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Imelda May
Happy Birthday X - Imelda May (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Hope it\'s a great one and a cracking year ahead - Billy (6 days ago)
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sherri C.costa
Happy Birthday Clem ! - sherri C.costa (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to my favorite skin smasher and Doctor of Rock - DaddyBurke (6 days ago)
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Ralf Ilchef
Two of my favourite bands ever right there, happy birthday to my favourite drummer (well, after Ringo) - Ralf Ilchef (6 days ago)
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matt zarella
Happy birthday, Clem, ya hard hitter! Grateful to have heard you and Frank jam out ba - matt zarella (6 days ago)
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102.3 WBAB
For our weekend we\'re doing double shots of best Today we say happy birthday to - 102.3 WBAB (6 days ago)
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Simon Dollner
Brilliant as always, happy birthday Clem , have a great day - Simon Dollner (6 days ago)
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Pamela Sheena Maiasaura Tiger
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! - Pamela Sheena Maiasaura Tiger (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday - RUI M S CARVALHO (6 days ago)
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Black Earth
Happy Birthday!! - Black Earth (6 days ago)
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Tim Whittaker
Happy birthday Clem, have a great day. - Tim Whittaker (6 days ago)
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1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Hey, it\'s the great Clem Burke\'s birthday today! Happy 68th Clem! - 1-2-3-4 Go! Records (6 days ago)
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Susan Navarro
Happy Birthday Clem! - Susan Navarro (6 days ago)
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Clem beats the drums on Dreaming like they owe him money. Happy birthday sir! - Expatnyker (6 days ago)
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Richard H
Happy Birthday to drummer extraordinaire!! - Richard H (6 days ago)
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Ilkka virtanen
Happy Birthday great drummer - Ilkka virtanen (6 days ago)
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Ramones Fans 
Happy Birthday Elvis Ramone. (November 24, 1954) Photo by George Dubose - Ramones Fans  (6 days ago)
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Jake \'The \'80s Never Ended in My World\' Rudh
Happy birthday to one of the greatest drummers on the planet - Blondie s Clem Burke. Clem and Debbie Harry on 14th - Jake \'The \'80s Never Ended in My World\' Rudh (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday Mate! Hope you re having a good one!! - Dazza (6 days ago)
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Rob Welch
happy birthday Clem! Have a fab day (message really need a cooler drumming emoji) - Rob Welch (6 days ago)
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Track By Track
Happy Birthday to the legendary As well as adding the beats to every album and s - Track By Track (6 days ago)
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Song of the Day
Happy Birthday Clem Burke (Blondie/The Romantics), November 24, 1954. - Song of the Day (6 days ago)
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Tony Mcaroni
Happy Birthday Clem - Tony Mcaroni (6 days ago)
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Jay ☽
Happy birthday, Clem! I hope you have the most fantastic day - Jay ☽ (6 days ago)
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L’islet Records
On this day in music history of & John Squire of were born. Happy - L’islet Records (6 days ago)
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Wicked Cool Records
Happy birthday to of We hope your day is - Wicked Cool Records (6 days ago)
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The Picture Place
Cheers to you and a very happy birthday young Clem!!! from husband!! Tequilas are on me - The Picture Place (6 days ago)
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Mother Nipplebottom
Happy Happy Birthday Clem! You Rock! Hope you get your heart s desire this year. - Mother Nipplebottom (6 days ago)
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PuNk and Stuff
Happy birthday - PuNk and Stuff (6 days ago)
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98.9 WMMO
Today we say happy birthday to of and Are you excited Blondie is talk - 98.9 WMMO (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, - The Man with the Golden Suit - DJGOLDEN (6 days ago)
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GrumpyByName #2706 on the list
My mum shares her birthday with two of my favourite entertainers- and Sir Billy Connolly. Happy birthday. - GrumpyByName #2706 on the list (6 days ago)
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happy birthday to the - Ian (6 days ago)
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Goldmine magazine
Happy Birthday, drummer of Blondie! Here are the 10 Albums That Changed Your Life! - Goldmine magazine (6 days ago)
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Classic Rock Party
Today we say happy birthday to of and Are you excited Blondie is talk - Classic Rock Party (6 days ago)
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Andrew Kenyon
Yes happy birthday indeed but don\'t put all the candles on the - Andrew Kenyon (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday to one of the great drummers of our era and a fellow Bayonne boy! - Late_Night_Horror_Classics (6 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, - voidware (1 week ago)
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Greg Way
Happy birthday Mr Burke. - Greg Way (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday to the Tall Poppy Syndrome\'s Resident Doctor of Rock, - Elaine (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday!! (That looks like Nottingham but I may be wrong.) - frocknroll_brummie (1 week ago)
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Happy birthday Drummer Clem Burke! There s a way to make every day as incredible as your 67th birthday? Just live e - AllFamous.org (1 week ago)
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Colleen Wanglund
Happy Birthday! - Colleen Wanglund (1 week ago)
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Sarah French D’Imperio
Happy birthday, - Sarah French D’Imperio (1 week ago)
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Duncan Day
Happy Birthday, Clem. Hope you have a great day - Duncan Day (1 week ago)
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Vince Melouney Music
Happy Birthday to Clem! - Vince Melouney Music (1 week ago)
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Diane Stellman
Happy Birthday and many returns - Diane Stellman (1 week ago)
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Happy Birthday Clem Burke born on November 24, 1954. He is an American musician who is best known as - BostonJeff60 (1 week ago)
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Tall Poppy Syndrome
Please join us in wishing Clem a happy birthday! Photo by Colin McMahon. - Tall Poppy Syndrome (1 week ago)

67 years old (Born on November 24, 1955)

Drummer for Blondie

Clem Burke's Best Moments

Clem and Debbie on 14th Street NYC \76-77
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to Clem Burke. Here are Blondie performing X Offender on Musikladen in 1977
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Clem
Happy birthday to top drummer,top man and Jam fan..
   Happy birthday to Clem Burke 68 Blondie 
The Romantics
 Happy Birthday Frankie!
Happy birthday
  Happy Birthday hope You\re day is as RoCkIng as You are!!
Happy birthday to the legend that is,
Happy birthday to of We hope your day is
Hey, it\s the great Clem Burke\s birthday today! Happy 68th Clem!
Happy 67th birthday to Blondie drummer Clem Burke.
 Happy birthday Clem. Have a Guinness on me.
Happy birthday to the amazing
 L.A. Nights says: Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday, Clem!
 Happy Birthday Clem
Happy Birthday to an absolute legend.
Please join us in wishing Clem a happy birthday!

Photo by Colin McMahon.
  Happy birthday Clem. Enjoy España with
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the coolest rock drummer in the world!
Happy Birthday to Blondie drummer Clem Burke, born on this day in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1954.
A very happy birthday to the \drum master\
Happy Birthday Mister ! The best drummer of Rockn Roll !
   happy birthday clem
   Happy birthday Elvis Ramone!
¡Happy Birthday!
   Long time follower! Happy Birthday Clem
 Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
 Clem you are a drumming God to me !, happy birthday, I composed this my Magnus Opus in your honour..
Happy Birthday
  Yes happy birthday indeed but don\t put all the candles on the
Happy Happy Birthday Clem! You Rock! Hope you get your heart s desire this year.
Happy Birthday Clem Burke (Blondie/The Romantics), November 24, 1954.
 Happy Belated Birthday Clem.  Keep On, Keepin\ On.
 Happy birthday to you xx
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