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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Celebrating a very special birthday so brought my family to Hubby & I last came here 24 years a - @ketel_2 (1 week ago)
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La grange alain
Happy birthday bill.... - La grange alain (11 months ago)
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Raffaele Russano
Happy bday - Raffaele Russano (11 months ago)
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Jaana Nieminen
Happy birthday! - Jaana Nieminen (11 months ago)
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Dr. Wolfram Anders
Happy birthday Bill - Dr. Wolfram Anders (11 months ago)
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gallina fiedler
Happy Birthday - gallina fiedler (11 months ago)
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Robert Alan Winter
A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bill Wyman ex Bass Player with The Rolling Stones, 82 years of age to day. - Robert Alan Winter (11 months ago)
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Danny Arguelles
Happy Birthday Bill! And many more.. - Danny Arguelles (11 months ago)
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Brian Cooper
Happy Birthday Bill. Crystal Palace!! - Brian Cooper (11 months ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman! - Chris Neufeld (11 months ago)
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mauroy dominique
Happy birthday Mr William Perks aka Bill Wyman - mauroy dominique (11 months ago)
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Jean taillon
Happy birthday bill, I still love your restaurant all the best - Jean taillon (11 months ago)
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Marta Cristina Fusté
Happy birthday - Marta Cristina Fusté (11 months ago)
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Rita Bonensteffen
Happy Birthday too - Rita Bonensteffen (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you! - Angie (11 months ago)
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106.9 The Wolf
Today In Rock History, Oct 24th Happy Birthday to a former Rolling Stone, Bill Wyman! - 106.9 The Wolf (11 months ago)
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Rick Friel
Happy birthday Bassday with love and respect and gratitude from Seattle! - Rick Friel (11 months ago)
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TM On Music
Wishing a happy 82nd birthday to legendary bass player and founding member - musician, songwriter an - TM On Music (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday today to former bassist for - Z93 (11 months ago)
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Ian Chamberlain
My boy is one today! Happy birthday fellow 24 of October babies and - Ian Chamberlain (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Bill Wyman! Check out this amazing vid from 1974 (especially the chick with the pink from!) - Jessie (11 months ago)
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Sarah Dash
Happy Birthday Bill!! - Sarah Dash (11 months ago)
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CRAVE Guitars
A Very Happy Birthday to English bass guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, former member of rock band The Rolli - CRAVE Guitars (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday you legend - # (11 months ago)
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Felipe Llanas Moreno
Happy birthday, ! Vía - Felipe Llanas Moreno (11 months ago)
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103.7 WNNJ
Happy Birthday today to Bill Wyman, former bassist for The Rolling Stones. - 103.7 WNNJ (11 months ago)
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Oriental Beat
Happy birthday, William George Perks, - Oriental Beat (11 months ago)
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Susie Q
Happy Birthday Mr. Bass Man! - Susie Q (11 months ago)
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Happy birthday bill wyman!!!you disgusting little creep!!!it was sarcasm all along fuck you!!! - kenz (11 months ago)
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ohji abe
Happy Birthday!! Hoping you would have a very nice one! - ohji abe (11 months ago)
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( ) 10 24 Bill Wyman - Yukako (11 months ago)
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jun wonder
happy birthday. Bill Wyman & SPEECH & TED TEMPLEMAN & John Bettis & Bettye Swann & Clarence Hollimon & & - jun wonder (11 months ago)
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Ryan Rosario
Happy birthday Bill! I wish you a delight-filled day, a wonderful week, a magical month and a year to - Ryan Rosario (11 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday Bill. - Dondep (1 year ago)
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Chris Louks
Great picture, great album ( Back to Basics)......an Happy belated Birthday! - Chris Louks (1 year ago)
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Kathleen Baldwin
Happy birthday Bill! xxx - Kathleen Baldwin (1 year ago)
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Rock Army
Happy birthday Bill Wyman. Not the same band without him.. - Rock Army (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Mistransport Wyman. - NegusBelgius (1 year ago)
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The Dick Biondi Film
Happy Birthday to Bill Wyman of the - The Dick Biondi Film (1 year ago)
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ismael hernandez
I wish you a happy birthday Bill - ismael hernandez (1 year ago)
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Gered Mankowitz FRPS
A belated Happy Birthday to for yesterday - Gered Mankowitz FRPS (1 year ago)
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Eric Westergren
Happy birthday - Eric Westergren (1 year ago)
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Michaël Tartar
Happy birthday - Michaël Tartar (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to the heartbeat of the Stones (Charlie\'s the pulse). Inspired me to start playing in the 60\'s - rohshambo (1 year ago)
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Hello Bill-Happy belated birthday How are things+Whats new/going on? Bill did you ever get to meet/play w/ Fats Domino? post/pic - DAN BARCAN (1 year ago)
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Lucky Widén
-Happy Birthday Bill Wyman !!!! - Lucky Widén (1 year ago)
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Lost World Web Radio
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman ! - Lost World Web Radio (1 year ago)
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paull cardona
Hey Happy Birthday Bill Alright Another Year Younger that\'s cool another notch for the c - paull cardona (1 year ago)
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anton newcombe
happy birthday & much respect. - anton newcombe (1 year ago)
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Clive Metcalfe
Happy Birthday Bill! Thanks for the music that s part of my life. - Clive Metcalfe (1 year ago)

