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Alfred, Lord Sotosyn
. A smoothie who enjoyed looking blankly handsome against a backdrop of blankly beautiful blank models, the late Ro - Alfred, Lord Sotosyn (1 week ago)
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j scurry
Allen Toussaint - American Tune (Live on Austin City Limits) via - j scurry (1 week ago)
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North Trenton
And Happy Birthday to Leo Kadanoff (d. 2015), Rao Gopal Rao (d. 1994), Sonny Siebert, Billie Jo Spears (d. 2011), M - North Trenton (1 week ago)
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Joe Grantham
Happy Birthday and RIP: Allen Toussaint! You are missed! - Joe Grantham (1 week ago)
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The Flat Five
Happy birthday to the late GREAT Allen Toussaint! We\'re commemorating with a new rehearsal recording release on our - The Flat Five (1 week ago)
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Qwest TV
Happy Birthday to the great Allen Toussaint! The New Orleans ambassador of jazz and rhythm \'n\' blues would have tur - Qwest TV (1 week ago)
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Chris Malkove
It\'s Allen Toussaint\'s birthday too. Happy Birthday! - Chris Malkove (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint - PlushReviewsAndMusic (1 week ago)
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Preservation Hall
\"Music is everything to me, short of breathing.\" Celebrating and remembering a man today of unparalleled musical - Preservation Hall (1 week ago)
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NOLA Mix Records
Happy Birthday to the late great Allen Toussaint! This gentle soul was the backbone to not only New Orleans music - - NOLA Mix Records (1 week ago)
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Nonesuch Records
Happy Allen Toussaint Day on what would have been the legendary singer, songwriter, and producer\'s 83rd birthday! - Nonesuch Records (1 week ago)
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Mama J
Happy Allen Toussaint\'s birthday, friends - Mama J (1 week ago)
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John Moxin
Well, happy birthday. You, T Bone Burnett, Catherine of Austria, Queen of Portugal & Allen Toussaint share a birthday. - John Moxin (1 week ago)
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Josh Myers
Happy birthday Allen Toussaint. - Josh Myers (1 week ago)
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Jeremy Baldwin
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint (January 14, 1938 November 10, 2015) - Jeremy Baldwin (1 week ago)
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Marty Qatani
Happy Rock and Roll Birthday to Dave Grohl, LL Cool J, T-Bone Burnett, and Allen Toussaint - Marty Qatani (1 week ago)
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Scott Westerman
Happy Birthday to: Clarence Carter (Patches, Strokin), 1936; Allen Toussaint (Producer), 1938 (d. 2015); Faye Dunaw - Scott Westerman (1 week ago)
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Robert Burroughs
14 January: Happy Birthday, Clarence Carter! Happy Birthday, Allen Toussaint! - Robert Burroughs (1 week ago)
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Harvey Brindell
Happy Birthday Lee Dorsey (December 24, 1924 12/1/86) was a pop and R&B singer during the 60s. His biggest hits wer - Harvey Brindell (1 month ago)
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Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine
Happy birthday Allen Toussaint! - Danse Macabre ~ An Online Literary Magazine (1 year ago)
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Philadelphia 1776
- Philadelphia 1776 (1 year ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
And Happy Birthday to Leo Kadanoff (d. 2015), Rao Gopal Rao (d. 1994), Sonny Siebert, Billie Jo Spears (d. 2011), M - Teewhy Nyema (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Paul Gaudet
Happy birthday to Allen Toussaint. - Paul Gaudet (1 year ago)
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Pastor O
Remembering Allen Toussaint Today on What Would Have Been His 82nd Birthday (1/14/38) - Pastor O (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Alex Clarke
Happy birthday to the incomparable Allen Toussaint, a giant of New Orleans who we miss very much - Alex Clarke (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Lindsay Barnes
Happy birthday, Allen Toussaint. - Lindsay Barnes (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint ! - Brian (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Allen Toussaint - 和田@whiskeymama7 (1 year ago)
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Peter Parcek
Happy Birthday to New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint born January 14, 1938! \"Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky\" - Peter Parcek (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday and rip Allen Toussaint - john (1 year ago)
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Janine Bennett
Allen Toussaint - Java (1958) via Happy 82nd Birthday in Heaven Allen Toussaint - - Janine Bennett (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday! Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights - catman (1 year ago)
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大場 浩市
Happy Birthday! Allen Toussaint (1938.01.14.-2015.11.10.) NIGHT PEOPLE [MONO] / ALLEN TOUSSAINT [WARNER BROS.WBS 85 - 大場 浩市 (1 year ago)
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Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers
Happy Birthday Lee Dorsey Irving Lee Dorsey 12/24/24 was an R&B singer during the 1960s. His biggest hits were \"Ya - Harvey Brindell & The Tablerockers (1 year ago)
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Royal Academy
Happy Birthday Mali Morris RA! To celebrate, here\'s one of four screenprints, entitled \'Toussaint I - IV,\' which Mo - Royal Academy (1 year ago)
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Josh Charles
Happy birthday Allen Toussaint. Missing you. - Josh Charles (2 years ago)
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Mark Mullins
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint! Tippin\' the hat to a song from your \"Southern Nights\" album. Side 1, Track 5. - Mark Mullins (2 years ago)
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Oliver Mackson
Happy Birthday, Allen Toussaint. He would have been 81 today. - Oliver Mackson (2 years ago)
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Thom Lester
Happy birthday Allen Toussaint. 1938 - 2015. - Thom Lester (2 years ago)
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Basin Street Records
Happy Birthday to the late Allen Toussaint! Our artists have recorded or paid tribute to him a number of times... - Basin Street Records (2 years ago)
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Ink 19
Happy birthday Allen Toussaint! Check him out with Etta James and Dr. John! - Ink 19 (2 years ago)
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The Hand & Eye
Happy Birthday to one of the greats: Allen Toussaint - The Hand & Eye (2 years ago)
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WarHen Records
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint. Hero. - WarHen Records (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Murf Reeves
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights via - Murf Reeves (2 years ago)
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Raja Kassis
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint. Greatest of all time - Raja Kassis (2 years ago)
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Happy Allen Toussaint Day! Join us in celebrating his incredible life and musical achievements on what would have b - NOLACityCouncil (2 years ago)
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Cole F.
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint!! - Cole F. (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

The Perlich Post
Remembering piano great on his birthday with a BBC documentary: - The Perlich Post (2 years ago)
birthday balloon

Marshall of Rock
Happy Birthday - January 14 Johnny Grande (Bill Haley and The Comets) b. 1930 d. 6/3/06 Clarence Carter 83 Al - Marshall of Rock (2 years ago)
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Kool Kila ♫(keela)
Remembering today on what would have been his 81st birthday (born January 14, 1938) | - Kool Kila ♫(keela) (2 years ago)

83 years old (Born on January 14, 1938)

Allen Toussaint's Best Moments

Happy birthday Allen Toussaint.
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint: Covering The Late NOLA Legend Spotify Playlist
Happy Birthday, Allen Toussaint!
Happy birthday Allen Toussaint. Missing you.
14 January:  Happy Birthday, Clarence Carter!
                     Happy Birthday, Allen Toussaint!
Happy Birthday Allen Toussaint (January 14, 1938 November 10, 2015)
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