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mary mary quite contrary
Happy birthday from your namesake Radebe .you have a lot in common ie both gorgeous, loyal and loved - mary mary quite contrary (1 month ago)
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Nothing says Happy Birthday quite like spreading that delightful gift of the common cold! It s like the ultimate - AleksCynicalSage (1 month ago)
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Happy common birthday, Lav. We share a great date of birth that saw the first man in space. - Magoo (1 month ago)
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Sugar Honey Itey
Happy birthday to the only man, aside from my dad, that I will ever trust/believe to have common sense - Sugar Honey Itey (1 month ago)
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Blendeezer (Hosting Giveaways/Trading Skins)
Thats a common W from a birthday man himself! Happy birthday Soul! - Blendeezer (Hosting Giveaways/Trading Skins) (1 month ago)
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De Ancestors Rep.
Happy birthday to our beloved , we\'re so proud of you. May God continue to bless and keep y - De Ancestors Rep. (1 month ago)
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Iruoma c Bartholomew
Happy birthday to voice of the common people in Nigeria and politicians nightmares - Iruoma c Bartholomew (1 month ago)
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Malt Lick Nursery
Resolving conflict is a problem thousands of years old. Good manners are the common denominator. In music you can - Malt Lick Nursery (1 month ago)
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Herbert N
Happy birthday Charlotte. Some people call me Herbivore so something in common. - Herbert N (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday Sir God bless your days with all your heartfelt desires and may he continually shine hi - Nomso (1 month ago)
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Ms. Tollhouse
Happy birthday to your broadcast pal! Love that guy! (PS, late to the party, but when I see peop - Ms. Tollhouse (1 month ago)
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Dagomba Youth
Happy birthday sir - Dagomba Youth (1 month ago)
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Lemon Eyez
Happy birthday. But stay one place. Darkness and light have nothing in common - Lemon Eyez (1 month ago)
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happy birthday may we find common ground one day and live like the truly loving count - DarKnight (1 month ago)
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Common Nas W. Happy Birthday - unseriousmf (1 month ago)
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Nola Linville
Happy Bday Tim Linville almost a real working class hero the notebook not - Nola Linville (1 month ago)
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M Naqvi
Many Happy Returns of the Day Jackie. Only seen you in this message space, and fell in love with y - M Naqvi (1 month ago)
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Gloria stepped out in front of my car on Putney common about 30 years ago, please to say I missed happy birthday - Robbo (1 month ago)
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To me, liking something without a response is the equivalent of someone complimenting you, wishing you a happy birt - TaylorImoni✨ (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday my swiftie mate The one with whom I share so much in common. We have almost the same interests & d - WEED ♡ (1 month ago)
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K जोशी
Happy birthday dear may God bless you and - K जोशी (1 month ago)
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Bawn Froning II
Happy birthday Common Sense Craig! - Bawn Froning II (1 month ago)
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Kristian Asenov
One of the many things I have in common with my favourite character is that we share the same birthday - Kristian Asenov (1 month ago)
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Humble Beast
happy birthday (I m late) - Humble Beast (1 month ago)
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IT\'S IVAR DAY Happy birthday brudi!! I\'m so glad that I met you because ur honestly such a wonderful person - ز (1 month ago)
