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Happy birthday, Shane! I\'m glad the back of our heads are immortalized in the Bruce Dern video. - Keisha (4 days ago)
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Mark Blumberg
Happy 85th Birthday Bruce Dern! Lookit how much Hitch is enjoying him here. What a fun and nice-seeming guy. - Mark Blumberg (11 months ago)
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Zachary Thomason
Happy birthday Bruce Dern - Zachary Thomason (11 months ago)
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Jim Montgomery
When I read the Stand the first time, the Walking Man was Bruce Dern in my mind! Still is. Happy Birthday Sir! - Jim Montgomery (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Wonderful Bruce Dern!!! Thank you for all your wonderful characters!!! - Jacramcross (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Bruce Dern. - Cinexcess (11 months ago)
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Virginie Pronovost
Happy 85th birthday to American actor Bruce Dern who was born on June 4, 1936 in Chicago Illinois! - Virginie Pronovost (11 months ago)
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Jake with the Ob
Happy 85th Birthday to Laura Dern s father, Bruce Dern! - Jake with the Ob (11 months ago)
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And Happy Birthday Bruce Dern !! - FXD_rider_2010 (11 months ago)
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Homedance Film Festival Podcast
Happy 85th Birthday to the legendary Bruce Dern! His film THE MUSTANG starring Matthias Schoenaerts debuted at the - Homedance Film Festival Podcast (11 months ago)
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Norman Charles
Happy Birthday, Bruce Dern! - Norman Charles (11 months ago)
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Buttered Pop Culture
Happy 86th birthday to Bruce Dern - Buttered Pop Culture (11 months ago)
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Sheena Christine
Happy 85th birthday to Bruce Dern. - Sheena Christine (11 months ago)
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A very happy 85th birthday to Bruce Dern. Pictured here in The Cowboys, 1972. - RetroCo (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Keith David, Pete Nelson, Angelina Jolie, Horatio Sanz, Bruce Dern, and Mikey Dread - Happy Birthday (11 months ago)
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Sci-Fi Fantasy Fans
Happy Birthday Bruce Dern, who played Freeman Lowell in Thorg in Ben Garth in - Sci-Fi Fantasy Fans (11 months ago)
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Zach Vasquez
Happy birthday to Bruce Dern, whose best performance in a career of great performances comes in Diggstown, possibly - Zach Vasquez (11 months ago)
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The Discreet Charm of Boner Vivant
Happy Birthday Bruce Dern - The Discreet Charm of Boner Vivant (11 months ago)
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Hoy cumple años el actor Bruce Dern (85) Happy birthday ! Aquí mi Ranking: - titorube (11 months ago)
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Tim Gray
Happy Birthday to , one of our best actors and one of my all-time favorite interviews. Here\'s something - Tim Gray (11 months ago)
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June 4 and everyone at wishes a happy birthday to the legendary T - RealGilbertACP (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Bruce Dern who turns 85 today! - TCMFanatics (11 months ago)
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Lord Scummandar
Happy birthday to Bruce Dern Movies: The Hateful Eight | 2015 Freaks | 2018 Once upon a time in Hollywood | 2019 - Lord Scummandar (11 months ago)
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Criterion Collection
Happy 85th birthday, Bruce Dern! Here he is in Bob Rafelson\'s 1972 masterpiece THE KING OF MARVIN GARDENS, one - Criterion Collection (11 months ago)
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Michigan Theater
Happy birthday to Bruce Dern! 60+ year career and still going strong. What\'s your favorite movie of his? - Michigan Theater (11 months ago)
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Blanche DuBois
Feliz cumple a Bruce Dern Happy Birthday!! - Blanche DuBois (11 months ago)
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Frank Reardon
Happy Birthday to the beyond brilliant, Bruce Dern. Some photos of movies he was in that I love: - Frank Reardon (11 months ago)
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Anthony C Paul
There is the best Bruce Dern the meanest toughest cowboy this side of Louisiana with respect his dep - Anthony C Paul (11 months ago)
