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Happy birthday Jean - Ashley (11 months ago)
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Maggie andrew
Happy birthday, chatted with her and your Dad at Andy Murray live and saw her at the Davis cup - Maggie andrew (11 months ago)
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Erica endo
Happy birthday - Erica endo (1 week ago)
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Felipe Bacigalupo
Happy Birthday Andy! I am absolutely amazed at how you face the adversities of life. And what a tremen - Felipe Bacigalupo (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday!! Hilarious - Penneyd (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday hope this is big enough - Muneroy (1 week ago)
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Richard Florence
belated happy birthday - Richard Florence (1 week ago)
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Helle Høeg Brask
Lol Happy Birthday - Helle Høeg Brask (1 week ago)
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Anne Wanless
Happy Birthday Andy have a great day celebrating - Anne Wanless (1 week ago)
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Karin Robinson
Happy Birthday Andy Murray, you absolute gem. - Karin Robinson (1 week ago)
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Douglas Ferguson
Happy Birthday. Have a great day - Douglas Ferguson (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Andy - sarah (1 week ago)
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Arjun Nair
Happy birthday Sir Andy! - Arjun Nair (1 week ago)
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Christine Gill-Brain
Quite right to, also will people treat your comment as a joke. You are the biggest campaigner of women\'s rights. Happy birthday - Christine Gill-Brain (1 week ago)
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Claire Warnes
Happy birthday Andy. Hope you have a fab day - Claire Warnes (1 week ago)
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Rohith castelino
Could you find some time to respond to my complaint ? And happy birthday to - Rohith castelino (1 week ago)
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Iona Donald
So funny Happy birthday Andy We love you - Iona Donald (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday man! Guess you got your present yesterday:) - map (1 week ago)
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Tina Batten
Happy birthday x - Tina Batten (1 week ago)
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Chris Georgoulas
Happy birthday - Chris Georgoulas (1 week ago)
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Maime Ricks
Not the cake gate! Happy birthday Champ - Maime Ricks (1 week ago)
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Raul Pollak
Happy birthday!!! - Raul Pollak (1 week ago)
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M.C. Culibao
Happy birthday, - M.C. Culibao (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday my born day twin!!! - Rocky2luv (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday! Have a great day. Great people born in May - melissa (1 week ago)
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Stewart White
Happy birthday and thanks again for this particular highlight. - Stewart White (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday champ. - Gunners (1 week ago)
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Happy Bday Andy, played some great matches this year, love your determination. Your joke proves a po - Sirmium (1 week ago)
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Reva Nadal
Happy bday Murray!! - Reva Nadal (1 week ago)
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Tennis Légendes
Happy Birthday Andy - Tennis Légendes (1 week ago)
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Helen Howard
Happy Birthday Andy! - Helen Howard (1 week ago)
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Giovanna Schiavoni
Happy birthday Andy - Giovanna Schiavoni (1 week ago)
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Yvonne McLure
Happy birthday! - Yvonne McLure (1 week ago)
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Helen Hutchison
Happy birthday - Helen Hutchison (1 week ago)
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Ken mckinnon
Happy Birthday Andy Murray - Ken mckinnon (1 week ago)
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Anthony Scalise
My birthday is today, a day after you champion. Happy Birthday Muz - Anthony Scalise (1 week ago)
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catherine scott
I would have made you one.... It would have been nice to do one with the scores the other way round f - catherine scott (1 week ago)
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Linda Johnston
Happy birthday - Linda Johnston (1 week ago)
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Oskar Gawlak
happy birthday Sir Andy! - Oskar Gawlak (1 week ago)
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David Biggart
Happy Birthday (36) to three-time grand slam champion and Scottish sporting legend Andy Murray. - David Biggart (1 week ago)
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Mo Arb
I bet you are Happy Birthday Andy hope you have a good day - Mo Arb (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday and happy tie breaks!!! - Pacio63 (1 week ago)
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All Planets
Happy birthday to uuuuuuu - All Planets (1 week ago)
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Sir Andy W . Happy birthday! - Sanath (1 week ago)
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Te quiero mucho, Andy Murray Happy Birthday - Pao (1 week ago)
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Pamela Aragones
Happy birthday Andy Murray - Pamela Aragones (1 week ago)
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AmericanExpress: Wishing a happy birthday today from your friends at - Sally (1 week ago)
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James Cox
happy birthday brother! Good luck for the rest of the season. BELIEVE - James Cox (1 week ago)
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IG: @beeofkhudukreations (Boitumelo)
Ohh that s hilarious Happy Birthday Sir - IG: @beeofkhudukreations (Boitumelo) (1 week ago)

37 years old (Born on May 15, 1987)

Tennis player; He is famous from Currently the highest-ranked British player. 2013 Wimbledon Men's Singles Champion..

