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hi cher hi happy birthday cher my love - golden (2 months ago)
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My avi says it all.
sounds damn good, enjoy! and happy birthday to you as well. - My avi says it all. (7 months ago)
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Maurice Thompson
Happy early Birthday - Maurice Thompson (7 months ago)
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new year same Colin
- new year same Colin (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Cher - Aginnum (7 months ago)
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Black magic
Happy late birthday Cher!!! - Black magic (7 months ago)
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DJ black eclipse
Happy late birthday Cher!!! - DJ black eclipse (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday. Cut TF up this weekend - Bobby_Mack_II (7 months ago)
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Diddy Simpson
U forgot my invite lol Happy Birthday - Diddy Simpson (7 months ago)
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edwin walker
happy birthday - edwin walker (7 months ago)
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Business B4 Backshots
Happy Birthday Queen. How was the food - Business B4 Backshots (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!! - D_onmyhat_313 (7 months ago)
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La journée ne pouvait pas venir et passer sans que je ne bénisse Dieu pour l\'anniversaire de mon ami et frère - Mi (7 months ago)
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Cher happy birthday - ほりかめさんと他5.120人 (7 months ago)
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Ebbe Noir
Happy beautiful blessed birthday Ms. Mom Sace. Enjoy. - Ebbe Noir (7 months ago)
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Henry M\'panda
Happy birthday Cher kaka. Que cette nouvelle bougie t apporte l énergie nécessaire afin que tu puisse con - Henry M\'panda (7 months ago)
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Kathy Johnson
Happy Birthday - Kathy Johnson (7 months ago)
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Song Eretson, the opinionated redhead
There doesn\'t seem to be a ton of research into it. It is known specifically for creati - Song Eretson, the opinionated redhead (7 months ago)
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Paul Styles
Happy birthday young lady x - Paul Styles (7 months ago)
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François Rosicki
Cher M. Ivan Rioufol, C\'est le retour de notre ami Papi Trumpo sur message - François Rosicki (7 months ago)
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François Rosicki
Cher M. Ivan Rioufol, C\'est le retour de notre ami Papi Trumpo sur message - François Rosicki (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Wade (7 months ago)
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Lisa Herron
Happy birthday Georgia xx - Lisa Herron (7 months ago)
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Pam Davis
Happy Birthday Beautiful Georgia! - Pam Davis (7 months ago)
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Paul Penny
Happy birthday chezzzerrr have a cracker of a day - Paul Penny (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday my Kyle buddy - Daz (7 months ago)
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Erik O
Happy birthday Cheryl! - Erik O (7 months ago)
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Sarah Turner
Happy Birthday - Sarah Turner (7 months ago)
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Elvis Royal ®️
Happy Birthday. You are now middle-aged - Elvis Royal ®️ (7 months ago)
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Johnny Hunt
Happy birthday have a lovely day - Johnny Hunt (7 months ago)
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Djamila Yasmine
Happy Birthday to you mukwatombolo, le cher et tendre époux de maman Denise . - Djamila Yasmine (7 months ago)
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Citizen Jane1
As many of us suspected and were concerned about, there appears to be damage to Marilyn Monroe - Citizen Jane1 (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Turk (7 months ago)
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Paula Cashwell Fay
Mine does that a lot lately. I can hardly wait to see what that\'ll bring on my birthday. I don\'t know wheth - Paula Cashwell Fay (7 months ago)
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Not wishing him a happy birthday really is my Cher Believe moment. - phoebe (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Georgia! And a big thank you for - 2old4bullchit (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to your Mom! - HudsonValleyNY1 (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday!!!! - DSPRL (7 months ago)
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Happy birthday cher ami. Vas là où je t espère mon frère. Blessings upon blessings - Alain BASHAGA (7 months ago)
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William Krzemien
Awww..cute! Your Mom looks so great at 96! She\'s keeping pace with the Queen of England and - William Krzemien (7 months ago)
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Donna Fields
What a beautiful photo of the two of you. Happy Happy Birthday Georgia and many more to come! - Donna Fields (7 months ago)
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I used to work in Brentwood. One of my favorite lunch treats was shopping in her quilt shop across the stree - Betsy_Flickers (7 months ago)
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Marmite Lover Tracy
Happy birthday Cher\'s mum - Marmite Lover Tracy (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday. Love the shirts! - StickyIcky (7 months ago)
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Lisa Hartman\'s Stunt Double
Happy Birthday to Mom! - Lisa Hartman\'s Stunt Double (7 months ago)
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The People...have whiplash
Happy Birthday to Mom! - The People...have whiplash (7 months ago)
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Ginni Thomas\'s Capitol Bus Tours, Inc.
Happy Birthday to Mom! - Ginni Thomas\'s Capitol Bus Tours, Inc. (7 months ago)
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Ginni Thomas\'s Capitol Bus Tours
Happy Birthday to Mom! - Ginni Thomas\'s Capitol Bus Tours (7 months ago)
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Happy Birthday!! - Delois H HOWELL (7 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday Georgia!!! - Harley_Shadow (7 months ago)

