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Not A Famer
Happy Birthday to Ron LeFlore, the first person to lead both leagues in stolen bases. He was scouted by Billy Marti - Not A Famer (7 months ago)
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Melanie toth
Happy birthday Billy Martin - Melanie toth (7 months ago)
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Josh Hejduk
Happy Birthday to Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. The only relevant person to ever be born on this date. - Josh Hejduk (7 months ago)
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Ashley - Undercover Indie ®
Please join me here at in wishing the one and only Billy Martin (Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboardist/Songw - Ashley - Undercover Indie ® (7 months ago)
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Raylene - Undercover Indie ®
Please join me here at in wishing the one and only Billy Martin (Rhythm Guitarist/Keyboardist/Songw - Raylene - Undercover Indie ® (7 months ago)
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Bonin’s Briefs
Happy 40th birthday to Good Charlotte guitarist & keyboardist, Billy Martin. - Bonin’s Briefs (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Billy Martin, guitar, Good Charlotte, I DON\'T WANT TO BE IN LOVE via - Cherie (7 months ago)
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happy 72 birthday Billy Martin joel - Cubicpixlgaming (8 months ago)
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⚾ J. Daniel ⚾
Happy \'80s Birthday to Ed Whitson, who fought the entire city of Atlanta, as well as a few of the neighboring count - ⚾ J. Daniel ⚾ (8 months ago)
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Oakland A’s Fun Tidbits
Happy birthday to the original BillyBall in Oakland.. Billy Martin s A s were exciting and entertaining brand of ba - Oakland A’s Fun Tidbits (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Billy Martin - Bonner (8 months ago)
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Batting Stance Guy
Happy birthday Billy Martin. - Batting Stance Guy (8 months ago)
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Mike Gutierrez
Happy birthday in heaven to legendary Yankees manager Billy Martin. - Mike Gutierrez (8 months ago)
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Triple Play Design
This Day in Baseball History: May 16, 1928 - Happy birthday, Billy Martin! The Yankees celebrate Billy Martin\'s 29 - Triple Play Design (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday in heaven Billy Martin. By the way, I was there. Centerfield bleachers. - Honest☘️Larry (8 months ago)
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Larry in Missouri ( Leisure Suit Larry)
Happy Birthday to the late Alfred Manuel Billy Martin, out of Berkeley,California; Managerial record of 1,253-1,0 - Larry in Missouri ( Leisure Suit Larry) (8 months ago)
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Nadine Hoff
Today we want remeber on Billy Martin on his birthday! Happy Birthday in heaven! i love the episode from Who\'s t - Nadine Hoff (8 months ago)
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Dodger Cards
Happy 98th birthday to the late Art Folwer. Fowler played 9 MLB seasons, including one year with the Dodgers in 19 - Dodger Cards (1 year ago)
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Live For Live Music
Happy Birthday to John Medeski! Don t miss John Medeski s performance with BANDEMIC (John Scofield, John Medeski, B - Live For Live Music (1 year ago)
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Kaila Laneigh Wise
Happy Birthday to my favorite Billy ever, Billy Martin!! Photocreds to myself! I hope you had a g - Kaila Laneigh Wise (1 year ago)
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KFRQ 94.5 FM
Happy 39th Birthday Billy Martin Good Charlotte guitarist - KFRQ 94.5 FM (1 year ago)
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Janine Bennett
Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live (Video) via Happy 39th Birthday Billy Martin ( - Janine Bennett (1 year ago)
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June 15 Global Wind Day NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY DAY - Happy Birthday 1914 Saul Steinberg, 192 - jparsio (1 year ago)
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Blue Bomber Alumni
Happy Birthday to Alumni veteran Billy Martin (HB 1966), John Kaiser (DE 1989) & C - Blue Bomber Alumni (1 year ago)
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Jimmy from the Bronx
Billy Martin should be in baseball\'s Happy 92nd Birthday, Billy Martin, NY Yankees ... - Jimmy from the Bronx (1 year ago)
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Mick Dejoy II
Happy Birthday Billy Martin - Mick Dejoy II (1 year ago)
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Anika Orrock
Go to when it opens. And get s new book, Billy Ball. Happy birthday, Billy Martin! - Anika Orrock (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Billy. -Cheap Little Swing - Bridget (1 year ago)
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Paul Francis Sullivan (Please Call Me Sully)
Happy birthday to Rick Rhoden... a fine pitcher who Billy Martin once used as a DH - Paul Francis Sullivan (Please Call Me Sully) (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Billy Martin and Jack Morris. - TripleShy (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Billy Martin. Never saw him play, but he was a tremendous manager wherever he managed. l - Hozier24 (1 year ago)
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Coley Harvey
Happy Birthday today to John Salley (56), Thurman Thomas (54) and the late Billy Martin (born this day in 1928). - Coley Harvey (1 year ago)
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Gypsy Oak
Happy Birthday BILLY MARTIN! - Gypsy Oak (1 year ago)
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New York Yankees Stats
Happy birthday Billy Martin! He is one of three Yankees (Ralph Houk & Joe Girardi) to play for and manage a Yankee - New York Yankees Stats (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Billy Martin - IDrawBaseballCards (1 year ago)
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SABR Baseball Cards
Happy birthday to Alfred Manuel Billy Martin, 5x WS champ and 5x Yankees manager, not to mention man - SABR Baseball Cards (1 year ago)
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Modern Drummer
Happy birthday to Hernan Hecht! Played with John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Cyro Baptista, - Modern Drummer (2 years ago)
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David Rush
Happy birthday legend Billy Martin - David Rush (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to one of my favorite guitar players on the planet!! Billy martin also plays in my favorite band Goo - BlondieMarie (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday! Billy Martin Jun15,1981 Age38 Instruments: Guitar,Keyboards. Pop&Punk Profession - stewart_soapland (2 years ago)
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A happy rockin\' birthday to Billy Martin of goodcharlotteband !! May the force be with you bro - TRCKCMPS (2 years ago)
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Danny Stoakes
Happy 38th Birthday to guitarist Billy Martin. Here he is at two years ago singing one - Danny Stoakes (2 years ago)
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Lucy Liu
Happy Birthday, Tucker! You share a birthday with my husband and youngest son. They both send you bi - Lucy Liu (2 years ago)
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Hobo Nephews
Happy Birthday Billy Martin! - Hobo Nephews (2 years ago)
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The Twins Almanac
Happy 64th birthday to 1973 Highland Park graduate Jack Morris. The Hall of Famer\'s 14 consecutive Opening Day - The Twins Almanac (2 years ago)
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Larry in Missouri
Happy Birthday to the late Billy Martin, Legendary Yankee Baseball Player And Manager: 1,253-1,013, All Star 56, 5X - Larry in Missouri (2 years ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Henry Fonda(1905-1982)Liberace(1919-1987)Debra Winger(64)Yvonne Craig(1937-2015)Megan Fox(33)Janet J - Kracker Jones (2 years ago)
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Billy Martin
OMG it\'s your birthday!? Happy birthday! - Billy Martin (3 years ago)
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soggy turkey
Happy Birthday to my first crush (okay..first obsession), Billy Martin. I m still in love with you, we share the sa - soggy turkey (3 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Billy Martin!! - パンパース (3 years ago)