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Jimmy Howland
Happy Birthday to Bruce Dern! Growing up and watching him in movies, I always found him mesmerizing in his unconven - Jimmy Howland (11 months ago)
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Scott Westerman
Happy Birthday to: 1907 Rosalind Russell (d. 1976) 1924 Dennis Weaver (d. 2006) 1928 Dr. Ruth Westheimer 1936 Bruce - Scott Westerman (11 months ago)
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Graham Reed
Happy Birthday, Bruce Dern (left). 85 today. I remember the first time I watched Silent Running. I cried floods a - Graham Reed (11 months ago)
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JC Allen
Happy 85th Birthday Bruce Dern~~~Bruce Dern shares his memories of working with Alfred Hitchcock via - JC Allen (11 months ago)
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Death By Video
Happy Birthday to the one and only Bruce Dern! He s been burning up the silver screen for SIX decades and shows no - Death By Video (11 months ago)
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マチビット | ジョン・カーペンター監督作品追っかけ中
6/4 Happy 85th birthday Bruce Dern from Silent Running - マチビット | ジョン・カーペンター監督作品追っかけ中 (11 months ago)
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Clint Eastwood Forever
Happy 85th birthday to actor Bruce Dern 1936. Bruce appeared in an episode of Rawhide (1965) and played Mille - Clint Eastwood Forever (11 months ago)
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Anita Roth
Happy Birthday Bruce Dern! - Anita Roth (11 months ago)
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Edward Elderman
Happy 85th birthday to two-time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern (born June 4, 1936) - Edward Elderman (11 months ago)
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Jim Kirkwood Jr
Happy birthday Bruce Dern, born June 4, 1936 - Jim Kirkwood Jr (11 months ago)
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Barney Hurley
Happy Birthday to Bruce Dern who turns 85 years young today - pictured here with Jack Nicholson in a scene from Bob - Barney Hurley (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Bruce Dern - 帰ってきたパンク (11 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! Clint Eastwood May 31, 1930 (age 91) He signed to star in the American revisionist western Hang \'Em - Space-reporter-news (11 months ago)
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Hansom Ransom
Happy birthday Susan Strasberg in Psych Out 1968 Hippie film with Jack Nicholson and Max Julien, Bruce Dern Direct - Hansom Ransom (11 months ago)
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Matthew Socey
Spending a lazy Sunday watching the film Nebraska. Happy birthday, Bruce Dern. - Matthew Socey (1 year ago)
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Abel Rojas
Happy birthday Bruce Dern! - Abel Rojas (1 year ago)
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James Bixler
Happy birthday Bruce Dern - James Bixler (1 year ago)
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Nicholas Dickens
Happy Birthday to the amazing and fantastic Bruce Dern. - Nicholas Dickens (1 year ago)
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WBBM Newsradio
Happy 84th birthday to Winnetka native Bruce Dern, a fantastic actor. We still wish he hadn\'t shot John Wayne in \"T - WBBM Newsradio (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to the legendary Bruce Dern (1936) - Andrea (1 year ago)
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Alec Behan
Happy 84th Birthday to actor, Bruce Dern! - Alec Behan (1 year ago)
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Peter vargas
Happy birthday the one of Hollywood\'s greatest and under appreciated actors...Bruce Dern. - Peter vargas (1 year ago)

85 years old (Born on June 04, 1936)

Bruce Dern's Best Moments

Happy 86th birthday to Bruce Dern
Happy Birthday to Bruce Dern who turns 85 today!
A very happy 85th birthday to Bruce Dern. Pictured here in The Cowboys, 1972.
Happy birthday Bruce Dern!  We\re watching \"The Cowboys.\"
Happy 85th birthday to Bruce Dern.
Happy 84th Birthday to 
Feliz cumple a Bruce Dern Happy Birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Bruce Dern!
Happy Birthday Bruce Dern!!!!!
Happy Birthday to the man, Bruce Dern
Happy birthday Bruce Dern!
Hoy cumple años el actor Bruce Dern (85) Happy birthday ! Aquí mi Ranking:
Happy 85th Birthday to Laura Dern s father, Bruce Dern!
bruce dern movies 0
bruce dern and laura dern 1
bruce dern django unchained 2
Bruce Dern new pic 3

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