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SoxOnTheBrain ⚾️
. 24/24 And so, another birthday celebration, comes to an end. To close out the party: Carole King and - SoxOnTheBrain ⚾️ (6 months ago)
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Thomas E. Headrick
Happy birthday! - Thomas E. Headrick (6 months ago)
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Julia Finley
Happy Heavenly Birthday, Karen! Here is one that doesn t get played enough (and written by the brillian - Julia Finley (6 months ago)
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Marilyn Wade
Happy Birthday! You make 80 look good! - Marilyn Wade (6 months ago)
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David Hunsperger
Happy birthday - David Hunsperger (7 months ago)
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Homeschool Programs and Fine Art Book
Happy Birthday Carole King. - Homeschool Programs and Fine Art Book (7 months ago)
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Theodore W Manos Sr
A belated Happy Birthday, Carol... Mazel Tov! Tapestry is still, to this day, one of my all-time favor - Theodore W Manos Sr (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday month to my Birthday twin .. wishing you another fabulous trip around the sun .. much LOVE & GRATITUDE - REBL (7 months ago)
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Love you both!! Happy birthday - kayj412 (7 months ago)
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roberto vilanueva
Happy Birthday dear Carole ,I love all your beatifull songs ,since was a little boy ,High school ,love - roberto vilanueva (7 months ago)
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The Blue Dolphins
Happy Birthday Day Carole. Thank you for all the music!!! - The Blue Dolphins (7 months ago)
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Originally written by Goffin and King for the Drifters back in 1962, Carole King s own version of Up On The Roof is - TheGammonistas (7 months ago)
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William Gregory
Happy birthday, Carole! And many happy returns!! - William Gregory (7 months ago)
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Lisa Fields
80! No way! Happy birthday lovely lady. And thank you for all the beautiful music - Lisa Fields (7 months ago)
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Martha Artz
Happy be-lated birthday! You are a true treasure. - Martha Artz (7 months ago)
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Nicole Jeanette Hyke
One of my faves! Happy Birthday! - Nicole Jeanette Hyke (7 months ago)
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LIV - Paula Halewski
Happy birthday! - LIV - Paula Halewski (7 months ago)
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Wenn Wenn
Happy Birthday - Wenn Wenn (7 months ago)
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Chris Smit#freeJulianAssange#NoVaccinePassports
Happy birthday Carole! The first album I ever bought was Tapestry! Xx - Chris Smit#freeJulianAssange#NoVaccinePassports (7 months ago)
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Fiona Campbell
happy birthday and thank you. - Fiona Campbell (7 months ago)
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Peter Collins
Well, happy birthday Carole - Peter Collins (7 months ago)
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Lucy Appleby
Happy Birthday to wonderful Carole King! - Lucy Appleby (7 months ago)
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Mary Edmondson
Happy Birthday! - Mary Edmondson (7 months ago)
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Adrian Rathmell
Carole Happy Birthday- we ve been watching this and it s lovely. I keep welling up because it brings b - Adrian Rathmell (7 months ago)
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Catherine Sager
Happy Birthday - Catherine Sager (7 months ago)
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Juliette Farrell
Happy Birthday x - Juliette Farrell (7 months ago)
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george mogronator
(+) Happy birthday: ( ( (Th - george mogronator (7 months ago)
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Marianella Gervasi-Drabick
Happy Birthday to you beautiful lady! - Marianella Gervasi-Drabick (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you! You made my life in the 70s tolerable thank you! - Vonnie (7 months ago)
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Steven Kane
Happy Birthday - Steven Kane (7 months ago)
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Karen Van Drie #UprootTheSystem
Happy 80th birthday to joygiver Carole King! I can still sing every word! - Karen Van Drie #UprootTheSystem (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday Carole Hope you enjoyed every second! BTW If you ever fancied playing a concert in Ir - 1000GigGuy (7 months ago)
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DJ Guillory-Moorman-King
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CAROLE. - DJ Guillory-Moorman-King (7 months ago)
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Suzanne Taylor
Happy Birthday! I was born in 1970, and through my mother, your Tapestry album has been a constant in my life. Much . - Suzanne Taylor (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday CK! From someone who lives not far from Pleasant Valley Way! - NovaGrad (7 months ago)
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Rita Dewey
So sweet Scott. Happy Birthday Carole!! - Rita Dewey (7 months ago)
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Soy Palolis
Happy 51st Anniversary and 80th birthday, One of my favorite vinyls - Soy Palolis (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday! I know every word to every song on your Tapestry album. Every song takes me back to my - jharper (7 months ago)
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Judy Huck
Happy birthday Carole! - Judy Huck (7 months ago)
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- myra (7 months ago)
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Linda Schmidt
Ahhh Happy Birthday!!!! You look FABULOUS!!! You are a major part of the soundtrack of my life!! - Linda Schmidt (7 months ago)
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James Thomas McCaffery
I would love to wish a very happy birthday to a very lovely lady who I absolutely love and adore and am a huge fan - James Thomas McCaffery (7 months ago)
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Lost in Limbo
Happy Birthday, Carole! 8 0 And thank you for the music! - Lost in Limbo (7 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday Carole I truly thank you for your music, it has been a gift to me through much of my life. L - norman (7 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday to Carole King! - Wask (7 months ago)
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Golden Globe Awards
Legendary singer and songwriter who turned 80 this week, won her first Golden Globe nomination this y - Golden Globe Awards (7 months ago)
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Tammy McKenzie
Happy birthday from one of your biggest fans! - Tammy McKenzie (7 months ago)
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Neighbors & Citizens
Happy Happy Birthday - Neighbors & Citizens (7 months ago)
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Larry Morgan,Life Poet
I am always happy to see ya, hope you had a great birthday, I hope you are safe and GO - Larry Morgan,Life Poet (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday to one of the best lyricists. - MadlyOdd.com (7 months ago)