40 years old (Born on June 15, 1981)

American, Guitarist; He is famous from Guitarist and Keyboardist for Good Charlotte.

billy designed almost all of the gc merchandise billy fears spiders and snakes so bad, he cant stand seeing them on tv, he gets all queasy! One of his fave bands is Silverchair
billy met the twins at one of their shows Who is your role modle and why? "Ummmmm, It was always Daniel Johns from Silverchair since I was like 15 or so, I admire him for being so successful at such a young age, I think he is an amazing musician and songwriter."

Billy Martin's Best Moments

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Billy Martin dating 3
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Fun Facts About Billy Martin

He has one younger sister, named Sarah. She was the photographer who did Good Charlotte`s first photo shoot
Loves: Drawing, Comic books, Cartoons, girls, going online, music in general, sleeping, tattoos
Billy`s former hairstyle was dreads
He received his first guitar as a Christmas present.
He is the guitarist and keyboard synthesizer for the band Good Charlotte.
He had dread locks during high school, but when Good Charlotte signed on with Epic records, they wouldn`t sign the band unless he cut his hair.
His eye color is blue.
If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be? "umm the kind with reeses peanut butter cups in it cuz stuff is just sooo good"
He designed all the artwork for the videos "Predictable" and "The Chronicles of Life and Death."
He has released a line of action figures of Good Charlotte which can be found on ebay
He attended Severna Park High School
billy took guitar lessons.

