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Happy Birthday Dame Sian Phillips. Famous for her portrayal of Livia, alongside Sir Derek Jacobi in I Claudius, she - The REP (9 months ago)
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christine isteed
Happy birthday dear Alan Bennett ! I love all your work ! Delighted to hear that we - christine isteed (9 months ago)
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First Night Design
Britain is no country for old men: Britain says \"Happy Birthday\" to an old playwright called Alan Bennett and \"Than - First Night Design (9 months ago)
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Elizabeth Carol Elst
Happy birthday, Alan Bennett. - Elizabeth Carol Elst (9 months ago)
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june taylor
We watched A Private Function this evening. Still as great as the first time we watched it. Happy birthday Alan Ben - june taylor (9 months ago)
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John Cooper
\"Happy Birthday\" to Alan Bennett and \"Thanks\" for the new \'Talking Heads\' : - John Cooper (9 months ago)
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Sarah Deech
Happy Birthday Alan Bennett Hope to see you for a naughty cycle over the canal bridge soon - Sarah Deech (9 months ago)
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Patricia Garcia
Happy birthday Alan Bennett - Patricia Garcia (9 months ago)
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Perfect reading for a late Yorkshire sunny afternoon. Happy Birthday to Alan Bennett - Elizabeth (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan Bennett Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore & Alan Bennett in the revue Beyond the Frin - dean_frey (9 months ago)
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Mark Braxton
Happy birthday, Alan Bennett. Gorgeous photo of the playwright with Julie Walters taken by Don Smith in 1989. © Rad - Mark Braxton (9 months ago)
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Really Kat
Happy birthday to one of the most prolific and wonderful writers, Alan Bennett 50 TV plays, over 20 stage play - Really Kat (9 months ago)
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Jack Bigglestone
And a happy birthday to my main man Alan Bennett - Jack Bigglestone (9 months ago)
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Brent Sheldon
Happy Birthday to an Armley Legend.... Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, no second chances. Sometime - Brent Sheldon (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan Bennett!! - have a cuppa tea and a currant tea cake xx - LYNNE ARNISON (9 months ago)
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janet townend
Happy Birthday Alan Bennett. Wonder where he is in lockdown? Yorkshire or London? X - janet townend (9 months ago)
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History of Leeds
Happy birthday to Armley\'s Alan Bennett. Keep on keeping on. - History of Leeds (9 months ago)
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Friends of WHLibrary
Happy birthday long-time Camden resident Alan Bennett. Good to see that some of our members are chortling over some - Friends of WHLibrary (9 months ago)
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Jordan Welsh
\"We started off trying to set up a small anarchist community, but people wouldn\'t obey the rules.\" Happy birthday - Jordan Welsh (9 months ago)
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John Brooks
Happy Birthday Alan Bennett. Looking forward to listening . Can t wait to get back there. - John Brooks (9 months ago)
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Dickon Edwards
Wishing Alan Bennett a happy 86th birthday, and hoping he has better fortune with this one than with past birthdays - Dickon Edwards (9 months ago)
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Bridge Theatre
Happy birthday, Alan Bennett! Our new production of is coming soon to - Bridge Theatre (9 months ago)
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Brian Dunn
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN BENNETT - Brian Dunn (9 months ago)
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Jayne Tunnicliffe
Happy birthday to one of my heroes - the brilliant Alan Bennett. 86 today. Keep on keeping on, young man - Jayne Tunnicliffe (9 months ago)
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The Story Museum
Today in stories: Happy Birthday Alan Bennett, author, playwright, actor and for many of us the definitive voice of - The Story Museum (9 months ago)
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Kevin Wilson
Happy birthday, Alan Bennett, 86 today! - Kevin Wilson (9 months ago)
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Hatty Burpday
May 9 Happy birthday today to Jessica Steele (87) Alan Bennett (86) Glenda Jackson (84) James L Brooks (80) Tommy - Hatty Burpday (9 months ago)
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Jayne Hancock
Happy birthday Alan Bennett \"What I\'m above all primarily concerned with is the substance of life, the pith of real - Jayne Hancock (9 months ago)
