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I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you. Ben Folds HAPPY BDAY KARAN KUNDRRA - Ruchi (3 months ago)
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I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you. Ben Folds CHEERS TO 20TH HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANJI - ` (4 months ago)
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Matt Manser
Ben Folds turned 56 yesterday. He held his birthday party in his basement, after determining that his friends could be happy underground. - Matt Manser (4 months ago)
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Allen Marshall
September 12th Happy Birthday to Barry White, Tatiana Troyanos, Ben Folds, Maria Muldaur, and Hans Zimmer! - Allen Marshall (4 months ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Ben Folds - Solo Juan (4 months ago)
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That Guy
Happy Birthday Ben Folds. - That Guy (4 months ago)
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WCHL & Chapelboro
Tonight\'s spotlight artist is BEN FOLDS, who turns 56 today. Happy Birthday We hope it\'s a - WCHL & Chapelboro (4 months ago)
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School of Rock Cleveland
Happy 56th birthday to The namesake behind \'90s alt-rockers Ben Folds Five and an extremely accomplishe - School of Rock Cleveland (4 months ago)
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Θ Christessa Θ
Happy Birthday to who was born the day debuted. I think this calls for Ben to cover a Monkee - Θ Christessa Θ (4 months ago)
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Real Gone Music
\"The nice thing about age is worrying less + less about what people think.\" - Happy Birthday Ben! The Co - Real Gone Music (4 months ago)
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john slotkin
Happy birthday Linda Gray 82 Maria Muldaur 80 Joe Pantoliano 71 Governor Sam Brownback 66 Rachel Ward 65 Amy Yasbec - john slotkin (4 months ago)
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The Sproles
Happy Birthday Gotta love a guy who forms a trio called the \"Ben Folds Five.\" Here\'s a doub - The Sproles (4 months ago)
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Barry Ritholtz
Happy Birthday Ben Folds! - Barry Ritholtz (4 months ago)
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The Music Nation
Happy Birthday to Ben Folds - - The Music Nation (4 months ago)
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Music from the Stars
Happy Birthday to Ben Folds - Music from the Stars (4 months ago)
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Doug Buckland
Ben Folds Five - Army via Happy Birthday - Doug Buckland (4 months ago)
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Happy birthday Rock Singer Ben Folds! can t believe how lucky I am to have found a friend like you. You make every - AllFamous.org (4 months ago)
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9 12 Ben Folds Happy Birthday Benjamin Scott Folds - ゆるげん@黒い砂漠&ELYON (4 months ago)
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Sam Samael
Happy birthday to me and to all the coolest people that i share the day with. - (Melechesh) - N - Sam Samael (4 months ago)
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Mel Vaughan Smith
1/2 Happy birthday today to Patrick Mower (84), Linda Gray (82), Bertie Ahern (71), Rachel Ward (65), Hans Zimmer ( - Mel Vaughan Smith (4 months ago)
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Happy ben folds birthday eve - ⚜MATHIAS⚜ (4 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Ben Folds - 帰ってきたパンク (4 months ago)
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That\'s right, happy birthday to Ben Folds\' Rockin\' The Suburbs and Jay-Z\'s The Blueprint - Alice (4 months ago)
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Nicole #SaveTheWilds
I just saw Ben Folds Happy Birthday Mia Healey - Shelby Goodkind - Nicole #SaveTheWilds (5 months ago)
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marisa \"#savethewilds\" gabe
[Ben folds plays brick. What a good song. Dottie is sad though. So i m sad.] Daddy, I miss you a lot. - marisa \"#savethewilds\" gabe (5 months ago)
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Peter James Rothe
Yesterday i had a good birthday. Interested to see Ben Folds was born on the 12th and Father Bob today. Happy birth - Peter James Rothe (1 year ago)
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Col. Leslie \"Hap\" Hapablap
how was the Ben Folds show, did everyone sing happy birthday? - Col. Leslie \"Hap\" Hapablap (1 year ago)
