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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Long time fan! You are amazing and deserve all the best. 49 and soooooo damn fine - Dominique (1 month ago)
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George Gatas
Happy birthday Fredo. Just wanted to leave this gift here for you. Hope you enjoy your day - George Gatas (1 month ago)
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Lass-in Angeles
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS CUOMO!!!!! I love you for standing up for justice and democracy. You are a grea - Lass-in Angeles (1 month ago)
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Ricky Tadeo
name is Chris Cuomo Birthday forward to watch your show after you - Ricky Tadeo (1 month ago)
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Je Suis Green Shirt Guy
Happy Birthday! I heart Chris Cuomo. Did you see him doing push-ups with - Je Suis Green Shirt Guy (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo. We believed in you!!! - [email protected] (1 month ago)
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Because of the hissy fit you threw in public, Chris Cuomo will be known as \"Fredo\" for the rest of his - TheBestorNothing (1 month ago)
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Sir Tweet-a-Lot
Happy belated birthday, Fredo (aka Chris Cuomo). I heard instead of a cake, they got you a pizza pie wi - Sir Tweet-a-Lot (1 month ago)
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I keep reading how Chris Cuomo had a meltdown. I watched the video and all I saw was a guy standing up for himself - 尺乙 (1 month ago)
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Rick Yeager
Happy Birthday, Fredo! CNN\'s Chris Cuomo seen in unverified video cursing at man who apparently called - Rick Yeager (1 month ago)
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Daniel Vance
Fredo!!!!!! Fredo the clown Chris cuomo the clown tough guy that works for CNN! Happy Birthday you tool. Fredo Hahahaha - Daniel Vance (1 month ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday \"Fredo\" You really should hide those true colors of your angry soul. - JoAnninna (1 month ago)
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Sister Celluloid
So Chris Cuomo was called Fredo on John Cazale\'s birthday? Happy Heavenly Birthday to a man who made an indelible - Sister Celluloid (1 month ago)
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Kathleen Ryan
Happy happy birthday Chris Cuomo!! Hope you re having a great day and that this year will be a wonderf - Kathleen Ryan (1 month ago)
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Stacey Marino
Happy birthday Chris Cuomo. I have watched your show almost every night since you first aired last yea - Stacey Marino (1 month ago)
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No Collusion Delusion
Damn Chris, those are some guns. Do you have an open carry permit for them. Well done, my man. You\'re - No Collusion Delusion (1 month ago)
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Michelle Daytz
just Love of Life has always in All he does.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from LA. CA - Michelle Daytz (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo! - NononoTrump (1 month ago)
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Andrea Galante
Happy Birthday, Chris Cuomo! I turned 49 earlier this year as well. Thank you for your unwavering pass - Andrea Galante (1 month ago)
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Traci Johnson
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo!! And you are right!! - Traci Johnson (1 month ago)
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D Ann
Happy Birthday to you Chris Cuomo Hope your day was a Happy & successful one - D Ann (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Adam Thouin
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo, Your 6 years older than I am but 100 years ahead if me. - Adam Thouin (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday !! Chris Cuomo - Deborah (1 month ago)
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Obstruction & Collusion
A very Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo! Keep up the good fight, you re one of the best in the business. - Obstruction & Collusion (1 month ago)
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Rosemary morales
God bless you, Happy Birthday, you will live many more, we\'re counting on you to keep us informed. You - Rosemary morales (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Linda Lane Francis
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo! You are a great journalist in my humble opinion! I too had a birthday 2 day - Linda Lane Francis (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

kirk friederick
Keep fighting the good fight Chris Cuomo and Happy Birthday! - kirk friederick (1 month ago)
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You share a birthday with Chris Cuomo! Happy Birthday Dan! - Marti (1 month ago)
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Jane Renzetti
Happy birthday Chris Cuomo...from a Canadian fan. - Jane Renzetti (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo why is it not surprising you are a Leo keep up the good fight - Ardra (1 month ago)
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Dayna Campbell
Happy Birthday I do know if anyone in the world who helps us understand this tough new life we live - it s you Chris Cuomo - Dayna Campbell (1 month ago)
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Patricia Roberts
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo. Thank you and all your colleagues for your service to this Country .I feel - Patricia Roberts (1 month ago)
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Lisa Rogers
Make sure you read the Jeffrey Epstein drop. Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo by the way. I ho - Lisa Rogers (1 month ago)
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Cathy Landgren
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo! Let s Get After It! - Cathy Landgren (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo. Keep doing you!!!!!!! - Rocky (1 month ago)
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Tafadzwa Macdonald
Indeed happy 49th birthday Chris Cuomo!. - Tafadzwa Macdonald (1 month ago)
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Cali Guy
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo!...Let s get after it! - Cali Guy (1 month ago)
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Gerard M. Carouge
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS CUOMO! Take a day off and enjoy nature! - Gerard M. Carouge (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Javier Wilson
Happy birthday Chris Cuomo. When you speak you speak the truth & I appreciate your candor. - Javier Wilson (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Lombe B Ng\'andu
Happy Birthday to Chris Cuomo (born August 9, 1970). - Lombe B Ng\'andu (1 month ago)
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Wayne H W Wolfson
A day early Happy Birthday to Chris Cuomo - Wayne H W Wolfson (1 month ago)
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Barry Kowal
August 9:Happy 49th birthday to journalist,Chris Cuomo(\"Cuomo Prime Time\") - Barry Kowal (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Mark Salerno
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo - Mark Salerno (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

2 hours of Chris Cuomo Happy Birthday Chris blessings - Daphne (1 year ago)
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Left Pawed Puppy
Happy Birthday to Cuomo - Followed him since one of his interviews during a hurricane, if I remember correct - Left Pawed Puppy (1 year ago)
birthday balloon
Happy Birthday to Amazing Man Chris Cuomo - [email protected] (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Chris Cuomo. You, Don Lemon Anderson Cooper and Van Jones are the voice for the voiceless. - Rani.C (1 year ago)
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Red Lioness #NeverTrump#Resistance #Native
Wait 62, and a Leo like me. Yessssss, Chris Cuomo Happy Birthday!!!! And it\'s beautiful to s - Red Lioness #NeverTrump#Resistance #Native (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Loved it!!!! Yes, a great guy and journalist. To be sandwiched between Anderson Cooper & Don - Dmcbert (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, Chris Cuomo. Love your prime time show. Keep fighting for the truth! - segobik (1 year ago)

49 years old (Born on August 09, 1970)

American, TV News; He is famous from Political Analyst for CNBC, MSNBC, CNN.

Chris Cuomo's Best Moments

  Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo!!!
Take a day off and enjoy nature!
 8/9 Happy Birthday to:  Gillian Anderson, Chris Cuomo, Burkely Duffield, Audrey Tatou
 Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo....let s get after it
My Governor and his brother. Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo. And I love my Governor
  Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo!
  Happy Birthday to Amazing Man Chris Cuomo
August 9:Happy 49th birthday to journalist,Chris Cuomo(\"Cuomo Prime Time\")
Happy Birthday Chris Cuomo!
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