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Larry King
Happy Birthday to Stanley Clarke. Born this day in 1951 - Stanley Clarke, jazz bassist who has worked with Chick Co - Larry King (1 week ago)
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Lost City
The LP version of Stanley Clarke\'s 1974 jazz-funk classic Lopsy Lu fea - Lost City (1 week ago)
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Ken Calvert
Happy Birthday Stanley Clarke (June 30, 1951) Jazz bassist who has worked with Chick Corea, Santana, Keith Richards - Ken Calvert (1 week ago)
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Psychedelic Jukebox
Happy 78th Birthday Joe Chambers, drummer, pianist, vibraphonist and composer. Gigged with many high-profile - Psychedelic Jukebox (2 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Chick Corea - ベネカジ (3 weeks ago)
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Ivette Palacin
Yes, a most great birthday year to you, Mr Chick Corea! What a journey! Best wishes for - Ivette Palacin (3 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Chick Corea! - Jazzreportagen (3 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Chick Corea - カピバラ2号 (3 weeks ago)
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Happy 79th Birthday to the amazing Armando \"Chick\" Corea, who was born June 12, 1941, in Chelsea, Massachusetts. - SpiritofHarmonyFdn (4 weeks ago)
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Francisco López
Watch \"Happy Birthday Chick Corea\" on YouTube - Francisco López (4 weeks ago)
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Eric Toro
My two best, most favorite Jazz, piano player musicians. Yes Happy Birthday Sit Chick - Eric Toro (4 weeks ago)
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Alexandre Tinga
Happy Birthday Chick Corea! Stay safe! - Alexandre Tinga (4 weeks ago)
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Regina Baiocchi
Happy belated bday Chick Corea, pianist, composer Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Lyric Suite - Regina Baiocchi (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! Chick Corea on - Jamilla (4 weeks ago)
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Goran Brajkovic
Happy Birthday to great Chick Corea - Goran Brajkovic (4 weeks ago)
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とにぃAntonio Camillo
Happy Birthday Chick Bass Chick Corea Akoustic Band - - とにぃAntonio Camillo (4 weeks ago)
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Maestro Chick Corea, Happy Birthday AII the best! - moonlight. (4 weeks ago)
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Nathan East
. Happy Birthday Maestro Chick Corea!! - Nathan East (4 weeks ago)
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Vibberts Mixing
Happy Birthday Your Chick Corea Academy and Live workshops are fantastic! A pleasure to mix this one - Vibberts Mixing (4 weeks ago)
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Aficionado Prodigiosus, Purveyor of the Strange
Happy birthday to Chick Corea! - Aficionado Prodigiosus, Purveyor of the Strange (4 weeks ago)
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Central Library
Music Memories: Happy Birthday, Chick Corea - Central Library (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Armando Anthony Chick Corea (* 12. Juni 1941 - Bluesanne (4 weeks ago)
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. . - Kiki (4 weeks ago)
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Dale Hauskins
Happy blessy Birthday to the ever astounding, inspirational Chick Corea !! - Dale Hauskins (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Keyboardist/Pianist Chick Corea The Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band Chinese - 50WaysToLeaveYourDrummer (4 weeks ago)
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Celebrating the great Chick Corea today! Happy Birthday Maestro! Can\'t wait to see you again soon! - JanM (4 weeks ago)
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Nick Phillips
Happy Birthday, Your music continues to inspire and amaze. - Nick Phillips (4 weeks ago)
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Official Real Book
Happy birthday to one and only Chick Corea! Which of his tunes will you be playing this weekend? - Official Real Book (4 weeks ago)
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Gottfriedt Swanepoel
Chick Corea - Spain - Live At Montreux 2004 via Happy Birthday Chick Corea! - Gottfriedt Swanepoel (4 weeks ago)
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Lisa Rich
Happy Birthday Chick Corea - Lisa Rich (4 weeks ago)
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Where would we be without the imagination, beauty, sweet precociousness and life experience of one Chick Corea. H - Jazzcast.ca (4 weeks ago)
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Bob Ricciotti
Happy Birthday Chick Corea | Jazz on the Tube - Bob Ricciotti (4 weeks ago)
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Joe Kohut
Happy Chick Corea\'s birthday... - Joe Kohut (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you Chick Corea Yesterdays (from the upcoming - maurizio (4 weeks ago)
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Minton\'s Playhouse
Happy Birthday Chick!!!! As a member of Miles Davis\'s band in the late 1960s, he participated in the birth of jazz - Minton\'s Playhouse (4 weeks ago)
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Harvey Brindell
Happy Birthday Chick Corea ( June 12, 1941) jazz pianist/electric keyboardist and composer. As a member of Miles Da - Harvey Brindell (4 weeks ago)
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Jack Long
Happy Birthday to the Maestro, Armando Anthony \"Chick\" Corea, born on this day in 1941 in Chelsea, MA. Photo by Tos - Jack Long (4 weeks ago)
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Happy birthday Chick Corea. - JBR (4 weeks ago)
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けんけん @ 容疑者χのけんけん
Happy Birthday to Mr. Chick Corea!! - けんけん @ 容疑者χのけんけん (4 weeks ago)
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Sending beautiful Birthday wishes to Chick Corea. Happy 79th Birthday to legendary Armando Anthony \"CHICK\" Corea, - Mo-Music.nl (4 weeks ago)
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Frank Malfitano
CLASSIC LP OF THE DAY: Happy 79th Birthday to great Jazz pianist/composer Chick Corea, here s his 1972 recording ( - Frank Malfitano (4 weeks ago)
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loredana antignani
Chick Corea Happy birthday to - loredana antignani (4 weeks ago)
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Happy 79th Birthday pianist, electric keyboardist, and composer Chick Corea born on this day in 1941. - ryu (4 weeks ago)
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İzBB Kültür Sanat
2018 y l nda Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi\'nde a rlamaktan büyük onur duydu umuz Chick Corea\'n n do um gününü k - İzBB Kültür Sanat (4 weeks ago)
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Purple Beacon
Happy Birthday to American jazz pianist and composer Chick Corea, born on this day in Chelsea, Massachusetts in 194 - Purple Beacon (4 weeks ago)
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Jazz FM
Happy Birthday to the electric Chick Corea Chick Corea has been on the frontier of the jazz world as a renowned - Jazz FM (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday! Chick Corea, Elektric Band, RUMBLE via - Cherie (4 weeks ago)
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Mecozzi Alfredo
Chick Corea w/Brian Blade & Christian McBride @ SFJazz \"Armando\'s Rhumb... via Ha - Mecozzi Alfredo (1 month ago)
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6 12 Happy birthday! Chick Corea! - [email protected] (1 month ago)
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Patrick Cosmos
I have laid down on the floor and let this duet w chick corea rinse my brain a whole lot of times. happy birthday - Patrick Cosmos (1 month ago)

