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Rachelle Lefevre Italy
Happy birthday Caroline Dhavernas (2018 & to 2012) - Rachelle Lefevre Italy (3 months ago)
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Easy Living
Happy Birthday Caroline Dhavernas!! Working with you was a dream come true! Also, the third season of MARY KILLS PE - Easy Living (3 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, Caroline Dhavernas! - RACC (3 months ago)
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Zeman Sexy Celebrity Legs Images
Happy Birthday to Caroline Dhavernas, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Sophie Cookson from Zeman Celeb Legs - Zeman Sexy Celebrity Legs Images (3 months ago)
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What the Shot?
Born on this day, Caroline Dhavernas turns 41. Happy Birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer! - What the Shot? (3 months ago)
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WILDsound Festival Review
Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas - WILDsound Festival Review (3 months ago)
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It is Caroline Dhavernas het birthday today and I can t believe she is 40 now Happy birthday to my fave actress - Sophie (1 year ago)
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¡Happy Birthday Caroline Dhavernas! - YouRocket (1 year ago)
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Richard M
Happy birthday Caroline Dhavernas - Richard M (1 year ago)
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Festival for HORROR
Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas - Festival for HORROR (1 year ago)
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IMDb. May 15th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sophie Cookson (27) Alexandra Breckenridge (35) Caroline Dhavernas (39) Jamie-Lynn Sigler (36) - GSmith (2 years ago)
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rose colored girl
Happy birthday to our lord and savior Caroline Dhavernas - rose colored girl (2 years ago)
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05/15 Happy Birthday - Caroline Dhavernas - MajorVoyeur (2 years ago)
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Scott Zeman
Happy Birthday to from Share the news! - Scott Zeman (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas - Mary - RC (2 years ago)
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Matthew Toffolo
Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas - Matthew Toffolo (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas - Popculturemadness (2 years ago)
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WILDsound Review
Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas - WILDsound Review (2 years ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today in 1978 Caroline Dhavernas, Canadian actress was born.... - Jamie Roxx (2 years ago)
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Hoje 15/05 a atriz Caroline Dhavernas completa 39 anos Happy Birthday Caroline Dhavernas - purycosta (2 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 39th Birthday, Caroline Dhavernas! - Caroline Dhavernas celebrates her 39th Birthday today! - Who\'s Dated Who (2 years ago)
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Let\'s wish Happy 39th Birthday to the wonderful Caroline Dhavernas! - LeePaceFansNetwork (2 years ago)
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Movie Star Birthdays
Happy Birthday Caroline Dhavernas! (actress, 39) - Movie Star Birthdays (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Chazz Palminteri, David Krumholtz, Caroline Dhavernas, Sophie Cookson, Alexandra Breckenridge & Jamie-Lynn Sigler! - Rinsessa (2 years ago)
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Mary Harris
Happy birthday, lovely Caroline Dhavernas - Mary Harris (2 years ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Mon, 15 May 2017, let us all send Caroline Dhavernas the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (39) - Thorsten Alteholz (2 years ago)
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ᴮᶤᵃᶰᵏᵃ ᴮᵘ̈ᶜʰᵉʳ
O_O I have the same birthday as Caroline Dhavernas :o ^-^ me happy - ᴮᶤᵃᶰᵏᵃ ᴮᵘ̈ᶜʰᵉʳ (2 years ago)

41 years old (Born on May 15, 1978)

Canadian actress; She is famous from Wonderfalls, Lost and Delirious.

Americanized the pronunciation of her last name when she started taking English speaking roles. In French, it is pronounced Da-ver-nas, In English, it is pronounced Da-ver-na. Daughter of Su00e9bastien Dhavernas and wife Michele Deslauriers. Her sister, Gabrielle Dhavernas, is specialized in dubbing. The voice timber of both actresses is very similar. Her first name is pronounced Caro"lean" because of her French Canadian heritage. Did her own voice-overs for the French translation of "Wonderfalls" (2004).

Caroline Dhavernas's Best Moments

Happy Birthday: Caroline Dhavernas   - Mary
Happy birthday Caroline Dhavernas
Born on this day, Caroline Dhavernas turns 41. Happy Birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer!
Happy Birthday, Caroline Dhavernas!
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Fun Facts About Caroline Dhavernas

She trained for 2 months with the Pointe-Claire Swim Club to convincingly portray Marilyn Bell who was the first to cross 32-mile Lake Ontario in 1954.

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