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Lisa #242
May this chapter of your life be filled with unimaginable FAVOR, GRACE, and LOVE... - Lisa #242 (1 week ago)
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Darlene Ifill-Taylor
Happy Birthday Anita Baker!!!!!! - Darlene Ifill-Taylor (1 day ago)
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Diepiriye Kuku, MPH, PhD
We LOVE you, dear Anita Baker. Happy birthday! - Diepiriye Kuku, MPH, PhD (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Ms. Anita Baker! We love you. - Cheryl (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday Anita Baker. - CR (2 days ago)
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Yolanda Windfield
Happy birthday Anita Baker when I hear your music YOU BRING ME JOY!!! - Yolanda Windfield (1 week ago)
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Beautiful Classy unforgettable Anita Baker Happy Birthday - Stephanie (1 week ago)
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I knew was gonna win not when: -Brock Purdy got his ball knocked out of his hand -Accumulated penalties vs - jharewood1 (1 week ago)
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Philly Phan Mare
Thank you miss Anita Baker and happy birthday. - Philly Phan Mare (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday to What are your favorite songs by Anita Baker? - NATALAC ® (1 week ago)
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T Selby
Screaming at the top of my lungs Happy Birthday Miss Anita Baker wishing you so many more - T Selby (1 week ago)
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Yessssssss Happy Birthday Mrs. Anita Baker - Iamjelice (1 week ago)
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kenneth allen
Happy birthday Anita Baker. See you in philly. - kenneth allen (1 week ago)
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Aisha O. Dew
Happy Birthday Anita Baker! - Aisha O. Dew (1 week ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday Anita Baker - AMiR (1 week ago)
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When We Worship.com
Happy Birthday Anita Baker - When We Worship.com (1 week ago)
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(Robert Gee)
IN HONOR of the silky, soulful Songstress on her birthday...Happy Birthday Ms. Anita Baker....you ar - (Robert Gee) (1 week ago)
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Ty London
Happy Birthday Anita Baker - Ty London (1 week ago)
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Moderna Love Gets Me to the Church on Time
Happy belated birthday to Anita Baker, who recorded two of the \'80s best R&B albums and generated enough velvet fog - Moderna Love Gets Me to the Church on Time (1 week ago)
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Mitch Race
A Most Blessed and Happy Birthday to you Miss Anita Baker. Certainly celebrating you Legend. - Mitch Race (1 week ago)
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Ms Gwendolyn James
Happy Birthday Anita Baker - Ms Gwendolyn James (1 week ago)
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I wore an anita baker t today too, happy bday. - 2016. (1 week ago)
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Max Power
Happy Birthday, Anita Baker - Max Power (1 week ago)
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Mogale J Malatji
Happy birthday to the legend Anita Baker - Mogale J Malatji (1 week ago)
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Terry Bury
Happy Birthday Miss Anita Baker. Hope you had a wonderful day. Please come to Youngstown, Oh on your next tour. - Terry Bury (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Anita Baker - MaidentheUSA (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday, Anita Baker! - •DESTINY’S ADULT• (1 week ago)
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Emm Jay
Happy Birthday songstress Anita Baker born January 26, 1958 - Emm Jay (1 week ago)
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Salema B.
Happy birthday, Anita! Yess, the infamous Anita Baker haircut ! I had this haircut back in the da - Salema B. (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to the legendary Anita Baker. - Karim (1 week ago)
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Maureen Hagerty
ANITA BAKER, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Maureen Hagerty (1 week ago)
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Robert P Coronado
Happy Birthday to Anita Baker . - Robert P Coronado (1 week ago)
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Craig T Cooper
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Deniece Hawkins
Happy Birthday Ms. Anita Baker I hope you had a safe and bless one. - Deniece Hawkins (1 week ago)
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Anita Baker - Sweet Love via RNB & Soul Classic Records! Happy Bir - WDMV362RADIO (1 week ago)
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The way my mommy loves Anita Baker and Toni Braxton with her whole chest. Happy Birthday to one of thee best singer - ebonygoddess876 (1 week ago)
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RnB Junkie
Happy Birthday shout-outs to Lil G (of Silk), Anita Baker and Kirk Franklin - RnB Junkie (1 week ago)
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Boy put happy birthday in tha hashtag wit Anita baker quit spookin a nigga like at - BigTojo (1 week ago)
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Luci Buddie
Listening to Caught up in the Rapture by Anita Baker Happy Birthday Queen - Luci Buddie (1 week ago)
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Tee Tee
Happy Birthday to the Incomparable One of my favorites Anita Baker Songs. Definitely on my future w - Tee Tee (1 week ago)
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Jessica 7
Happy Birthday! Anita Baker. We are Birthday week twins. I m turning 50 tomorrow. Your music has been a constant st - Jessica 7 (1 week ago)
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Wanda # Wanditty Bradley
Happy Birthday Queen Anita Baker - Wanda # Wanditty Bradley (1 week ago)
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Kathy McCray
Happy Birthday to my 1 and only, all time fav R&B singer! .. 1st fav song is \"No more - Kathy McCray (1 week ago)
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Babyboyy54 aka JŒ
Happy Birthday to the Great Anita Baker....I Love this lady to Mars and back..... - Babyboyy54 aka JΠ(1 week ago)
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Cecilia Martin
I was listening to my fave, Miss Anita Baker in the office all day today (as one does) and didn t realize it was he - Cecilia Martin (1 week ago)
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Sandra T. Jones
Happy birthday Anita Baker! - Sandra T. Jones (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to the legendary songstress What are your favorite songs by Anita Baker? - Bounce (1 week ago)
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Low Iron Battery
Yoooo Anita Baker is a Aquarian....Happy Birthday !! - Low Iron Battery (1 week ago)
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247 Live Culture
Happy birthday Anita Baker, 65! - 247 Live Culture (1 week ago)
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Cherri Seedz
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN ANITA BAKER!!!! - Cherri Seedz (1 week ago)

