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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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please please please could you message back wishing my mum, Elizabeth Anderson, a happy birthday. She i - fabmcnab (8 months ago)
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clare clarke
please any chance you can say happy 70 th birthday to my lovely friend Lynda she s your biggest fan ( except me ) - clare clarke (8 months ago)
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Anna T
I m trying to make his 18th super special by getting his hero s and as many pe - Anna T (8 months ago)
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Sam Cornwell
Happy birthday to Andy Murray. Here\'s your yearly reminder why he\'s awesome - - Sam Cornwell (9 months ago)
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Sooooo cool. Tomorrow is ANDY Murray s birthday. Give - NEIL LAWSON BAKER (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Andy!! - Kaori (9 months ago)
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Lujan Suárez
Happy Birthday!!! Genius - Lujan Suárez (9 months ago)
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We miss you Andy! Happy birthday!! - yeswiican (9 months ago)
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Andy Murray fait Chevalier le jour de l anniversaire de !!! Happy birthday Queen - LazySunnyGirl (9 months ago)
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LRTs: So happy for Andy Murray. So timely for his birthday. Retired life is the best! Happy birthday, - Jam (9 months ago)
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Bobby’s Mummy
happy belated birthday for yesterday sorry i missed it I was busy giving birth to this one....dressed - Bobby’s Mummy (9 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday. I originally sent this to other Andy who really likes football. I always voted - PaintsPylons (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Andy Murray It s already time. Andy, we are ready - akiaki (9 months ago)
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kalyan kartheek
Happy birthday to one of the game\'s greats to see you soon on the court with that beautiful backhand hitting the lines.. - kalyan kartheek (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Andy! Speed recovery! We are waiting for you to come back on the tour. - blini (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Have a nice day! - Marjphan (9 months ago)
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Your Birthday Mission
Happy Birthday We hope you had an incredible birthday today! What s for 20 - Your Birthday Mission (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - GµårÐïåñ (9 months ago)
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Deborah A Vantol
Happy Birthday Andy! We miss you! - Deborah A Vantol (9 months ago)
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ann teh
Happy Birthday Andy have a great day with your beautiful family. Hope to see you back on court soon. - ann teh (9 months ago)
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Emalee B
Happy birthday to Andy Murray forever and ever amen - Emalee B (9 months ago)
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Steve Owens
Happy Birthday Sir Andy... Have a good one!! - Steve Owens (9 months ago)
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Ludmilla Antonelli
Happy bday !! Much love!! - Ludmilla Antonelli (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday from all - @KirktonhillLTC (9 months ago)
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Racket STAR
45 career titles 3 Majors 41 weeks at No. 1 2 Olympic gold medals 32 years young. Happy...: 45 career titles 3 - Racket STAR (9 months ago)
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Pilar Chita
Happy birthday Andy! - Pilar Chita (9 months ago)
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Nicola Whyte
Happy birthday to the king of my heart, Can t wait to see you back! - Nicola Whyte (9 months ago)
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LB ♊️
Happy birthday - LB ♊️ (9 months ago)
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Luiza Borjog
I miss Happy birthday, champ! - Luiza Borjog (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Andrew - Gabriela. (9 months ago)
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amanda preston
Happy birthday! - amanda preston (9 months ago)
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Marlen Castro
happy birthday Andy - Marlen Castro (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Sir !!! For me the best player and i hope see you soon - afonsofernandes1906 (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Yasser (9 months ago)
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Jakki Brand
Happy Birthday to the great Sir Andy Murray.Missing you on the ATP tour.Hope to see you back on court soon - Jakki Brand (9 months ago)
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Break Point
Happy birthday! - Break Point (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

Victoria E Keogh
- Victoria E Keogh (9 months ago)
birthday balloon

John Francis
Happy Birthday - John Francis (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday ! May you forever be healthy and happy! I hope you\'ve had a wonderful day with your lov - Delia (9 months ago)
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Lyn Pritchard
Happy birthday Sir Andy!! Hope you\'re having a lovely day - Lyn Pritchard (9 months ago)
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Ashwin R
Mental - only feels like yesterday! Happy birthday - Ashwin R (9 months ago)
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Carla Godfrey
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looking forward to seeing you play again! - Carla Godfrey (9 months ago)
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Classic Movies
Happy birthday Sir You re surely missed on the courts. - Classic Movies (9 months ago)
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Karen McLaughlan
Happy Birthday Andy x x - Karen McLaughlan (9 months ago)
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Iain Fordyce
Happy Birthday - Iain Fordyce (9 months ago)
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Sam Smith
Happy birthday to the best come back soon - Sam Smith (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my idol hope u have a wonderful day, we miss u so much on tour and I hope to see u back soon!! - WAP (9 months ago)
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Happy 32nd Birthday to star He was born on this day in 1987 in Having wo - YourBigDay (9 months ago)
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Andrew Iddon
- Andrew Iddon (9 months ago)
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Chris Elliott
Happy birthday absolute legend! - Chris Elliott (9 months ago)

32 years old (Born on May 15, 1987)

Tennis player; He is famous from Currently the highest-ranked British player. 2013 Wimbledon Men's Singles Champion..