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Darren Leathley
Happy birthday to Paul Heaton, Billy Joel, Matthew Kelly, Alan Bennett, my dad and me! - Darren Leathley (9 months ago)
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0-19 Team Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole
Books can push your start button. \"A book is a device to ignite the imagination.\" Alan Bennett happy birthday - 0-19 Team Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (9 months ago)
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Cloudy || ACE DAY!!!!
It\'s unofficial, but since it\'s speculated he\'s based off of Alan Bennett, then ig it\'s his birthday rn (May 9). Al - Cloudy || ACE DAY!!!! (9 months ago)
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It\'s unofficial, but since it\'s speculated he\'s based off of Alan Bennett, then ig it\'s his birthday rn (May 9). Al - Cloudy (9 months ago)
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Andrew O\'Neill ☉
Happy shut up and make more Alan Bennett podcasts birthday. - Andrew O\'Neill ☉ (9 months ago)
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Christiane Munsberg
Queen Elisabeth II. feiert heute ihren 94. Geburtstag auf Schloss Windsor - ohne offizielle Feier und Salutschüsse. - Christiane Munsberg (10 months ago)
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Judith Harris
I loved all the trilogy and her other books too. Amazing her birthday is day after Alan Bennett. Happy birthday Barbara - Judith Harris (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Alan Bennett! - WardRuther (1 year ago)
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Lesley Wilkinson
Fantastic author/playwright and you played an absolute blinder. Happy Birthday, Alan Bennett - Lesley Wilkinson (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Alan Bennett - Andymack (1 year ago)
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Lisa Guidarini
Happy Birthday, Alan Bennett - Lisa Guidarini (1 year ago)
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Jamie Langton
It s Alan Bennett s 85th birthday today. I had the pleasure of directing seven re-launch episodes of the BBCs Jacka - Jamie Langton (1 year ago)
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Chris Rhydderch
Happy Birthday Alan Bennett - Chris Rhydderch (1 year ago)
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Alan Bennett once sent me money for a production along with a lovely note, after I wrote a load of begging letters - Poppy_Corbett (1 year ago)
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Very happy with a birthday haul of some Alan Bennett DVD\'s and the book. - WarrenJonHughes (1 year ago)
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Al Sussman
Happy 85th Birthday to actor/playwright and one of the godfathers of the \'60s British \"satire boom\" Alan Bennett, h - Al Sussman (1 year ago)
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Stewart Ennis
Alan Bennett, the only writer I enjoy listening to more than reading. (And I enjoy reading him too btw) Happy birth - Stewart Ennis (1 year ago)
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Waterstones Manchester Arndale
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAN BENNETT! The multi award winning comic genius! If you have never read him, well what a treat, - Waterstones Manchester Arndale (1 year ago)
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Wishing Alan Bennett a happy 85th birthday for today. - JACKIE CAPES (1 year ago)
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Rebecca Griffiths
Happy birthday Alan Bennett. Playwright, actor, author. - Rebecca Griffiths (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Alan Bennett. - Storysmith (1 year ago)
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Writing for Wellbeing
Can there be any greater pleasure than to come across an author one enjoys and then to find they have written not - Writing for Wellbeing (1 year ago)

86 years old (Born on May 09, 1934)

Award-winning English screenwriter, playwright author, and actor who is best known for his plays The Madness of King George and The History Boys

Alan Bennett's Best Moments

Alan Bennett is 83 today, Happy Birthday Alan!
Happy birthday to Glenda Jackson and Alan Bennett!
Happy birthday Alan Bennett. 84 today:
\"A book is a device to ignite the imagination.\"
Happy birthday Alan Bennett.
Happy birthday Alan Bennett. Playwright, actor, author.
Happy birthday to one of the nation\s greatest modern playwrights, Alan Bennett!
Happy birthday Alan Bennett, you fox you, with your Robert Redford hair
A very happy 85th birthday to Alan Bennett who remains the epitome of the perfect English gentleman.
Perfect reading for a late Yorkshire sunny afternoon. Happy Birthday to Alan Bennett
Happy birthday Dudley Moore
With Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller & Alan Bennett in Beyond the Fringe
Hulton Deutsch
Happy Birthday Billy Joel , Dave Gahan, Dorothy Hyman & Alan Bennett
Happy 85th birthday to Mr Alan Bennett
Happy birthday to the world\s best Winnie the Pooh - Alan Bennett.
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