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Pakistan Timez
John Legend wife Chrissy Teigen wishes him happy birthday on Instagram - Pakistan Timez (4 weeks ago)
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MSN Entertainment
Chrissy Teigen Wishes Husband a Happy Birthday with Childhood Photos of the Singer - MSN Entertainment (4 weeks ago)
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Chrissy Teigen Wishes Husband John Legend a Happy Birthday with Childhood Photos of the Singer - MSN (4 weeks ago)
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RZZR Radio
John Legend turned 44 years old on Wednesday (Dec. 28), and the All of Me singer s wife Chrissy Teigen wished her - RZZR Radio (4 weeks ago)
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Happy Birthday Chrissy Teigen!! - G_D’Madra (1 month ago)
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A very happy birthday to chrissy teigen! wishing you even more success in the coming year and manifesting another - WHISTLE UNCUT (1 month ago)
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Amanda L.
It\'s Ben Stiller\'s, Kaley Cuoco\'s, Chrissy Teigen\'s Birthday Today on November 30. Ben Stiller turns 57. Kaley Cuo - Amanda L. (1 month ago)
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Tanya Reeve
~ Chrissy Teigen !!! Hope it s a beautiful bday - Tanya Reeve (1 month ago)
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Happy 37th birthday to the very sexy Chrissy Teigen . Just an incredible body from head to toe John Legend is a ver - Celeb_lover_12 (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Chrissy Teigen! - unicronicron (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Chrissy Teigen, please unblock me it s been years. - CHAN (1 month ago)
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Marie Claire
Happy Birthday, Revisit our interview with the queen of the Internet, where she opened up about - Marie Claire (1 month ago)
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john slotkin
Happy birthday Ridley Scott 85 Mandy Patinkin 70 Billy Idol 67 Ben Stiller 57 Elisha Cuthbert 40 Kaley, Cuco, 37 - john slotkin (1 month ago)
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Tran Khuong
HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY CHRISSY TEIGEN - Tran Khuong (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday CHRISSY TEIGEN October 27 2007 VERSACE MANSION MIAMI - evipNFTs (1 month ago)
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Celebrity Spotlight
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! CHRISSY TEIGEN - Celebrity Spotlight (1 month ago)
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Andrew Lynch (8/100 essays published)
Happy birthday to Winston Churchill, Chrissy Teigen, Magnus Carlsen, Elisha Cuthbert, Ben Stiller, Mark Twain, Owen - Andrew Lynch (8/100 essays published) (1 month ago)
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Red Hot Views
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 30TH NOVEMBER Kaley Cuoco Elisha Cuthbert Chrissy Teigen Christel Khalil - Red Hot Views (1 month ago)
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Brooke Parker
Happy (Belated) Birthday to the gorgeous Chrissy Teigen! - Brooke Parker (1 year ago)
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10 Tampa Bay
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Model Chrissy Teigen is celebrating her 36th birthday today! - 10 Tampa Bay (1 year ago)
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Yellowbrick Beauty
Happy birthday, Chrissy Teigen! Chrissy is an American model and TV personality who made her professional modeling - Yellowbrick Beauty (1 year ago)
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Actress World Club
Happy 36 birthday to Chrissy Teigen . Have a wonderful birthday. - Actress World Club (1 year ago)
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Darian Symoné Harvin
Happy birthday to chrissy teigen, billy idol, ben stiller, and clay aiken xx - Darian Symoné Harvin (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Chrissy Teigen - topstarbirthdays (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOV.30th; P.M. Winston Chrchill (1874-1965)\"147\"; Actress Elisha Cuthbert,39; Bo Jackson(MLB & NFL), - BRONX POET (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday to Chrissy Teigen! - TooFab (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday Chrissy Teigen! Got Cravings for some great food? Check out newest book! Psst, we - #BNNorthHaven (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday Chrissy Teigen - HotCelebPix (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday, Chrissy Teigen! - VOGUE_Germany (1 year ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to Cravings by Chrissy Teigen (American Model, Television Personality, Blogger, Writer & Author) - - Celebrity Born (1 year ago)
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Qassini Concepts
Have you ever wondered where Chrissy Teigen draws her wits, sarcasm, charisma, and humour from? Wonder no more. Aft - Qassini Concepts (1 year ago)
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Purple Radio Athens
Happy Birthday to Chrissy Teigen. (November 30, 1985) - Purple Radio Athens (1 year ago)
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Chrissy Teigen Birthday Special: A Regular Red Carpet Stunner Whose Fashion Shenanigans Are the Hottest! (View Pics - LatestLY (1 year ago)
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flaming sex god, ken
Happy birthday chrissy teigen, oh and kaeya too i suppose - flaming sex god, ken (1 year ago)
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mariole\'s mommy
Happy birthday chrissy teigen, oh and kaeya too i suppose - mariole\'s mommy (1 year ago)
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Happy birthday chrissy teigen, oh and kaeya too i suppose - yours (1 year ago)
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Eat my dick, what kind of simp man wishes celebrity women happ - RustyWhaler (1 year ago)
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Amy Schumer Hilariously Recreates Chrissy Teigen s Viral Happy Birthday Video: We Love Y - ruins0s (1 year ago)
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Chrissy Teigen and Danny Brown telling me Happy Birthday this year - idkwhatimsayin... (2 years ago)
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I forgot to wish a happy birthday to Chrissy teigen, my savage queen - (✿´‿`) (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Chrissy Teigen - BeyonceOnline.org (2 years ago)
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Mary Ruebens 8-3 #gobills #billsmafia
happy birthday Chrissy teigen - Mary Ruebens 8-3 #gobills #billsmafia (2 years ago)
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Mary Ruebens 9-3 #gobills #billsmafia
happy birthday Chrissy teigen - Mary Ruebens 9-3 #gobills #billsmafia (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday Chrissy Teigen - Ladyofthe80sNG (2 years ago)
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Kimberly Scott
Happy Birthday Chrissy Teigen and what a gentleman of a husband you have. Lovely. <3 - Kimberly Scott (2 years ago)
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Paper Magazine⁷
Happy Birthday clapback queen! - Paper Magazine⁷ (2 years ago)
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Stephanie Carter
The baby pic Bey used to wish Chrissy Teigen a happy birthday s too cute. - Stephanie Carter (2 years ago)
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douglas c. grant
10/09/2018 A 9 year old appeared on your show by the name of Ellie. I was wondering if you kept up with her and how - douglas c. grant (2 years ago)
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Marvs Celebpictures
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY TEIGEN Age: 35 Country: USA Profession: MODEL - Marvs Celebpictures (2 years ago)
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debbie clark
Happy birthday lovely Chrissy Teigen so hope your in a better place xx - debbie clark (2 years ago)

37 years old (Born on November 30, 1985)

American model known for being featured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She was also named Sports Illustrated's Rookie of the Year that same year.

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Happy birthday, Thank you for the content!
 Happy Birthday Chrissy Teigen
Happy birthday Chrissy Teigen
 Amy Schumer Hilariously Recreates Chrissy Teigen s Viral Happy Birthday Video: We Love Y
Happy Birthday to Chrissy Teigen.
(November 30, 1985)
Happy birthday Chrissy Teigen
Happy (Belated) Birthday to the gorgeous Chrissy Teigen!
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Elisha Cuthbert
Chrissy Teigen 
Christel Khalil
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