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Can you wish my friend a happy 27th birthday please? He\'s a big fan and is stuck in quarant - Ollie (8 months ago)
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Piala Dunia 2018
FIFAWorldCup: 2006 2010 2014 He\'s USMNT\'s joint all-time leading scorer and the first American t - Piala Dunia 2018 (8 months ago)
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Tyler Cochran
Thank you for always being my idol and a hero! Happy Birthday Deuce! - Tyler Cochran (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my all time favorite player Enjoy the day Deuce! - Bones (8 months ago)
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Dana Noffsinger
My favorite player! Happy Birthday - Dana Noffsinger (8 months ago)
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V Manuel
Happy birthday from Arizona! - V Manuel (8 months ago)
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Victor Calderon
Happy birthday from Arizona! - Victor Calderon (8 months ago)
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Casey Adiele
Happy birthday to the great Hope Year 37 treats you well! - Casey Adiele (8 months ago)
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Sir Kicks A Lot
Clint Dempsey is an absolute legend. A warrior on the field, and a great family - Sir Kicks A Lot (8 months ago)
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Dan Larkin
Happy birthday ! If handshakes don t come back from we ll always have this to remember - Dan Larkin (8 months ago)
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The ONLY time I\'ll remessage or even acknowledge is to honor the one and only Deuce! Happy birthday to a - DSuch (8 months ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Chingy, Matt Barnes, Matthew Gray Gubler, Antonio Bryant, Clay Rapada, Ryan Bayley, Matt Bowen, M - Teewhy Nyema (8 months ago)
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Teresa Ronnback
Happy birthday Duece!! Miss seeing you on the pitch!! - Teresa Ronnback (8 months ago)
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Connor Roestel ⭐⭐
Happy Birthday Hope life is treating you well! - Connor Roestel ⭐⭐ (8 months ago)
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The Deuce is loose! Happy birthday to a one of a kind avid fisherman - Christine (8 months ago)
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Jeff Pearlman
Interesting crew of birthdays today. future Quazes and Kevin Benton, actor Antonio Gasalla, - Jeff Pearlman (8 months ago)
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Owen Trudt
Happy birthday to an American hero - Owen Trudt (8 months ago)
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Matt Pape
Happy birthday Legend. Pretty young for a legend congrats to you! - Matt Pape (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday to legend Clint Dempsey My favourite player - DeuceSF (8 months ago)
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Joe in the Wild
Clint Dempsey inspired a lot of my attitude and game growing up. Happy birthday Deuce!! - Joe in the Wild (8 months ago)
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AnnMarie Holden
Happy Birthday - AnnMarie Holden (8 months ago)
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Texas Sports HOF
Happy birthday to future TSHOF inductee See you in March! - Texas Sports HOF (8 months ago)
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Tyler Paßmöre
My favorite USMNT player of all time all the way back to us having the same bad haircut when he joined the league. - Tyler Paßmöre (8 months ago)
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Favorite American player of all time. Grit. Absolute Baller. Swagger. Don t tread on him. Just wish we could have g - Alex (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Deuce! I hope you\'re enjoying all the extra time with your family now! - DirtyDozen (8 months ago)
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Cincy Spurs
Happy birthday, Deuce! You are the reason many of us came to support Tottenham Hotspur and we couldn t be more grat - Cincy Spurs (8 months ago)
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Nathanael Charles
Happy Birthday - Nathanael Charles (8 months ago)
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Brandon Moore
But happy bday and go Sounders!! - Brandon Moore (8 months ago)
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Happy mother fucking birthday to my number one USA player ever. I love you 5 ever - jaymz (8 months ago)
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Andres Dominguez
He showed the world how we do it in Texas. Happy birthday - Andres Dominguez (8 months ago)
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Bobby Drake
Bruh I forgot he hit that Young Joc \"It\'s going down\" happy birthday to the - Bobby Drake (8 months ago)
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Andre J. Boulais
Love this from my favorite player of all time. Happy birthday to the man from Nacogdoches, TX! - Andre J. Boulais (8 months ago)
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Alan Ace south0fnowhere
Happy Birthday Deuce! Have a great one! - Alan Ace south0fnowhere (8 months ago)
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New England Revolution
Happy Birthday to a club legend, - New England Revolution (8 months ago)
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Furman Men\'s Soccer
Happy Birthday to the - Furman Men\'s Soccer (8 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Deuce! He scores with his left, he scores with his right, that boy Clint Dempsey makes Drogba look - Phil (8 months ago)
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Ryan Moore
Happy Birthday, my man! Your sister is part of my motivation. - Ryan Moore (8 months ago)
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Derrick Grant
Happy Birthday to the goat, ! - Derrick Grant (8 months ago)
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Diego von Vacano
happy bday TX legend! - Diego von Vacano (8 months ago)
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I enjoyed this guy game so much,his influence and impact was felt in Fulham FC..happy birthday !!! - Geofocus (8 months ago)
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Shane Connaughton
Happy Birthday to me, Veron, Clint Dempsey and Daley Blind. - Shane Connaughton (8 months ago)
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James Harvey
Legend of the day is one if the those streets will never forget footballers that we all love who gave you Fulham - James Harvey (8 months ago)
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Street Soccer USA
On this day in 1983, an American legend was born. Wishing our Ambassador a Happy Birthday!! Hope the - Street Soccer USA (8 months ago)
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Cristian Limon
happy birthday gentlemen - Cristian Limon (8 months ago)
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Jeremy Arias
Happy birthday to the goat I love you man enjoy - Jeremy Arias (8 months ago)
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RIP Kobe- ⭐️⭐️
Happy Birthday to the greatest American soccer player of all time! - RIP Kobe- ⭐️⭐️ (8 months ago)
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Pulso Sports
We would like to wish the one and only Clint Dempsey a happy birthday. Here we see his impact he had with - Pulso Sports (8 months ago)
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Quintin Moore
Happy birthday Thank you for giving me your jersey for my 10th birthday, it has been 5 years but I r - Quintin Moore (8 months ago)
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Dean McBee
Happy Birthday, Clint Dempsey! - Dean McBee (8 months ago)
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Deborah Skroch
I miss watching him play. Happy Birthday Clint! Hope retirement is treating you well. - Deborah Skroch (8 months ago)

