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Happy birthday Billy Hart born 29 November 1940 in Washington, D.C., is an American R&B / jazz drummer and - OnlyDrums (2 months ago)
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Tom Skinner
Happy Birthday to Jabali Billy Hart - Tom Skinner (2 months ago)
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Andrew Castillo
Happy birthday, brilliant Billy Hart - Andrew Castillo (2 months ago)
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Malt Lick Nursery
\"It s not free, what Coltrane and Rashied and those guys were doing. It s - what do you call Einstein? It s genius. - Malt Lick Nursery (2 months ago)
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Fitz Gitler
Happy Birthday to Billy Hart (one day late...) - Fitz Gitler (1 year ago)
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Chris Wiesendanger
Billy Strayhorn (1915) and Billy Hart (1940) are born on this day Happy Birthday to these two masters - Chris Wiesendanger (1 year ago)
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We wish the great drummer and composer Billy Hart a very happy 81st birthday! Next year the will honor him - SFJAZZ (1 year ago)
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Will Mason
Happy Birthday to the great Billy Hart, 81 and still giving everything to the music. - Will Mason (1 year ago)
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Jazz Impressions
Happy 81st birthday to drummer Billy Hart! - Jazz Impressions (1 year ago)
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Benjamin Boddie
Happy Birthday Billy Hart! - Benjamin Boddie (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Billy Hart Harold Land - A New Shade Of Bl - 風の冒険譚 (1 year ago)
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Bonin’s Briefs
Happy 81st birthday to jazz drummer Billy Hart. - Bonin’s Briefs (1 year ago)
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Mr. OK Jazz
Late Happy Birthday to Master Billy Hart!! Listening to some Mwandishi this morning and my god..drumming genius, he s breathtaking - Mr. OK Jazz (2 years ago)
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Raga Jazz
Happy Birthday Billy Hart! Thanks for your gift of music. Keep it coming!!! - Raga Jazz (2 years ago)
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Goran Brajkovic
Happy Birthday to Billy Hart - Goran Brajkovic (2 years ago)
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Keith Hall
Happy 80th Birthday to Jabali Billy Hart! Words cannot express his impact on my life. - Keith Hall (2 years ago)
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Xavier Davis
Happy 80th Birthday to the one and only Billy Hart. To many more!!! Love you, Jabali! - Xavier Davis (2 years ago)
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Thanks! when I saw your post I was listening to All Strings Attached 1987 Billy Hart with five guita - U. (2 years ago)
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unexpected token
Happy Birthday Jabali Billy Hart! - unexpected token (2 years ago)
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j scurry
Billy Hart Quartet - Live in het Bimhuis 7 mei 2016 via - j scurry (2 years ago)
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Christian McBride
Is Jabali Billy Hart really 80 years old today?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a person who is still one of the most imagi - Christian McBride (2 years ago)
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Ben Rubin
Happy birthday to maestro Billy Hart!!! - Ben Rubin (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Mr. Billy Hart. Thank you for your music - christopher (2 years ago)
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Flurin Casura
These are from the gig of Jan 17, 2020 by the Jorge Rossy Vibes Quintet feat. Mark Turner & Billy Hart at Moods, Zu - Flurin Casura (2 years ago)
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Dave Holland
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Billy Hart. A master drummer/composer/bandleader/teacher/mentor and a beautiful person. Here s hi - Dave Holland (2 years ago)
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Jaleel Shaw
Wishing a Happy 80th birthday to the master, Billy Hart. - Jaleel Shaw (2 years ago)
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James West
Happy Birthday to jazz great, drummer Billy Hart. Born this day in Wash. DC in 1940, his resume is long and celebra - James West (2 years ago)
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Nate Smith
Happy 80th birthday to the master teacher. BILLY HART. - Nate Smith (2 years ago)
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Jeff Klein
Happy Birthday, Billy Hart ~ Trading with Kenny Werner and Ray Drummond - 1998 - Jeff Klein (2 years ago)
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Joey DeFrancesco
Happy 80th Birthday to the one and only, Keeper of The Drums, my main man, Billy Hart!! - Joey DeFrancesco (2 years ago)
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Bill Simmons
Happy Birthday to DC s own Billy Hart! - Bill Simmons (2 years ago)
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Richard Scheinin
In the beginning: Master drummer Billy Hart is 80 today. At age 24, he was touring with Jimmy Smith. Here\'s a whole - Richard Scheinin (2 years ago)
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Julian Jacobs
Happy birthday to Sam Beesley and Happy birthday to Billy Hart - Julian Jacobs (2 years ago)
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Lydia Liebman
Billy Hart, aka my uncle/godfather/THE MAN, is 80 today! Happy birthday Jabali - Lydia Liebman (2 years ago)
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Jazz at Lincoln Center
Happy Birthday to jazz drummer William Billy Hart! Catch our bday celebration performance BILLY - Jazz at Lincoln Center (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Billy Hart ... - U F O (2 years ago)
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Today\'s Famous Birthday
Have a great birthday! Billy Hart (Drummer), 80 years old. Sending you a birthday wish wrapped with all my love. Ha - Today\'s Famous Birthday (2 years ago)
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RoBurrage Music
Happy Birthday to one of the Masters, Billy Hart!!! - RoBurrage Music (3 years ago)
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The Perlich Post
Happy Birthday to drumming legend Billy Hart! Here are a couple of his performances with Carlos Garnett and Charles - The Perlich Post (3 years ago)
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Dimitriou\'s Jazz Alley
Happy birthday to Billy Hart! It was an honor to have him on our stage- one we hope to repeat! - Dimitriou\'s Jazz Alley (3 years ago)
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Mecozzi Alfredo
Billy Hart / Ethan Iverson / Mark Turner / Ben Street Live in 2013 via Birthday. Billy Hart - Mecozzi Alfredo (3 years ago)
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Adriana Mateo
Happy Birthday dear Billy Hart ! Umbria Jazz ® - Adriana Mateo (3 years ago)
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Modern Drummer
Happy birthday to Billy Hart! Check out The Broader Picture a new album from Billy Hart & The WDR Big Band. - Modern Drummer (4 years ago)
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The Jazz Session
Happy birthday to master drummer Billy Hart! I had the honor and pleasure of chatting with him in 2012. Listen: - The Jazz Session (4 years ago)
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Mark Sutton
Wishing the great Billy Hart a Happy Birthday, born on this day in 1940 in Washington, DC. - Mark Sutton (4 years ago)
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jun wonder
happy birthday. John Mayall & Chuck Mangione & DENNY DOHERTY & Billy Hart & RONNIE MONTROSE & FELIX CAVALIERE & - jun wonder (4 years ago)
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JazzOn2 - WWFM HD2
Remessageed JazzTimes Magazine ( Happy birthday to Billy Hart, 77, one of the finest drummers in the... - JazzOn2 - WWFM HD2 (5 years ago)
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Chloe Sylvers
Happy Birthday! Billy Hart (born November 29, 1940) is an American jazz drummer and educator. Hart was born in... - Chloe Sylvers (5 years ago)
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Spencer Leffel
Happy birthday Billy Hart! - - Spencer Leffel (5 years ago)
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Tony McGee
Happy birthday Billy Hart. Jabali s DTM interview was the first - Tony McGee (5 years ago)

82 years old (Born on November 29, 1940)

Jazz drummer who has performed with influential jazz artists like Stan Getz and Miles Davis.

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