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Happy Birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz . Beautiful and brilliant woman - Ethereal (11 months ago)
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Fabian R. James
Happy Belated Birthday To Educator And Civil Rights Activist Ms Betty Shabazz! Rest In Paradise @ Mill - Fabian R. James (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz - GirlsLikeMeProj (11 months ago)
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Black Connections, LLC
Blackwomenradicals Happy Birthday, Dr. Betty Shabazz (May 28, 1934 June 23, 1997) She was an educator and activis - Black Connections, LLC (11 months ago)
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Paul White
Happy Birthday to Civil Rights Activist Betty Shabazz born on May 28,1934 in Pinehurst Georgia died on June 23,1997 - Paul White (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Queen Betty Shabazz. Your mom is as inspirational as you dad. I love her very much. - Iris (11 months ago)
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Happy 86 Bday, to Dr. Betty Shabazz. @ Black Market - BlackMarketDudley (11 months ago)
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Black Women Radicals
Happy Birthday, Dr. Betty Shabazz (May 28, 1934 June 23, 1997) We are forever thankful for you & your leadership. - Black Women Radicals (11 months ago)
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Gawddamn Mami
My son, Malcolm, has a birthday tomorrow. And happy birthday to an amazing woman, Betty Shabazz. - Gawddamn Mami (11 months ago)
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Tarshel Michelle
Happy Birthday. You re in good company today is also Dr. Betty Shabazz s born day. Celebrate - Tarshel Michelle (11 months ago)
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Sisters From AARP
Happy Birthday to the late Betty Shabazz. An educator, civil rights activist, matriarch and wife of the one and onl - Sisters From AARP (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the lovely Betty Shabazz; doctor, activist and wife of the Honourable Malcolm X. Rest peacefully. - خولة (11 months ago)
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Qw333n Of The Universe
Happy Blissful Ancestral Birthday to my Shero Betty Shabazz. Malcolm X wife (ride or die) \"Love yourself, appreci - Qw333n Of The Universe (11 months ago)
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Alicia Hyndman
Happy birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz - Alicia Hyndman (11 months ago)
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ʑąıŋąც(زينب‎‎)♿ فِي سَبِيلِ ٱللَّٰهِ‎
Happy birthday To the most resilient Wife, Mother, Educator the WOMAN beside the MAN; Dr Betty Shabazz she l - ʑąıŋąც(زينب‎‎)♿ فِي سَبِيلِ ٱللَّٰهِ‎ (11 months ago)
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It\'s a queens birthday today. Happy birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz!!! - Fyodor (11 months ago)
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Dr. Monnie
Happy Birthday Queen: Dr. Betty Shabazz Shabazz was the widow of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X). Born May 28 - Dr. Monnie (11 months ago)
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Ben Rollman - LEGO Texas Capitol
Happy Birthday, Betty Shabazz - Ben Rollman - LEGO Texas Capitol (11 months ago)
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نَسيم عَسگَري
Happy birthday & rest in peace & power Betty Shabazz. 1934-1997 - نَسيم عَسگَري (11 months ago)
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Britt Banks
Happy 86th Birthday Betty Shabazz - Britt Banks (11 months ago)
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BcG. Mag
Happy Birthday to the late Dr. Betty Shabazz!! - BcG. Mag (11 months ago)
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Frank Rivers
Happy Birthday to the late and great Dr. Betty Shabazz - Frank Rivers (11 months ago)
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David C. Banks
I have so much respect for the strength and dedication that the late Dr. Betty Shabazz exemplified during her amazi - David C. Banks (11 months ago)
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Docktor Rockadopolis
Happy Birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz!! Born May 28, 1934 \"I wish you power that equals your intelligence and strength. - Docktor Rockadopolis (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to the great Dr. Betty Shabazz, a brilliant Black woman who kept Malcolm s work alive and added to it - Joshua. (11 months ago)
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K E I ‘ A S I A N I Q U E
She s so beautiful Happy Birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz - K E I ‘ A S I A N I Q U E (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz!!! - 298Shabazz (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Dr. Betty Shabazz. - Ave (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Mrs. Betty Shabazz. - Sapioholic (11 months ago)
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Prince Noble
- Prince Noble (11 months ago)
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Eagle Academy Found.
Happy Birthday to the late Dr. Betty Shabazz, whose legacy we celebrate as an educator and powerful activist alongs - Eagle Academy Found. (11 months ago)
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olivia michele king
The strength of a kingdom comes from it\'s King, the strength of a King comes from his Queen, happy birthday Betty S - olivia michele king (11 months ago)
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big blanc.
BETTY SHABAZZ by HALF-A-MIL Happy Birthday Malcolm X - big blanc. (12 months ago)
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P. F. Anderson
Warrior Woman: Happy Birthday, Dr. Betty Shabazz DR. SHABAZZ WAS BORN MAY, 28, 1934, IN DETROIT, MICHIGAN. - P. F. Anderson (1 year ago)
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Paul Thomas aka P
HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN!!! - Paul Thomas aka P (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Betty Shabazz, Wife of the great Malcolm X - ILLBLOG - ISBELL-ON-A-MISSION (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Betty Shabazz, Wife of the great Malcolm X - RaneeB. (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Queen Betty Shabazz wife of the Late Great Malcolm X - HATTIE B (1 year ago)
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- Carlton (1 year ago)
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Luved her - Celebritypreneur (1 year ago)
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Lisa Richardson
Happy birthday my Queen!!!! - Lisa Richardson (1 year ago)
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Travel To Do Good
Happy Birthday Betty Shabazz - Travel To Do Good (1 year ago)
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nathaniel richardson
LONG LIVE THE STRUGGLE!!! - nathaniel richardson (1 year ago)
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Scotian Sparxx
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Yomi FashLanso
- Yomi FashLanso (1 year ago)
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Timothy Glasper
Rest Easy Queen !!! - Timothy Glasper (1 year ago)
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michael mayers
Happy Birthday to Betty Shabazz, Wife of the great Malcolm X - michael mayers (1 year ago)
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Godwin E Morka
Happy Birthday to Betty Shabazz, Wife of the great Malcolm X - Godwin E Morka (1 year ago)
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Patrick Ross
Happy Solar Return! Wishing you many more revolutions to come to Betty Shabazz, Wife of the great Malcolm X - Patrick Ross (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Betty Shabazz . - XAVIER HOLLAND (1 year ago)

86 years old (Born on May 28, 1934)

Wife of Malcolm X

Betty Shabazz's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Betty Shabazz, who would have turned 83 today!
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Betty Shabazz dating 6
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