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Natalie Jones
Happy Birthday, wishing you many more! I pray this is the best year yet. - Natalie Jones (1 month ago)
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Aaron Michael
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones - Aaron Michael (2 days ago)
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Mark T. Gary
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones! Great memories watching you play center! - Mark T. Gary (2 days ago)
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John Engeman
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones - John Engeman (2 days ago)
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Happy birthday to me, Obama, Louis Armstrong, Meghan Markle, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, Louis Vuitton, Cleon Jones, Bi - Will (3 days ago)
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Wayne Shirley
Funny, I was at the Mets/Nats game yesterday and after seeing all of the Mets jerseys, - Wayne Shirley (3 days ago)
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Mets News and Links
Good Morning. Happy Birthday Cleon Jones. Mets beat Nationals 9-5 behind Alonso HR and Vogelbach Grand Slam, Bing - Mets News and Links (3 days ago)
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Ellen Clancy
A happy 80th birthday goes out to Mets Hall of Famer Cleon Jones, a special part of the 1969 team, who l - Ellen Clancy (3 days ago)
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Paul Gebauer
A very Happy Mets Birthday to all time Met great and fan favorite Cleon Jones. All Star, WS Champ and Mets HOF. - Paul Gebauer (3 days ago)
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Happy Birthday, Cleon Jones! He turns 80 today and, coincidentally, his new book Coming Home hits bookshelves t - MetsRewind (3 days ago)
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Cleon Jones’ Rare Form Sports
Happy Birthday cuz from Cleon Jones, Mobile, AL - Cleon Jones’ Rare Form Sports (12 months ago)
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Scott F
Happy 79th bday Cleon Jones! Had all but 40 of his at-bats as a Met, hitting .281 lifetime. Was an All-Star in 1969 - Scott F (1 year ago)
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Mets Legends
Happy Birthday, Cleon Jones! Jones made the final catch of the 1969 World Series to secure the first champi - Mets Legends (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to former World Series champion, Cleon Jones. He turns 79 today. - #MetsRewind (1 year ago)
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John Callery
What a kind and wonderful man! Happy Birthday Cleon Jones! - John Callery (1 year ago)
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Anna Brice
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones! - Anna Brice (1 year ago)
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Dinosaurs United
And who was doing it that day? Mr Cleon Jones I turned and looked at my son who was staring at me in disbeli - Dinosaurs United (1 year ago)
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Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
Happy Birthday to Miracle Mets player, Cleon Jones! - Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (1 year ago)
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Diana Flynn
I guess it says something about my semi-retired focus that I remessageed Happy Birthday to Cleon Jones on Barack Obam - Diana Flynn (1 year ago)
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Mary Carroll ⓥ
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones!!! I remember listening to Mets games on the radio when I was a kid and we\'d be ju - Mary Carroll ⓥ (1 year ago)
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New York Mets
Happy birthday to 1969 World Series champion, Cleon Jones! - New York Mets (1 year ago)
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On This Day in Black History
Happy birthday to Cleon Jones! - On This Day in Black History (1 year ago)
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Cleveland Spiders/Atlanta Hammers h/t Buster Olney
Happy birthday, Cleon Jones! One of my favorite Mets ever. - Cleveland Spiders/Atlanta Hammers h/t Buster Olney (2 years ago)
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Vince Ruggiero_41
Happy 78th birthday, Cleon Jones. - Vince Ruggiero_41 (2 years ago)
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Louis Cook
What connects Barack Obama, Louis Vuitton, Raoul Wallenberg, John Venn, Louis Armstrong, Robert Hayden, Cleon Jones - Louis Cook (2 years ago)
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Brian Wright
Happy 78th birthday to Cleon Jones. His contribution to the Mets, and 1969 in particular, described below in an exc - Brian Wright (2 years ago)
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Tony D
Also a happy birthday to of the 68 Mets Cleon Jones. 78 years young today - Tony D (2 years ago)