Andy Murray's Best Moments

Happy birthday to our 5-time champion, 30 today!
 Happy birthday,  We miss you, mate!
Happy Birthday to World No.1  we hope you have a smashing day!
Happy 30th bday Andy Murray
Happy birthday, Andy Murray.
Happy 30th birthday to world no.1 and three-time major champion
. turns 30 today. Happy Birthday!
Nice set of wheels,   We hope to see you covering the court like this again soon. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday May your day be free of surprise wake-up calls
Happy 31st Birthday to our three time champion
Happy birthday
   - Wimbledon Titles: 2

- Olympic Golds: 2

- US Opens: 1

- Davis Cups: 1

Happy birthday, Sir Andy Murray.
Happy birthday  And Good luck
Happy Birthday to our global ambassador Join us in wishing him an \ace\ day
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday !
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Sir and thank u for always keeping it real
Happy Birthday to World Number 1 Tennis player have a great day my friend
Happy birthday to Scotland\s tennis superstar
Joyeux 30e anniversaire au N°1  mondial Andy Murray !
Happy 30th birthday to the ATP No1  ,
Happy Birthday, Sir Muzza! Hope to have you back on court soon,
Happy birthday - you\ve come a long way!
Happy birthday Lets celebrate with your first cover back in 2012...
Wimbledon  Olympic Games  US Open Davis Cup Knighthood   Happy birthday, Sir Andy Murray
Happy Birthday    How would you sum up Andy in emojis?
Happy Birthday    How would you sum up Andy in emojis?
Happy birthday to our friend and UofS Honorary Graduate,
 kit from a 1910 trade catalogue (cigarette optional). 
 Wishing a happy birthday to
30 at 30. Nice. Happy Birthday Sir
Happy birthday Andy! We hope to see you back on the courts soon!
Happy 30th birthday,
Happy Birthday ... best tennis coach ever, if you re looking
Wishing  WWF Global Ambassador a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday     Hope to see you back on court competing soon
Happy Birthday to one of Scotland\s greatest ever sportsmen.
Happy 30th birthday to
Happy birthday
Life comes at you fast: turns 30 today! Happy Birthday!
A big happy birthday to first ever champion -
The ATP Tour players wish Andy Murray a happy 30th birthday. Grigor Dimitrov is a standout.
Happy Birthday  What did & get you?
Happy birthday andy_murray! We hope to see you back on court soon.
Andy Murray fait Chevalier le jour de l anniversaire de !!! Happy birthday Queen
Wishing a very happy birthday to &
Happy 30th Birthday Andy Murray | ATP World Tour | Tennis
Many happy returns to our main man on his birthday!
Happy 30th Birthday to our main man Dinnae get too drunk pal.
Happy Birthday Andy
Happy Birthday Andy Murray born May 15, 1987
Happy Birthday  You make the whole of Scotland proud!