82 years old (Born on October 24, 1936)

The Rolling Stones

Bill Wyman's Best Moments

Wishing a very happy birthday today to
Happy birthday to former bassist, Bill Wyman!
Happy birthday Bill Wyman. 81 not out
- Happy Birthday Bill Wyman who is 81 yrs old today
Happy birthday to the one and only Bill Wyman.

Photo credit: Terry O Neill
Happy 81st Birthday to Bill Wyman.
Happy Birthday to Rock Legend
# HAPPY BIRTHDAY WYMAN 81 years young;) hope you re doing fine;)
October 24th...
Happy Birthday to my old boss , Bill Wyman!!! A legend and a lovely guy! ~
Happy birthday you legend
Happy Birthday to the legend Bill Wyman, born Oct 24th 1936
Happy birthday bill wyman
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman!!  81
Happy birthday to Bill Wyman - catch up on our interview with the Stone Alone!
Happy Birthday, Bill Wyman ....1936
A belated Happy Birthday to for yesterday
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman 81 year old
A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bill Wyman ex Bass Player with The Rolling Stones, 82 years of age to day.
Happy birthday William George Perks (born 24 October 1936), known professionally as Bill Wyman
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman - The original members of the photographed in 1962.
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman!!
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman - The Rolling Stones.
Happy Birthday to Jeff Mangum, Bill Wyman, and Ted Templeman!
Remembering the Big Bopper.
Happy Birthday Today 10/24 to former Rolling Stones Legendary bassist Bill Wyman. Rock ON!
Happy Birthday Natalie Anderson, Wayne Rooney, Joanne Clifton, Claudia Fragapane & Bill Wyman
Happy 81st birthday Bill Wyman. His marriage to Mandy Smith remains fine in the eyes of the law
Happy 81st birthday to
Happy Birthday to
A Big BOSS Happy Birthday today to Bill Wyman from all of us at Boss Boss Radio!
  Happy birthday
       THE ROLLING STONES SOME GIRLS Bill Wyman Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday!! !!!  We\ve met years ago at a book signing in NYC, You\re a charming man!!
 HAPPY Birthday from Belgium!
 Happy Birthday, (And many more!)
Happy bday to an amazing bass player Bill Wyman
Happy birthday, Bill Wyman!
 Happy Birthday Bill
BraveWords666: Happy Birthday Bill Wyman (THE ROLLING STONES). He\s also an amateur archaeologist and enjoys metal
Happy Birthday number 81 to Bill Wyman, formerly of the Rolling Stones!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Bill Wyman
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the former bassist is 81 today.
Bill Wyman 81 today. Happy birthday Bill
Happy Birthday Bill Wyman
Happy 81st birthday to Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones!
Happy birthday (
Let s light the candles and celebrate this special day. 
Happy birthday,
Happy 81st birthday to the legendary
 Happy Birthday Bill
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,Bill Wyman!
Happy Birthday  Mr. Bass Man!
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