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Happy Birthday Keef! Can\'t wait to see you next year in Jersey!! Rip Bobby Keys!! - morganjersey524 (7 months ago)
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DJ Otis Badass
Happy 75th Birthday to from My song, HAPPY. Live version w the X- - DJ Otis Badass (7 months ago)
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Anthony Winters
Happy Birthday Keith! Miss Bobby Keys. - Anthony Winters (7 months ago)
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The Bernic Hotel New York City
Happy Birthday to two Rolling Stones legends Bobby Keys and Keith Richards! Thank you for all the music you have br - The Bernic Hotel New York City (7 months ago)
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Lora Pearce
Happy Birthday to the Great Bobby Keys. - Lora Pearce (7 months ago)
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White Avenue Studio
Happy birthday to our Ashley Hylbert Photography! 12/18 is a great day for birthdays, too...fun fact: both Keith Ri - White Avenue Studio (7 months ago)
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Edward Fuchs
Happy Birthday Keith and we all Miss Bobby Keys!!!! God Speed - Edward Fuchs (7 months ago)
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Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Bobby Keys Rocks! Happy birthday to both! - Jumpin’ Jack Flash (7 months ago)
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Keith Richards. You\'re history of British Rock, now and forever! And Bobby Keys, I love your sounds. I wanted t - 青美美 (7 months ago)
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Robert Emmerling
Happy Birthday Keith and Bobby Keys, God Rest His Soul. Crankin Brown Sugar & Sweet V - Robert Emmerling (7 months ago)
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Amanda C. Kooser
I recall reading a quote years ago that went something like this: \"The Keith Richards rule book was a blast to live - Amanda C. Kooser (7 months ago)
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Katia FFK
Happy Birthday ! Here\'s wishing you a fabulous Day with your family and friends Happy Birthday i - Katia FFK (7 months ago)
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Justin Kreutzmann
Happy birthday to the great and the also great, but here now only in spirit, Bobby Keys. - Justin Kreutzmann (7 months ago)
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和田 @whiskeymama7
Happy Birthday to Keith Richards Happy Birthday to Bobby Keys - 和田 @whiskeymama7 (7 months ago)
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Rock Polls & Tournaments
Happy 75th birthday to Keith Richards and what would of been his 75th to the late great Bobby Keys. - Rock Polls & Tournaments (7 months ago)
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Rich Unger
Happy Birthday, Bobby Keys was The Real Deal Musician\". - Rich Unger (7 months ago)
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Cheryl Familant
Happy Birthday, Bobby Keys wherever you are! - Cheryl Familant (7 months ago)
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Lefty\'s Records
Happy Birthday to of the Rolling Stones & the late Bobby Keys who plays on this Lennon lp and many ot - Lefty\'s Records (7 months ago)
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Ali Awan
And a happy birthday to the late great Bobby Keys - Ali Awan (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Keith and Bobby keys ( ) - go_rock777/ねむいNemui (7 months ago)
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sister susangela
Anyways happy birthday in Heaven to a saxophone legend, Bobby Keys! - sister susangela (7 months ago)
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Fan of The Man!
Happy 231st Birthday to Keef. The man is the standard that all rockstars try to emulat - Fan of The Man! (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Keith and Bobby Keys - hiconagogo (7 months ago)
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Patrick Boyle
A 2018 highlight was seeing the Stones in Dublin. Happy Birthday Keith and RIP Bobby Keys. It s his birthday too. - Patrick Boyle (7 months ago)
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Don Pedro
Happy birthday Keith, and also to our big friend Bobby Keys RIP - Don Pedro (7 months ago)
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Harry Nilsson
Happy birthday to Bobby Keys, who would have been 75 years old today! - Harry Nilsson (7 months ago)
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Bubba at Chalet Rio Hondo
HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY KEEF ~ Thanks for the many years of music, good times and for letting me see many Rolling Ston - Bubba at Chalet Rio Hondo (7 months ago)
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Ernest III
And a Happy 75th Birthday to Bobby Keys as well. - Ernest III (7 months ago)
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↓ D
Happy birthday Keith . & . Shout out to the memory of Bobby Keys also. - ↓ D (7 months ago)
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Keith Richards & Bobby Keys Happy Birthday - tokoyo (7 months ago)
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December 18th Happy Birthday to Chas Chandler - The Animals (1938), Sam Andrew - Big Brother and the Holding Compa - TodayinMusicHistory (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Bobby Keys born December 18, 1943. Passed away December 2, 2014...Saxophonist for the - D J (7 months ago)
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Maria Byrne
Happy birthday, Bobby Keys (RIP) - Rolling Stones - Maria Byrne (7 months ago)
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Mick K
Happy Birthday Dear Mr.Bobby Keys 4 Keith Brow - Mick K (7 months ago)
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born on the 18th of together with - STARSTAR (7 months ago)
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& buddy BOBBY KEYS R.I.P. we - Burden (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Keith & Bobby Keith Richards & Bobby Keys - BAGMAN(怪しくない) (7 months ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Ilario Castagner, John Cooper (d. 1974), Sam Andrew (d. 2015), Wadada Leo Smith, Joan Wallach Sco - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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AND a happy birthday to Bobby Keys, we ll never forget you, one of the greatest saxophonists of - Raquel (1 year ago)
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The Mojo Gurus
Happy Birthday to Bobby Keys! R.I.P. - The Mojo Gurus (1 year ago)
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David Malitz
Happy birthday to the late Bobby Keys, the 6th most important member of the Rolling Stones, who should absolutely b - David Malitz (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to paul klee, fletcher henderson, jules dassin, ossie davis, harold land, chas chandler, wadada leo - sean (1 year ago)
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Sanne Angie
And Happy Birthday to Bobby Keys. We miss you Bobby - Sanne Angie (1 year ago)
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Dean Lopata
Happy Birthday Bobby Keys via - Dean Lopata (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the one and only , keep on rocking! Thinking of Bobby Keys who shares his birthday - Jimbo (1 year ago)
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Stones Bobby Keys 43 Keith Happy Birthd - マクロード (1 year ago)
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Saturday\'s Radio
Happy Birthday to Keith Richards, Elliot Easton, Bill Nelson, and Mick Collins! Remembering Chas Chandler, Fletche - Saturday\'s Radio (1 year ago)
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December 18, Happy Birthday to the great Bobby Keys. - KalineCountry (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Bobby Keys , i still miss you , you are the best on the sax. - UrbanSteel (1 year ago)
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route 66
Happy Birthday To Keith And To Bobby Keys ....... - route 66 (1 year ago)

75 years old (Born on December 18, 1943)

Best known for his saxophone work with rock bands like The Rolling Stones and The Who. He has also worked as the member of many horn sections.

Bobby Keys's Best Moments

Keith Richards & Bobby Keys

Happy Birthday
And a happy birthday to the late great Bobby Keys
Happy  birthday

bobby keys
Happy Birthday In Heaven Robert Henry \Bobby\ Keys - The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Lennon and more.
                          Happy Birthday  Keith & Bobby Keith Richards & Bobby Keys
Happy 75th birthday to Keith Richards and what would of been his 75th to the late great Bobby Keys.
Happy birthday to the great and the also great, but here now only in spirit, Bobby Keys.
Happy Birthday Bobby Keys , i still miss you , you are the best on the sax.
Happy Birthday to Bobby Keys! R.I.P.
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Bobby Keys new pic 1
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