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The Dude
Happy Birthday Ben Folds! singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist solo artist 9/12/1966 Se - The Dude (1 year ago)
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NY Speech & Hearing
happy birthday Ben Folds special thanks to for this opportunity! @ Irving Plaza - NY Speech & Hearing (1 year ago)
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Happy 55th birthday to Ben Folds, born 12 September 1966! - Nick (1 year ago)
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Parsons MusicLibrary
Happy birthday to American singer-songwriter, & Ben Folds! Born in 1966, Folds Folds w - Parsons MusicLibrary (1 year ago)
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Happy 54th birthday Ben Folds. Hear Ben Folds 5 on our app or 96.1 DRAKE FM. What s your favorite song? - DrakeMemphis (1 year ago)
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Rob Christensen
Happy Birthday to James McCartney, Ben Folds, Maria Muldaur, Gerry Beckley, Hans Zimmer, and Barry Andrews! Rememb - Rob Christensen (1 year ago)
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JC Allen
Happy 55th Birthday Ben Folds~~~Ben Folds Composes a Song LIVE for Orchestra In Only 10 Minutes via - JC Allen (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Ben Folds Five - 木澤英孝 (1 year ago)
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レコード屋 だるまや
Happy birthday ! Ben Folds , /CD - レコード屋 だるまや (1 year ago)
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Barney Hurley
Happy Birthday to Ben Folds who turns 55 years young today - pictured here backstage at the Riviera Theater, Chicag - Barney Hurley (1 year ago)
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A happiest of birthday to instructor Dion (and a belated happy birthday to Ben Folds). Learn with the Aussie he - HDpiano (2 years ago)
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Happy 54th Birthday to Ben Folds,who was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Sep. 12, 1966. - SpiritofHarmonyFdn (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Evan Jenkins, Stefanos Korkolis, Mylene Farmer, Sunay Akin, Amy Yasbeck, Greg Gutfeld, Dieter Hec - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Glory Ferand
Cumpleañero regala un live a sus Mad Scrollers con clásicas canciones, clases de piano, tam - Glory Ferand (2 years ago)
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2020: the year I virtually attended 14 Ben Folds concerts. Cheers and happy birthday, Mr. Folds! - AudraMayPhotography (2 years ago)
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Jake with the Ob
Happy 54th Birthday to Ben Folds! The singer who performed Rockin\' the Suburbs, Lonely Christmas Eve from How the G - Jake with the Ob (2 years ago)
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Katie Baker
Many happy returns, Ben Folds! - Katie Baker (2 years ago)
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Classically Speaking
Happy birthday ! Before he plays an online concert later today, you can get to know his piano concerto o - Classically Speaking (2 years ago)
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Sheet Music Store
What does George Jones, Barry White, Neil Pert, Ben Folds and Jennifer Hudson have in common? It\'s their Birthdays Today! Happy Birthday! - Sheet Music Store (2 years ago)
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Alec Behan
Happy 54th Birthday to Ben Folds! The singer who performed Rockin\' the Suburbs, Red is Blue from Hoodwinked!, Lonel - Alec Behan (2 years ago)
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Janine Bennett
Ben Folds - Rockin\' the Suburbs via Happy 54th Birthday Ben Folds! - Janine Bennett (2 years ago)
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Happy 54th Birthday to Singer Ben Folds! - TReese82 (2 years ago)
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John Sinkevics
A fun excercise: Picking the best covers of songs from \"Abbey Road\" -- from James Brown to Florence + the Machine t - John Sinkevics (3 years ago)

56 years old (Born on September 12, 1966)

American, Singer; He is famous from Ben Folds Five.

Ben Folds's Best Moments

That\s right, happy birthday to Ben Folds\ Rockin\ The Suburbs and Jay-Z\s The Blueprint
Happy Birthday to Ben Folds -
Many happy returns, Ben Folds!
Happy 55th birthday to Ben Folds, born 12 September 1966!
Happy Birthday  Ben Folds
 Happy Birthday Ben Folds
Happy birthday Our tribute in covers from a few years back:
September 12th 
Happy Birthday to Barry White, Tatiana Troyanos, Ben Folds, Maria Muldaur, and Hans Zimmer!
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