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Happy birthday, cher . Post nyo na po cover niyo HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. God bless, MBTC, Stay safeee - Inso (9 months ago)
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Senad Kazic
Happy Birthday Cher and all the best wishes !! - Senad Kazic (9 months ago)
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BillyBoy Cupcake
Happy Birthday Cher Harris - BillyBoy Cupcake (9 months ago)
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ike loves dem
Happy birthday sweet baby hugh i love himsmo much - ike loves dem (9 months ago)
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happy belated birthday cher !! - myeloma (9 months ago)
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chesire 生
Happy birthday judlixnya kak cher! may everything runs smoothly until the end of the time. enjoy your - chesire 生 (9 months ago)
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Mercedes McQueen fox
Happy birthday Cher have a good one x - Mercedes McQueen fox (9 months ago)
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happy birthday cher - Smuf (9 months ago)
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Private Throbber. Fan of Kaine Zajaz.
happy birthday cher. hope you have a good one. - Private Throbber. Fan of Kaine Zajaz. (9 months ago)
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The King Champ Dude Hotdogs
Cher happy birthday xxx - The King Champ Dude Hotdogs (9 months ago)
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Laurel Thomas
happy birthday cher x - Laurel Thomas (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday cher monsieur Mokolo Bisous de Jordi de l\'Hospitalet - Dianjin (10 months ago)
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happy birthday cher pia - ะงเลโ (10 months ago)
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Dawn Holliday
Happy birthday poppy hope you have a wonderful day love and hugs x - Dawn Holliday (10 months ago)
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♥️ Ange ♥️
Happy birthday - ♥️ Ange ♥️ (10 months ago)
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Tina Rice
Happy Birthday to you Poppy --have a lovely day x - Tina Rice (10 months ago)
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happy birthday - เฌอเฌอft.เด็กห้าว (10 months ago)
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Paul O\'Connor
Happy birthday to all No wonder had her party there - Paul O\'Connor (10 months ago)
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Leslie Wong
Happy birthday to my bestie Cher the.vk3! The memories we share are some of the best moments of my life, especially - Leslie Wong (10 months ago)
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Wonho ♥️ Carigane
Happy birthday à notre cher leader - Wonho ♥️ Carigane (10 months ago)
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Teacher Bhadette
Happy Birthday sa lalaking poging pogi . Isa sa napakagaling na namumuno ng lungsod (Pasig) we are so pr - Teacher Bhadette (10 months ago)
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Wombattler #BlackLivesMatter
I hope it does. You get some rest, happy birthday to your son. - Wombattler #BlackLivesMatter (10 months ago)
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Quina crack la ! Happy Birthday!!! - Ophelia37 (10 months ago)
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Mike Danesh
Happy Birthday to Cher Thank you for all the good memories No matter how hard I try You keep pushing me aside An - Mike Danesh (10 months ago)
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omg ,,, happy birthday cher :)) - aks (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - ♡คลั่งรักคณาวุฒิ♡ (10 months ago)
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Edwina Anderson
Please wish you mom a happy birthday. - Edwina Anderson (10 months ago)
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suisside stan
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER ILY - suisside stan (10 months ago)
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luci uwu
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHER ILY - luci uwu (10 months ago)
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Josue T.K
- Josue T.K (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday cher tineeee - Esjiiii (10 months ago)
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Robyn Dabanks
Happy birthday, love u - Robyn Dabanks (10 months ago)
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cher, it s my birthday today, pleeeeeease, wish me a happy birthdayyyyyy love U - Júlia (10 months ago)
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Today we get to celebrate Marnel, our Director of Office Operations here at Chateau and Famous - ChateauInteriors (10 months ago)
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Barry Jackson
Cher warner ( messageed: Happy birthday Trump - Barry Jackson (10 months ago)
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happy birthday 37 - ぱんなTeacher (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to this beautiful and inspiring teacher! Thank u cher Rose for being an inspiration - Bums (10 months ago)
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Cher Thomas! Wish you a wonderful birthday 2020 AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS! And pardon me: A - UTA ROEMMERMANN (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday cher! - renzo (10 months ago)
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Teacher Rose!!! Happy birthday cher! I miss you cherrr - RAZHELLE (10 months ago)
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Teacher Rose!!! Happy birthday cher! I miss you cherrr - Hansel (10 months ago)
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иуда, меня тошнит
happy birthday mon cher ami - иуда, меня тошнит (10 months ago)
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happy birthday mon cher ami - иъуъда (10 months ago)
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sky ☁
Happy birthday, mon cher. - sky ☁ (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to one of the very best! I hope your day is full of pickles and Cher singalongs - Kaytee (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday cher!!!!!! - ᴬᴰ² (10 months ago)
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Jorge Pincay Ponce
Happy birthday from Ecuador - Jorge Pincay Ponce (10 months ago)
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Telegrams & Jokes
Happy birthday Victoria! To the tune of by - Telegrams & Jokes (10 months ago)
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Laura McGinnis
- Laura McGinnis (10 months ago)

74 years old (Born on May 20, 1946)

The Sonny & Cher Show

Cher's Best Moments

Happy Birthday Heres to more years of singin\, sequins, and swappin\ secrets!
A very happy birthday to - there is no one like you and never will be!!! 

