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Hello there, Jacy! Is it too late for me to say happy birthday to your muse? Anyway, it s an - Tiago (9 months ago)
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Writerly.ai Answers Bot
There are many words that are sweeter than \"i love you\", but some of the most common are \"Happy Birthday - Writerly.ai Answers Bot (9 months ago)
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i didn\'t wish you with common birthday wishes words or texts or messages , because your friends will - dr11 (9 months ago)
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NoCap Jack On YouTube
Aries..Happy Birthday To All My Aries Out There Today!....We Have Something In Common! - NoCap Jack On YouTube (9 months ago)
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Ahmad Siddiqi
- Many happy returns of the day. Birthday greetings from an admirer. From the depth of my heart I m re - Ahmad Siddiqi (9 months ago)
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Caitríona Doherty
Happy birthday from another Caitríona! In NI not very common! - Caitríona Doherty (9 months ago)
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fam, looking to finish out my Best of 2021 common set this weekend for my Birthday! Anyone inter - Dubs (9 months ago)
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lodie Mardo
There is still no cure for the common birthday. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ELHA - lodie Mardo (9 months ago)
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✨-X trizia X-✨
The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ELHA - ✨-X trizia X-✨ (9 months ago)
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Success is not a matter of mastering subtle, sophisticated theory but rather of embracing common sense with uncommo - ✨b-EL-iev-HA✨ (9 months ago)
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Peter John
Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age eighteen HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ELHA - Peter John (9 months ago)
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Touch the Sky
Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen Albert Einstein HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ELHA - Touch the Sky (9 months ago)
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Chocolate Addict
Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by the age eighteen. -Albert Einstein. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ELHA - Chocolate Addict (9 months ago)
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Jack Daniel
It s your birthday and the Rams couldn t even have the common decency to sign Stephon Gilmore. Do bet - Jack Daniel (9 months ago)
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willbikeforfood hates empty pockets
That seems to be a common thread amongst actors, for obvious reasons I suppose. But, if you ever want - willbikeforfood hates empty pockets (9 months ago)
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Yes, it\'s our birthday. Happy Birthday and Seeing this every year is an indication that we - 10th_April (9 months ago)
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Omini ThankGod
Your type is not common. It\'s an honour to have you as my big sis. The Lord will give you rest, increase you and p - Omini ThankGod (9 months ago)
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Thank you so much and happy birthday is very common here. Traditionally it would be \"Alles Gute zum Geburtstag\" - MoiraMller (9 months ago)
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Emily Souther
Happy Birthday to Stories Don t End. In that album are many amazing lyrics and songs that I love in - Emily Souther (9 months ago)
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True Believer
I must say, for 15 you seem to have a lot more common sense than most adults I know. You have a good - True Believer (9 months ago)
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Ted Evelyn Mosby
We have a lot in common. Our second meet is still pending We have a lot to speak about. Thank you for always bein - Ted Evelyn Mosby (9 months ago)
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Happy bday!!!! Ily and I m so thankful to have found you!!! It s a great feeling to find someone with so m - ✿❀Abby❀✿ (9 months ago)
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Guy Hewett
If you haven t done 9/11 memorial yet, it s deffo worth a visit. Not fun but important. - Guy Hewett (9 months ago)
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Sue Cass
