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son the al sharpton Happy Bday nigga - uzyfer (6 months ago)
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Denaerius Victor
Happy Belated Birthday Sir. Revern Al Sharpton Always A Blessed and A Great Man - Denaerius Victor (7 months ago)
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Chrissy Mickens
Happy birthday Mr. Al Sharpton and many more blessings - Chrissy Mickens (7 months ago)
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BMB Empower Network
Happy Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton! He Is 68 Today! - BMB Empower Network (7 months ago)
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Flo Anthony
Happy Birthday to my adopted cousin the voice of the people Reverend Al Sharpton! - Flo Anthony (7 months ago)
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Wanda Dorn
Happy Birthday to the Reverend Al Sharpton - Wanda Dorn (7 months ago)
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Dr. Ruth King
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton! - Dr. Ruth King (7 months ago)
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Stephon Morris
Happy birthday rev Al Sharpton - Stephon Morris (7 months ago)
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James D. Wilgus
Happy Birthday, Reverend Al Sharpton! You are such an honourable and respectful man, and you are a beacon - James D. Wilgus (7 months ago)
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Barbara Nordbo
Happy Birthday, Rev. Al Sharpton!! May you have Health, Wealth, and Happiness. Have a great rest of the day! - Barbara Nordbo (7 months ago)
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Brenda Torres
Happy Birthday Rev Al Sharpton may your day be full of blessings! - Brenda Torres (7 months ago)
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Tammie Turner
Happy birthday Reverend Al sharpton God bless more to keep coming for u Bishop - Tammie Turner (7 months ago)
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I(D.J.S.) taking time to say Happy Birthday to BaptistMinister/CivilRights/SocialJusticeActivist: \"REVEREND AL SHAR - D.J.S. (7 months ago)
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Benjie Anderson
Happy Birthday Thanks for all you\'ve done and do for ALL people, regardless of race, creed or national o - Benjie Anderson (7 months ago)
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John Pierre-Davis
Happy Birthday to the Naruto anime Happy Birthday asap Rocky Happy Birthday Gwen Stefani Happy Birthday Tessa Thom - John Pierre-Davis (7 months ago)
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Apples and Oranges
Discussions happen behind close doors. For what it is worth, happy birthday Al Sharpton. - Apples and Oranges (7 months ago)
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Cuomo Friend
Happy Birthday to Al Sharpton. - Cuomo Friend (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Baseball HOF (71) Al Sharpton (68) Baseball HOF (68) Tommy Lee (60) - Isaac (7 months ago)
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Juanita Barrett
Happy Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton. - Juanita Barrett (7 months ago)
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Bob Davidson
Happy birthday Reverend Al Sharpton. - Bob Davidson (7 months ago)
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Junious Matthews
Like to say happy birthday to Reverend Al Sharpton from a member of the Nebraska chapter of - Junious Matthews (7 months ago)
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Darlene R Duncan
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton - Darlene R Duncan (7 months ago)
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Happy 68th birthday, Al Sharpton. - ThePeerless (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Civil Rights Leader Al Sharpton! Forget about the past, you can t change it. Forget about the future - AllFamous.org (7 months ago)
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Mz SarahShay
HAPPY BIRTHDAY REV AL SHARPTON God Bless You With Many More Years - Mz SarahShay (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Celebration week to the God Father of Justice Rev Al Sharpto - 4HisGlory2 (7 months ago)
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911S11696 Robert Watson
Happy Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton on That is not true for me Doctor Jake Tayler Jacobs you s - 911S11696 Robert Watson (7 months ago)
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S Stanley
Happy Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton and Many, Many more! - S Stanley (7 months ago)
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Ty Gibson
Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother brother AL Sharpton. Best - Ty Gibson (7 months ago)
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Greetings Brothers and Sisters of All Races Black, White, Latino and Asian etc..., We All Need To Wish \"The Great\" - DNAradio.net (7 months ago)
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٩(˘◡˘)۶ Billie J. Jackson
Take Al Sharpton for example bless good ol brother Al but he wished Michael Happy Birthday and som - ٩(˘◡˘)۶ Billie J. Jackson (8 months ago)
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Rita Banda
Rev. Al Sharpton said it was your Birthday Happy Birthday Rev. Jackson! Many more. - Rita Banda (7 months ago)
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Celestin Atanga
Al Sharpton...October 3, 1954 HAPPY BIRTHDAY Civil rights Activist, Baptist minister, talk show host and politicia - Celestin Atanga (7 months ago)
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Ronald Holt
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton ! - Ronald Holt (7 months ago)
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James Brown Family
This is what it looks like to wake up to a new day. Happy belated birthday to Rev. Al Sharpton! - James Brown Family (7 months ago)
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Sue Masten
Happy Birthday dear Rev Al Sharpton! - Sue Masten (7 months ago)
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Aywon Williams
Happy 67th Birthday to Civil Rights Activist, Baptist Minister, Talk Show Host, and Politician Alfred Charles Sharp - Aywon Williams (7 months ago)
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Joe Scarborough
Happy Birthday to my friend and brother You cannot preach inclusion if you practice exclusion. ~Re - Joe Scarborough (7 months ago)
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Sigmas of UNA ΦΒΣ
Happy Birthday today to our Sigma Brother, Rev. Al Sharpton Civil rights activist, minister, founder o - Sigmas of UNA ΦΒΣ (7 months ago)
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Rashon Graham
Happy C**N Birthday to Al Sharpton!!!! - Rashon Graham (7 months ago)
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Clarence Mitchell
Happy Belated Birthday to you...Rev. Al Sharpton!!!!! - Clarence Mitchell (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton - Shaniqua (7 months ago)
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Dr. G.
Happy birthday Rev. Al Sharpton. - Dr. G. (7 months ago)
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Orisha Kulick
10/3/21: The country is on its way to herd immunity. We are at 65.2% fully vaccinated. New topic: Today is Rev. Al - Orisha Kulick (7 months ago)
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To rev al Sharpton. Happy birthday and rev please wear the black suit more often you look real presidential. And st - Stan (7 months ago)
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BrownPark Productions, LLC
Happy Birthday to Chubby Checker, Rev. Al Sharpton, Dave Winfield, and Keb Mo ! : Chubby Checker: DailyDot Rev - BrownPark Productions, LLC (7 months ago)
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Pernell Clayton
Happy birthday Rev al Sharpton enjoy be humble and be positive enjoy your birthday amen - Pernell Clayton (7 months ago)
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Rose von Perbandt
Happy Birthday Rev Al Sharpton! - Rose von Perbandt (7 months ago)
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93.1 WZAK
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton - 93.1 WZAK (7 months ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Josh Klinghoffer, Pamela Hensley, Alan Rachins, Chubby C - Jennifer Long (7 months ago)

