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Happy birthday to the greatest prime minister since Sir Winston Churchill. - Dean (2 years ago)
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Paul O\'Hanlon
Happy Birthday to Julian! I\'ve a damn good mind to go down to London (from Edinburgh) and belt some sen - Paul O\'Hanlon (8 months ago)
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You look a great guy just going on about that Boris Johnson , that man ive nothing to say about he an - Janice (8 months ago)
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Andy Dundon
To be fair, Boris Johnson did recommend washing your hands while singing Happy Birthday. - Andy Dundon (8 months ago)
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This reminds me around covid I was mentally thinking through a Mike Harding style folk song \'Boris Johns - pmorgan_cym (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday dude. and can you react to The Penguin Vs Boris Johnson? (by freshy kanal) it is my favourite. - Jungkult (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday dude. and can you react to The Penguin Vs Boris Johnson? (by freshy kanal) it is my favourite. - Jungkultringels (8 months ago)
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Holly Searle AKA The Subversive Stitcher
Happy 7th Birthday Brexit! Here s your Daddy Dom. Remember him? The spin puppet master who got the masses to vote L - Holly Searle AKA The Subversive Stitcher (8 months ago)
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Roger Evans
Happy Birthday! It\'s my special day too - 4 days older than Boris Johnson... - Roger Evans (8 months ago)
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Примара Маріуполя
Happy Birthday, Boris Johnson! - Примара Маріуполя (8 months ago)
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IDU . Happy Birthday, - Novoyavorivsk_ES (8 months ago)
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Європейська Солідарність Буськ
IDU - Європейська Солідарність Буськ (8 months ago)
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Lida Sha
IDU . - Lida Sha (8 months ago)
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Алька Україна
Happy birthday Boris Johnson !!! - Алька Україна (8 months ago)
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King Richard The 3rd
Happy belated birthday Boris Johnson. Now, off you fuck - King Richard The 3rd (8 months ago)
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Claire Hanna
Happy Birthday to me and probably a slightly less happy one to my birthday twin Boris Johnson - Claire Hanna (8 months ago)
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Jack Sommers
Completely forgot to wish Boris Johnson a happy birthday - Jack Sommers (8 months ago)
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Angus Walker
Happy birthday, Boris Johnson! - Angus Walker (8 months ago)
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Pineapple Harley
Happy birthday to Ksi, Boris Johnson and Macklemore, oh and you know, Me. hopefully you americans are having a go - Pineapple Harley (8 months ago)
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Navdeep Singh Rajwanshi
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson - Navdeep Singh Rajwanshi (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Boris Johnson - charrr (8 months ago)
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- JanelynnUkrainian (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Hope you have your cake, and eat it too Shop now - - Mimiconz (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday dear Boris Johnson. Have a great day - Esrous (8 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY BORIS JOHNSON - syeda (8 months ago)
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JR Hartleys armchair
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson, 59 today. - JR Hartleys armchair (8 months ago)
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Bev Watkins
They obviously have timed this to cause maximum upset but I\'m sure he will have a goo - Bev Watkins (8 months ago)
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And boris Johnson s! Happy birthday mate - rah (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Boris Johnson - HarbonautⓂ (8 months ago)
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Dame D.B
Happy Birthday To You Boris Johnson I hope your day goes well The fact your not a MP I think it\'s just as well - Dame D.B (8 months ago)
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Who will wish Boris Johnson a happy birthday and will they vote against the Partygate report? - PeopleWorld (8 months ago)
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Hasan Hussain
Those who say happy birthday, Boris seem to have forgotten that millions of people won t be able to say that to t - Hasan Hussain (8 months ago)
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Darren James Wells
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson - Darren James Wells (8 months ago)
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Etan Smallman
Happy birthday to Boris Johnson, 59 today! - Etan Smallman (8 months ago)
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Brenda Lauderdale
Happy 59th Birthday to our elected Prime Minister, Boris Johnson - Brenda Lauderdale (8 months ago)
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QPR - Boris Loyalist
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson An inspirational, entertaining, visionary, charismatic, success - QPR - Boris Loyalist (8 months ago)
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Andrew Stewart
We all wishing Boris Johnson a Happy Birthday? - Andrew Stewart (8 months ago)
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Scot Peterson
Happy third anniversary of Boris Johnson\'s 56th birthday, to those who celebrate! - Scot Peterson (8 months ago)
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Alfred Junior of Bruce
Happy Honor Birthday, Boris Johnson. - Alfred Junior of Bruce (8 months ago)
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Peter Hale
Happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday tomorrow except for Boris Johnson - Peter Hale (8 months ago)
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Laura Fleming
Harry styles got his boobs out and sung medicine and we are even closer to the downfall of Boris Johnson & the tori - Laura Fleming (8 months ago)
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Mary Kapadia
A birthday origin story. PS: Boris Johnson being an utter s**thouse obvi... Happy Birthday Super - Mary Kapadia (8 months ago)
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Russell Bloor
Happy Birthday! If I could arrange it, I would have Boris Johnson covered in glue, put into a cannon - Russell Bloor (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Mate. At least you look better than Boris Johnson. - Adam (8 months ago)
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Garry Mounsey
Are people just screaming liar at Boris Johnson, because they are sooo embarrassed that they did everything he said - Garry Mounsey (8 months ago)
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Steve Bray on Mastodon @[email protected]
Parliament needs a big protest turnout on Monday 19th June to wish Boris Johnson a \'Happy Birthday!\' I hope the UK - Steve Bray on Mastodon @[email protected] (8 months ago)
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Bless happy birthday Boris enjoy the present The House of Commons will vote on the findings of the Partygate enqu - Sadfrankie (8 months ago)
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More importantly let\'s never forget that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak had us singing happy birthday while washing - ~meer (8 months ago)
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Dean A Chandler
Borisconi is dead So Boris Johnson is dead resign Guido - Dean A Chandler (8 months ago)
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Ben Jamin
Your birth weight is Boris Johnson twins? Happy birthday by the way - Ben Jamin (8 months ago)

