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Kelly Roberts
Happy Birthday - Kelly Roberts (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Briguyslayerxy (8 months ago)
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Nicholas Brendon
Happy birthday! - Nicholas Brendon (8 months ago)
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Bonnie Burton
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Bonnie Burton (8 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday Amber! I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT ONE, and that will be a great year for u, u des - Emanuela (8 months ago)
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Bill Pomeroy
Happy Belated Birthday! - Bill Pomeroy (8 months ago)
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Pato Rivadeneira
Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! I hope you haved fun in your special day, kisses and hugs for you - Pato Rivadeneira (8 months ago)
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Jim Robertson
Didn\'t realize it was your birthday until I saw your message. I hope it\'s not too late to wish you a ha - Jim Robertson (8 months ago)
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Andrew Horan
Happy birthday - Andrew Horan (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday today is also my friends birthday too wow lucky - marie (8 months ago)
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James Duval
Wishing you a vey happy birthday!!! - James Duval (8 months ago)
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S. Perkins
Happy birthday - S. Perkins (8 months ago)
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Mandy Sheridan
Happy birthday! hope you had a awesome day lots of love xxx - Mandy Sheridan (8 months ago)
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Stephanie Lucchese
@ Amber Benson Happy Birthday and many more - Stephanie Lucchese (8 months ago)
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Heather Lo
Happy belated birthday! Hope to see you again at a future scheduled event! - Heather Lo (8 months ago)
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Lindy Ryan
Oh, happy (belated!) birthday, Amber! What does this year have in store? - Lindy Ryan (8 months ago)
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Guillaume Mauri
Happy Birthday !! - Guillaume Mauri (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! I think you re amazing!!!! - RikedofFDMP (8 months ago)
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A late Happy Birthday, hope you continue to keep the reapers and the Joneses in line.... and everything else... - Ebdim9th (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Amber! - DWW (8 months ago)
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Tori Carpenter
Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had the most amazing day! - Tori Carpenter (8 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday AMBER BENSON - smarttbone87 (8 months ago)
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michael folsom
happy birthday amber - michael folsom (8 months ago)
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#Broken Matt Rutland
Aww, Happy Birthday to you lovely!! X x - #Broken Matt Rutland (8 months ago)
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Rhonda Jones
Oh happy birthday you beautiful human you xxx - Rhonda Jones (8 months ago)
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Sean is Egg Nog Wasted
Happy Birthday, !!!!! - Sean is Egg Nog Wasted (8 months ago)
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Cary Collins
Oh hey Happy Birthday! - Cary Collins (8 months ago)
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PDX Minor Rain God
Happy Birthday!! - PDX Minor Rain God (8 months ago)
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James Moran
Happy birthday! Only a few days away from our baby s birthday, too. - James Moran (8 months ago)
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Tom Taylor
Happy Birthday, Amber! Hope it\'s been a great one! - Tom Taylor (8 months ago)
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Ian B
happy birthday amber,have a lovely day xx - Ian B (8 months ago)
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Stephen Nash
happy birthday - Stephen Nash (8 months ago)
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Roger Banks
HAPPY birthday sweetness - Roger Banks (8 months ago)
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Ashley Clements
Happy Birthday! - Ashley Clements (8 months ago)
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laurie clausen
Big happy birthday! - laurie clausen (8 months ago)
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Michael Elliott
Dang it! Happy belated birthday! - Michael Elliott (8 months ago)
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Joshua Pantalleresco
Happy birthday. Hope you got into all kinds of chaos and mayhem today. - Joshua Pantalleresco (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Amber! - Paul (8 months ago)
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NEFF Olivier
Happy birthday - NEFF Olivier (8 months ago)
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ada parker
Happy Birthday - ada parker (8 months ago)
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I didn\'t know! Happy birthday! We are named after the same book, and are born a few days apart. - EchoRune (8 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday!!!! - dette (8 months ago)
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Jennifer Kretchmer
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - Jennifer Kretchmer (8 months ago)
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Kris Padbury
Happy Birthday young lady, hope you had a fabulous day - Kris Padbury (8 months ago)
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☕️ Luna ☕️
Happy Birthday Amber!!! - ☕️ Luna ☕️ (8 months ago)
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Krisha Roach
Happy birthday! - Krisha Roach (8 months ago)
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Joe Fernandez
Happy Birthday Amber!! - Joe Fernandez (8 months ago)
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Afton Theatre
Jan 8 Happy Birthday part 2: Josh Meyers, Ryan Francis, Scott Whyte, Sara - Afton Theatre (8 months ago)
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Autumn with the Cool Hair
Happy birthday my love! - Autumn with the Cool Hair (8 months ago)
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Ed Osiecki
Happy birthday Hope it was filled with friends, family and fun - Ed Osiecki (8 months ago)

