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Arts & Humanities
Happy birthday to A&H alumna Alice Munro! - Arts & Humanities (4 months ago)
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Eleonore Schönmaier
Happy 90th birthday Alice Munro. \"Acclaimed Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar based his film Julieta on a trio of A - Eleonore Schönmaier (4 months ago)
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rea tarvydas
Happy birthday to ALICE MUNRO. - rea tarvydas (4 months ago)
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Canadian Literature
Happy 90th birthday to Alice Munro! To celebrate, we welcome you to read all the amazing work we\'ve published - Canadian Literature (4 months ago)
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Alice!! to & par excellence ~ Sweet90 - canadada (4 months ago)
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Eaton Hamilton
Happy 90th birthday, Alice Munro! - Eaton Hamilton (4 months ago)
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Eleanor Wachtel
Happy 90th birthday, winner of and one of Canada\'s most brilliant writers! For our 2013 con - Eleanor Wachtel (4 months ago)
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Happy 90th Birthday Alice Munro - Sylvia (4 months ago)
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Patrick Bahners
\"Everyone in life has burdens. Everyone thinks about how they can get out from under them, get away. I like to poin - Patrick Bahners (4 months ago)
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is a master short story writer (a difficult medium!). Happy birthday as she turns 90 years old. - CJF (4 months ago)
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Guernica Editions
Today we celebrate Alice Munro\'s 90th Birthday with a tribute from from J.R. (Tim) Struthers, editor of Alice Munro - Guernica Editions (4 months ago)
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Albion Library
Alice Munro, master of the short story, at 90 Happy Birthday, Alice Munro - Albion Library (4 months ago)
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Canadian Politics
Happy birthday Alice Munro! - Canadian Politics (4 months ago)
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Abhinav Chakraborty
Wrote a personal essay some time last year & I don\'t know how many people noticed but its title actually was a play - Abhinav Chakraborty (4 months ago)
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The Mayor of Galway
Happy Birthday to the Mayor\'s old friend Alice Munro! The Mayor will be heaving back a few of your favourites toni - The Mayor of Galway (4 months ago)
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Siuslaw Public Library
\"Memory is the way we keep telling ourselves our stories.\" Happy 90th birthday to Canadian writer Alice Munro! She - Siuslaw Public Library (4 months ago)
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Daniel Dorado
Happy 90th birthday, Alice Munro! The only Nobel laureate in Literature who has only written short stories. The gr - Daniel Dorado (4 months ago)
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Kim Fahner
My favourite short story writer ever turns 90 today! Happy birthday, Alice Munro! Alice Munro, In Her Own Words: - Kim Fahner (4 months ago)
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As is the case for so many writers, Alice Munro is one of the reasons I write. Happy birthday to a master. From - GailAnderson-Dargatz (4 months ago)
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Kevin Nowbaveh
Happy Birthday Alice Munro. Read her short stories to my daughter when she was born and in hospital for three month - Kevin Nowbaveh (4 months ago)
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Stephen S
Happy birthday to the Nobel Prize-winning hockey writer Alice Munro, who s 90 today. - Stephen S (4 months ago)
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Robert M. Detman
Happy 90th Alice Munro! - Robert M. Detman (4 months ago)
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Laura Penny
Happy birthday to Canada s actual Alice Munro - Laura Penny (4 months ago)
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Joseph Elliott
Happy 90th birthday to Alice Munro. It s probably safe to say she s my favourite writer of fiction. She grew up whe - Joseph Elliott (4 months ago)
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Paul Barrett
Happy birthday to Alice Munro! The Munro reading group starts back up in 3 weeks with Hateship, Friendship, Courtsh - Paul Barrett (4 months ago)
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Amy Jones
Happy birthday to Alice Munro, without whom we would have no one to compare young female short story writers to in - Amy Jones (4 months ago)
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Winnipeg Public Library