79 years old (Born on June 12, 1941)

Chick Corea's Best Moments

.  Happy Birthday Maestro Chick Corea!!
Happy Birthday Chick Corea
The whole Chick Corea team want to join everyone in wishing the boss a very happy 77th birthday!!
Happy birthday to Mr. Armando Anthony \"Chick\" Corea. Long may you swing
Happy 79th Birthday to the amazing Armando \"Chick\" Corea, who was born June 12, 1941, in Chelsea, Massachusetts.
Happy birthday Chick Corea!
Chick Corea (Armando Anthony Corea)
Birth 1941.6.12 ~
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Chick Corea!! I heard your song Armando s Rhumba last night and just had to learn the head.
Happy birthday to keyboardist Chick Corea! 

Listen now:
Happy birthday Chick Corea.
 Happy Birthday,Chick Corea!!
Spain / Chick Corea
Armando Anthony Chick Corea
Birth 1941.6.12 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to a Jazz Royalty, Mr Chick Corea
\"Only a spiritual being has awareness.\" Chick Corea
Happy Birthday to Chick Corea!
Music Memories: Happy Birthday, Chick Corea
  happy birthday. Chick Corea
& John Wetton
& Bun E. Carlos 
&    &
Happy 76th Birthday to Chick Corea!
June 12: Happy Birthday Chick Corea and Frances O Connor
Happy Birthday Chick Corea!
Happy Birthday, Chick Corea !
Happy Birthday Chick Corea! We\ll give you gifts in March of our
HaPpY BirThDaY!! to 20 times GRAMMY Winner Chick Corea
Happy birthday, Chick Corea!
  Happy Birthday Chick Corea
 Happy birthday to jazz pianist/electric keyboardist and composer, Chick Corea.
Happy Birthday Chick Corea
1941 6 12                   77
   Happy Birthday, Chick Corea!       /           / 7,500
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a legend, a dear friend and cohort, the great Chick Corea!
Happy Birthday, Chick Corea!
Happy Birthday-Chick Corea
Happy birthday to jazz legend Chick Corea. 
Rob Nagy Archives
Happy Birthday Chick Corea. Born June 12, 1941.
Happy Birthday, Chick Corea
Happy birthday Chick Corea !
A happy 77th birthday to the one and  only Chick Corea.
Happy birthday Chick Corea!!!
You are the best cool musician I ve ever known!!!
Happy Birthday, Chick Corea!
Happy Birthday to Chick Corea & Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Happy Birthday to Mr. Chick Corea!!
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