I found this on new year\'s day. I know they are common, but I love all the preseved details inside. - Sue Cass (9 months ago)
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K. Sean
In my small university it was common for profs, regardless of gender, to bring snacks to class on the last - K. Sean (9 months ago)
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Neø Sans
Lamepileofbones: starfing43: lamepileofbones: Forgotten The more I see Error birthday fanart The more I think you g - Neø Sans (9 months ago)
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Chen Feiyu Global Fans Union
Happy Birthday! We wish you all the best. This fan adventures allows us to come together for a common pur - Chen Feiyu Global Fans Union (9 months ago)
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Hillcrest Card Company
First of all I\'m a big fan of food and beverages, but tomato? Tomato is a superior food. It is so tas - Hillcrest Card Company (9 months ago)
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The Adventures of Tommyinnit Happy birthday to the big man, holy shit he has no common sense. - Mahggie (9 months ago)
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Wish Craig happy birthday, it s only common sense!! - Ersatz (9 months ago)
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Koshka Fursuits
A little late but happy everyone! It belongs to the winner of our birthday giveaway, it\'s not common - Koshka Fursuits (9 months ago)
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ed newman
Happy Birthday to Seymour Hersh, a role model for journalists everywhere. - ed newman (9 months ago)
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Man shares something in common with my parents, my three younger siblings were all born - Yo! (9 months ago)
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What is the work of this first ladies when common man is suffering when their husbands are in helm of - unclepema (9 months ago)
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Pasumarthi Pavan Teja
Happy birthday ALLUARJUN ANNA.. - Pasumarthi Pavan Teja (9 months ago)
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I take care of this fool 24/7 since his stroke. Had my bday dinner at home w everyone. he s told it s my birthday. - kels (9 months ago)
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‎ً sabi
Happy birthday twinnie!! i hope you re having a veryy fun and happy day! i m glad i met someone like you who sha - ‎ً sabi (9 months ago)
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Ricki Thorpe
No, cause I ve had the common cold since Monday and fuck them if they try and say otherwise.. happy birthday to me - Ricki Thorpe (9 months ago)
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Colin Hayhurst
belated happy birthday to us both! not the only thing in common - Colin Hayhurst (9 months ago)
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Kelly Cross
Happy birthday Bailey! You and my cat Babie have one thing in common, you both love ice cream! You are so cute - Kelly Cross (9 months ago)
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Rijo Jacob Team BBM
Here is the Special Common DP of our Birthday Celebration Advance Happy Bir - Rijo Jacob Team BBM (9 months ago)
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Aaqib Ahmad Bhat
Happy birthday Sir.May God bless you with good health and give strength to work for welfare of common - Aaqib Ahmad Bhat (9 months ago)
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Happy belated birthday Common...be proud to turn 50.... growth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding 1972 be - VA4LYFE (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Jackie Chan! Always admire him and there is something we both have it in common ! - DiNe$H (9 months ago)
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Rais Shaikh
Happy Birthday to Vidarbha\'s dear leader, common citizen along with farmers, hard workers, exploited, deprived and - Rais Shaikh (9 months ago)
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Tina M Samuel
Happy Belated Birthday - Tina M Samuel (9 months ago)
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Happy 85th birthday to the poet of the common man. Rest in Peace Merle Haggard - qǝlɐɔ (9 months ago)
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It\'s economy protest why enjoy a cake and things are hard for common mwanainji Happy birthday mwesh... - @RonnyRon (10 months ago)
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Tammy Stewart
Happy Birthday - Tammy Stewart (10 months ago)
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Chanell Taylor
Happy birthday - Chanell Taylor (10 months ago)