Andy Murray's Best Moments

Happy 28th birthday to
Happy birthday to my bro It is today, right? Did you manage to post my homemade card mum?
Happy birthday to our 5-time champion, 30 today!
 Happy birthday,  We miss you, mate!
Happy Birthday to World No.1  we hope you have a smashing day!
Happy Birthday The world number 3 is turning 28 today! See you at Andy!
Happy birthday to double Olympic champion
Happy birthday to one of the most inspiring people I\ve ever met!
SkySportsTennis \"From the Sky Sports team, we wish andy_murray a Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday,
Good 1st social distancing tennis practice!!! Oh yeh and happy birthday
Happy 30th bday Andy Murray
Happy birthday, Andy Murray.
Happy 30th birthday to world no.1 and three-time major champion
. turns 30 today. Happy Birthday!
Nice set of wheels,   We hope to see you covering the court like this again soon. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday Andy Murray
Happy Birthday May your day be free of surprise wake-up calls
Wishing a very Happy Birthday! Looking forward another great year!
Happy 36th Birthday to oor Andy Murray. A right, good Scottish laddie.
Happy 31st Birthday to our three time champion
Happy birthday
   - Wimbledon Titles: 2

- Olympic Golds: 2

- US Opens: 1

- Davis Cups: 1

Happy birthday, Sir Andy Murray.
 Happy Birthday Andy Murray! 33 years old today.  

Can\t wait to see you back on court!
Happy birthday, You may be 33, but don\t ever stop dancing...
Happy birthday  And Good luck
Sorry, We had to.  (Happy birthday, legend!)
 Happy Birthday hope this is big enough
Happy Birthday to our global ambassador Join us in wishing him an \ace\ day
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Andy Murray
Happy birthday Andy Murray!
When the crowd sings for you and there s cake   Happy Birthday,  |
Wishing  a happy birthday today from your friends at
Happy Birthday to two-time Champ, Gift idea: Crandon Park frequent visitor punch card?
Happy 30th birthday to Andy Murray, world No 1 and a true trailblazer, more interested in the trail than the blazer!
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to  We look forward to welcoming the Murray clan back to Easter Road sometime soon.
Happy birthday, king i love you you re my favourite 35 year old
Happy birthday,  Any excuse to re-watch this ridiculous point from the 2023 Australian Open
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you had a great day today! :)
Happy Birthday to World Number 1 Tennis player have a great day my friend
Happy birthday to Scotland\s tennis superstar
Happy Birthday champ!
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FANTASTIC      we hope you have an amazing day!
Joyeux 30e anniversaire au N°1  mondial Andy Murray !
Happy 30th birthday to the ATP No1  ,
Happy Birthday, Sir Muzza! Hope to have you back on court soon,
Today turns 34 years old.

Happy Birthday Andy !
Happy birthday to my good friend
Happy birthday my dear
" Happy 24th birthday, Diego Fabbrini.  thats Andy Murray
Happy birthday - you\ve come a long way!
Happy birthday Lets celebrate with your first cover back in 2012...
Wimbledon  Olympic Games  US Open Davis Cup Knighthood   Happy birthday, Sir Andy Murray
Happy Birthday    How would you sum up Andy in emojis?
Happy Birthday,
Happy happy birthday to the king of comedy
Il a gagné les de Rome en 2016, Happy birthday Andy Murray !
Happy birthday   You\re such a legend
Happy birthday to our friend and UofS Honorary Graduate,
 kit from a 1910 trade catalogue (cigarette optional). 
 Wishing a happy birthday to
Happy birthday Andy! We hope to see you back on the courts soon!
Three-time Grand Slam winner
British number one at 18 

Happy birthday Andy Murray
Never forget.

Happy birthday,
Happy birthday to this guy and this guy only. Love ya
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday
Happy 36th birthday, Sir Andy Murray!
Happy Birthday Sending you lots of love and good wishes all the way from India! Good luck for RG!
VERY late birthday wish but happy birthday to my absolute fave couldn\t be prouder to be a fan
Happy 30th birthday,
Wishing  WWF Global Ambassador a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday     Hope to see you back on court competing soon
Join us in wishing a happy birthday    |
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday,    Hope to see you soon!
Happy 30th birthday to
Happy birthday
Life comes at you fast: turns 30 today! Happy Birthday!
A big happy birthday to first ever champion -
The ATP Tour players wish Andy Murray a happy 30th birthday. Grigor Dimitrov is a standout.
Happy Birthday  What did & get you?
Happy birthday andy_murray! We hope to see you back on court soon.
Andy Murray fait Chevalier le jour de l anniversaire de !!! Happy birthday Queen
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Hope that you spend this special and beautiful day for you,with family and friends.
Happy Birthday stud.
We celebrate you
Happy 34th birthday to Sir Andy Murray
A very happy birthday to one of my all time favourite players.
Happy 36th birthday to legend Andy 
 Happy Birthday Sir
 Happy birthday, Andy! Is this size ok?
Happy birthday Fiona what sort of cake is this ??
Happy birthday y FAV para este gran jugador
Happy  & Looking for more birthdays? Look right here
A Very Happy Birthday to !!
Happy birthday Andy Murray. Celebratory slide show coming.
Wishing a very happy birthday to &
Happy birthday Andy
Many happy returns to our main man on his birthday!
Happy 30th Birthday to our main man Dinnae get too drunk pal.
Happy Birthday Andy
Happy Birthday Andy Murray born May 15, 1987
Happy Birthday  You make the whole of Scotland proud!