Happy birthday to Canadian short story writer Alice Munro! \"The constant happiness is curiosity.\" -NYT article \"Al - Winnipeg Public Library (4 months ago)
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Ruth Scurr
Happy, happy 90th birthday to the brilliant Alice Munro. I could not possibly choose a favourite from her stories. - Ruth Scurr (4 months ago)
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Ms Pinki Virani
Dance of the happy shades. Happy Big Birthday to \'Canada\'s Chekhov\' . Alice Munro, born 10 July 1931. - Ms Pinki Virani (4 months ago)
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Dieter Hein
Vergessen wir über unsere Marcel Prousts-Begeisterung die fabelhafte Erzählerin Alice Munro nicht, die heute in Kan - Dieter Hein (4 months ago)
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Laurie Gwen Shapiro
Happy 90th birthday to writer Alice Munro! - Laurie Gwen Shapiro (4 months ago)
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Jonathan Jenkins
Happy Birthday to those no longer with us... Cho Shik (1501) Nikola Tesla (1856) Marcel Proust (1871) Mary M - Jonathan Jenkins (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Alice Munro. Always love how she explores the mundane details of everyday life with compassion. - iris (4 months ago)
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Angelo Cennamo
\"The constant happiness is curiosity\". Happy birthday, Alice Munro - Angelo Cennamo (4 months ago)
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Readers, Thinkers, Drinkers & all Things Literary
Happy bday Canadian writer Alice Munro; b. 1931, won Nobel Prize Lit. 2013. \"My head was a magpie\'s nest lined wit - Readers, Thinkers, Drinkers & all Things Literary (4 months ago)
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Kristine Mietzner
Happy Birthday to the great Canadian author Alice Munro. - Kristine Mietzner (1 year ago)
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Christy DeMont
Missed this yesterday so happy belated birthday Alice Munro, national treasure. Hope it was a good one! - Christy DeMont (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Josephine Veasey, Nick Adams (d. 1968), Jerry Herman, Julian May, Alice Munro, Carlo Maria Abate, - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Jacqueline Schmidt
Gonna tuck into an Alice Munro short story after I finish my whisky. It s her birthday today! (Happy Birthday!) - Jacqueline Schmidt (1 year ago)
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Kindreds, I have a confession! may not be my absolute favourite Canadian author. Gasp! Sacrilege, I - Querencia (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Nobel Prize winning Alice Munro! Discover (or rediscover!) her writing today - wpglibrary (1 year ago)
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Ronsdale Press
Happy birthday to one of Canada s most prolific writers the one and only Alice Munro! - Ronsdale Press (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Alice Munro! Here are some facts you may not know about the beloved short story writer. | - CBC (1 year ago)
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Picked up this first edition in 2009 & this survives konmari every time happy birthday alice munro, and thank you - nancy (1 year ago)
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Amy Silverberg
Happy 89th Birthday to Alice Munro!!! In your life there are a few places, or maybe only the one place, where som - Amy Silverberg (1 year ago)
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Mosaic, an interdisciplinary critical journal
Happy Birthday to In celebration, we offer you this essay by Robert McGill: \"Where Do You Think You Ar - Mosaic, an interdisciplinary critical journal (1 year ago)
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Maureen Aitken
I wanted to hide so that I could get busy at my real work, which was a sort of wooing of distant parts of myself. - Maureen Aitken (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Mavis Staples, Arthur Ashe, Arlo Guthrie, Alice Munro, Sofia Vergara, Willie Ford, Camille Pissaro a - OldeHippi (1 year ago)
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Virginia Quarterly Review
Happy eighty-ninth birthday (wow!) to the prolific, iconic Alice Munro. Here s a thread to help fans properly celeb - Virginia Quarterly Review (1 year ago)
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Lizzy Perkins
Happy Birthday Alice Munro. Thanks for the stories. - Lizzy Perkins (1 year ago)

90 years old (Born on July 10, 1931)

Acclaimed Canadian writer of short fiction who earned the Man Booker International Prize in 2009, as well as the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2013. Her most famous short story collections include Who Do You Think You Are? (1978), The Moons of Jupiter (1982), and Open Secrets (1994).

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