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Aaron J.
Happy Birthday! I\'m looking forward to the Whitney biopic! Also, I loved the Aretha Franklin \"Genius\" series! - Aaron J. (4 months ago)
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wala lang
Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift. Aretha Franklin HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJLOONYO - wala lang (4 months ago)
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Paul White
Happy Belated Birthday Spike Lee 3/20/1957, Geno Auriemma 3/23/1954,Jason Kidd 3/23/1973, Kyrie Irving 3/23/1992, A - Paul White (4 months ago)
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Michael Lee Richardson
(Obsessed with the seemingly random people Beyoncé wishes a happy birthday on her website, including Mariah Carey, - Michael Lee Richardson (4 months ago)
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Mariah Carey ❼
Happy birthday to my dear friend Celine dion! I will never forget the day when we performed on the Diva s live with - Mariah Carey ❼ (4 months ago)
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Seraaj Family Homes
Happy Birthday to our foster parent Sherry Bronson from Montgomery, AL! \"Every birthday is a gift. Every day i - Seraaj Family Homes (4 months ago)
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EFFY 3rd generation ANTIFA
I m late for this but Ms. Aretha Franklin is my favorite. My dad played her music for me when I was first born and - EFFY 3rd generation ANTIFA (4 months ago)
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Women s History Month Tribute to Aretha Franklin with HAPPY BIRTHDAY - LifestyleWithMeli\'sa (4 months ago)
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Angela Davis
Happy Heavenly birthday Queen Aretha Franklin! - Angela Davis (4 months ago)
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William H. Gordner
Happy Happy Happy Belated Birthday to The Queen of Soul (March 25), Aretha Franklin! We miss u & love u so! - William H. Gordner (4 months ago)
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Dr. Yaacoub Hallak
Happy 79th Birthday to Aretha Franklin! .* *. *¨ - Queen of Soul Portrait Soul singer Aretha Fr - Dr. Yaacoub Hallak (4 months ago)
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Unfriendly Black Hottie!
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Listening To \"A Rose Is Still A Rose\" Still Screaming Happy Heavenly Birthday Queen Aretha Franklin - Curvy_Goddess (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday ms. aretha franklin, thank you for your contributions - elijah (4 months ago)
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Tone Tone
Happy birthday to the Queen of soul Miss Aretha Franklin, or you guys kidding m - Tone Tone (4 months ago)
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I m a day late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN OF SOUL ARETHA FRANKLIN! - Cecily (4 months ago)
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Aretha Franklin\'s birthday was yesterday. Happy Belated Birthday Queen! - Nona (4 months ago)
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Britt Loves Quincy ♒️
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!!! - Britt Loves Quincy ♒️ (4 months ago)
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Mike Canty
Happy Heavenly Birthday to Aretha Franklin. Inspired by Dinah Washington, Mahalia Jackson, Clara War - Mike Canty (4 months ago)
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Almost forgot happy birthday to the queen of soul Aretha Franklin - mainapplescrapple (4 months ago)
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Pee-wee Herman
I neglected to wish someone I LOVE a happy birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ARETHA FRANKLIN! - Pee-wee Herman (4 months ago)
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El Club Detroit
Happy Heavenly Birthday to the Queen, Aretha Franklin - El Club Detroit (4 months ago)
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Meredith Shea Barnes
Effortless and so good happy birthday to the Queen of Soul: Ooh Baby Baby - Aretha Franklin ft. Smokey Robinson - L - Meredith Shea Barnes (4 months ago)
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Black diaspora Voice.
Happy birthday to the beautiful Aretha Franklin. - Black diaspora Voice. (4 months ago)
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Lover Girl
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin - Lover Girl (4 months ago)
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RainV Entertainment
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin The One And Only Queen of Soul we call her Re Re & she has always been like family t - RainV Entertainment (4 months ago)
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Karrie Pavish Anderson
Happy Birthday to the Queen, Aretha Franklin. Man, she gave the world so much. Check out Genius: Aretha on Hulu - Karrie Pavish Anderson (4 months ago)
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Ed Masley
I didn\'t know it was Aretha Franklin\'s birthday eve when I messageed this yesterday. Happy birthday to the undisputed - Ed Masley (4 months ago)
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Amy Green
Happy Birthday, Aretha Franklin - Amy Green (4 months ago)
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Happy 79th Birthday Aretha Franklin - S.P.A. (4 months ago)
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J. Alley
Happy Birthday to the one and only Aretha Franklin - J. Alley (4 months ago)
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Kenny Hawthorne
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin - Kenny Hawthorne (4 months ago)
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Nay Jobert ✬
Happy Birthday Queen of Soul! We miss you Aretha Franklin! - Nay Jobert ✬ (4 months ago)
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Nina Lisandrello
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin - Nina Lisandrello (4 months ago)
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Remember The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin\'s who\'s funeral aired on BET for like 6 long hours in 2018 and we all wa - Angela (4 months ago)
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Canard Sven Eleven
Happy Birthday, Aretha Franklin!!! - Canard Sven Eleven (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Aretha Franklin. Her talent is the skeleton of legions of generations, vocal stylings & vocalis - Khalil (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the Queen!! Featuring my favorite Aretha Franklin song Master Of Eyes (The Deepness Of Your Eyes) - WEAR A MASK (4 months ago)
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Vintage Arm Candy
Happy Birthday to the one and only Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin Back in the day wh - Vintage Arm Candy (4 months ago)
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Wade Time
Happy birthday Elton John and Aretha Franklin - Wade Time (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday queen of soul aretha franklin - VALERIE (4 months ago)
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Hidden Beach Recordings
Happy birthday to the queen herself, Aretha Franklin What s your favorite Aretha song?! - Hidden Beach Recordings (4 months ago)
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harriet tubman Stan account
Happy birthday queen Aretha Franklin - harriet tubman Stan account (4 months ago)
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♫ Mz. Natalie W. ♫
Happy \"heavenly\" birthday to our \"Queen of Soul\"...lady Aretha Franklin (RIP) \"Look into Your H - ♫ Mz. Natalie W. ♫ (4 months ago)
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Throw back Thursday and \"Happy Heavenly Birthday to Aretha Franklin\" \"I Say A Little Prayer\" by Aretha Franklin - Dee (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the Queen of Soul!!! Aretha Franklin. - Amelia (4 months ago)
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Jace The Great
Happy bday.... Aretha Franklin.....RIP.... what s your favorite song/songs?? I m thinking mines is day dreaming a - Jace The Great (4 months ago)
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Anthony Coelho Greiner
Happy birthday to Aretha Franklin in heaven - Anthony Coelho Greiner (4 months ago)
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Minnesota Poor People’s Campaign
In memory of the Queen of Soul! Happy Heavenly Birthday! Rev Barber messageed today that you were a - Minnesota Poor People’s Campaign (4 months ago)
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Quateisha (Tish)
Happy Birthday to the queen of soul Aretha Franklin. My first digital portrait - Quateisha (Tish) (4 months ago)