76 years old (Born on May 20, 1946)

The Sonny & Cher Show

Cher's Best Moments

Happy birthday, queen
CHER for Marysia. Happy Birthday Marysia
Happy 75th birthday, Cher! We re looking back at some of her best outfits in her honor
Happy 76 birthday to the amazing singer Cher!
The greatest holiday ever and a reason for hope and joy: happy birthday, Cher!
Happy birthday mon cher Your smile has been my lifeline through these past years.
Happy 76th birthday to Goddess of Pop and award-winning actress Cher
Happy Birthday Cher!
It\s Cher\s birthday so how could we not reshare this absolute classic   Happy birthday to an icon,
Happy Birthday Cher....
I got bday wishes from \s best friend guys i m so happy
Happy Birthday Cher!!
Happy 95th birthday to the Mother of God herself ! Georgia Holt, we salute you !
Happy 76th birthday to cher! (may 20, 1946 )
Happy birthday to the absolute legend that is
Happy Birthday Cher 75 today.
We\d like to wish a very happy birthday to another legendary artist, good friend of Celine, Cher.
 I drawed for you Happy birthday
Happy Birthday  Stay young and healthy. 

Pic from October 1964, by Michael Ochs/Getty archives
Happy Birthday Come and hang with us on the Street sometime!
Happy Birthday Cher Capt.  No To Death SSK ||
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday  via
Cher has on a coat of pink cashmere. Happy Bday Prince!
Happy bday to my queen
There\s a special date in the Royal calendar this month... happy birthday Queen
Happy 76th birthday to the one-and-only Cher, who was born on this day in 1946.
Happy birthday to the queen of all queens!
Happy Birthday Mrs ! Great Lady
 Happy Birthday cher Philippe     Have a wonderful day !
 Happy Birthday Cher !!    Cannot wait to see you again in November
Happy 72nd birthday and thank you for the initiative to help stop wildlife captivity !
Happy birthday
 Turns 75! Celebrate Her Milestone Birthday With 7 of Her Best Duets
Happy birthday to this awesome singer and actress.  Happy birthday to Cher
Happy birthday to the always iconic
Happy happy birthday you goddess! We adore you
Happy Birthday to my favourite person on earth, (Yes this includes my husband)
Happy birthday Cher!
Happy birthday Cher! My favorite film with Cher is the endearing Moonstruck.
Wow happy birthday to the queen who created cigarettes
From the sublime to ... fill in the blank 
Happy Belated Birthday to Cher - born May 20, 1946.
 A very missed man and musician. 
Happy Birthday in Heaven Gregg.
 happy birthday to my fave caratgene bff and one of my meme(s) buddy!<3 ily to the core ate cher!
 The waiting is killing us! Still listening. and....
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday to our Head of Operations, Cher Shedd!
Happy Birthday, lagi mo tatandaan sabi ni cher
Happy birthday to the Goddess of Universe Lot\s of love to our  !
Happy birthday to the iconic Cher
Happy Birthday
 then and now! An ICON! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Queen
Happy birthday Cher!
 To the of EVERYTHING!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY you delectable little morsel!
A reason to celebrate!       Happy birthday (and )
Happy Birthday
Happy 76th birthday evergreen voice evergreen beauty still my crush
Happy birthday to legendary actress and pop star  Ms Cher
Happy birthday P\Cher
Wishing the inimitable a very happy 75th birthday. Total legend.
Happy 75th birthday to this legend
Happy Birthday, Cher!
Happy Birthday to  My favourite song by her is If I Could Turn Back Time
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you Cher\s mother
Happy birthday mon cher !!
 Wishing you a very happy birthday!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Cher!
Happy Birthday Cher zu deinem 76igsten!
      Madame   CHER             HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!  Cheers      Love
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
 I Walk Alone is my favourite. 