42 years old (Born on January 08, 1977)

Actor; She is famous from Tara Maclay on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

As a young teenager, co-anchored (along with A.J. McLean, later of the Backstreet Boys) the pilot for a proposed television news program aimed at kids. However, the pilot was not picked up. She suffered a badly broken foot in early 2004 when landscapers left a barrel full of discarded sod in her yard, and she tried to move it to the curb and it fell on her foot. She had to film her part in Intermedio (2005) on crutches as a result. Has a three-book deal with Penguin Publishing. Her first original novel has been announced as "Death's Daughter," the story of a young career woman in New York who finds out her dad is actually the angel of death. Joss Whedon originally wanted to resurrect Amber's character, Tara, in the series finale of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997). Buffy was to be given one wish, which she would agonize over for the entire episode. Finally, she would step aside to reveal Tara for the final shot. Parents are Ed and Diane Benson. Her younger sister, Danielle, is an artist.

Amber Benson's Best Moments

Happy 40th birthday to (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Crush, The Crooked Man):
Happy Birthday I hope you have the best day!
Happy Birthday,
 Happy birthday you magical unicorn of an amazing person!!!!
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Wish you a day full of love
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday ^^
 Happy birthday lady!  I hope you have a fabulous, 
magical day
Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day!     Lots of love!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the one and only
 Happy Birthday super talented beautiful lady !!
 Happy birthday, Amber!
 Happy Belated Birthday, Amber! One of my favorites of all-time on screen and at DragonCon!
 belated Happy Birthday from me and this guy.
Born on this day, Amber Benson turns 41. Happy Birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer!
Happy Birthday
And hey happy birthday Amber Benson
*Happy Birthday*,
  The cutest smile   Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to have a great day.
 happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday ily
Happy Birthday to the amazing we hope you have a fantastic day      Joe
 Happy birthday, lovely! Hope you have an amazing day
Happy Birthday    Bisous de la France
 Happy Birthday Amber Benson
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Amber Benson, born January 8, 1977.
 Happy Birthday Amber!!!
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Fun Facts About Amber Benson

At age 6, she danced in the Alabama Ballet Company's production of "The Nutcracker." She was also a member of the Birmingham Children's Theater.
She was born on Elvis Presley's birthday (January 8th) in 1977 (the year of Elvis' death.)
Is a vegetarian.
Wrote a vignette for Dark Horse Comics' "Tales of the Slayer" graphic novel, with Joss Whedon and other Buffy TV and comic writers. Benson wrote about a vampire slayer from The French Revolution period, who accidentally killed a man.
She sang on two tracks of fellow "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) co-star, Anthony Head's solo CD project, "Music for Elevators".
She is most proud of her work in the film King of the Hill (1993), her appearances as 'Tara' on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) and her own movie project Chance (2002).
Has a publishing deal along with author Christopher Golden to write a series of original novels based upon their animated BBCi film, "The Ghosts of Albion".
Wrote a comic book based on the characters of Willow and Tara as part of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books series.
Loves to read and spends a lot of her "down time" on set reading. Lists some of her favourite authors as Ray Bradbury, Susan Cooper, Marion Zimmer Bradley, J.K. Rowling (the 'Harry Potter' series) and Christopher Golden (the 'Body of Evidence' series).
Lives in Los Angeles with her mother, her dog Pennsylvania (aka Penny) and her cat Benneton (aka Benny).
She traveled to Romania to film the movie Taboo (2002).
Has had roles in movies with actors whom she would later join on the cast of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997): Lindsay Crouse and Eliza Dushku in Bye Bye Love (1995) and Seth Green in Can't Hardly Wait (1998).
According to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" producer Marti Noxon, series creator Joss Whedon originally rejected her for the role of Tara, feeling she wasn't the proper physical type. But Noxon insisted that she be allowed to read for the part again, and it was at the second audition that Whedon realized she would be perfect for the part.
Amber Benson arrived late at a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" convention in June, 2003, because a deer ran into her mother's car in upstate New York.
In 2001, at the age of just 24, Amber directed, wrote, produced and starred in her own movie called Chance (2002). It was presented at the Sundance Film Festival in 2002.
Amber was to return to "Buffy" in the 7th season, (following Tara's death) playing a being posing as Tara Maclay. However, negotiations with the show fell through. Her decision not to return was at least in part because creator Joss Whedon wanted her to play a villain masquerading as her slain character, Tara. Knowing how Tara's death had upset so many of her fans, Amber did not want to further traumatize them by having the character seemingly return from the grave, but being evil. The character was retooled and the role went to Azura Skye reprising her role of Cassie Newton instead.
Shares a birthday with director Francesco Roder and actress Sarah Polley.
Played in a band called Rhodestar with Hayley Taylor.

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