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Yesterday was Burt Young\'s birthday. This gives me an excuse to use the \"Happy Birthday Paulie\" robot scene from Ro - The ATTIC DWELLERS (9 months ago)
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Scott Mair
Happy birthday to Burt Young aka Paulie Balboa from the Rocky series. I hope you have a wonderful - Scott Mair (9 months ago)
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Jeff Brooks
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. BUYOUNG - Jeff Brooks (9 months ago)
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Class. Movie Reviews
Happy 78 birthday to Burt Young born 4/30/1940 - Class. Movie Reviews (9 months ago)
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King Arthur
Hey yo it\'s Paulie\'s birthday... Happy Birthday Burt Young - King Arthur (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday to \"Rocky\" actor Burt Young! - keyn1037 (9 months ago)
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spacewoman reporter
HAPPY 79th BIRTHDAY to BUYOUNG!! Born Richard Morea, American actor, author and painter. He is best known fo - spacewoman reporter (9 months ago)
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Ryan Ghantous
Happy birthday to Paulie himself, Burt Young - Ryan Ghantous (9 months ago)
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Film Nerd
Happy birthday to the following actors who\'ve appeared in movies previously reviewed on the site: Adrian Pasdar (Ne - Film Nerd (9 months ago)
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Photo Larry ®
Happy Birthday RIP \"Eve Arden\"(Eunice Quedens 1908 1990) \"Al Lewis\"(Alexander Meister 1923 2006) Gary Collins(1938 - Photo Larry ® (9 months ago)
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Happy 79th birthday to Burt Young. In the 80\'s Burt had some memorable roles including the \"Rocky\" series (\'76-\'06) - LandOfThe80\'s (9 months ago)
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WILDsound Festival Review
Happy Birthday: Burt Young - WILDsound Festival Review (9 months ago)
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It Came From The VCR
Happy Birthday, Burt Young. - It Came From The VCR (9 months ago)
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Happy 79th Birthday, Burt Young. Rocky\'s no-good brother-in-law Paulie in the \"Rocky\" movies. He also played Rodne - GroovinOldies (9 months ago)
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Michael A. Roberts
Happy Bday to Legendary Actor Burt Young AKA The Brother of Adrian Balboa Paulie from the Rocky movies He was an - Michael A. Roberts (9 months ago)
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Ocean 100
Happy Birthday to \'Paulie\' Burt Young(79), Cloris Leachman(93), Johnny Galecki(44) & Isiah Thomas(58) - Ocean 100 (9 months ago)
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Betamax Video Club
Happy Birthday Paulie (Burt Young 79 today) - Betamax Video Club (9 months ago)
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Kracker Jones
Happy birthday Cloris Leachman(93)Burt Young(Rocky(79)Eve Arden(1908-1990)Al Lewis(Adams Family)(1923-2006)Jill Cla - Kracker Jones (9 months ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy birthday today to Cloris Leachman Dickie Davies Burt Young Merrill Osmond Jane Campion Lars vo - Celebrity Birthdays (9 months ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to the wonderful Cloris Leachman (93), Burt Young (Rocky)(79), Jill Clayburgh (75), António Gu - Melanie VaughanSmith (9 months ago)
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John Winterbauer
A friend of mine played Burt Young\'s girlfriend in Back To School. Chaplin, man, THAT\' - John Winterbauer (9 months ago)
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Kenneth Johnson
Apr 30 Happy Birthday part 1: Burt Young, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Perry - Kenneth Johnson (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Burt Young - JASPER BEARDLY (1 year ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Cloris Leachman, Tony Harrison, Gary Collins, Juraj Jakubisko, Burt Young, Johnny Farina, Annie D - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (1 year ago)
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Dave Hollingsworth
Happy Birthday to character actor Burt Young, seen here in: ROCKY CHINATOWN ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA LAST EXIT - Dave Hollingsworth (1 year ago)
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Happy 78th birthday to American actor, author and painter Burt Young as brother - SYED AMMAR ALAVI (1 year ago)
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Cinema Sanctum
Happy birthday to Burt Young! - Cinema Sanctum (1 year ago)
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Jennifer Long
Happy Birthday to Johnny Galecki, Adrian Pasdar, Burt You - Jennifer Long (1 year ago)
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Yo Burt Young uncle Paulie Happy Birthday all the best - FrankSly (1 year ago)
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Fox Mulder
Happy 77th birthday to my dude Burt Young! - Fox Mulder (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gal Gadot (1985) Kirsten Dunst (1982) Burt Young (1940) Perry King (1948) - Eric (1 year ago)
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Tales from the Crypt
Happy Birthday to Burt Young, star of the Tales from the Crypt episode Split Personality ! - Tales from the Crypt (1 year ago)
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HAPPY 78th BIRTHDAY to BUYOUNG!! Born Gerald Tommaso DeLouise is an American actor, author and painter. He is be - Madhotcomicsplus (1 year ago)
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The Sopranos Club
Happy Birthday to the 1 episode king of The Sopranos - Bobby Baccalieri Senior, played by legendary actor Burt Youn - The Sopranos Club (1 year ago)
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Fan Fiction Festival
Happy Birthday: Burt Young - Fan Fiction Festival (1 year ago)
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FREE Poetry Festival
Happy Birthday: Burt Young - FREE Poetry Festival (1 year ago)
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WILDsound Review
Happy Birthday: Burt Young - WILDsound Review (1 year ago)
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April 30: Universal Pictures 105, Bugs Bunny 79, Burt Young 77, Johnny Galecki 42. Happy Birthday! - JM007JM (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Burt Young! - Autovolt (2 years ago)
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Marylynn Pierce
Happy 77th Birthday, Burt Young - Marylynn Pierce (2 years ago)
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IMDb. April 30th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Adrien Pasdar, Olivia DeJonge, Eve Arden, Burt Young, Steven Mackintosh, Pal Gross, Jill Clayburgh. - GSmith (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday, Burt Young - Aurora (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to the one and only Burt Young!!! - Tony (2 years ago)
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Today is Burt Young\'s birthday. Happy birthday Paulie. - JUdice_Priest (2 years ago)
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Dave Singh
Happy 77th Birthday Burt Young - Dave Singh (2 years ago)
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Dean Lopata
Happy Birthday Burt Young - Dean Lopata (2 years ago)
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Old School 80s
Happy Birthday to \'Paulie\' Burt Young(77), Cloris Leachman(91), Johnny Galecki(42) & Isiah Thomas(56) - Old School 80s (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Paul Gross, Steven Mackintosh, Adrian Pasdar, Rose Rollins, Burt Young, Drew Seeley, Jane Campion & Willie Nelson! - Rinsessa (2 years ago)
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Peter Oxley
BUYOUNG HAPPY BIRTHDAY 77 today Rocky 1976 Rocky II 1979 Convoy 1978 Once Upon a Time in America 1984 A - Peter Oxley (2 years ago)
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BUYOUNG HAPPY BIRTHDAY 77 today Rocky 1976 Rocky II 1979 Convoy 1978 Once Upon a Time in America 1984 A - PETER T OXLEY (2 years ago)

79 years old (Born on April 30, 1940)


Burt Young's Best Moments

Happy Birthday, Burt Young.
Happy Birthday Burt Young!
Happy Birthday Burt Young
Happy Birthday to Burt Young, star of the Tales from the Crypt episode Split Personality !
Happy Birthday to the one and only Burt  Young!!!
Happy birthday, Burt Young
Happy 77th birthday to my dude Burt Young!
Happy birthday to Burt Young!
Happy Birthday Burt Young
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burt young back to school 1
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