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58 years old (Born on November 21, 1965)

Icelandic musician; She is famous from Icelandic performer.

Daughter, Isadora (b. October 3, 2002), with Matthew Barney. Is good friends with artists Madonna, P.J. Harvey and Tori Amos. Before she was famous, she worked odd jobs at an antiques shop, a bookstore, a Coca-Cola bottling plant where her job was to check for cleanliness, and a fish factory during the easter break in 1984. A short scene of Bjork's video 'Big Time Sensuality' can be seen in the movie Vanilla Sky (2001) in a vision sequence Tom Cruise has. As of September 2002, MTV has ranked Bju00f6rk's music video Pagan Poetry (2001) (V) as one of the channel's most controversial videos ever as it depicts several shots of not only Bju00f6rk's br**sts, but also multiple body piercings on her arms and back.

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Fun Facts About Bjork

Has gone on record saying she will never make another movie, due to the difficulties she faced making Dancer in the Dark (2000).
Received much criticism at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards when she arrived on the red carpet with her now famous "swan dress" which "laid an egg" literally -- a large ostrich-sized egg dropped from under it!
Some of her favorite movies include Tampopo (1985), An Angel at My Table (1990), Sweetie (1989), and Blechtrommel, Die (1979).
In February 2006, Bjork visited Banda Aceh in Indonesia for two days as a goodwill ambassador to the victims of the 2004 tsunami.
In 2002, her mother, Hildur Ru00fana Hauksdu00f3ttir, went on a short-lived hunger strike to protest the development of an aluminum smelter at Reyu00f0arfju00f6ru00f0ur, on the Icelandic coast. Reyu00f0arfju00f6ru00f0ur was the setting of one of her music videos.
Was stalked by a man who suffered from severe mental problems. He attempted to kill her by mailing her a book that had been hollowed out and filled with an explosive device. The police intercepted it before she received it. The stalker committed suicide.
Winner of the 1994 Brit Award for International Female.
Winner of the 2005 Q Inspiration Award.
Has been quoted as saying that Story of the Eye by surrealist writer Georges Bataille was her main inspiration and reason behind the broken eggs featured in her Venus as a Boy music video.

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In recognition of her contribution to promoting Iceland abroad, the government gave her the island of Ellidaey, off the coast of Iceland.
Director Harmony Korine wrote the lyrics for the song 'Harm of Will' from her album 'Vespertine'.
Her favorite housework around the house is washing clothes because that's when a tune usually comes into her head.
Former boyfriend Stephane Sednaoui directed some of her music videos and live performances.
Has one son, Sindri Eldon Thorsson (in 1986), with her ex-husband u00deu00f3r Eldon. His birthday marked the creation of their (with others) band the Sugarcubes.
Wrote the song "Bedtime Story" for Madonna's album Bedtime Stories. Madonna had asked Bjork to sing the song with her, but she declined.
Mad TV character Miss Swan (played by Alex Borstein) is partially based on her.
Singer / songwriter.
Music video "It's Oh So Quiet" was ranked #50 on VH1's 100 Greatest Videos.
Ranked #36 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
Shares a birthday with Jena Malone, Goldie Hawn, Rachel Rogers, Nicollette Sheridan, & Juliet Mills
She was named the world's most eccentric star in a poll by the BBC in January 2006.

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