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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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Stan Burman
Happy birthday Andy! And thanks so much for your continued doses of intelligence and common sense. - Stan Burman (5 hours ago)
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jayne fiore
Happy Birthday to you. Proud that such a young man has so much common sense. Celebrate responsibly please! - jayne fiore (6 hours ago)
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Sagar Kaushik
Happy birthday May god bless you with some sense of common and money also so you don t hav - Sagar Kaushik (10 hours ago)
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Joseph Adedamola
Happy birthday big nose. We have that in common. - Joseph Adedamola (10 hours ago)
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Happy birthday, Frances Perkins! She was born 1880 in Boston, but it was a tragedy in New York City that chang - NEhist (11 hours ago)
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Mayowa Racheal Popoola
It has been a great experience to be connected to LQ family! Thank y - Mayowa Racheal Popoola (12 hours ago)
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David J. Halberstam
Happy Birthday to NASCAR broadcaster - Ken Squier, worked for decades for CBS and Turner. Squier hits 86 today. Man - David J. Halberstam (14 hours ago)
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Sonoran Desert Neanderthal - Richard Assyd
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LADY We share something in common today - Sonoran Desert Neanderthal - Richard Assyd (14 hours ago)
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Nic Lott
Through my singing and acting and speaking, I want to make ring. Maybe I can touch people\'s hearts better - Nic Lott (14 hours ago)
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Sandy Storms
There is Swara,and then there is self proclaimed nationalist,loud mouth. Happy Birthday to a girl f - Sandy Storms (15 hours ago)
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Secretary Marty Walsh
I\'d like to think I have a lot in common with Frances Perkins: shared birthday, shared birthplace (MA), & a passion - Secretary Marty Walsh (15 hours ago)
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Megan J
I m having birthday drinks on Clapham Common next Saturday if you re free x if not can I have a Hap - Megan J (16 hours ago)
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Plogga Mayokun IYAOMOLERE
Happy birthday to my Thank you for all you\'ve taught us and how you help us gr - Plogga Mayokun IYAOMOLERE (17 hours ago)
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Fagbule Victoria Boluwatife
It\'s world PFEMs day Words can\'t express how blessed I am to have the - Fagbule Victoria Boluwatife (17 hours ago)
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Map me please we should help you celebrate..happy birthday man. - Genna (18 hours ago)
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Ekponta Blessing
Happy birthday sensei of senses. A dad, a dogged leader, a role model. Thank you for making greatness common with y - Ekponta Blessing (19 hours ago)
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Happy birthday! Coincidentally, we share two things in common: Name and birthday. Cheers to new beginning. - A.R.I.N.Z.E. (20 hours ago)
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Winnie Kalua
Ooohk Tidzabweza Happy birthday to you - Winnie Kalua (21 hours ago)
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Shocked you already haven\'t but happy birthday - Pheno265 (22 hours ago)
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The Strict Nerd
happy birthday - The Strict Nerd (22 hours ago)
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Happy birthday bro - Wandaman (22 hours ago)
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Happy birthday boss - FUCHE (22 hours ago)
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Henny and Ice
Happy birthday - Henny and Ice (22 hours ago)
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Happy birthday - Nathi❤️ (22 hours ago)
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Happy birthday madala. Lero mungomwa juice basi. Ka nyama. Koma ngati mukukamwa phone isiyeni pa den. - Bula (22 hours ago)
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Cecilia Bamusi
Mwayamba kale we know.... happy birthday king - Cecilia Bamusi (22 hours ago)
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Sonik Sports
One very happy Sonik customer... Peter Conn banked this corker of a common on his birthday using his 10ft Vaderx RS - Sonik Sports (22 hours ago)
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amit dokania
Happy Birthday to voice of common people - amit dokania (23 hours ago)
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Lisa Ferguson
Happy birthday, Mark! Thank you for bringing some common sense and rationalization to message. Pho - Lisa Ferguson (1 day ago)
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Justin Kollar
Happy birthday! - Justin Kollar (1 day ago)
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common man he just wants a happy birthday - mushroOm (1 day ago)
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Dana Bentley
Happy birthday!! - Dana Bentley (1 day ago)
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Stuart Washington
Happy Birthday Mother!!!! - Stuart Washington (1 day ago)
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- आदर्श (1 day ago)
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Neil Lewis
Tell him Happy Birthday from The Common People. - Neil Lewis (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday Mam I know I am just a common person who might never get an acknowledgement from you bu - aj1976 (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday, great to see you have common sense and are a patriot. - CINDY OLNEY (1 day ago)
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Happy birthday !! im glad we have some stuff in common and can communicate about them sometimes i hop - afrzzz (1 day ago)
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Kimi Most
Happy Birthday to my bday twins- and Kristen Stewart!!! We all have so much in common! Like, our birthday. - Kimi Most (1 day ago)
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phia #5yearswithNCT
Happy birthday sa pinaka unang kaibigan ko sa stan twt! We have lots in common hahah. Taga Cavs tayo parehas tapos - phia #5yearswithNCT (1 day ago)
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Keep raising your voice for the common people. Wish you a very happy birthday - Rahul (1 day ago)
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Happy Birthday!! Why I jumped in to your timeline was that I thought it was Mia Khalifa in the pic (no offense meant or implied)! - [email protected]_nothing (1 day ago)
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Adv. Manoj
A Swara & a Shefali have common birthday. Don\'t take it to your heart , here\'s wishing you a very ha - Adv. Manoj (1 day ago)
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ITS FINALLY YOUR BIRTHDAY, ilysm and im so so happy youre my best friend here on this app. We share - dana (1 day ago)
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dana | MILLS DAY!
ITS FINALLY YOUR BIRTHDAY, ilysm and im so so happy youre my best friend here on this app. We share - dana | MILLS DAY! (1 day ago)
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dana is sleeping | MILLS DAY!
ITS FINALLY YOUR BIRTHDAY, ilysm and im so so happy youre my best friend here on this app. We share - dana is sleeping | MILLS DAY! (1 day ago)
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Dr. Suwa Lal Jangu
Happy birthday madam Swara for your unbeatable and powerful voice in favour of marginalised communitie - Dr. Suwa Lal Jangu (1 day ago)
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Phil Amato
Phil...Happy Birthday to us today! Birthday buddies for years. Miles apart but so much in common! You have a great - Phil Amato (1 day ago)
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Payal Mehta/પાયલ મેહતા/ पायल मेहता/ পাযেল মেহতা
Happy Birthday, common man adhyaksh ji ji - Payal Mehta/પાયલ મેહતા/ पायल मेहता/ পাযেল মেহতা (2 days ago)
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Satya Prakash Arya
I can still remind how PETA was bewildered once by your strong and fascinating facts ma\'am. Keep rockin - Satya Prakash Arya (2 days ago)