Love, Kathleen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Icon Award recipient,  So excited for her to perform tomorrow.
Happy birthday, Let her know you re thinking of her!
Happy Birthday to our Queen,       (Insta-artwork:
People \"Happy birthday cher!
Happy Birthday Cher!
RollingStone: Happy birthday Cher! Look back at our 1999 interview with the pop star
Happy birthday Abby/Cher/Roach I hope all three of ya have a great bdayyyyy
Happy Birthday to      ~
Happy Birthday to the Goddess of Pop,   Get tickets to her Here We Go Again Tour
Happy Birthday Cap Cher~ <3 

found a good photo of the kids with you~
Happy Birthday Cher Capt.  No To Death SSK ||
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!   raised $4,500 this year in HONOR OF YOUR BIRTHDAY for CCAKIDS!
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday to from the team!
Happy 73rd Birthday, Cher!
Cher has on a coat of pink cashmere. Happy Bday Prince!
Happy Birthday to one of pop culture\s biggest legends -- and a crazy nice person to interview:
Happy Birthday              I Love You!
My for you.
Happy Birthday, !
Happy Birthday to my Queen. The one and only
A happy late birthday to who took home the Icon Award last night. -
 Happy Birthday Cher !!    Cannot wait to see you again in November
Happy Birthday
Happy 72nd birthday and thank you for the initiative to help stop wildlife captivity !
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to my baby girl. Miss you Cher. And I m so happy for you and the life you ve made in Alaska
Amuli ameggaz Joyeux anniversaire
Happy birthday Cher ami
Paul Desfarges
Whhhhhhuutttt??? It\s his birthday today? Happy Birthday Hope your day is full of Cher Lloyd.
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday god
Happy birthday, mom.
 One of my role models! So gorgeous!   Happy birthday, may all your dreams come true! !
 Happy Birthday to Georgia! from me
May 20: Cher Covers Bob Dylan Happy Birthday Cher
Happy Birthday to the one and only all the way from Scotland
Happy birthday to the ultimate queen... CHER! Love her so much. Also happy birthday
Happy birthday !! You are my inspiration
Happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TENNNN love you and art and Cher(cutest couple)
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday to today! Although parts of her are only 1 or 2! Plastic Fantastic!
Happy 71st Birthday, Cher!
Happy birthday to you . Have a beautiful and wonderfully awesome day today.
Happy birthday to the amazing diva    Here she is with at 2017 Women\s March
Happy Birthday Cher, can wait to see you tonight.
Diva Cher Happy Birthday
Happy 71st Birthday to the Goddess of Pop and my very first idol, when I was 5 years old!!
Happy birthday ilysm here\s 3 year old me dressed as you
  Happy birthday girlie!
 Happy birthday to Georgia holt!!!!    91 had never looked better!!
Happy birthday mom. I love you so much.
Happy birthday to legendary actress and pop star  Ms Cher
Happy Birthday You are The best. I love You soo much and I belive that I see You soon
 Happy Birthday
Happy seventy-second Birthday to this Iconic goddess  A year ago I saw you today in Classic Cher!
  Happy birthday getting to say happy next trip around the sun  to such a divine star
 Happy Birthday to one of my idols! Never retire girl!!!
Happy birthday to the best adviser  cher andito lang Silang palagi for you ha .
Happy Birthday !
You\re the onest Diva      Follow this you bitches, she\s 73!
\"All of us invent ourselves. Some of us just have more imagination than others\" Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday  to queen That You have a lot of health and happiness
 Happy Birthday Cher  Thank U for being u, you continue 2 Inspire and entertain us
One of my favorite interviews to watch and quote. happy birthday to the queen herself,
Happy 73rd Birthday,
We must\ve been having a competition over who used more hair products Happy Birthday !
Happy 73rd birthday an icon I was so blessed to see this year! I grew up listening to you and love you.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday P\Cher
Happy 34th birthday cher. Andartu mai dk alu empai kawin kok. Semoga murah rejeki, god bless
 Happy Birthday, Skittles! From myself and Sonny =3 (Cher is asleep at the moment)
Cher turns 74 today, happy birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer!
 Happy happy birthday!!!!
Zeit ist relativ. happy  und alles alles gute prof. anton
 this is 74! Wow    Happy birthday
   Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday babe!
 happy birthday cher  I know your bd is may 20th just a early widh love you have a great day
Happy Birthday Legend
Happy Birthday
And one day appears. Happy birthday !!!!
 at your show.                Happy Birthday
A stupendously happy birthday to the Goddess of Pop,
 HAPPY Birthday sexy lady!!!Hugs and kisses from UKRAINE!!!
Happy Birthday to the fabulous
Happy birthday my Queen and best singer/actress in the World! you!!!
Chers birthday present I bought her   happy birthday Cher
Happy Birthday to the legendary, Cher. 
Help us wish her the very best today :)
Happy Birthday, Cher!