65 years old (Born on January 26, 1958)

1986: Rapture

Anita Baker's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to my favorite songstress, Anita Baker!!!!
Happy 65th Birthday to one of the Greatest singers of all time and a certified R&B Icon, The Legendary Anita Baker
Happy birthday Anita Baker, 65!
Happy 65th birthday to Ms. Anita Baker. You are a beautiful soul. Your vocals are so legendary.
  Giving you the best that I ve got ~ Anita Baker ~ Happy birthday Ms Anita
Happy Birthday shout-outs to Lil G (of Silk), Anita Baker and Kirk Franklin
Happy birthday to the legendary songstress What are your favorite songs by Anita Baker?
Happy Solar Return to me and my favorite birthday twin Anita Baker lol
Happy 64th Birthday to the legendary, Anita Baker Which song introduced you to her?
Happy Birthday to this shonuff sangin woman  Anita Baker    can t wait to see her live again
 Happy Birthday Anita Baker
Happy 64th birthday to the one and only - Anita Baker.
Happy 65th Birthday to one of the greatest singers ever, the legendary Anita Baker.
Happy Birthday songstress Anita Baker born January 26, 1958
Happy Birthday Anita Baker!  (SoundCloud: DJ Spivey)
It\s one of the greatest singers ever birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anita Baker!
Happy Birthday to the fabulous and stunning class act that is Anita Baker
Happy Birthday to the SONGSTRESS
Happy Birthday Anita Baker .
Happy Birthday! These hits by Anita Baker are exactly what Black love should feel like.
Happy 60th Birthday to the Queen Of Quiet Storm, the legendary, the incomparable Anita Baker
 \\\(--)/\ Happy Happy Birthday to Anita Baker!!  We love you ...
 and happy birthday to Anita Baker today
 Happy Birthday to Anita Baker!
I m gonna need everybody to wish Anita Baker a happy birthday today.
Happy birthday to Lucinda Williams and Anita Baker!
Happy birthday to Anita Baker!
Happy birthday Ms Anita Baker ,, fun working with you ,, ( throwback )
Happy Birthday.. hear me callin out your name Anita Baker
  Happy Birthday Anita Baker
  Happy birthday Anita Baker
  Happy Birthday Anita Baker
Happy birthday Anita Baker
Happy Birthday, Anita Baker!!!

Happy Birthday Mrs Anita Baker
HAPPY BIRTHDAY To American Singer/Songwriter ANITA BAKER Who, Turns 65 t!
Happy birthday Anita Baker   Celebrate Black History
Happy Birthday to Anita Baker. X
Anita Baker - January 26, 1958
 Haircut like Anita Baker - EPMD

Happy birthday to
 Happy Birthday to our hometown icon, Anita Baker. We love ya!!
Happy Birthday to Singer Anita Baker
Breaking out the on this Throwback Thursday.

Happy Birthday, Anita Baker.
Happy Birthday to Anita Baker! One of my favorite singers.
I(D.J.S.) taking time to say Happy Birthday to Singer/Songwriter: \"ANITA BAKER\"!!!!
Happy 65th Birthday To The Incomparable Anita Baker (Jazz & Soul Vocalist) January 26th, 1958
Happy Birthday to Anita Baker .
Happy Birthday to   What are your favorite songs by Anita Baker?
Happy Belated Birthday Anita Baker
Beautiful Classy unforgettable Anita Baker Happy Birthday
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