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You and the sunshine have one thing in common: you both brighten my days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FEIYU - joyarthur (1 month ago)
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Happy Birthday You have made me fall in love with Arise Tv, especially what is Trending Today. Thank - Lilysoya_Childcare (1 month ago)
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Happy early birthday, Jess! - Common_Sense3 (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday Mr Woodson ! My dad just turned 100....loves listening to your common sense logic! - Gabrielle (1 month ago)
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Nig Graduates Mvt.
Happy Birthday to you, the HBP and Malaria typhoid fever of Nig Corrupt Establishment and Politi - Nig Graduates Mvt. (1 month ago)
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all of those voices ◟̽◞̽
happy birthday <3 - all of those voices ◟̽◞̽ (1 month ago)
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Africa Global Radio
The common denominator that had us toasting to both of them is their gift of music through rich vocals. Happy birt - Africa Global Radio (1 month ago)
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joefunbi chinasa
Happy birthday to the man of the year The voice of the common man - joefunbi chinasa (1 month ago)
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Yours Truly Heaven Sent
You deserve much more. Happy birthday to the last hope of a common Nigerian. - Yours Truly Heaven Sent (1 month ago)
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Timothy Okwue
Happy birthday Rufai, you are a voice of courage to the common man - Timothy Okwue (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to a Journalist par excellence. Thank you for being the voice of the common Nigerian pop - JaneE. (1 month ago)
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Godswill Nzerem
Dear , your kind is very rare to find. All my life, I\'ve never seen a media person as bold and fearless - Godswill Nzerem (1 month ago)
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Kanisam birthday wishes chepdamanna interest ratledu..planning chala chamdalanga undi..plan 2 movies in a year..com - TPK (1 month ago)
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Happy birthday to a man of weighty words! Evil thrives when good men fail to speak; indeed you have use - C.E.O (1 month ago)
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Chris Mebah
Happy birthday to the fearless lion it\'s self ..the voice of the common man ..May the almighty God cont - Chris Mebah (1 month ago)
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Adv V.K Rai
Happy Birthday Ajit Ji a Firebrand & Vocal Journalist of Common Man. - Adv V.K Rai (1 month ago)
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Abah Austus Chinedu
Happy Birthday the Mouth Peace of the common man! I\'m so happy April my month has you as one of us!!!! - Abah Austus Chinedu (1 month ago)
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- Arsenalatic (1 month ago)
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Thomas NOT Sankara
Happy birthday Rufai Oseni. Your style of journalism has become the last voice of the common man & a t - Thomas NOT Sankara (1 month ago)
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chukwu chinedu
Happy birthday almighty Rufai.Keep being the mouth piece of the common men. - chukwu chinedu (1 month ago)
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Prathi Allu Arjun bday wish lo passionate word common ga undigaa Sarle, Happy birthday to the most passionate and - Ethan (1 month ago)
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We have Bdays in common!...Happy Birthday - B A H A M A H E A T (1 month ago)
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common tostada birthday happy W - KIRBO TRIGGER (1 month ago)
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Gary Psarudakis
we don\'t have anything of sport teams in common, But I will say have a happy and blessed Birthday enjoy - Gary Psarudakis (1 month ago)
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I celebrate a man with pure heart. Thank you for the many battles you fought for the common man with wo - Deoye (1 month ago)

