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Cynthia O\'Leary
Happy Birthday, Brendan Rodgers! - Cynthia O\'Leary (3 months ago)
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british boxing voice
Happy birthday to Brendan Rodgers & thank you for one of the best days ever when we finally won the - british boxing voice (3 months ago)
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Elliot Mackness
Happy birthday Brendan Rodgers! - Elliot Mackness (3 months ago)
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Robert Busby
Happy birthday Brendan Rodgers!! The best manager our club may have ever had! I hope top backs you in the windows. - Robert Busby (3 months ago)
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January 26th 2022 Happy Birthday 31st | Alex Sandro | Juventus 49th | Brendan Rodgers | Leicester (Mana - Kickoff (3 months ago)
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Fi Howe
Happy Birthday Brendan Rodgers - Fi Howe (3 months ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Brendan Rodgers (Irish Football Coach, Football Player & Football Manager) - Other Name : Rodger - Celebrity Born (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday Soccer Coach Brendan Rodgers! The greatest years of your life are still in the future. Enjoy every d - AllFamous.org (3 months ago)
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Paul Lyons
What is this Happy Birthday thing? Is it because of Brendan Rodgers? - Paul Lyons (1 year ago)
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Rangers Embroidery
Don t worry about it mate they were wishing happy birthday to Brendan Rodgers recently - Rangers Embroidery (1 year ago)
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The Brendan Rodgers happy birthday one had me thinking \"This is deffo a blue nose at the fucking mad - Jim (1 year ago)
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Rangers Faja...
THIS WEEK AT SEPTIC Sun.Thumb deletes 10iar messages.  Coffeegate Mon.Rafa to wait to see if they want him Tue. They - Rangers Faja... (1 year ago)
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Ross Tannen
And he wished Brendan Rodgers a happy birthday this week too - Ross Tannen (1 year ago)
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Peter Martin better not wish Brendan Rodgers a happy birthday - ViewsfromtheJungle79️⃣ (1 year ago)
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Once A Tim Blog
Preview of tonight\'s game. God do we need a performance and a win?! Also, wee Jeremie Frimpong is off for a sizeabl - Once A Tim Blog (1 year ago)
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Hayters TV
\"I\'m not a friend of Jurgen\'s!\" Jose Mourinho explains his relationship with Jurgen Klopp and wishes boss - Hayters TV (1 year ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Kirk Franklin, Dorian Gregory, DJ Enuff, W. Kamau Bell, Melvil Poupaud, Brendan Rodgers, Mayu Shi - North Trenton (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to former manager, Brendan Rodgers! - . (1 year ago)
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NI Hospice
Happy Birthday to our Hospice Ambassador, Brendan Rodgers. Even if its a birthday, we hope you - NI Hospice (1 year ago)
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Wishing Brendan Rodgers a Happy Birthday??? - Coach (1 year ago)
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Ross Landsburgh.
Happy birthday Brendan Rodgers thanks for the good memories - Ross Landsburgh. (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Brendan Rodgers!! - Norz (1 year ago)
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Runaway Rangers
Celtic message account: Happy Birthday Brendan Rodgers! Celtic fans reaction : - Runaway Rangers (1 year ago)
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The Kop End
Happy Birthday to former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers who celebrates his 48th birthday today. - The Kop End (1 year ago)
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Thomas Robb
I love how wish happy birthday to Brendan Rodgers to try get the fans to focus on that knowing that a dea - Thomas Robb (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the gaffer Brendan Rodgers, have a good day... - Rob⚽️LTID⚽️ (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday brendan rodgers - Marcus (1 year ago)
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Jeremy Pound
Happy birthday, Fenella!! You share your birthday with my wife, Kim!! (Plus Gustavo Dudamel, Jacqueline Du P - Jeremy Pound (1 year ago)
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Marco from Tropoja
Happy birthday 2 you and Brendan Rodgers - Marco from Tropoja (1 year ago)
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Ticket Huddle
Happy birthday to Manager Brendan Rodgers! - Ticket Huddle (1 year ago)
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Have you not seen the outrage at the Celtic message page wishing Brendan Rodgers happy birthday. - CheerioTerryMunro (1 year ago)
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\"Happy Birthday Brendan Rodgers, btw we\'ve sold Frimpong\" This club... - Lennadona (1 year ago)
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thomas lamb
Why would any Celtic fan wish Brendan Rodgers a happy birthday, he knew what he did was wrong and it was - thomas lamb (1 year ago)
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Two good coaches born the same day. There must be something special about this day. H - Maceration (1 year ago)
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Mark Marston
Happy birthday to Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers! A master mind of the game and certainly a manager that is over - Mark Marston (1 year ago)
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Barry Brock
Brendan Rodgers here for 10 in a row , happy birthday tranny Shagger - Barry Brock (1 year ago)
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Doing The 92
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both José Mourinho and Brendan Rodgers, 58 and 48 today! Two top class managers back in the - Doing The 92 (1 year ago)
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Nothing for days about Neil Lennon or anything to do with their disaster of a season but have posted - Goshy (1 year ago)
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Bishop Crosas CSC
Happy birthday Brendan Rodgers - Bishop Crosas CSC (1 year ago)
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Ross Devlin
Aye they wished Brendan Rodgers happy birthday today and it has went into meltdown - Ross Devlin (1 year ago)
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C Lauren Sisofo
Top story: \'Happy birthday to manager Brendan Rodgers! \' see more - C Lauren Sisofo (1 year ago)
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BettingTips4you - The House Of Betting Tips
Happy Birthday to Brendan Rodgers! 7 trophies won at Celtic Finished 5th with Leicester last season Currentl - BettingTips4you - The House Of Betting Tips (1 year ago)
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Fayez Akram
Can we wish Brendan Rodgers a happy birthday? - Fayez Akram (1 year ago)
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Clare Groves
Things being the way they are and Celtic go and wish Brendan Rodgers a Happy Birthday?! someone is having a laugh surely? - Clare Groves (1 year ago)
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Sean Colclough
Happy Birthday Brendan Rodgers - Sean Colclough (1 year ago)
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A world war starts Nobody Celtic: Happy birthday to former manager, Brendan Rodgers! - Dunno⚜️ (1 year ago)
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Henry Parker
Happy birthday to my birthday twin, Brendan Rodgers - Henry Parker (1 year ago)
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Every single day there s something new that makes the content on message incredible, long may it last oh and happy - Kim. (1 year ago)
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Football Super Tips
Happy Birthday to Brendan Rodgers! 7 trophies won at Celtic Finished 5th with Leicester last season Currentl - Football Super Tips (1 year ago)
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Now wish Brendan Rodgers happy birthday - Matthew. (1 year ago)

49 years old (Born on January 26, 1973)

Former defender whose career spanned from 1987 to 1996 with five different teams; began managing Liverpool F.C. in 2012.

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 Wishing Brendan Rodgers a Happy Birthday???
Top story: \Happy birthday to manager Brendan Rodgers!  \  see more
 Happy Birthday Brendan Rodgers
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