See you at the one day?
 Happy Birthday from the Moore Family
Happy birthday to world tennis No.1 Andy Murray, born Glasgow, 1987.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to our tennis legend
Happy birthday British tennis champion Andy Murray, born 1987.
 Happy 30th birthday Sir
Happy birthday Andrew
Brick Pic of the Day: Happy Birthday Sir Andy Murray
Wimbledon  Olympic Games  US Open Davis Cup Knighthood  Happy birthday, Sir Andy Murray.
May all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday we\re looking forward to seeing you back winning soon.
Happy birthday  You\ve done so much for tennis. Hope you can come back soon, happy and healthy!
  Happy birthday to your princess   Have fun, Sophie!!
Happy Birthday
  Happy birthday dear Andy!
Happy birthday Andy Murray(born 15.5.1987)
 happy 80th birthday mum, to a huge tennis fan and follower of enjoy your cake!
Happy Birthday Sir
Happy Birthday to Andy Murray who turns 30 today!
 Wishing you a very Happy 30th Birthday Andy, my favourite sportsman & champion of all time
Happy birthday!
My hero, my mate, happy birthday
Happy 30th birthday to Andy Murray
 happy birthday to you and our Sophie ,8 and 30 today xxx
Happy Birthday Andy Murray
Happy 30th Birthday
Happy 30th Birthday  Have a good one mate
 Happy Birthday Andy
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday dear !
Happy 30th Birthday to the Ballsiest man in tennis... the unstoppable Bring on Wimbledon!
Happy Birthday !!!
Happy birthday depressing Sweaty tennis player Andy Murray, 30 today.
Happy Birthday Sir Andy Murray, Adam Moffat, Daniel Caines, Matthew Sadler, Martin Rossiter & Alison Jackson
Happy 30th birthday World No 1,     !
Happy birthday Will the be giving the 30yo another cake this year?
30                                                    Happy birthday
Happy 30th birthday Andy Murray! Doesn\t he look delighted?
Happy 30th Birthday to World Number One
Happy 30th Birthday We hope you have a smashing day!
Happy birthday World No.1 Andy Murray
Happy  World No. 1 Mens Single Player,
Happy 30th Birthday to Andy Murray, US Open 2012.
 Happy 3  0  th Birthday Sir!
Happy birthday Andy Murray: 30 reasons why I love you 
Happy Birthday Wish you good health and many many more years in tour!
Happy 30th birthday Andy Murray ( I, for one, don\t hate you.
Happy Birthday to the man, the myth, the legend, Sir Andy Murray!
El mejor tenista del planeta. Happy birthday my man
Happy birthday, champ
  Happy Birthday to Sir Andy.
Happy  30th  birthday
 ON WITH Wishes: A Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Means there\s just 1 month until I turn 3-0.
Happy 30th Birthday to the Champ
Happy Birthday to tennis star, Andy Murray!

Photo by: Christopher Johnson, Edited by Our Team
Happy birthday
Happy 30th all the very best
Happy birthday Sir best regards. Hope to see you back on your top asap.
Happy Birthday to And yes, we rule on and off the tennis court. Lol
Happy 30th Birthday, Andy Murray - ATP World Tour
 wish you a Very Happy 30th Birthday
Happy Belated 30th Birthday yesterday
 How to make a fan\s day. Happy 90th Birthday Elizabeth Patterson. Thanks Andy.
Happy Birthday  Sir Andrew Barron Andy
Murray( You are my best tennis player!!!!!!!!
 happy birthday Andy.  Hope you have a wonderful day xx
This is so andy murray
Ps: happy birthday andyy and i will post his moodboard (?) on instagram
Happy Birthday Andy Murray!
 Happy 31st Birthday to Andy Murray! Here\s hoping we see him back on a tennis court very soon.
Happy Birthday \"Sir\" !
Happy Birthday to the legend that is Andy Murray
Happy Birthday
Wishing a very Happy Birthday! \"Muzza\" turns 31 years old today.
Happy Birthday hope you have a fab day champ....
Happy birthday Andy Murray, Birdy, Patrice Evra and Zara Tindall...
 Happy  birthday  Andy have a great one
A big Happy 31st Birthday to you Have a marvellous day Champ
Happy birthday Andy Murray
Happy Birthday . Have a Wonderful Day. Hope to see you back on the courts soon
Our dogs are huge tennis fans, so we\d like to wish a very happy birthday to Sir
                       Happy Birthday, Andy Murray.
May the coming year be a wonderful one for you.
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, andy_murray!  We can\t wait to have you back on the court
Happy BDay
Hahaha happy birthday babe
How can ye no love this guy   happy birthday
Happy Birthday Andy See U soon on court
 Happy birthday  Andy   have a wonderful day lot\s lovely  presents lv From Australia xxx
Happy 17th Martian Birthday Andy Murray!  Remessage
Happy Birthday my boy
Happy birthday Andy Murray! Oh and me to! Yes it is my birthday
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday Sir Andy hope you ave a great day
Happy birthday to the jolliest sportsperson in the world!
 Happy Birthday Sir Andrew!
It\s only the best day of the year today. Happy Birthday Sir Andy Murray :)
Happy Birthday,Andy!    Also, I sincerely hope to see you.
Happy birthday Sir
Happy Birthday Sir We hope to see you on a grass court very soon.
\"Happy\" birthday to the great Andy Murray. 31 today
Happy birthday that is the best this year !!! you\ll always be the best!!!
Happy birthday Sir
Happy Birthday
  Happy Birthday Sir Andy!
  Happy birthday Andy. Enjoy your day.   Love your hair in this pic.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Sir
Happy Birthday Legend
Happy birthday from pupils of OJ Dundee
Happy birthday Andy Murray
Happy Birthday !! Hope you have a good one
Happy birthday andy murray
Happy birthday   I m waiting for your comeback.
 Happy Birthday from Ruby and Gertie
Happy birthday to Andy Murray, who is 32 today. COYS
Happy birthday my inspiration on and off court
Happy birthday champ
Happy birthday absolute legend!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday from all
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