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Irene C. Reynolds
- Irene C. Reynolds (8 months ago)
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Lineal Boxing Champion
Happy birthday to Froch had big wins over the likes of Bute, Kessler, Abraham, Dirrell, Groves an - Lineal Boxing Champion (8 months ago)
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Mark Rogers
That was a lot of people, respect to the Man and happy birthday - Mark Rogers (8 months ago)
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Women’s Fight News
Happy birthday - Women’s Fight News (8 months ago)
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Official Account of (Activist) \"Bad\" Brad Berkwitt
SJC Boxing & Ringside Report Wishes Retired Boxing Champion Carl Froch a Happy 50th Birthday Boxing News - Official Account of (Activist) \"Bad\" Brad Berkwitt (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Boxer Carl Froch! I wish you a wonderful birthday! - AllFamous.org (8 months ago)
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Brilliant clips . Happy birthday to carl . Was easier to hate as a boxer now easier to - wilkins (8 months ago)
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Boxing Kingdom
Happy Birthday Carl Froch! - Boxing Kingdom (8 months ago)
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Paul Oltai
Awesome stuff. Happy birthday mate. Great present for your 30th - Paul Oltai (1 year ago)
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Prime TimeTalk TV
Happy Birthday - Prime TimeTalk TV (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday - Ricky (1 year ago)
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Official Account of \"Bad\" Brad Berkwitt
SJC Boxing & Ringside Report Wishes Retired Boxing Champion Carl Froch a Happy 49th Birthday - Boxing News - Official Account of \"Bad\" Brad Berkwitt (1 year ago)
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Shane Green
birthday?! Happy birthday cobra! One of the best and most entertaining fighters in my opinion set the s - Shane Green (1 year ago)
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Ted Doe
Happy birthday Have a good one mate - Ted Doe (1 year ago)
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John\'jr betts
Happy birthday - John\'jr betts (1 year ago)
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I really enjoyed watching him lose to and , who beat. - Mitch (1 year ago)
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Dan Rafael
Happy 44th birthday today to future Hall of Famer - Dan Rafael (1 year ago)
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Steven Sethi
Happy birthday mate - Steven Sethi (1 year ago)
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Mark Pavelich
Happy Birthday to Fights: 35 Wins: 33 KOs: 24 Former unified super-middleweight world champion O - Mark Pavelich (1 year ago)
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Rob Green
Absolutely hands down, my favourite boxer of all time, never sidestepped any opponent, \"cobra\'d\" most, - Rob Green (1 year ago)
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Big Irv
Happy birthday mate. - Big Irv (1 year ago)
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DAZN Boxing
Happy birthday to Carl Froch Fights: 35 Wins: 33 KOs: 24 Former unified super-middleweight world champi - DAZN Boxing (1 year ago)
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Paul Reeve
Happy Birthday to a true legend! - Paul Reeve (1 year ago)
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Glyn Watts
Happy birthday Carl hope you have a great one - Glyn Watts (1 year ago)
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positive vibes
Happy birthday carl, can you tell us about that time George Groves sold out Wembley. - positive vibes (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to the man that made Calzaghe shit his pants and vacate - SKRATCH (Carl) (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday - thelastbuckle (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday champ!! x - Essy (1 year ago)
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mark page
happy birthday sir ave a good one - mark page (1 year ago)
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Darryl Slack
Happy birthday to a massively underrated fighter! Were you not asked to work on the new dazn network? - Darryl Slack (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Carl - Alex (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Joe Calzaghe would have 118-110ed you every single day of the week, - Rick (1 year ago)
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Chris CS
Good Day to one and all Happy Friday! These Famous/Notable people were born on 2nd of July Margot Robbie Peter - Chris CS (1 year ago)
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Andy Foster
Cant believe some of these comments. Poor tale when you cant wish your Mrs Happy Birthday - Andy Foster (2 years ago)
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David Ainsworth
Happy Birthday Rachel - hope you have a great day - David Ainsworth (2 years ago)
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if you can reply to this and wish a happy 20th birthday with me and them both tagged I win a prize - help a man out - Luke (2 years ago)
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Arv Mittoo
l.o.l brilliant happy birthday - Arv Mittoo (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday wishes to - LatinboxSports (2 years ago)
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John Boy H
Happy birthday Carl froch. It can be about u today. Lol - John Boy H (2 years ago)
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⚡️ Storm ⚡️
Happy birthday Carl. - ⚡️ Storm ⚡️ (2 years ago)
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⚡️ Duncs ⚡️
Happy birthday Carl. - ⚡️ Duncs ⚡️ (2 years ago)
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World Boxing Council
What is your favorite Carl Froch moment? Happy Birthday Champion! - World Boxing Council (2 years ago)
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Tony Knight
happy birthday fella - Tony Knight (2 years ago)
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Bad Brad
SJC Boxing & Ringside Report Wishes Retired Boxing Champion Carl Froch a Happy 48th Birthday - Bad Brad (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday to the 6th best super middleweight in British boxing history Legend - kif (2 years ago)
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The Boxing Index
Happy birthday - The Boxing Index (2 years ago)
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Rob Thompson
Happy birthday to the love ya pal x - Rob Thompson (2 years ago)
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stuart doherty
Happy Birthday the Cobra have a belter and respect for recording for us on your birthd - stuart doherty (2 years ago)

45 years old (Born on July 02, 1977)

Nicknamed "The Cobra," known for a great chin and gutsy, entertaining style; held IBF, WBA, and WBC titles.

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Happy 44th birthday today to future Hall of Famer
Happy Birthday Carl Froch!
Happy birthday mate.
Happy Birthday 42 were have the years gone m8
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Carl Froch new pic 1
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