copyright © Rob Snow | creative 2017

Shop here:
 happy birthday !!!!
So much fun tonight! THANK YOU HAPPY (almost) BIRTHDAY!!
Happy Birthday, Cher!
Happy 71st Birthday to the legendary
Happy 70th Birthday
Happy Birthday,

Happy Birthday /             / DmGnKtluOlsn /   Cher
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the legendary Wish u allll the best. Cant wait to see u at the XX
Happy Birthday to the unstoppable  and force of nature
Happy birthday  \Cher\s Greatest Hits\ 3x Platinum \Love Hurts\ 3x Platinum \Believe\ 2x Platinum
Happy birthday
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my birthday BUDDY.
Happy bday to                kisss from France
Happy Birthday, !!
Happy birthday to
Happy birthday Cher!
Happy birthday to my idol, my queen, my happiness. Lots of love have a fabulous day
Singer and Actress and incredible in every way
Happy Birthday to the
May 20: Happy Birthday Cher and James Stewart
Happy 127th birthday,
    happy birthday to my idol
Happy Birthday to the legendary
Happy Birthday Cher!
Happy Birthday to Goddess of Pop! This day is devoted to
 Happy 71st Birthday 
Cher is born Cherilyn Sarkisian in El Centro, California, U.S. on May 20, 1946
Happy 71st birthday!
Happy birthday    20 a phenomenal singer, actress artist extraordinaire
Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday to the one and only true  !
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday God
A Star Is Born: Cher Turns 71 Today . Happy Birthday To The Goddess Of Pop!
Happy Birthday to the QUEEN of social media and pop culture. Killin it since \63
Happy birthday to this amazing creature!
 Happy birthday !
Happy Birthday to my fav fashion icon since I was a little girl. the ultimate Goddess xoxox
Happy birthday to the real Queen
Happy 71st Birthday    still have my like
Happy birthday to my favorite dark lady, gypsy, tramp, thief, babe, and half breed !!!!!!
Happy BDay
 Happy birthday, Cher...!
It\s Happy Birthday You\ll always be my all-time favorite artist!
Happy birthday queen   Inspo for days
Happy birthday , love you
Happy Birthday   The Shadles
Happy Birthday Celebrating you today and everyday!
Happy birthday (in late) Cher
 is giving me life rn with her BBMA\s performance. Wearing pasties at 71  YASS Happy Birthday Queen!
Can you believe she\s 71? Happy Belated Birthday to
Happy 71st Birthday, Cher! Our Favorite Quotes
 Happy birthday d une Californie nuageuse cher Daniel !
Happy Happy birthday sending you lots of kitty
 it s May 20 in Australia. Happy birthday to the one and only.
Happy Birthday mom
Happy Birthday to Cher      About:
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday-Cher
Happy Birthday to my one true queen, icon, inspiration and teacher. Thankyou for everything
Happy BDay

Happy Birthday !!!!
 Today in 1946 Cher was born. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday to my first love and the only true diva.  .  Kisses
 Happy Birthday Cher.  Have a wonder birthday. You are the best.
Happy Birthday Cher!
 Happy Birthday to us, v blessed to share both a birthday and a concert with you tonight
Happy birthday - we      you.  Wishing you a spectacular day
Happy birthday to me and one of the greatest singers around and part of my childhood.Much Love Cher!!
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our spiritual guide
Happy birthday to an international icon and legend  relationships come and go but Cher is forever
Wishing the Goddess of Pop a very happy & blessed birthday!
 Happy Birthday from Maine
 Happy birthday Cher you are my everything I love you so much
 Happy Birthday Been at this for a while and still going!!
Happy Birthday .
Happy Birthday to . 72 years of age
Happy birthday
Happy 72nd birthday to The One...The Only...
Happy Birthday to the Goddess
Singer. Actor. Activist. Mom and Daughter. Happy Birthday to the indomitable
Happy Birthday  You utter Doll for Life
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday!
Also, happy 72nd birthday to ultimate idol,
 Really? It doesn\t look like you\ve had a birthday in 20 years! Happy Birthday, Cher!!!
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,
 Happy Birthday, Queen
 Happy Birthday! Fabulous LV show by a woman of great insight, drive and beliefs. Carry on!
Happy birthday to my eternal goddess
 Hi Cher!!!!!! Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Cher
Spent my day listening to the queen on her 72nd birthday. 72! Amazing! Happy birthday
 Happy birthday
Happy birthday xoxox
 Happy birthday
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