Ideal bf/gf: Angelina Jolie
Former Occupation: Student, Frontman of Overflow
He owns the clothing line LeVeL 27, which his friend Steve Sievers helps him run
Billy is the newest member of GC
While recording Good Charlotte`s third album The Chronicles of Life and Death, he and Benji Madden switched guitar roles.
If you could have any super power what would it be? "i would like to read peoples minds, cuz then i would never be confused i would alwys know what people are thinking, that would be great!"
He was formerly the lead singer/guitarist for a band called Overflow, which he started with his friend JD, and Steve Sievers.
He co-wrote "Mountain" and "Ghost of You" off of The Chronicles of Life and Death CD.
He is a huge animal lover and is active in the animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
when billy found out the twins were fans of silverchair he became a member of GC
He is the tallest member of GC YET the youngest
He converted Benji to being vegetarian
billy martin is working on a magazine dameon mcdreary
What is the most meaningful song to play? and Why?: "little things, cuz i was the kid who got picked on school, i used to have dreadlocks and where makeup and dress wierd and it s*cked so i can relate to that song a lot"
He produced 8 out of 11 tracks on the tHrOne CD "Balladry".
Hates: Drivers who dont use their indicators, really lazy people, meat, annoying people, turtleneck and snakes.
Actor/Actress: "umm..i think Roger Rabbit is really good, or maybe David Haselhoff haha actress....umm i think pamela anderson cuz she is a very serious and talented actress"
Music: Incubus, Silverchair, Rage Against the Machine, 311, Blink182, KoRn, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Orgy, System of a Down
Billy has a son named Dreavyn Kingslee Martin
Color: black
He is 6` 1" in height
Food "peanut putter and pizza but not together =)"
one of billys favorite movies is nightmare before christmas and he was furious wen disney banned it for its "twisted content"
He was well liked at school because of his nice-guy personality
How do you feel about your recent success: "nothing has sunk in yet, stuff just keeps coming and coming and there is no time to stop and sit back and realize whats happenning, i love it but i dont realize whats happening yet.. "
Favorite Clothing "DICKIES!!!! and pretty little shirts with stars on them"
Favorite Gift from a Fan: "once these girls gave me a bear that looked like me it was awesome, but i cant remember who gave it to me ...=)"
Favorite Possession: "my PRS, i love my guitar"
He is currently working on a picture book with action figures
He has 3 cats, 3 dogs and 127 hamsters
He`s double jointed
His parents are divorced, but he is close to them individually
Favourite ice cream: Ben & Jerrys` peanut butter cup.

When did you realize you wanted to spend the rest of your life making music?: "Id say as soon as i Picked up my guitar i quit all my other hobbies cuz thats all i wanted to do, and i see pics of all these rockstar in magazines and i wa s like man i have to be one of them one day.."
He is vegetarian
Billy used to be in a band called `Overflow`
Tv Show: "I dont really watch TV much, but I like the simpsons and i like it when Mtv plays videos"
He is an accomplished artist, and has a website for all of his art
He considers Elton John and Tim Burton his idols.
He plays Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps, and BOSS Effect Pedals.
billy married long time girlfriend Linzi
He has many tattoos and piercings
Favorite Store "wow never been asked this one before...Anything in LA cuz they have lots of DICKIES everywhere.."
Movie: "Either The Crow or Who Framed Roger Rabbit"
Fans say Billy doesn`t like kisses but enjoys hugs
He is a vegetarian. He also convinced fellow Good Charlotte members Joel and Benji Madden to become vegetarians
billy martin let the twins crash at his apartment before he was in the band
He did his first tattoo on Benji
billy martin was the first and youngest member to marry
His favourite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas and he has tattoos of Jack Skellington, Sally Stiches and other characters
Billy recently graduated from highschool

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