80 years old (Born on February 09, 1942)

Carole King's Best Moments

Room Rater Happy Birthday. was born on this day in 1942.
Happy Birthday, !!
Happy Birthday to the one-and-only
Best wishes to for a wonderful & happy birthday!
Happy 80th birthday, From your fans at Ace!
Wishing a very Happy Birthday!
Happy 80th birthday to Carole King
 (New York, February 9 1942)
Happy 50th birthday to one of the greatest albums ever
Happy 80th Birthday to the great
Happy birthday to the wonderful  Carole King It s Too Late
Happy Birthday Carole King (February 9, 1942)  Great American composer and singer-songwriter.
Happy birthday Carole King 80 today
Happy 80th Birthday to Carole King!
What are your favorite songs / lyrics?
Happy Birthday Carole King. What a remarkable record this is.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AN ICON! Legendary sing-songwriter Carole King is celebrating her 80th birthday today!
Happy 80th Birthday to the hardest working advocate for our planet, Carole King,
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The legendary is *80* today! What\s your favorite song of hers?
Happy 80th birthday to living legend
We will still love you forever!  Happy 80th Birthday, Carole King!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the incredible who inspired my only tribute album!
Happy birthday to my songwriting idol, Carole King.
She was born on this day in 1942.
Happy 80th Birthday Carole King! Sing us into paradise Jazz Woman!.
Happy 80th birthday to the legend that is Carole King \"It\s Too Late\" remains one of my favourite songs ever!
 From our Beautiful company and all of us at Curve - wishing the legendary a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday to the legendary Carole King, who turns 80 today.
Happy birthday
Birthday Happy\s Carol Joan Klein!
80 years young today :)
Happy 80th birthday to the great
Happy birthday Thank you for inspiring writers like me one song at a time!
Bon dia. Good morning. Buenos días Happy Birthday \"Tapestry,\" álbum 1971
Happy Birthday Carole King
Happy 80th Birthday to CAROLE KING
Music News:  Happy Birthday to a natural woman! Carole King turns 80 today
Happy Birthday Carole King
Happy Birthday to the great A thread on Carole & Aretha:
Oh my Happy Birthday    you ve got a friend.....
Happy Birthday to legendary singer/songwriter
Happy Birthday to the Legendary
Happy Birthday Carole King! She wrote so many classics! Tapestry 1971 was a great album!
 Happy Birthday Carole King
Happy belated birthday to one of the United States\ greatest singer-songwriters,
Happy 51st birthday to Timeless album
Happy birthday, Carole King
 Happy Birthday Carole XO
You\ve Got a Friend - Happy Birthday to Carole King!
 You, our great inspiration, god bless you so much, Happy Birthday Carole.
9 February:  Happy Birthday, Carole King!
                    Happy Birthday,  Alice Walker!
Happy 79th Birthday, Carole King
  Happy Birthday!!
You\ve Got A Friend Happy Birthday
Shania Twain Show Planet Hollywood 
Happy Birthday Carole King
Happy 80th Birthday, Carole King.
 Happy Birthday!
Happy 80th Birthday to . Here she is at an appearance at a Barnes & Noble 10 years ago.
Happy birthday to American singer-songwriter, 
Carole King  
(February 9, 1942).
Happy Birthday to a natural woman! Carole King turns 80 today -
Happy 80th Birthday,
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to turning 80 on 9 February
Happy birthday  CAROLE KING!
Good morning! Happy Birthday, Carole King!
Carole King Happy Birthday
Happy 80th Birthday Carole King!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Wishes to the Incomparable Carole King!
 But you\re so far away 
Doesn\t anybody stay in    one place anymore? - Happy 80th birthday Carole King
Happy 80th birthday Carole King
Happy Birthday dear Carole King!
 Happy birthday
 HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY Carole King! Favorite album TAPESTRY! xo
 Happy Birthday Carole, from Harold
Happy 80th Birthday to the legend that is - Tapestry remains one of my favourite albums ever
Happy birthday to singer/songwriter Carole King, who s given us today s words of
 Happy birthday One of the alltime greatest and forever a piece of my memories.
Happy Birthday to a natural woman! Carole King turns 80 today -
Happy 80th birthday to
 Happy Birthday! One of my favorite albums of all time.
Happy 80th birthday to Carole King, my queen. 

Tapestry remains a top 5 album of all time and it s not 5
 Happy Birthday Carole!  Have a wonderful day!
 Happy Birthday Carole
 Dang! I need a day spa!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
 Happy Birthday to the greatest songwriter ever!  So great seeing you at the Rock Hall!!
Happy Birthday Carole King
 Happy Birthday to the iconic Carole King!!
 Happy Birthday!
   Happy Birthday to you very Talented Woman, you!
 Happy Birthday Carole
 Happy Birthday, Carole!
Happy 80th Birthday Carole King!
 Happy 80th birthday! Beautiful music tonight at a beautiful venue.
Happy 80th birthday to the amazing
 happy 80th birthday to Carole King, I\ll always be your Jazz man
 Happy Birthday Carole
 Happy birthday Carole
 Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for the memories!!
 Happy Birthday to you! You made my life in the 70s tolerable thank you!
   Love you both!! Happy birthday
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