Happy 76th birthday to the Queen of Malibu
Happy 76th Birthday my Queen
Happy birthday icon <3 ur my favourite person
Happy bday - the 1 & only.
Happy birthday to the goddess of pop cher
Happy 76th birthday to singer and actress Cher.
Happy Birthday Cher! and also but mainly Cher
Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday   My human loves you
Happy 76th birthday to the icon that is Cher . We love you, we adore you & we are thankful for you !!
Happy Birthday to the one and only legendary
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the icon herself & the creator of the greatest pop song ever made,
Happy 76th Birthday to the Goddess of Pop herself!
Happy Birthday to May you keep on shining and inspiring us for many years to come.
Happy Birthday Cher!
 Happy Birthday Hoping you have a FAB day
Happy birthday to this icon.
Happy birthday to our lord and savior
Happy Birthday Cher! Me at the Cortez in Vegas for a rock n roll wedding a few years ago.
Happy Birthday to Cher who turns 76 today!  Pictured here back in the day.
Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER! What\s your favourite song/movie of hers?
Happy Birthday
   Yes, happy birthday from all of us here at CelebriDucks!!!!
Happy birthday
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the Goddess of Pop, Cher! Can you BELIEVE she\s 76?!
Happy bday boss lady ! The best people are born in May!
Happy Birthday,
Happy 76th Birthday to the icon, Cher
Happy 76th Birthday
 Happy Birthday Janet Jackson & Cher
Happy Birthday Queen
How could I forget that Cher had a birthday over the weekend!!! Happy Belated Birthday Cher!!!
Happy birthday cher old skool drag
Happy Birthday to Tom Jones!! He s seen here with Cher and Sonny. Epic photo!
Happy birthday Georgia!
 Happy Birthday to your Mum and Happy 73rd Birthday to my Mum.
 Happy Birthday 
to your amazing mother.
  Happy Birthday
Happy 71st Birthday, Cher! Our Favorite Quotes
 it s May 20 in Australia. Happy birthday to the one and only.
Happy Birthday to Cher      About:
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday-Cher
Happy Birthday to my one true queen, icon, inspiration and teacher. Thankyou for everything
Happy BDay

Happy Birthday !!!!
 Today in 1946 Cher was born. Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday, dear lady!
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday na  wish u all the best and being a good CHER as same as always na
 happy bday to u i love u ill be asleep by midnight and wanted to get my birthday wish to you first!!!!
Happy Birthday  Thank you for the best memories and getting me through life. Lots of  have a great day!
 Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to Cher on the 20th May!! Happy birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday  Cher
Happy 75th Birthday to American Singer & Actress,
\Goddess of POP\,
 Happy Birthday Cher! 
Looking good!
Happy Birthday Cher May 20, 1946
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday xxx
Happy Birthday Bonnie Jo Mason, I love you
I ve loved this idol since I was in the third grade. 
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
 happy birthday xoxoxox
Happy birthday to Georgia Holt, Cher s mom
Happy Birthday to the one and only Georgia Holt!
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAMA G/Georgia   She aged like fine wine I hope she has a wonderful day
 Happy Birthday to your mom Georgia       It is a blessed age of 95 years
 Happy birthday!!!!
 happy birthday I love u queen
 Happy birthday my dear! Love you so much, you\re such a great artist! Long life to you queen !
20/05 Happy Birthday ! Cher(76)
 happy birthday babe
 Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy Birthday to Cher (May 20, 1946).
 Happy Birthday
Happy 76th Birthday Cher
 Happy Birthday Babes!
Happy 76th Birthday Cher

Have a lovely day.
Happy Birthday to these three legends hope you all have an amazing day. (   )
Happy 76th Birthday       Hope you have a lovely day
Happy Birthday 2 the GODDESS of pop, to the most amazing woman on .
  Happy Birthday Tom, love from Pixie and Karot and Jo
Happy birthday to the only true diva goddess Cher
Happy birthday my dear Hope you\re having a terrific day with your loved ones!
Happy 76th Birthday
Happy Birthday, She provided inspiration for the appearances of character, Mother Gothel.
 Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday dear immortal icon CHER,I love you
Happy birthday Cher!
  Happy birthday! Willow can\t believe you share it with Cher!
Happy Birthday to the most special person Love u sooooo much Cher
Happy Happy Birthday to the queen
Happy birthday Queen       forever my favourite person
 Rosie Cher wants to wish you a happy birthday as she turns 2 today in Scotland
Today\s Film Spotlight is Burlesque.

Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy Birthday Explore her musical legacy (including audio & video highlights) here:
Good morning. T.G.I.F.  Happy Birthday CHER
Happy Birthday Also, Happy Birthday to  & !
Happy 76th Birthday Goddess Of Pop From Cher Myanmar Can you see my message
 Happy Birthday!! Saw you a few years back at National Harbor. Great show! Fan for many years. Enjoy your day!
 HAPPY, Happy birthday to the one who makes my world so much brighter!! I miss you so very much.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Such an icon, always able to make me smile, always the best!!
 Happy Birthday!
Happy 76th Birthday to an icon! 

The one & only Cher
Happy Birthday, Cher!
Happy Birthday to Cher ..,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday 76 Today! Goddess!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER! The legendary music icon turns 76 today! What\s your favorite Cher song?
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