49 years old (Born on March 13, 1972)

African-American rapper from Chicago, Illinois; He is famous from I used to love H.E.R.

Is a vegetarian. Is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. Had a public feud with Ice Cube in the late 90s, epitomized in the song "The b*tch In Yoo.". Has a daughter. He was engaged to singer Erykah Badu.

Common's Best Moments

Unveiling the Common DP of  Advance Happy birthday charan  RAMCHARAN BDAY CDP
Happy birthday Common, 49!
Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Common Appreciation message. Happy 49th Birthday to the legend
ABC7: Happy birthday common!
Advance happy birthday    Awesome common DP by
Happy 49th birthday Common 

Drop your favorite Common albums or tracks
Happy Birthday Mrs Wheeldon. Seems March 7th is a common birthday for keepers
Happy Birthday, common man adhyaksh ji ji
Happy Birthday, groove You are the common denominator of our success.
Happy Birthday,
  Happy birthday Common love of PAKISTAN......
Happy 48th birthday Common.   Drop your favorite Common lines or tracks below.
Happy birthday to winner,
Speed Taggindi  Common Speed Up Guys Happy birthday to you Stylish Star Allu Arjun
Happy Birthday !!
Happy birthday home slice!! Here s to more strange common interests
Happy birthday,  Drop your favorite project by him
Happy 46th Birthday to
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
On behalf of birthday 

A common dp done by the fans :) 

Advance happy birthday sir :)
Happy 46th birthday to the multi-talented, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar-winning,
Wishing Many More Happy Returns Of The Day

Common Dp for Birthday
Happy 48th Birthday Common! is the only rapper to win an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar.
Happy Birthday to Common who turns 46 today
Leo Common ametimiza miaka 49
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to one of the most insightful MCs in the game,
Happy Birthday to my Big brother always solid
 One for you from Corfe Common. Happy Birthday
Common Dp For Birthday
Happy birthday in advance Guruji

Happy 1st Birthday to COMMON SENSE HOLIDAY
One day it ll all make sense Happy birthday to the illustrious Soulquarian Common Sense
Here\s to one of the realest people we know. Happy birthday,
Happy bday to this sassy girl that I literally have way too much in common with.. I love you!!
 Happy Birthday!! Mine is in 10 days, we seem to have some things in common
   Happy Birthday common dp
Birthday Common Dp for Sir

Advance happy birthday Sir
Happy Birthday Ajay Devgn. One Of The Most common cause of mouth Cancer!!!
Shame on you!!!
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my brother, Roger! 
So little in common and yet so much a like.
 I Love you!
Happy birthday
What do these two have in common?

