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Tony lisa
I have known his music since my childhood in Salerno Italy. I am now in New Jersey and continue to enjoy his amazing talent. God bless you Adriano on your birthday!!! - Tony lisa (5 years ago)
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The Tinseltown Twins
Happy Birthday to Italian pop singer and actor Adriano Celentano (January 6, 1938 Present). Here with Francesca - The Tinseltown Twins (4 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANUARY 6; Singer Adriano Celentano,84; Auto Engineer John DeLorean(DeLorean Motor Co.)(1925-2005)\"9 - BRONX POET (4 months ago)
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Kopfschüttelnder Philanthrop...
Adriano Celentano, italienischer Sänger, Schauspieler und Moderator, wird heute 84! Happy Birthday. Eigentlich folg - Kopfschüttelnder Philanthrop... (4 months ago)
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Robert WEISS
Happy Birthday Italian Moviestar and Singer Adriano Celentano. 84 Years old. My best Wishes for you. - Robert WEISS (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Adriano Celentano. - A.M.Z. VIOLA DEI PENSIERI. (4 months ago)
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Radon David
Happy birthday Adriano Celentano - Radon David (4 months ago)
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Vano Klertiashvili
Happy birthday Adriano Celentano (January 6, 1938, Greco, Milan, Italy) - Vano Klertiashvili (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Pop Singer Adriano Celentano! Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating yo - AllFamous.org (4 months ago)
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Today, the famous Italian actor, singer Adriano Celentano turned 84 years old! Congratulate - Pamiro (4 months ago)
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Adriano Celentano -Ma Perke via Happy birthday, Maestro!!! - Unbekannte (4 months ago)
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Happy 84. Birthday . adriano celentano AZZURRO via - ProudGranny (4 months ago)
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SiR lOvE\'s
Happy Birthday. Il Bisbetico Domato is a 1980 Italian film. Adriano Celentano as Elia Codogno. - SiR lOvE\'s (1 year ago)
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iVAN Peebles Kovalev “IV”
Buon Compleanno Signor Adriano Celentano Happy Birthday Mr. - iVAN Peebles Kovalev “IV” (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Adriano Celentano I want to know LIVE 1979 via - MonikaST (1 year ago)
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Curt H. Davis
Happy Birthday, Adriano Celentano {Jan. 6}! - Curt H. Davis (1 year ago)
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Hisham Mirdas
Adriano Celentano \"Don\'t play that song\" | Archive INA via HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIANO CELENTANO - Hisham Mirdas (1 year ago)
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James Snodmask
Tanti auguri, happy 83rd birthday to Adriano Celentano. Alright. - James Snodmask (1 year ago)
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Nati Duennwald
Adriano celentano AZZURRO via happy birthday - Nati Duennwald (1 year ago)
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Purple Radio Athens
Happy Birthday to Italian singer-songwriter, musician, actor and film director.Adriano Celentano (6 January 1938). - Purple Radio Athens (1 year ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
And Happy Birthday to Paolo Conte, Ludvik Danek (d. 1998), Lou Holtz, Doris Troy (d. 2004), Adriano Celentano, Adri - Teewhy Nyema (2 years ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIANO CELENTANO! 24000 Baci - Adriano Celentano 1961 prin - fanny25 (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Adriano Celentano - H2O ONLINE (2 years ago)
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Rainer Rohrmoser
Happy 82 th Birthday Adriano Celentano - Rainer Rohrmoser (2 years ago)
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Ελεονώρα Τσακωνιάτη
Adriano Celentano - Svalutation Happy Birthday 82 - Ελεονώρα Τσακωνιάτη (2 years ago)
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Adriano Celentano wird heute 82 Jahre alt Happy Birthday, lieber Adriano! - Promipool (2 years ago)
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Sascha Pallenberg 潘賞世
Meine Guete wie die Zeit vergeht. Happy Birthday Adriano Celentano und alles Gute zum 82.! Du warst, bist und wirst - Sascha Pallenberg 潘賞世 (2 years ago)
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188 Classic Rock
Happy Birthday Adriano Celentano ! (born 6 January 1938) - 188 Classic Rock (2 years ago)
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Happy (late ) birthday to Adriano Celentano One of the greatest artists I have listened to and seen Yesterday, - Livia (3 years ago)
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MBM Biliardi
Legendary singer and actor Adriano Celentano, turned 81 yesterday! Happy Birthday, maestro! This great man has man - MBM Biliardi (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Adriano Celentano 81 - Ирэн (3 years ago)
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marco rodolfi
Happy Birthday,Adriano Celentano !!! - marco rodolfi (3 years ago)
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Lukianova Svetlana
Happy Birthday To Adriano Celentano! What do you know films with Adriano Celentano? - Lukianova Svetlana (3 years ago)
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Adriano Celentano, il profeta - Happy Birthday TU - PAOLO CERIZZA (3 years ago)
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Mikhail Lyubashevskiy
Adriano Celentano 81. Happy Birthday, «Molleggiato»! - Mikhail Lyubashevskiy (3 years ago)
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Gio Cuttica
Adriano Celentano, il profeta - Happy Birthday TU via ECCOLO SVI - Gio Cuttica (3 years ago)
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Non Serviam
Happy Adriano Celentano 81 producer, comedian, film director, TV host - Non Serviam (3 years ago)
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Antonio Leo
Mi è piaciuto un video di Adriano Celentano, il profeta - Happy Birthday TU - Antonio Leo (3 years ago)
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Happy birthday to....Adriano Celentano - PopCafè (3 years ago)
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Adriano Celentano - Il Tango Della Gelosia Happy Birthday / / DmGnKtluOlsn / - Interfree (3 years ago)
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OttO fm RadioTv
06/01::::::Happy Birthday ADRIANO CELENTANO - OttO fm RadioTv (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Adriano Celentano (* 6. Januar - Bluesanne (3 years ago)
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Susanne B.K.
**Happy Birthday** Adriano Celentano (* 6. Januar 1938 in Mailand) ist ein italienischer... - Susanne B.K. (4 years ago)
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Giallo Fever
Happy Birthday Dedicated to Adriano Celentano 1973 Le cinque giornate Directed by Dario Argento Le... - Giallo Fever (4 years ago)
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Adriano Celentano 80 years old. Happy Birthday (with : - thibaud (4 years ago)
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Michael Kratz
Happy birthday zum 80. Adriano Celentano! - Michael Kratz (4 years ago)
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Thomas Hauer
An italian legend turned 80 yesterday. happy birthday Adriano Celentano and now pasta! - Thomas Hauer (4 years ago)
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Adam Radkowski
Adriano Celentano - 80 years Happy birthday! - Adam Radkowski (4 years ago)
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Obsession Gabba
It s not easy to put it in English, but I ll try. He wanted to wish happy birthday to Adriano Cele - Obsession Gabba (4 years ago)
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Gianluigi Vico
Buon Compleanno Adriano Celentano Happy Birthday Adriano Celentano - Gianluigi Vico (4 years ago)

84 years old (Born on January 06, 1938)

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Adriano Celentano's Best Moments

Happy birthday Adriano Celentano (January 6, 1938, Greco, Milan, Italy)
Happy birthday Adriano Celentano
Happy Birthday Italian Moviestar and Singer Adriano Celentano.  84 Years old.  My best Wishes for you.
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adriano celentano 2013 1
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Adriano Celentano sexy 3

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