50 years old (Born on March 13, 1972)

African-American rapper from Chicago, Illinois; He is famous from I used to love H.E.R.

Is a vegetarian. Is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. Had a public feud with Ice Cube in the late 90s, epitomized in the song "The b*tch In Yoo.". Has a daughter. He was engaged to singer Erykah Badu.

Common's Best Moments

The common DP of my Hero! Happy Birthday in advance
Beyoncé wishes a happy 50th birthday.
Common DP for mega power star ramcharan  And advance happy birthday
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Common & Jack Harlow!
Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday Mrs Wheeldon. Seems March 7th is a common birthday for keepers
Happy birthday common sense. i made this cake to celebrate two years of common sense
Happy Birthday, common man adhyaksh ji ji
ALSO A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR OWN  You guys know what to do... in the comments.. common.. TYPE
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to the legend that walks among common men
Happy birthday home slice!! Here s to more strange common interests
Happy birthday,  Drop your favorite project by him
Happy birthday common,  thank you for everything
Happy Birthday to Common Sense by Joshua Bassett This is where it all started.
Happy birthday to the great . Coolest common man on screen
Happy 85th birthday to the poet of the common man. Rest in Peace Merle Haggard
Happy 50th Birthday to the one & only icon Common!    [WATCH]
Happy birthday to one of the most insightful MCs in the game,
Happy Birthday to my Big brother always solid
 One for you from Corfe Common. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday  via
 Happy Birthday!! Mine is in 10 days, we seem to have some things in common
Happy birthday to the ONIDURO of the common man
Here\s The
COMMON DP Advance Happy Birthday Anna
Happy Birthday ! It s a big one, have a great one.
Happy Birthday! if though I don\t know you...just saw you in my tl but I only have a common gift!
Guys!! Use our common sense hahaha malay natin may pa surprise charot hahaha

THEY SAY...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chi-town\s favorite renaissance man
Hope of common man like us happy birthday MKS  good health rules us for ever !!
Happy Birthday to
This discography is so legendary to me! I love most of them. Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday
Here is the common dp for       Advance happy birthday dear
Happy Birthday wishes to our FLY guy
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to our man
  Happy birthday
Happy 49th birthday to Common   What s your favorite album/movie from
Happy Birthday Common.

And Best Wishes for your Happy Birthday,

26th March, 2021 Common Era.


OK, and bye.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY  GABBY! Here\s to more days of simping over our common biases.
Happy birthday from the dog dad. The wet walks ready
Salute and Happy Birthday to !!
Happy birthday to Common.
 Happy birthday ! I won this skate deck out of the back in 1997.
Happy 50th birthday,
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite Hip Hop artists
Happy 2nd bday common sense
Happy Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday Common!!
Happy Birthday, Love and Light to you, today and always.
Vevo : Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
Happy Birthday, Looking forward to your show at Sat. April 29!
  Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
  Good morning ma\am. Happy birthday and happy wishes to you
Happy Birthday to my Favorite ...
Happy Birthday to activist, rapper & actor,   : Getty  Images
Happy birthday appreciate the notice
Happy birthday
Happy 49th Birthday
Happy 49th Birthday to Chicago Hip-Hop Icon Common!
Common we can do this   HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA
Presenting you the Common DP to Celebrate Advance Happy Birthday sir
Happy birthday sir common man ki taraf se
 Happy Birthday Takanori
Congratulations and Happy belated birthday. We have something in common
Happy birthday to my special pisces twin, i enjoy having so much in common with you. i love you forever
Happy milestone 50th Birthday today - March 13 - to
Happy Birthday to Actor, Rapper, and Activist
Happy Birthday to rapper, poet, actor, and advocate for black voices, Common!
Happy 50th Birthday Common
 happy birthday to you man
     Happy Birthday He Is 50 Today!
Happy 50th birthday to
Happy Birthday, to the artist, actor, and activist. What\s your favorite song or feature from
     Happy Birthday He Is 50 Today!
Happy Birthday,   and
Happy birthday     and
Happy birthday to one of my favorites    .
Happy birthday to one of the greatest to ever do it
Happy Birthday to a dope emcee
Common. Happy 50th Birthday.
 Happy Golden Birthday, King!!
Ayy Alexa, play Celebrate by Common. Happy 50th Birthday, G .
Happy Birthday Common!
Happy 50th Birthday
Happy Birthday General Bipin Rawat Ji.
 Happy belated blessed birthday Common!
 Happy Birthday
  birthday common Dp
Advance Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Afade i celebrate your commitment towards Policing with a common person
 Happy Birthday Reese! What do the car and the police woman, have in common?
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Fun Facts About Common

Was known as Common Sense prior to 1995, when a ska band with that name sued him, forcing him to shorten his name.

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