59 years old (Born on June 19, 1964)

English politician from the British Conservative Party who was installed as the Mayor of London in 2008. He was also the editor of The Spectator, a weekly British conservative magazine from 1999 to 2005.

Boris Johnson's Best Moments

   Happy birthday, Boris Johnson! 
Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Press Office.
Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday to Boris Johnson.
Happy Birthday to our magnificent Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.
Happy Birthday NHS! Will you see 72 with either Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as our prime minister!
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson is 54 today! Happy birthday Boris.
Happy birthday Boris Johnson
Happy birthday Boris Johnson
  Wishing Prime Minister Boris Johnson a very Happy Birthday!
Happy Heavenly Birthday Nelson Mandela ..I don\t think Boris Johnson or his cronies well rest in peace !!!!
 A very Happy Birthday to Prime Minister Boris Johnson
 Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson!  Fighter for free speech, we need politicians like you.
Happy birthday Boris Johnson. And Me. Hurry up to top off one of the best of my 24 birthdays yet.
I mean I know you are no fan of Boris Johnson, but the balloons feel a bit much (Happy birthday!)
Wish you happy birthday      Boris Johnson HPM of uk   London
PM Boris Johnson has wished the NHS a happy birthday on its 72nd anniversary
I just had deja vu. Doesn t feel like a year ago I wished Boris Johnson a happy birthday but... happy bday again PM.
                                                !    Boris Johnson Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
 Happy Birthday Mate. At least you look better than Boris Johnson.
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson, Luke Morley, Simon Wright, Hilary Jones, Jimmy Greenhoff & Michael Standing
Wishing a Happy Birthday to Minister Boris Johnson.
Happy birthday to Conservative politician, Boris Johnson.

54 today.
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
Happy birthday Boris Johnson
Happy birthday Boris Johnson
Wishing our Prime Minister Boris Johnson a very happy birthday!
 Happy birthday mr boris Johnson
  Happy Birthday PM Boris Johnson
I give a quick happy birthday to our Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he turned 56 today.
Happy Birthday- Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Happy birthday !  Boris Johnson (1964 6.19-)
  Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
Happy birthday Prime Minister Boris Johnson 
Born: 19 June 1964  Upper East Side, New York, United States
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
  Happy Birthday Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Happy birthday  Minister Johnson
 Happy birthday, Boris Johnson
Happy birthday, Boris Johnson. Thanks you
19/06 Happy Birthday! Boris. Johnson (58)
Happy birthday, Boris Johnson!
Dear Boris Johnson!
Happy birthday to you !
Happy Birthday to our Prime Minister Boris Johnson!
Happy Birthday to everyone who s Birthday it is today. Except Boris Johnson.
Happy third anniversary of Boris Johnson\s 56th birthday, to those who celebrate!
Happy Birthday Boris Johnson
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