th birthday Adele! Star is barely recognisable in throwback snaps
Adele & Beyoncé s friendship is goals. 

Beyoncé wishes Adele a happy birthday on her website!
Today is also the birthday of the talented singer and songwriter Adele. Happy birthday, queen!
Happy Birthday Day My love ..
Happy birthday
Birthday Wishes to Adele and Henry Cavill. 
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday and me
Happy Birthday We wish nothing but the best for you.
Happy birthday! aujourd\hui pas de  l i m i t e! ;)))
 Happy 50th birthday Adele!
Happy birthday adele. the rolling in the deep singer-songwriter turns 32 today!
Happy birthday Adele Springsteen
Happy 29th birthday Adele!!! We love you so much, hope 29 is amazing to you, have fun!!!!
Happy 29th Birthday to same week she\s been announced Britain\s wealthiest musician under 30! Congrats!
29 years ago a legend was born.

Happy birthday you beautiful human.
Happy Birthday, Adele!
Happy Birthday, Sir David Attenborough - here he is narrating Adele s Hello video
O nome completo de  melanie é  Melanie Adele Martinez,e nasceu dia 28 de abril,HOJE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE
Wishing My friend Adele a very happy birthday today hope she has a great day xx
Happy birthday adele!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tag and wish her a Happy Birthday!
Happy 30th birthday
   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday captain Tom
 Happy birthday to  Adele in advance    we miss you
Happy birthday to the iconic
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! 29 ans aujourd\hui (heure  ) !
Ya han dado las doce y es el cumpleaños de la mujer a la que le debo todo este sueño. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday queen. you\re the loml.
Happy Birthday adele i love you
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins celebrates her birthday today! Happy Birthday!

What\s your favourite Adele single?
Happy birthday baby!!
I love you so so much and i can\t wait to see you again!  +29
Wishing a very happy birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday See all of our channels featuring Adele\s music and much more at
Happy Birthday Melanie Adele Martinez
Happy birthday Adele - it\s tomorrow!
Happy Birthday to this legend!     .
Happy Birthday   What\s your favourite Adele song?
La cantante británica cumple 30 años   ¡Happy birthday !
Happy belated birthday to my favourite pop star!! i love you adele
Happy birthday Adele !! Hope u have the bestest day u beauty queen, see u really soon:( Lysm
Happy birthday Adele
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to Adele, my queen. Love to sob/sing to her music.
Happy birthday Adele
Happy birthday  I hope to see you soon Queen...
Happy Birthday Adele! May your career as a Delta Work impersonator continue to prosper
Quarantine made this a real mood, huh? 

P.S. Happy Birthday Adele!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday, Let us please never forget the moment when she called Mariah Carey biblical
. wishes a Happy Birthday! on her website!
Happy 19th birthday gorgeous girl    hope you have a great day love you so much    xxxxxxxxx
Happy birthday to my talented twin I love you so much adele! Don\t forget me when you\re famous
Happy birthday hope Sheffield treats you well tonight, love you long time
Our ADELE ..
Happy birthday to you beautiful ...
Wish y\all the best
92 years ! happy birthday Adele !
Happy Birthday my life
 Happy Birthday my Lady.
Królowa jest tylko One&only. Happy birthday
My kid wanted to dedicate his dance to you  Happy Birthday Have an amazing day
Happy birthday dear Adele
Happy Birthday to the goddess! Thanks for inspiring us all.
. we have been with you through \19\, \21\ and \25\. We hope \29\ will appear soon! Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Adele!!!
Happy birthday to this absolute queen Here\s to the next 29 years
Happy Birthday We just love that laugh
Hoy celebramos el cumpleaños de ¡Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday,  After 19, 21, and 25, maybe 29 will be next?
Happy Birthday one and only !
Happy 29th birthday to our girl
Happy birthday my Queen
   Please join us as we wish Southeast warrior Adele a very Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday adele!! i hope you have a great day lovely!!
Happy Birthday
   Adele 30   Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Adele
Happy birthday to adele
Happy birthday angel
Happy Birthday shout out to (29) (30) and (37)!
Powerhouse.  Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Adele
Happy birthday Adele.
Happy birthday
It s her birthday, happy birthday tommy              she s single guys ;)
17 never looked better on such a kind hearted soul! i love you so much kathryn adele happy birthday<3
De Asa..... Joy, joy, joy, it all comes in the morning.......
Happy birthday Adele
Happy Birthday to you, Adele!
 Happy birthday hiya I\m Adele a trans fem nature inspired watercolour artist
Happy 31st Birthday to the one and only ADELE .
Happy birthday i loved u since 2008 love u love u
Happy birthday queen adele
Happy Birthday, Adele!
-Happy 32th Birthday To The Strongest Voice Ever, Our One And Only Sweet Adele, Wish you A Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adele I love you and I can not wait for new music from you.
Happy Birthday Adele :
Hello Happy 32nd Birthday to someone like you....
Hello from the other side  Just finished a portrait of I did my best! Happy Birthday  ---
Happy 32nd Birthday to QUEEN
Happy 32nd Birthday I ll never forget this moment. Have a spectacular day.
Happy 32nd Birthday to Adele! The singer who performed the 2015 song, Hello.
Happy Birthday para a maravilhosa da , cade seu comeback mulher???? Estou no aguardo
Happy birthday, adele
Happy birthday Her next album is going to wreck us
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday to an inspirational queen,  meme: adele via IG
Happy 32nd birthday to the fantastic Adele!
Adele - skyfall
 adele\s gona sing happy birthday to you have a gr8 day!
Happy birthday to my bestie of over twenty years! !!
Omg happy bday miss u
 Happy 19th Birthday to my favourite, have the bestest day! Love you lots
 same picture every year ahah but happy Birthday Adele, hope Sheffield\s treating ya well x
 Happy birthday
 | Happy Birthday Adele! Vote lagu Adele berikut yang paling Anda suka
 Happy Birthday Adele, hope it\s a good one, what\s left of it
Happy Birthday Queen .....
Happy 29th birthday my boo!
Happy birthday  I love you and I miss you!  thanks for your 29 years of existence in this world!
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adele grammys 2013 4
Adele exclusive 5
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