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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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You re not old. You re just old enough to know better and not old enough to care. Happy Birthday ( this is - ivebeenEARPed (1 week ago)
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Myra Brennan
Happy Birthday - Myra Brennan (2 weeks ago)
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pat winterburn
Happy birthday Anna. - pat winterburn (2 weeks ago)
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Gin Can
Happy birthday love - Gin Can (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday - merida (2 weeks ago)
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Ryan-\"I Am Me\"
Happy Birthday, Anna! Hugs & Love - Ryan-\"I Am Me\" (2 weeks ago)
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D\'Enise Arabella Qi\'ra Daenerys Targaryen Trikru
Happy Birthday - D\'Enise Arabella Qi\'ra Daenerys Targaryen Trikru (2 weeks ago)
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Pat Maloney
Happy Birthday Anna! Have a great day. - Pat Maloney (2 weeks ago)
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ندى مهري (NadaMahri)
You are very talented actress,and I wish you all the best .Happy Birthday . - ندى مهري (NadaMahri) (2 weeks ago)
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happy birthday!! Gorgeous - Georgie (2 weeks ago)
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Christine Pearson
happy birthday Hope you have a brilliant year!!! - Christine Pearson (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! I hope you ve had an amazing day and have a fantastic evening! - OneOddDucky (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to our favourite succubus I love you so much. You deserve the entire world and I hope you - Abby (2 weeks ago)
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Pfft, nerd. #♥️ FTLOFLO
Happy Birthday Anna! Hope you are having a great bday day - Pfft, nerd. #♥️ FTLOFLO (2 weeks ago)
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Ju Schriefer - #EarpNow
happy birthday!!!! - Ju Schriefer - #EarpNow (2 weeks ago)
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Jordyn EARP NOW Carter
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Jordyn EARP NOW Carter (2 weeks ago)
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QFX Events
Join us in wishing Happy Birthday to Hope your day is wonderful! - QFX Events (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday, Have a wonderful one filled with those you love and love you! Enjoy many happy returns! - H F (2 weeks ago)
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Erica “Boo” Breaux
Happy Birthday Anna!! my favorite radio station in my home town mentioned your birthday this morning! - Erica “Boo” Breaux (2 weeks ago)
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Rebecca Thompson
Happy Birthday Have a fantastic day - Rebecca Thompson (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to you Silk happy all for you / Love - Buds (2 weeks ago)
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Jim Cox
Happy Birthday!!! - Jim Cox (2 weeks ago)
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vαℓкүяιε ωιηgs
Happy Birthday to everyone\'s favorite succubus - vαℓкүяιε ωιηgs (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday !!! - Winnie (2 weeks ago)
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I wish you a very happy birthday. Have a nice day, a nice Weekend and a great Party. stay as you are be - Susan309 (2 weeks ago)
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P33\\2 RP\'sGoldenfinger
Here\'s to our faevourite Queen, the ever so talented and down to earth person Wish you a very Happy - P33\\2 RP\'sGoldenfinger (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday to the loveliest of humans - ClillaryHinton (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday !!!!! - nothingness (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday, have a fantastic day - Jared (2 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday I love you - PerTan (2 weeks ago)
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RJ Spear
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - RJ Spear (2 weeks ago)
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Kyproula Kyprianou
Happy birthday May you have a life filled with the best!!! Enjoy your special day - Kyproula Kyprianou (2 weeks ago)
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ソニー・ピクチャーズ 海外ドラマ
Happy Birthday - ソニー・ピクチャーズ 海外ドラマ (2 weeks ago)
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Moli Debnath
Happy birthday beautiful Anna silk - Moli Debnath (1 year ago)
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Hopper #bubbletribe Bunny
Happy Birthday Anna - Hopper #bubbletribe Bunny (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday - Gillian (1 year ago)
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Dina E4L Wayhaught
Happy Birthday Anna Silk - Dina E4L Wayhaught (1 year ago)
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Christelle Schoeman
Happy Birthday drawings hope you like them hope you and your family have a awsome kickass day always wit - Christelle Schoeman (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday!!! - chelsea (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday - Skye (1 year ago)
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Laura Dann
Happy Birthday Anna! I hope you enjoyed your day! - Laura Dann (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Sweetie Hope your every dream, wish and fantasy become reality - Jason (1 year ago)
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Jennifer Delancey
Happy Birthday!! Hope it s great - Jennifer Delancey (1 year ago)
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Jennifer or Jenn not jenny
Happy Birthday!! Hope it s great - Jennifer or Jenn not jenny (1 year ago)
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Иo. 1 Polish LG Fan
Happy Birthday for the sweetest and kindest soul I have ever met. May all your wishes and dreams come true and may - Иo. 1 Polish LG Fan (1 year ago)
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Ana C.
Happy Birthday, Anna! Hope you have a lovely day! - Ana C. (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday - OldAintDead (1 year ago)
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birthday balloon

Judy Yu
Happy Birthday! - Judy Yu (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday - StormEarper (1 year ago)

46 years old (Born on January 31, 1974)

Canadian actress; She is famous from Lost Girl.

Daughter of Ilkay Silk, director of drama at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Anna Silk's Best Moments

Let s all wish (aka Kevin) a Big Earper Happy Birthday!
Join us in wishing Happy Birthday to Hope your day is wonderful!
 Happy Birthday Anna!  Wish u health happiness and success in all your endeavours
Happy BDay, I love you so much.
 happy birthday Anna!!
    Happy birthday Anna Silk!!!
Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Happy birthday !!!
 Happy birthday !!!
 happy birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday May your day be fill with joy and love!!
Happy Birthday Bo!
Happy Birthday Kiss from France
Happy Birthday !!
Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a wonderful b-day.        of We miss you a lot.
 Happy Birthday Anna You are awesome and beautiful! Have a great, \soul-sucking\ day :)
Happy Birthday    and have a blessed fabo day
Happy Birthday ! Enjoy your day...
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to an amazing actor and stunning woman blessings for you and your family
Happy Birthday Anna Silk
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Anna Silk! Enjoy your day!
 Happy Birthday Lady!! Wishing you a wonderful day filled with love & joy!!
Happy birthday to one of the most talented and amazing woman in this world the Queen
Hoje é o aniversário dessa mulher maravilhosa, a mãe dos meus filhos 
Happy Birthday Anna, May all your wishes come true  Wishing you a awesome day
Happy Happy Birthday to beloved Lost Girl Have a fantastic day filled with tons of love and fun!
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Wishing you a very happy birthday , may your special day be filled with love and joy sweet lady.
 Happy birthday, beautiful Wonder Anna! I miss your light and talent on my screen. Best wishes to you! xo
  Happy Birthday, Anna!!!
 Happy Birthday Anna
 Happy Bday, Anna!!!!
Fellow \"Aquarian\"!
 Happy Birthday! :)
Happy birthday to another aquarius queen, Anna Silk. You have my heart
Happy birthday to the beautiful and talented Anna Silk hope you habe a Faetastic day
  AAAA Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a great one today :D
Happy birthday   I love you
Happy birthday !!!!!
Happy Birthday to everyone\s favorite succubus
 happy birthday!! Gorgeous
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