69 years old (Born on October 03, 1954)

Real Time with Bill Maher

Al Sharpton's Best Moments

This is what it looks like to wake up to a new day. Happy belated birthday to Rev. Al Sharpton!
Happy Birthday to my adopted cousin the voice of the people Reverend Al Sharpton!
Happy birthday to the one and only Rev. Al Sharpton. Many blessings!
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton!
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton! If you just keep on going the sun will be shining.
This dumb ass had to use two mirrors to take a selfie. I hate you Al Sharpton. I do not wish you happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to Rev. Al Sharpton who turns 61 years old today!
Uh, happy 63rd birthday, Al Sharpton?
Happy 60th Birthday to Rev. Al Sharpton!   was a special musical guest last night at the Triumph Awards!
Happy Birthday Chubby Checker (79)  Rev. Al Sharpton (66)
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton . . . Brooklyn\s own
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton
Most are satisfied with a msg CALLED Al Sharpton   via
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton
What gives purpose? HAPPY birthday!, the Rev. reveals what keeps him going:
Community leaders just sang happy birthday to Al Sharpton, who is in Eatonville. Also, he brought his dad.
Happy 60th Birthday, Al Sharpton
 Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton!
Wishing my big brother the Rev Al Sharpton a Happy Birthday
 wishes Reverend Al Sharpton, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Yoon Eun-hye, a very happy birthday
Happy Birthday To Rev. Al Sharpton ! Wish You Many More To Come   Enjoy Your Day!
10/3: Happy 61st Birthday 2 TV show host/activist Al Sharpton! Many TV appearances!
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton
Happy birthday Al Sharpton (b. 1954); fiery and controversial civil rights activist
Happy Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton
Happy Birthday to Al Sharpton (born October 3, 1954)
Happy Birthday Rev Al Sharpton
Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton
Happy birthday to Al Sharpton from MSNBC I hope you have a wonderful blessed joyful day
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton
Soo Legit Records: Happy bday to AL Sharpton.
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton
Happy 65th Birthday Rev. Al Sharpton!.
Wishing Reverend Al Sharpton a wonderful Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Wishes to Rev Al. Sharpton          Have A Wonderful Day
 Happy Birthday Rev Al Sharpton and May God Bless you to have many more.
President of (NAN) Al sharpton happy birthday
It was a pleasure sharing a moment with Rev Al Sharpton on his 65th birthday. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Al Sharpton!!!
Happy Birthday, Al Sharpton! Remain blessed!
Happy Birthday Al Sharpton
Happy Birthday, Rev. Al Sharpton!
Al Sharpton \"Rise Up\" Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Rev Al Sharpton. Have a great day!
Happy birthday to the great Reverend Al Sharpton
  Happy Birthday Reverend Al Sharpton! 66 Look On You! You Are We You!
  Happy Birthday to you Reverand Al Sharpton
Happy birthday to Al Sharpton!
Happy Birthday to Rev Al Sharpton
 Rev. Al Sharpton said it was your Birthday     Happy Birthday Rev. Jackson! Many more.
Happy birthday Reverend Al Sharpton.
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