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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Mr Cee Tattoo ©
Happy Birthday !! In West Philadelphia, Born n r - Mr Cee Tattoo © (6 days ago)
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Marcelo Sousa
Happy birthday to her. - Marcelo Sousa (11 months ago)
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Mr. Lonnie Booker, III
Happy Birthday LOL! who - Mr. Lonnie Booker, III (11 months ago)
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He is a good actor and I also see him like a great person. I see him,much more young of his real a - Juanra (11 months ago)
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Why don t you jump with Will next time? This I would love to watch!!! A Carlton dance in the air ! - DamienB7 (11 months ago)
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Bucks Co News Feed
He did an awesome job! Loved seeing Having him there made it that much more special . Happy birthday Will! - Bucks Co News Feed (11 months ago)
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Andrew Lazarus
\"What are your thoughts?\" \"I don\'t really have any yet\" \"Ok - Andrew Lazarus (11 months ago)
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Awesome to see Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton there with his family to celebrate his 50 with him. Happ - Doreen (11 months ago)
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That was fantastic ! Happy Birthday Will!!! and was there just like old times - Kathy (11 months ago)
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zac powell
really out here terrifying even more after hearing her say \"Im just glad he\'s safe - zac powell (11 months ago)
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wow, who left you two unsupervised? hahha...Have fun!! Happy Birthday to Will, Love Mom. - sillymom (11 months ago)
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Situation Co-Signer LOL!
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Somewhere on the internet there s a video of my sitting behind Alfonso Ribeiro singing him happy birthday on the se - Tay (11 months ago)
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Joining - Kgalee_art (11 months ago)
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Jarrell Curtis
Happy Belated Birthday!!! - Jarrell Curtis (11 months ago)
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Sue DeRosa
Happy Birthday Alfonso! Enjoy! - Sue DeRosa (12 months ago)
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Victor Manuel
Happy birthday from Arizona! - Victor Manuel (12 months ago)
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Winnie M. Peric
Happy Bday, MA DAWG !! I tried to get him to Bungee Jump with me but had to settle for him Hosti - Winnie M. Peric (12 months ago)
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willsmith with get_repost Happy Bday, MA DAWG . I tried to get him to Bungee Jump w - @bigfleet305 (12 months ago)
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From Carlton to AFL Host, I want to say Happy Birthday to . One of my favorite actors! - Xander (12 months ago)
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Beth Flax
Catch out our next livestream! willsmith Happy Bday, MA DAWG - Beth Flax (12 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Alfonso it\'s time to do the carlton dance - BatmanvsSuperman (12 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Carleton!! - Aya (12 months ago)
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HAPPY 47th BIRTHDAY to ALFONSO RIBEIRO!! American comedian, director, singer, dancer, television personality and - Madhotcomicsplus (12 months ago)
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Social Butterfly
willsmith Happy Bday, MA DAWG . I tried to get him to Bungee Jump with me but had to se - Social Butterfly (12 months ago)
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PEA Entertainment
willsmith Happy Bday, MA DAWG . I tried to get him to Bungee Jump with me b - PEA Entertainment (12 months ago)
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Nonpfixion #BNN #twitchkittens #wastelandmafia
Looking forward to this video!!! Regrann from willsmith - Happy Bday, MA DAWG . I tried to g - Nonpfixion #BNN #twitchkittens #wastelandmafia (12 months ago)
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Kenneth Johnson
Sep 21 Happy Birthday part 2: Angus Macfadyen, - Kenneth Johnson (12 months ago)
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Melinda Kinnaird
Happy Birthday! - Melinda Kinnaird (12 months ago)
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Happy 47th birthday Tag someone who watched ! . . - Theindustryblast (12 months ago)
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No Brainer
Happy birthday ! - No Brainer (12 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Need an Extreme GB Reunion! :D - IronBloodAika (12 months ago)
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Did That Guy Just Say?
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro! - Did That Guy Just Say? (12 months ago)
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Double L must Rock The Bells
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro - Double L must Rock The Bells (12 months ago)
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Matt Lowrey
Happy Birthday 47. - Matt Lowrey (12 months ago)
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Gregory “Gradioactive4” Van Loan
Happy Birthday Bill Murray, Dave Coulier, & Alfonso Ribeiro - Gregory “Gradioactive4” Van Loan (12 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the amazing Alfonso - Witneycarson1 (12 months ago)
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A Flower
Happy birthday - A Flower (12 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to who portrayed the role of Roland Jackson in Extreme - Ghostbusters.net (12 months ago)
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Saud Al-Bahou OR S-Man
Happy birthday, & - Saud Al-Bahou OR S-Man (12 months ago)
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Happy birthday to In case you didn\'t know from looking at our office, we\'re pretty excited. - AFV (12 months ago)
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Dj Ronnie E
Happy 47th Birthday to Alfonso Ribeiro! Did Carlton out-dance Rerun?From DJ ROCKIN RON ESPOSITO and JMOX FM MOXHAM - Dj Ronnie E (12 months ago)
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ShowbizNow UK
Today s Celeb Birthdays : (29), BiII Murray (68), (32), (51), ( - ShowbizNow UK (12 months ago)
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Ben Sherwood
Happy bday to the hilarious - Ben Sherwood (12 months ago)
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Power 93.5
Happy birthday to \"The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air\" actor Alfonso Ribeiro. - Power 93.5 (12 months ago)
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Chris Bennett
Happy Birthday - Chris Bennett (12 months ago)
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POWER 106.1
Happy 47th Birthday to TV Actor Alfonso Ribeiro !!! Pic Cred: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison - POWER 106.1 (12 months ago)
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MyCuzzin Vinni, Esq.
Happy bday Abby Lee Miller, Bill Murray, - MyCuzzin Vinni, Esq. (12 months ago)
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Principal Charity Classic
Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of your friends in We re celebrating with a little - Principal Charity Classic (12 months ago)
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Adam Shure
happy bday from a fellow 9/21/71 man. - Adam Shure (12 months ago)