It\s their Birthday ! 

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday! if though I don\t know you...just saw you in my tl but I only have a common gift!
Guys!! Use our common sense hahaha malay natin may pa surprise charot hahaha

THEY SAY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chi-town\s favorite renaissance man
Happy birthday to my guy thank you for everything family, enjoy your day! I appreciate you. Peace!
Happy Birthday to one of my faves
Wish a happy birthday to    and more!
Happy birthday to We  him in LUV, which you can stream free on Tubi:
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday wishes to our FLY guy
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to our man
  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to the king
Happy birthday Remember your basketball days?
  Happy birthday
Advance happy bday charan anna common Dp
Being as fly as Common, actually isn\t that common. Happy Birthday! 
( : Christopher Polk via Getty Images)
Happy birthday to one of Chicago\s greats!
 Happy Birthday
Maturity is when common things don\t move you.

Happy birthday to me
Happy 49th Birthday to
Wishing a Happy Birthday! Today the award-winning actor and rapper turns 49. Happy Birthday!
Happy 49th Birthday Common 

Song: Common ft. The Last Poets - The Corner(2005)
Happy Birthday Common
Happy Birthday, Common! What\s your favorite role of his?
Happy 49th birthday to Common   What s your favorite album/movie from
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday Common.

And Best Wishes for your Happy Birthday,

26th March, 2021 Common Era.


OK, and bye.
Happy Birthday Rory Bremner   ... from all the Common People
Wishing a happy birthday!
Happy 45th Birthday To Common! - The Source
Happy Birthday Common!
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
Happy birthday common!
Happy Birthday to the super talented and mega cool All the best from your team!
45 and fine. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to my favorite.....
Happy 45th birthday to
Happy Birthday ! I love you!
Happy Birthday !
Happy 45th Birthday (March 13, 1972)
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday Common!!
Happy Birthday, Love and Light to you, today and always.
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to your show at Sat. April 29!
Advance Happy Birthday Ram Charan
Common Dp for
Happy Birthday to Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. aka Common!
Happy 46th Birthday to the fantastic,
Remessageed BET ( Happy birthday to one of the GREATEST to ever touch a mic,
Happy Birthday to the goat ... Please come back to this year
Happy birthday
Happy 46th Birthday to
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, we can\t wait to see you, in the Stadium Boo! Common Common
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday COMMON aka Lonnie Lynn
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
 Common DP Release Today @ 3:33PM 
Advance Happy Birthday
Happy  Birthday to the man in black. Looks like he and Boots had a love of kittens in common.
Happy Birthday to this Living Legend
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
That smile gives me joy....Happy birthday to my McM  i love me some
  Happy Birthday
Please help us wish a very happy birthday
Happy birthday more success ahead for you
 Happy Birthday Common
 happy birthday dude but you still look like Matt from Wii Sports
Happy Birthday to rapper, actor
 Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day and an AMAZING Birthday weekend!
Happy 48th Birthday to Rapper Common !!!

Pic Cred: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison
That time when passed the to a real hip hop legend...happy birthday
Happy birthday common!!!
Happy 48th Birthday to the legendary !
 A friend we have in common has a birthday today. Happy 5-0
Birthday Common Dp Of Cute HAPPY BIRTHDAY
 Advance happy birthday wishes to you ma\am
  Good morning ma\am. Happy birthday and happy wishes to you
 happy birthday mtetezi wa common citizens
 happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Big Illinois aka
 Happy birthday King.
 Happy Birthday Common
A Place In This World -    Happy Birthday Common!
Happy Birthday, Common!
Steven James ( messageed:
Happy Birthday, Common Sense!
Happy birthday to a hip hop legend this will always be one of my favourite hip hop albums ever produced
Happy Birthday,  3/13
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday, Common!
Happy birthday to    Tuomas Vitikainen/CC
Happy Birthday to my Favorite ...
Happy Birthday to activist, rapper & actor,   : Getty  Images
Happy birthday appreciate the notice
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Dana Delany, William H. Macy, and Common
People consider you to be but I think you re pretty special. Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Common
Happy Birthday Which of his albums gets the most burn from you?
Happy birthday, Been about 20 years since we talked.

We need to go over what\s on this tape.
Happy Birthday Common
Understand Why You Dance!
Tonight movie Happy birthday!!!
Happy 49th Birthday
Happy 49th Birthday to Chicago Hip-Hop Icon Common!
Happy Birthday to Yvette Marie Stevens better known to us common folks as Chaka Khan.
Common we can do this   HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA
Happy birthday Common DP for birthday  sweet day ahead
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common and serena williams 1
common album 3
common core 4

Fun Facts About Common

Was known as Common Sense prior to 1995, when a ska band with that name sued him, forcing him to shorten his name.

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