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Rosie Tells Tales
Dear Mr Allan Ahlberg, Happy birthday from Rosie Postie and The Giant Jolly Postman Book. P.S We hope you have th - Rosie Tells Tales (9 months ago)
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Chichester Children\'s Book Fest
Happy birthday Allan Ahlberg. Thanks One of our favourites is The Man Who Wore All his Clothes. Bank rob - Chichester Children\'s Book Fest (9 months ago)
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The Postal Museum
Happy birthday to Allan Ahlberg, author of The Jolly Postman Big wave from Christ Church Primary school where we\' - The Postal Museum (9 months ago)
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Great Yarmouth Library-Norfolk County Council
Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg - Great Yarmouth Library-Norfolk County Council (9 months ago)
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Olivia Bays
Boglabol! And Peepo! And Funnybones and Happy Families and and and. Happy birthday Allan Ahlberg! - Olivia Bays (9 months ago)
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Sue Hepworth
It\'s so hard to choose...Peepo? Mrs Vole the Vet? Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg! - Sue Hepworth (9 months ago)
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Books About Who
Happy Birthday to the wonderful author Allan Ahlberg. Our favourite is: This is the story of Hubble who - Books About Who (9 months ago)
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Doorstep Library
Woopsy! messageed a day too early! Happy Birthday to Allan Ahlberg! - Doorstep Library (9 months ago)
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NWC Library
Happy Birthday to Allan Ahlberg - NWC Library (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg and still some of the top choices for children (and their parents) to enjoy! - Button&Bearbookshop (9 months ago)
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katy alston
Yes, Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg! Your and Janet s books made my children and me so happy! Favourite has to be Bur - katy alston (9 months ago)
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Pennine Care Jobs
The Jolly Postman was a HUGE part of our favourite collection at home and Burglar Bill is randomly the theme for my - Pennine Care Jobs (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Allan Ahlberg! Highly recommend books by Allan and Janet Ahlberg such as Peepo, The Jolly Postma - ZingiTT (9 months ago)
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Carol Carter
Doctor Who: The Secret of Vault 13 to my daughter, everythin - Carol Carter (9 months ago)
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Juliet Rix
Happy 80th Birthday Allan Ahlberg! (& happy 40th \'Each Peach Pear Plumb\'!). A huge privilege to be at - Juliet Rix (1 year ago)
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Chantelle Hazelden
The lovely is wishing a happy 80th birthday to Allan Ahlberg - linked with - Chantelle Hazelden (1 year ago)
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Doxey Primary School
Happy 80th birthday to one of our favourite children\'s authors Allan Ahlberg, who authored over 100 books with his - Doxey Primary School (1 year ago)
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Charlotte Eyre
Happy belated 80th birthday to Allan Ahlberg! Here he talks about the books he worked on and how he only spent a da - Charlotte Eyre (1 year ago)
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Oh no I missed this. A belated Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg, your books are just so wonderful and have been such an - Happi-Ness! (1 year ago)
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Annie Shaw
A massive part of my children\'s (and therefore my) life. Happy Birthday and Thank you, Allan Ahlberg - and Janet. - Annie Shaw (1 year ago)
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Anne Thompson
Happy birthday to Allan Ahlberg, a big part of our happy shared family memories. Our favourites: The Jolly Postman - Anne Thompson (1 year ago)
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I\'ve literally never been as comfortable and content as the first time i listened to the cassette tape of - Courtenay (1 year ago)
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Oxfam Books & Music Knowle
These two classics in the shop today - happy birthday Allan Ahlberg! - Oxfam Books & Music Knowle (1 year ago)
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Emily Guille-Marrett
Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg! Hard to choose but here are some of my favourites...And I LOVE The Baby\'s Catalogue a - Emily Guille-Marrett (1 year ago)
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Parrot Street Book Club
Happy Birthday to the fabulous Allan Ahlberg! Reciting Each Peach Pear Plum to the kids tonight to celebrate - Parrot Street Book Club (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Allan Ahlberg! The beloved children s author celebrates his 80th birthday today. Some of our Puffin - PuffinBooks (1 year ago)
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York House Learning Support