47 years old (Born on September 21, 1971)

American, Actor; He is famous from Carlton Banks on Fresh Prince.

Won The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach celebrity race in 1994 and 1995. Professional tap dancer and gymnast. Was cast as one of the background dancers in Michael Jackson's Pepsi commercials in the early 80s Born and raised in New York City, currently lives in Los Angeles Was number 95 on vh1's "100 Greatest Kid Stars" (2005) (mini)

Alfonso Ribeiro's Best Moments

Wishing actor and dancer, a happy birthday! 

Happy 47th to a.k.a. Carlton Banks!
Happy birthday to    In case you didn\t know from looking at our office, we\re pretty excited.
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro
Happy Birthday,  &
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro. Quick question y\all got anymore of these. Asking for a friend
Happy Birthday September 21,1971
Happy 46th birthday to Alfonso Ribeiro today!
Happy Birthday 38 54 46 36 & 28!
Happy Birthday Carlton!!!
Happy birthday Missing right now!!
Happy birthday Alfonso Ribeiro, lets do the Carlton in celebration
That was fantastic ! Happy Birthday Will!!! and was there just like old times
 -- Happy Birthday, Alfonso!
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro
Happy birthday to some cool cats    and
 Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its birthday! Happy Birthday to you sir!
Happy Birthday to from all of us at DoYouRemember.
 Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to seen here with Will Smith in The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to the funniest tv co-star I\ve ever seen
Happy Birthday too
Happy birthday    .
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro!!!
Wishing a Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday !!
Happy Birthday to Alfonso Ribeiro (born September 21, 1971)
Happy birthday !!! Hope it\s a good one!
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Carlton! I hope you have an amazing day!
Hey happy birthday!
Happy Birthday   &
Happy 46th Birthday, Alfonso Ribeiro! Carlton s got moves!
Happy belated 46th birthday to
Happy birthday !
 Happy Birthday to us!
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro! # Alfonso Ribeiro
Happy Birthday
Happy 47th Birthday to TV Actor Alfonso Ribeiro !!!

Pic Cred: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison
Happy Birthday Alfonso Ribeiro!
Happy birthday !
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alfonso ribeiro daughter 1
alfonso ribeiro family 2
Alfonso Ribeiro new pic 3

Fun Facts About Alfonso Ribeiro

There was a rumor that he died in the 80s while doing a head spin, but he was confused with a breakdancing boy in a Pepsi commercial who did die.
In 2003 starred in a McDonald's commercial for McGriddle breakfast sandwiches.
Has a daughter, with Robin Stapler, named Sienna.
Raced part-time in the mid to late 1990's in the Star Mazda Series, with a best finish of 3rd at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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