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You have been my star since I saw you in Skyfall! - Yumi (11 months ago)
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Ben, you are loved more than you know. Happy birthday you know who x - Ginge (11 months ago)
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Oliver Nederlof
HAPPY Birthday to Mr Q himself Ben Whishaw! May you have an AWESOME day! - Oliver Nederlof (11 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY OCTOBER 14; Actress Ariela Barer ,24; R&B Singer Bryan Breeding,29; Cricket Player Jordan Clark,32; - BRONX POET (11 months ago)
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FilmRise TV and Movies
Wishing a very happy birthday to the most impressive Ben Whishaw, star of SURGE! Check out his award-winning pe - FilmRise TV and Movies (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the always handsome Ben Whishaw - Letterboxd (11 months ago)
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t\'lyn stan account
Happy birthday to my favourite actor ben whishaw and in light of that stream lilting (2014) - t\'lyn stan account (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw - doctorfan06 (11 months ago)
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frightful fox ☠
Happy birthday ben whishaw <33 might watch skyfall to celebrate - frightful fox ☠ (11 months ago)
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John Kenneth Wiseman
And a big Happy Birthday to our Q Ben Whishaw. Not to mention the legendary - John Kenneth Wiseman (11 months ago)
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Solo Juan
Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw - Solo Juan (11 months ago)
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Hrishi Laul
Happy Birthday to Ben Whishaw - Hrishi Laul (11 months ago)
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Derek Winnert
Happy birthday to Ben Whishaw (born October 14, 1980)... Tom Tykwer\'s lovingly crafted 2006 period thriller Perfum - Derek Winnert (11 months ago)
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Today is birthday. Happy bday! Let\'s get to know this fine actor a bit better. Please see here >> - anglophenia (11 months ago)
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— Q || saw nttd x 2 ||
// HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEN WHISHAW <3 - — Q || saw nttd x 2 || (11 months ago)
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Manuel Betancourt
Happy birthday to Ben Whishaw, who is four years my senior to the day. - Manuel Betancourt (11 months ago)
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Isobel ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Happy happy birthday Ben Whishaw!!! He never fails to impress me. xxx - Isobel ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ (11 months ago)
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Mrs. Anne
Happy Birthday dear Ben Whishaw! - Mrs. Anne (11 months ago)
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My New Dead Pants
HAPPY BEN WHISHAW\'S BIRTHDAY, EVERYONE! - My New Dead Pants (11 months ago)
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Corneel Vanfleteren
Secondly, a very happy birthday to Ben Whishaw, our current Q and an actor whom I adore in the role. He\'s so very f - Corneel Vanfleteren (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the amazing actor Ben Whishaw!!! The best quartermaster in MI6, also the cutest bear who lives i - Viola (11 months ago)
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George Schmidt (G)
Happy 41st Birthday to BEN WHISHAW - George Schmidt (G) (11 months ago)
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Pathé UK
Wishing Ben Whishaw a very happy birthday. He starred in Bright Star as poet John Keats - Pathé UK (11 months ago)
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Ben Whishaw Fan
Happy Birthday to the amazing Ben Whishaw We hope you re having an amazing birthday surrounded by family and clos - Ben Whishaw Fan (11 months ago)
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Happy 41st Birthday Ben Whishaw - VIMOOZ (11 months ago)
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Portrait Gallery
Happy birthday to actor Ben Whishaw He is shown here playing Hamlet in Trevor Nunn\'s production. - Portrait Gallery (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw :) - virgiliocorrado (11 months ago)
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Sir ‘Roger Roger’ Moore
My first Bond and my favorite Q share a birthday, what joy! Happy birthday Sir Roger Moore and Ben Whishaw! - Sir ‘Roger Roger’ Moore (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to my birthday buddies and Q (Ben Whishaw)! - Rachel (11 months ago)
