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Big Pussy Walnuts
Happy birthday Boog Powell. My favoriteplayer as a 7 year old baseball fan. - Big Pussy Walnuts (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Boog Powell! You are definitely one of the Best O\'s out there. Hope you enjoy day and many more - Kathleen (5 months ago)
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Karen Green
Happy blessed birthday Mr. Boog Powell! My MomMom Iva Pierce aka, Ms. Bootsie, was one of your BIGGEST fan - Karen Green (5 months ago)
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Jim Miloch
Happy Birthday, Boog Powell: 1970 AL MVP 1969 AL MVP Runner-Up 4X All-Star 2X World Series Champ 1,776 Hits 339 Ho - Jim Miloch (5 months ago)
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⚾ J. Daniel ⚾
Happy Birthday to Boog Powell! - ⚾ J. Daniel ⚾ (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday Boog Powell! - Honest☘️Larry (5 months ago)
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Donna Andrew
Happy Birthday Boog Powell. You will always be one of my flavor players - Donna Andrew (1 year ago)
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Callen T. Huey
Happy birthday Boog Powell! - Callen T. Huey (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Boog Powell - Dave (1 year ago)
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Dan Connolly
Orioles show a video tribute to Boog Powell -- he turned 80 this week -- with luminaries such as Jim Palmer and Edd - Dan Connolly (1 year ago)
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Triple Play Design
Happy birthday, Boog Powell - August 17, 1941. . . . . . - Triple Play Design (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to boog Powell hope it\'s special - Bruce (1 year ago)
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Gummy Arts
Wishing a happy 80th birthday to Boog Powell! - Gummy Arts (1 year ago)
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George Glennon
Happy Birthday to the great Boog Powell, from Red Sox Nation. One of my favorite ball - George Glennon (1 year ago)
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Exeter Monarch ⚾️
Happy Birthday Boog Powell as a kid only MLB player at the time shared BDay with Boog has great BBQ at Camde - Exeter Monarch ⚾️ (1 year ago)
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Sports Picks USA
Happy 80th Birthday today too Boog Powell - Sports Picks USA (1 year ago)
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Marc Korman
Happy birthday Boog Powell! Like the play at first base, love the barbecue. - Marc Korman (1 year ago)
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Dodgers Archive
Happy Birthday to Boog Powell, a member of the 1977 NL West and National League champion He turns 80 to - Dodgers Archive (1 year ago)
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Baseball Almanac
MLB players are big. Boog Powell was bigger. Happy 80th birthday big guy, from Go beyond his stat - Baseball Almanac (1 year ago)
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Baseball and More
Happy 80th birthday to John Wesley \"Boog\" Powell. - Baseball and More (1 year ago)
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David Martinez Is Elite
Happy birthday to Boog Powell and Tuffy Gosewisch - David Martinez Is Elite (1 year ago)
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Scott Stuber
Happy Birthday to Mr. John Wesley Boog Powell, who was born OTD 80 years ago. We miss seeing you at The Yard - Scott Stuber (1 year ago)
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thom loverro
Happy birthday Boog Powell - thom loverro (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to the great Boog Powell! You re my favorite bobble! - DJ (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday John Boog Powell! My 1962 Boog Rookie card. - Steve (1 year ago)
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Howard Kellman
Happy 80th Birthday to Boog Powell! He was a four-time All Star; a two-time World Champion(1966, 1970) and the Amer - Howard Kellman (1 year ago)
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Happy 80th birthday to Boog Powell...my favorite Oriole as a kid... - CCBCDundalkAthletics (1 year ago)
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The Exit 52 Podcast
Happy birthday to the pit beef slinger himself, the man with more MVP s than Jeter ..Boog Powell! - The Exit 52 Podcast (1 year ago)
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Larry in Missouri ( Leisure Suit Larry)
Happy Birthday John Wesley Boog Powell, out of Lakeland, Florida; 17 year career, .266 lifetime average, 339 - Larry in Missouri ( Leisure Suit Larry) (1 year ago)
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Bob Lazzari
Happy birthday Boog Powell; one of the great commercials ever: Lite Beer Boog Powell & Numazawa via - Bob Lazzari (1 year ago)
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Michael J. Lewis
LOL. There s still hope for a future star born on your birthday to come along! Who was the World Serie - Michael J. Lewis (1 year ago)
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Shane Chills
Happy birthday to Orioles legend/Hall of Famer, 1970 American League MVP, and big daddy smoker Boog Powell. - Shane Chills (2 years ago)
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Brett Hollander
Happy birthday to the one and only Boog Powell ! His bbq and presence at the ballpark is missed this season. Just w - Brett Hollander (2 years ago)
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Birdland Insider
1970 AL MVP 4x All-Star 2x World Series Champion Happy birthday to Orioles Hall of Famer Boog Powell! - Birdland Insider (2 years ago)
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Pete Kerzel
Happy birthday, Boog Powell! - Pete Kerzel (2 years ago)
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Dodger Cards
Happy 79th birthday to Boog Powell. Powell was a 4-time AS, 2-time WS champ, & 1970 AL MVP during his 14 seasons w - Dodger Cards (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to former Joe Bradshaw, Kyle Farmer, Jeff Fischer, George Harper, Doug McWeeny, Boog Powell - Dodgers-LowDown (2 years ago)
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Ron Cassie
Gotta send big happy 79th birthday wishes to one-and-only Boog Powell, MVP 50 yrs ago this season when he helped le - Ron Cassie (2 years ago)
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Happy 79th Birthday to my namesake, John \"Boog\" Powell! - BOOG (2 years ago)
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Ron Matz
Happy Birthday to Orioles great Boog Powell! 79 years young. This picture with Stan The Fan from early Ma - Ron Matz (2 years ago)
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Russell Bryant
Happy Birthday Boog Powell. - Russell Bryant (2 years ago)
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Happy 79th Birthday to John \"Boog\" Powell! 4x All-Star 2x World Series Champion AL MVP in \'70 Member - - JVAN (2 years ago)
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George Von Benko
A big Happy Birthday to a big man John \"Boog\" Powell!! - George Von Benko (2 years ago)
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Wax Pack Gods
Happy 79th birthday to great Boog Powell ... and his Wit-ty baseball cards. - Wax Pack Gods (2 years ago)
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Salmon Fan
Happy Birthday Boog Powell (born 8/17/41)! Boog has always been a fan favorite in Baltimore. Being a World S - Salmon Fan (2 years ago)
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Sully Post Office
Happy birthday to Boog Powell who probably doesn t remember when he was a Dodger either - Sully Post Office (2 years ago)
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Birds Watcher
Happy birthday to the legend, Boog Powell. - Birds Watcher (3 years ago)
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Tom Thress
Happy 78th birthday to former first baseman Boog Powell - 1970 AL (.297/.412/.549, 35 HR, 114 RBI), 2nd i - Tom Thress (3 years ago)
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St. Abner
A very happy birthday to John \"Boog\" Powell, born today in 1941 in Lakeland, FL First Base - St. Abner (3 years ago)
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The Bill Chuck Files
Happy 78th birthday to Boog Powell - The Bill Chuck Files (3 years ago)

81 years old (Born on August 17, 1941)

Boog Powell's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Boog Powell.
Happy Birthday to Boog Powell!
Happy birthday Boog Powell! Like the play at first base, love the barbecue.
Happy 79th Birthday to my namesake, John \"Boog\" Powell!
Happy Birthday to the great Boog Powell! You re my favorite bobble!
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