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Allan Ahlberg! I still have my childhood copy of \'Please Mrs Butler\' whi - York House Learning Support (1 year ago)
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Dorothy Dunnett Soc.
Happy birthday to the wonderful Allan Ahlberg. Each Peach Pear Plum and Peepo were a big part of my chil - Dorothy Dunnett Soc. (1 year ago)
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Sareen McLay
Happy Birthday and thank you to Allan Ahlberg. - Sareen McLay (1 year ago)
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The Hive
Happy Birthday to Allan Ahlberg who turns 80 today! Many of us have up have grown up with tales of Happy Families a - The Hive (1 year ago)
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Telford Langley Read
My bedtime reading for this evening. Happy 80 th Birthday Allan Ahlberg - Telford Langley Read (1 year ago)
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Rashmi Sirdeshpande
Happy birthday Allan Ahlberg! Your (and Janet\'s) books are the GOLD STANDARD. Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum, Funnybon - Rashmi Sirdeshpande (1 year ago)
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World Book Day UK
Happy 80th birthday to one of our favourite children\'s authors Allan Ahlberg, who authored over 100 books with his - World Book Day UK (1 year ago)
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Always loved \"Each Peach Pear Plum\" - but we have plenty of his books here Happy birthday Allan Ahlbe - CLS (1 year ago)
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Maria Costa
Happy birthday, Allan Ahlberg! I cannot fully emphasise the comfort Please Mrs.Butler proffered every day after sch - Maria Costa (1 year ago)
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Michael Rosen
I\'ve been re-messageing happy birthday messages to Allan Ahlberg but here\'s my message to him to: what a lovely, clever - Michael Rosen (1 year ago)
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Madeleine Lindley
Massive Happy Birthday to Allan Ahlberg who turns an impressive 80 today!!! Just as your new title arrives with us - Madeleine Lindley (1 year ago)
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JCSP Library (TCC)
Happy Birthday Allan Ahlberg! My favourite is \"Mr Biff, the boxer\" :-) - JCSP Library (TCC) (1 year ago)
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Catherine Friess
Happy 80th Birthday Allan Ahlberg. Thank you for all of your wonderful stories! We\'ve chosen some of our favourite - Catherine Friess (1 year ago)
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A huge huge happy birthday to Allan Ahlberg. We love everything he does, but these are our two particular favourite - ReadItDaddy (1 year ago)
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Burglar Bill - I loved it when I was a child and my children love it too! Happy birthday - MyWorkwear (1 year ago)
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Nicola Holloway
Happy 80th Birthday to Allan Ahlberg, whose Each Peach and Peepo and Baby Catalogue and Jolly Postman are timeless - Nicola Holloway (1 year ago)
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Dilemma Weiss
A HUGE Happy Birthday to the wonderful Allan Ahlberg! We shall be celebrating today by reading our collection of his brilliant books. - Dilemma Weiss (1 year ago)
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Robin Stevens
Happy birthday Allan Ahlberg! I\'m sharing my love of his masterpiece Each Peach Pear Plum over on the - Robin Stevens (1 year ago)
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Madeleine Hallward
Happy birthday, Allan Ahlberg! Son loves Burglar Bill and daughter won t go to sleep unless Each Peach Pear Plum ha - Madeleine Hallward (1 year ago)
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Mick Jackson
Hear, hear - Happy Birthday top writer, Allan Ahlberg. Personal faves: Peepo, Burglar Bill, Cops and Robbers. (His - Mick Jackson (1 year ago)
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June 5, 1938: Happy birthday author Allan Ahlberg - BullardCommLibrary (1 year ago)
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Amanda Bradford
Hmmmm...it\'s a tough one. I\'ve always been a sucker for The Jolly Postman and Each Peach Pear Plum. Be - Amanda Bradford (1 year ago)
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Happy 80th birthday to the incomparable Allan Ahlberg! What s your favourite of his books? He tells us his top choi - Bookswithbaby (1 year ago)
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Nicola Marray-Woods
Happy birthday Allan Ahlberg. Thanks for hours of reading joy. - Nicola Marray-Woods (2 years ago)

81 years old (Born on June 05, 1938)

British children's author who created popular children's books with his wife, Janet Ahlberg, for over 20 years.

Allan Ahlberg's Best Moments

My bedtime reading  for this evening. Happy 80 th Birthday Allan Ahlberg
Happy birthday to the magnificent Allan Ahlberg, who is behind so many of our favourite children\s books!
A big happy birthday to Allan Ahlberg, co-creator of The Jolly Postman, who was born in 1938. :D
June 5, 1938: Happy birthday author Allan Ahlberg
 These two classics in the shop today - happy birthday Allan Ahlberg!
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