79 years old (Born on March 25, 1942)


Aretha Franklin's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to the Queen  of Soul, Aretha Franklin!
Happy birthday to the iconic Aretha Franklin!
Happy birthday aretha franklin!
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin / Nicky Hokey   Lady Soul                   Happy Birthday Aretha
Happy birthday, queen Aretha Franklin
The Queen. Happy Birthday to my Detroit homegirl, Aretha Franklin.
 birthday to the Queen of Soul, Franklin! 

The renowned singer/songwriter tur
Oh happy day! Happy Birthday to 18-time Grammy winner Aretha Franklin!
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin
Happy 75th birthday to the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!

Born in Memphis, Tennessee in
Happy Birthday to national treasure Aretha Franklin
I loveee Aretha Franklin Happy Birthday Girl
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARETHA FRANKLIN!!!!! <3 ( March 25, 1942)
Happy Birthday to the one and only Aretha Franklin!!!
Happy 76th Birthday to Aretha Franklin - photographed by Walter Iooss in New York, 1969.
Happy Birthday-Aretha Franklin
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!
Happy Birthday and RIP Aretha Franklin
Happy Birthday Ms aretha Franklin. RIP  rest beautiful in heaven..
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin . Queen  RIP
Happy Birthday Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. RIH. You will forever be missed and loved.
Happy Birthday to the Queen of Soul
Aretha Franklin
 Wishing Aretha Franklin a Happy Birthday! I really miss her but her music will always live on.
Happy birthday, Aretha Franklin (1942-2018).
Happy Birthday Aretha Franklin!
Happy birthday to the queen herself, Aretha Franklin What s your favorite Aretha song?!
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