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Welcome to Bucky Dent's Birthday Celebration Page
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No matter whose number gets retired, or who goes into the Hall of Fame, you’re always gonna be the best shortstop and #20 that ever put on pinstripes. Happy Birthday, Bucky! - Francine (2 years ago)
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Tom Vee
Happy Birthday Bucky. Bill White\'s call was the best- hit deep to left,... it\'s a 3 run Homerun for Bucky Dent. - Tom Vee (2 days ago)
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Pinstripe Road Trip
YESNetwork \"Happy birthday, Bucky Dent! - Pinstripe Road Trip (2 days ago)
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YES Network
Happy birthday, Bucky Dent! - YES Network (2 days ago)
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roberto lerebours
Effffin Bucky Dent!!!, happy Birthday - roberto lerebours (2 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to Russell Earl Bucky Dent. A Yankee Hero - paddyO-daBronx (2 days ago)
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Howard Kellman
Happy 70th Birthday to Bucky Dent! Best known for his HR against in one game playoff in 1978, Bucky told me - Howard Kellman (2 days ago)
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Happy 70th birthday - InspClousseau (2 days ago)
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Paul Francis Sullivan
Happy birthday to Bucky Dent... who in the end, just made 2004 feel better - Paul Francis Sullivan (2 days ago)
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Steve Villanueva
Happy Birthday Russell Earl Bucky Dent! You re 69 Years Old Now! - Steve Villanueva (1 year ago)
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Paul Bell
Happy Birthday, Bucky Dent. This never gets old. A play by play by the great Bill White. - Paul Bell (1 year ago)
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Lou Iglesias
Happy Birthday Bucky Dent! - Lou Iglesias (1 year ago)
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John Ramos-Henderson
Happy Birthday to Yankees legends Nick Swisher, Joe DiMaggio and Bucky Dent!! - John Ramos-Henderson (1 year ago)
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Chris Hodges
Happy Birthday to former NY Yankee Bucky Dent. Turns out his middle name is actually \'Earl\' - who knew? - Chris Hodges (1 year ago)
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Happy 69th Birthday to Bucky Dent! 3x All-Star 2x WS champ WS MVP in 1978 Best remembered for hitting a - JVAN (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Randy! Conspiracy: Tyler Wade was made up in a lab by Bucky Dent. Same number of letters gives it away - Razzball (1 year ago)
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1974 Baseball Tweets
Happy 68th Birthday to Bucky Dent! A 3X All-Star at shortstop, Bucky was MVP of the \'78 World Series for the - 1974 Baseball Tweets (2 years ago)
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Andrew Levy
Happy Birthday Bucky Dent! - Andrew Levy (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to Bucky Dent. He signed this ball sent to his home with $15 this month. Very quick turnaround. - whitesoxsigs (2 years ago)
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Paul Francis Sullivan (Please Call Me Sully)
Happy Birthday to Bucky Dent... I am so happy that I was too young to appreciate his homer - Paul Francis Sullivan (Please Call Me Sully) (2 years ago)
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Christopher Kelly
Happy 67th Birthday Bucky Dent. - Christopher Kelly (3 years ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Chris Claremont, Giorgio Faletti (d. 2014), Alexis Wright, Bucky Dent, Charlaine Harris, Bill Mor - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (3 years ago)
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Kara 5⃣
Happy birthday, sexy Bucky Dent! - Kara 5⃣ (3 years ago)
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1970s Baseball
Happy Birthday Russell Earl O\'Dey aka Bucky Dent, 3x All-Star SS who hit one of the most iconic homers of all-time: - 1970s Baseball (3 years ago)
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Gio/wthballs blog
Happy Birthday to Bucky \"%&**$!\" Dent, who turns 67 today. - Gio/wthballs blog (3 years ago)
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Brenda Doherty
Happy Birthday Bucky Dent! My first true love! - Brenda Doherty (3 years ago)
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Tom Thress
Happy 67th birthday to former shortstop Bucky Dent - Tom Thress (3 years ago)
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Larry in Missouri
Happy Birthday Bucky Dent,3X All Star,2X World Champion,World Series MVP,Red Sox killer: 67 Today... - Larry in Missouri (3 years ago)
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Josh Q. Public
Happy birthday Bucky Dent, and fuck you. - Josh Q. Public (3 years ago)
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Isaac Rodriguez
Happy birthday to Joe DiMaggio (1914-1999) Pro Football HOF Lenny Moore (85) Pro Football HOF Joe Gibbs (78) Ben St - Isaac Rodriguez (3 years ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Joe DiMaggio(1914-1999)(104)Ricardo Montalban(Kahn)(1920-2009)(98)Joe Gibbs(78)Ben Stein(74)John Lar - Kracker Jones (3 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Chris Claremont, Giorgio Faletti (d. 2014), Alexis Wright, Bucky Dent, Charlaine Harris, Bill Mor - North Trenton (4 years ago)
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Wax Pack Gods
Happy birthday (66th) to Bucky Dent, one of the many huge figures in the rival. - Wax Pack Gods (4 years ago)
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Steven Sharp
Happy 66th Birthday today to retired All-Star shortstop, former MLB manager, and former MLB coach Bucky Dent! - Steven Sharp (4 years ago)
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Susan Harman
Happy 66th birthday Bucky Dent - Susan Harman (4 years ago)
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Baseball by BSmile
Happy 66th Birthday Bucky Dent! ~ Mr. \"Bleeping\" Dent was born on November 25, 1951 in Savannah, Georgia. - Baseball by BSmile (4 years ago)
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Gummy Arts
Wishing a happy 66th birthday to Bucky Dent! - Gummy Arts (4 years ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Joe Gibbs, Bucky Dent, Billy Burke, - Jennifer Long (4 years ago)
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Don Fulton
Happy 66th birthday to Bucky Dent. The 2-time WS champ (\'78 Series MVP) & 3-time All Star slammed the dramatic 3-ru - Don Fulton (4 years ago)
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Omaha Storm Chasers
Happy Birthday as well to 2002 Omaha Royals manager Bucky ______ Dent! (safe to say we can\'t message his middle name. - Omaha Storm Chasers (4 years ago)
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Baseball Card Daily
Happy Birthday to Bucky Dent. Here is on his 1982 Topps All-Star card! - Baseball Card Daily (4 years ago)
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Derek Mann
Happy birthday to 3x all-star 2x WS champion & 1978 WS MVP INF Bucky Dent - Derek Mann (4 years ago)
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Dust Valley Sports
A big happy birthday to retired MLB shortstop Bucky Dent, former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar, and retired NFL quar - Dust Valley Sports (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday! Bucky Dent - Creeps (4 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Shortstop / Mgr Bucky Dent 1977-1982 New York Team - YANKEES_COWBOYS (4 years ago)

70 years old (Born on November 25, 1951)

American Major League Baseball player who won two World Series as the starting shortstop for the New York Yankees. He is most well known for his home run in the 1978 American League East tie-breaker game against the Boston Red Sox.

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Happy birthday, Bucky Dent!
Happy Birthday to Russell Earl Bucky Dent. A Yankee Hero
Happy 67th Birthday Bucky Dent.
Happy birthday to Bucky Dent... who in the end, just made 2004 feel better
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Bucky Dent new pic 1
Bucky Dent dating 2
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