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Ben Whishaw News
Happy 41st Birthday to our very own Ben Whishaw! and a very happy birthday to his brother James too. - Ben Whishaw News (11 months ago)
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And Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw - Ada (11 months ago)
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My fairy Ben Whishaw Love. Happy birthday,Ben Whishaw. I am thankful that your parents had - Lulu (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Ben whishaw - おしるこ (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Em! Best of vibes from Ralph Lauren, Usher, Ben Whishaw, Cliff Richard and m - vendesbond (11 months ago)
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Oct 14 Happy Birthday part 1: Christopher Timothy, Pat Finley, Udo Kier, Greg Evigan, Melanie Wils - WmsbgNostalgiaFest (11 months ago)
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Mark Fowler
British and Irish film/TV birthdays 14 October Happy birthday to Ben Whishaw (born 14 October 1980) English actor, - Mark Fowler (11 months ago)
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Happy 41st birthday to Ben Whishaw - eiga.hollywood_lover (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday to amazing actor Ben Whishaw Q on 007 No Time To Die was brilliant and wanna see you as Q again o - 翡翠 (11 months ago)
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We want to wish our friend and collaborator a very happy birthday, pictured here at the premiere wi - THUNDERBALLS.ORG (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Paul Ambrosi, Amjad Khan, Scott Kooistra, Niels Lodberg, Terrence McGee, Ben Whishaw, Boof Bonser - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Today is my favorite actors birthday. Seen him twice on Broadway. Hope to have the chance again. Happy Birthday Ben - Cinnamon (1 year ago)
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Ashley Gillard
Today is my husband, Ben Whishaw s birthday. We are very happy together - Ashley Gillard (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to ben whishaw aka the only man i trust - anita (1 year ago)
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Film School Rejects
Happy birthday to Ben Whishaw, one of the very best Bond boys. See where he ranks in this list from and - Film School Rejects (1 year ago)
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Reuben Wakeman
Two titans of the Bond world celebrate their birthdays today. No not Sir Roger and Ben Whishaw, but none other than - Reuben Wakeman (1 year ago)
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SpyHards Podcast
Happy birthday to Ben Whishaw who turns 40 today! Spy fans will know him best as Q from the Daniel Craig - SpyHards Podcast (1 year ago)
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☆ BELL$☆
Happy bday Ben Whishaw - ☆ BELL$☆ (1 year ago)
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extremely wicked, shockingly evil and kyle
Happy birthday to my husband, Ben Whishaw - extremely wicked, shockingly evil and kyle (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Sir Roger Moore, who would have been 93 today, and Ben Whishaw, who turned 40 today. Also happy - DeathToSpies (1 year ago)
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Bond Lifestyle
Happy Birthday to Ben Whishaw, who is 40 years young today! And today the shirt he wears as Q in has b - Bond Lifestyle (1 year ago)

41 years old (Born on October 14, 1980)

English actor; He is famous from Perfume: The Story of a Murderer.

Grew up in Bedfordshire, and attended the Bancroft Players Youth Theatre at the Hitchin's Queen Mother Theatre. Favorite animals are cats. Favorite actor is James Stewart. Graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Enjoys music, dance, visual arts and traveling.

Ben Whishaw's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to the always handsome Ben Whishaw
Happy birthday to Ben Whishaw, who is four years my senior to the day.
Happy 41st Birthday to our very own Ben Whishaw! and a very happy birthday to his brother James too.
Happy birthday ben whishaw !!! 37
Happy happy birthday Ben Whishaw!!! He never fails to impress me. xxx
Happy Birthday to the handsome Ben Whishaw!
Ben Whishaw
Happy Birthday  Ben whishaw
And Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw
Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw :)
Happy Birthday dear Ben Whishaw!
 Happy Birthday Ben Whishaw
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Fun Facts About Ben Whishaw

Has a twin brother, James.
Beat out Leonardo Dicaprio and Orlando Bloom for the role of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille in Perfume.
Favourite film is Vertigo.

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