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Happy 78th Birthday to Cleon Jones! Batting average = .281 Home runs = 93 Runs batted in = 524 New York M - JVAN (2 years ago)
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Salmon Fan
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones (born 8/4/42)! Cleon caught the last out in left field in the 1969 World Series f - Salmon Fan (2 years ago)
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John From Albany
Good Morning. The Mets get Jacob deGrom Runs! Mets 7 Braves 2 but experience infield injuries, and Happy Birthday t - John From Albany (2 years ago)
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Mets Birthdays
Happy 77th birthday to New York Mets Hall of Famer Cleon Jones! His 1,201 games played with the Mets ranks sixth in - Mets Birthdays (3 years ago)
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Vince Ruggiero
Happy 77th Birthday, Cleon Jones. - Vince Ruggiero (3 years ago)
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James Piccoli
\"There\'s A Fly Ball Hit Out To Left Waiting Is Jones...The Are The World Champions\" ---Curt Gowdy--- - James Piccoli (3 years ago)
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Jane Mitch
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones. I m an old Met fan from the 60 s and you were my favorite Met. Enjoy!! - Jane Mitch (3 years ago)
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Larry in Missouri
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones, out of Mobile, Alabama and Alabama A&M; 13 year career, .281 lifetime average, All Star - Larry in Missouri (3 years ago)
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Paul Francis Sullivan (Please Call Me Sully)
Happy birthday to Mets All Star and World Series champ Cleon Jones - Paul Francis Sullivan (Please Call Me Sully) (3 years ago)
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NY-Penn League News & History
Happy 77th Birthday to former New York-Penn League prospect Cleon Jones (Auburn Mets, 1963). Jones played in the ma - NY-Penn League News & History (3 years ago)
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Gio/wthballs blog
Happy 76th Birthday to former All-Star Cleon Jones!!! Here\'s a career-capping 1976 card to celebrate. - Gio/wthballs blog (4 years ago)
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1974 Baseball Tweets
Happy 76th Birthday to longtime outfielder Cleon Jones. Cleon started in the 1969 All-Star game, the same yea - 1974 Baseball Tweets (4 years ago)
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Mark Williams
Happy Birthday to My Favorite Met and Left Fielder for the 1969 NY Mets Cleon Jones!! - Mark Williams (4 years ago)
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Tom Watson
Happy birthday to the great Cleon Jones! My favorite player of all time. - Tom Watson (4 years ago)
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Rich Kissel
Happy 75th Birthday to Cleon Jones, hero of the 1969 Miracle Mets. I once told Cleon how I - Rich Kissel (5 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Andy Smillie, Ted Strickland, Don S. Davis (d. 2008), Cleon Jones, David Lange (d. 2005) and Vicente Alvarez Areces. - North Trenton (5 years ago)
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1960s Baseball
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones, 1969 All-Star & World Champion who batted career-best .340 in \'69 was lifetime .2 - 1960s Baseball (5 years ago)
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Mets Rewind
August 4: Happy birthday, Cleon Jones! A member of the 1969 World Series champions, Jones turns 75 today. - Mets Rewind (5 years ago)
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Happy 75th Birthday Cleon Jones. - Ed (5 years ago)
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1970s Baseball
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones, 1969 All-Star & World Champ, key member of \'73 NL pennant winner. He hit .340 in - 1970s Baseball (5 years ago)
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HERD Chronicles
Happy 75th birthday to Cleon Jones, who had two solid seasons in .278, 16, HR, 70 RBI in 1964 & .269, 15 - HERD Chronicles (5 years ago)
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Bill Chuck
Happy 75th birthday to Cleon Jones - Bill Chuck (5 years ago)
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CT Jermin
Happy Birthday, Mr. Cleon Jones. One of my favorite Mets ever... - CT Jermin (5 years ago)

80 years old (Born on August 04, 1942)

Retired Mets left fielder who is remembered for catching the last out during the 1969 World Series for the New York Mets.

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Happy birthday to 1969 World Series champion, Cleon Jones!
Happy Birthday Cleon Jones
Happy birthday to Cleon Jones!
Happy Birthday to Miracle Mets player, Cleon Jones!
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