See you at the one day?
 Happy Birthday from the Moore Family
Happy birthday to world tennis No.1 Andy Murray, born Glasgow, 1987.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to our tennis legend
Happy Birthday, Sir Andrew!
Happy birthday British tennis champion Andy Murray, born 1987.
Happy Birthday            Hope you are having a great day & Good Luck in Rome
 Happy 30th birthday Sir
Happy birthday Andrew
Brick Pic of the Day: Happy Birthday Sir Andy Murray
Wimbledon  Olympic Games  US Open Davis Cup Knighthood  Happy birthday, Sir Andy Murray.
May all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday we\re looking forward to seeing you back winning soon.
  Happy birthday to your princess   Have fun, Sophie!!
Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday dear Andy!
Happy birthday Andy Murray(born 15.5.1987)
 happy 80th birthday mum, to a huge tennis fan and follower of enjoy your cake!
Happy Birthday Sir
Andy Murray\s birthday facts: Happy birthday Andy Murray!
 | Happy 3  3  Birthday to Hibernian Supporter
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Sir
Happy 33rd Birthday,  We can\t wait to see you back on the court when this is all over!
Happy Birthday  to tennis great Andy Murray
Happy birthday you re adorable. let the naysayers be!
Happy Birthday to my favorite tennis player!!
Andy Murray telling it like it is. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Dear have a great day!! Best Wishes
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Andy Murray
Happy Birthday, Sir
Wishing a happy birthday to our Leadership Council member Andy Murray
Happy birthday to the best british tennis player ever. Sir
Happy birthday,
Happy birthday Sir Andy Murray. Proper legend of the sport
 Happy birthday!  Stirrer.
 Happy Birthday Andy love from Andy Murray Tennis Fans Facebook group x x x
Happy birthday hopefully always healthy and successful in life and tennis career
 Happy birthday my best idol   I\m waiting  for you in Beijing give you all my best wishes
Happy birthday to my idol , hope youre getting some rest great things are coming this year just believe
                 (^-^)/          15  A        Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday We hope you have a great day and good luck at
Happy birthday to newlywed Here\s what the stars have in store:
Fridge of the Day: On this day in 1987 Happy Birthday Andy Murray!
Happy Birthday Thank you for being part of the fight to :)
Happy Birthday Andy Murray ! Born in 1987
Happy birthday to the tennisking   Enjoy your day!!
Happy Birthday Andy Murray! Now time for some sleep...
Happy Birthday Now for some rest! We hope you have a great day.
Happy Birthday - Scotland\s Champion
Happy Birthday
Happy 28th birthday to Andy Murray. Here he is in his birthday suit...
 Happy Birthday to 1 of my biggest idols/inspiration! Thank you for being you & please don\t ever change!
  cary_sh: Happy Birthday, Andy Murray
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to myself & my birthday buddy - remember this moment like it was yesterday
Happy Birthday
Happy 28th birthday and thanks for this epic selfie woot woot
Happy 28th birthday to
Be the next Andy Murray....did you know we have 2 outdoor tennis courts? Happy Birthday, Andy, 27 today!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Muzza!   Wishing you all the best
Happy Birthday Andy Murray.
Happy Birthday, !!
Happy Birthday backing you to win the French    to World Tour Finals
Happy Birthday Andy Murray!
Happy bday
   Happy Birthday Andy. Have a fabulous day!
 Best of luck for the French Open. Lauren our little girl is 2 today. Happy Birthday from us all.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY MURRAY!!!   Today the tennis player is 28!! Congratulations crack
Hope it is not late to.say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Andy.Always love ya.
 $ on you in your match. King of Clay in his   Wish Rafa a happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to Andy Murray who turns 30 today!
 Wishing you a very Happy 30th Birthday Andy, my favourite sportsman & champion of all time
My hero, my mate, happy birthday
Happy 30th birthday to Andy Murray
 happy birthday to you and our Sophie ,8 and 30 today xxx
Happy Birthday Andy Murray
Happy birthday, Hope you have a wonderful day.
Happy 30th Birthday
Happy 30th Birthday  Have a good one mate
 Happy Birthday Andy
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday dear !
Happy 30th Birthday to the Ballsiest man in tennis... the unstoppable Bring on Wimbledon!
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday depressing Sweaty tennis player Andy Murray, 30 today.
Happy Birthday, Sir
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