37 years old (Born on March 09, 1983)

Attacking midfielder who played for Fulham and Tottenham in the Premier League and joined the United States national team in 2004. He became captain of the US national team in March, 2013 and he helped lead the New England Revolution to MLS Cup Championships in 2005 and 2006.

Clint Dempsey's Best Moments

Happy birthday US football icon who made his mark on the Premier League
Happy birthday to the second leading all-time scorer, Clint Dempsey!
 Happy birthday,
MLS: Here\s to many more memorable moments. 

Happy Birthday clint_dempsey!
A famous Fulham night  Happy birthday  |
As clutch as it gets.

Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday to former Prem man  Throwback to his birthday cake from a few years back
Happy Birthday to a club legend,
Happy Birthday Clint Dempsey  218 PL Appearances  57 Goals  19 Assists
Happy mother fucking birthday to my number one USA player ever. I love you 5 ever
Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday to the legend,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to this guy. Thank you for all the memories
Happy 37th Birthday to the one and only  Will never forget THAT chip against Juventus
Happy birthday Daley Blind, Sebastian Veron, Angel Correa & Clint Dempsey
Happy birthday !!!
Happy birthday, Follow matches:
 Happy birthday, you magnificent bastard!
36 years ago today a legend was born.

Happy Birthday to own,
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday,
Very happy birthday
Happy birthday, clint_dempsey!
Happy 36th Birthday to all-time great and Mr. Clutch !!!
  Doing this to Ghana 1 minute into the World Cup. Happy birthday  !!
Still makes me chuckle. Happy Birthday, Enjoy the day!
Happy Birthday Hope life is treating you well after soccer
 wishes  and Roy Makaay a very warm happy birthday! Best wishes. :)
Happy Birthday striker have a great day my friend
Happy birthday to my broken nose twin
Happy birthday to
Wish a happy birthday to
Happy Birthday, Clint Dempsey!
Happy birthday Deuce, Best American footballer to play the game!
Happy birthday to my favorite soccer player
Happy Birthday to the man they call Duce
Happy Birthday Clint Dempsey
Happy birthday to our favorite Seattle soccer player: Clint Dempsey!
The Deuce is loose (and a year older!).

Happy Birthday Clint Dempsey!...
A very happy birthday to former Spurs striker Clint Dempsey, who is 35 today!
To Deuce, from Charlie: Happy Birthday!   >>> <<<
Oh wow, happy birthday to Clint Dempsey who makes the best faces and is extremely good at the game of soccer
 Happy birthday to an American footballing idol.  What is your favourite Clint Dempsey moment?
Happy birthday one heck of an underrated player.
Happy Birthday, Deuce
36th Happy birthday US football icon who made his mark on the Premier League
 Head down memory lane and tell us: what\s your favorite goal?

Happy birthday, Deuce!
Happy birthday  Mr Deuce one of my favorite players
Happy Birthday He s not the only top class American to have featured in the
Happy birthday to Angel Correa, Daley Blind, Clint Dempsey and many others
Happy Birthday to Clint Dempsey One of the best ever American footballers
Happy Birthday Appearances ~ 141  Goals ~ 57  Assists ~ 21
Happy Birthday Hope life is treating you well!
  Thank you for always being my idol and a hero! Happy Birthday Deuce!
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