52 years old (Born on March 13, 1972)

African-American rapper from Chicago, Illinois; He is famous from I used to love H.E.R.

Is a vegetarian. Is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label. Had a public feud with Ice Cube in the late 90s, epitomized in the song "The b*tch In Yoo.". Has a daughter. He was engaged to singer Erykah Badu.

Common's Best Moments

Unveiling the Common DP of  Advance Happy birthday charan  RAMCHARAN BDAY CDP
The common DP of my Hero! Happy Birthday in advance
Happy Birthday legend I always say me and this man have something in common.  Enjoy your day bro
Happy bday cassie! I love u! spot the one thing in common in all these pics LOL
Happy Birthday goes out to He turned 47 today! Comment your favorite song of his below!
Happy bday to the big bro
Happy 51st Birthday to  the first rapper to win a Grammy, Emmy and Oscar.
Happy Birthday to Chicago s very own,  | Brian Bowen Smith
Wishing Many More Happy Returns Of The Day

Common Dp for Birthday
Happy birthday to an amazing friend and person! I hope you have a wonderful day
Beyoncé wishes a happy 50th birthday.
Happy birthday to a guy who s anything but common!! See you this weekend at brother
Happy birthday do the great
Happy bday Follow and favorite this post to win studios
Love my Ava!!!   (Love you! Happy bday! Fun at SELMA party!)
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday Common, 49!
Common DP for mega power star ramcharan  And advance happy birthday
Happy Birthday,
Here is the common Dp  Advance Happy Birthday Machii   Design
Happy Birthday Common & Jack Harlow!
\" Happy BDay Common OSCAR WINNER
Happy 45th Birthday to
Happy birthday to one of Chi-town\s best, common!
   have nothing in common but they share a birth date. Happy birthday guyys
One of Chicago\s finest! Happy 46th Birthday to rapper, actor, producer, Grammy and Oscar winner Common!
Advance happy birthday    Awesome common DP by
Happy 49th birthday Common 

Drop your favorite Common albums or tracks
Here\s common dp design done by me. Happy birthday mam    Wish you all successful year ahead
Happy Birthday to Common favorite song from him?
Happy Birthday Mrs Wheeldon. Seems March 7th is a common birthday for keepers
Happy birthday common sense. i made this cake to celebrate two years of common sense
Happy 51st Birthday to one of the greatest rappers of all time, The Legendary Common
Happy Birthday, common man adhyaksh ji ji
- Happy Birthday icon - donate to her animal charity here:
You can find something common in all of these pictures. Happy Birthday to my best friend.
Happy Birthday Common Wishing a happy birthday to alum,
What do Fayth, Morgan and Anthony all have in common? They were born on February 19th! Happy birthday Owls!!
Happy Birthday, groove You are the common denominator of our success.
Wishing a Happy Birthday to one of our favorite storytellers!
Happy birthday Ghana.  60 is not a common age for an African country.
Happy Birthday To Common!
ALSO A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR OWN  You guys know what to do... in the comments.. common.. TYPE
Happy first birthday to The Common Task! They grow up so fast...
Happy Birthday,
 Common Dp To Celebrate Advance Happy Birthday Thambi
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday Watch his latest interview with The Breakfast Club right here -
This common Dp is just woow    Advance happy happy birthday SK
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday big bro! Crazy how much we have in common
Wake up common sup wrong wichu wish the beautiful a happy birthday.
. What do these people all have in common?...

It\s their birthday!

Happy Birthday DT,
Happy Birthday to the legend that walks among common men
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday common sense
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to actor and rapper
Guess how old Common is turning today
Here is the common DP\s for \s Birthday celebrations
Happy 48th birthday Common.   Drop your favorite Common lines or tracks below.
Happy birthday to winner,
Happy Birthday We\re celebrating his birthday with a 2 hour Tune in at 11am & 7pm today!
Happy 45th Birthday To Common!
    Advance Happy Birthday  Common dp
Here is the Common DP of Birthday Special       Advance Happy Birthday Bro
Okay here is common DP for !!!! Wishing our Rockstar Charan a very happy birthday
Happy birthday to my fellow Avalon buddy Joseph. May biotechnology prosper for the common good!
Join us in wishing a very happy 45th birthday to rapper, actor and activist
Happy Birthday
Speed Taggindi  Common Speed Up Guys Happy birthday to you Stylish Star Allu Arjun
Happy Birthday!!Fulgurrrrr   BaaaaaYouu
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday !!
Common DP for Kannazhagi B\day  Advance happy birthday
What Michelangelo and have in common.   Happy Birthday!
Happy 24th birthday, Twinneroos!     There seems to be a common theme here
Happy birthday,  Drop your favorite project by him
Happy birthday common,  thank you for everything
Happy Birthday to .  Oscar-winning writer and singer of Glory\"
Happy birthday Common - The Light (Live)
Happy 46th Birthday to
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to Common Sense by Joshua Bassett This is where it all started.
Happy birthday goes out to chicago s very own,   drop your favorite song of his in the comments!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVE CONCERT/HOCKEY GOER!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU bless our common music taste idk wut I\d do w/o u
A common DP Design by me for the angelic Beauty .... Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the only Marauder with any common sense!!
In the middle of a common room full of sixth formers my irls sang happy birthday to me
Happy 20th Birthday to His Dudeness... El Duderino if you\re not into the whole brevity thing.
Here Is The Common DP For  Advance Happy Birthday Thalaivaa
Happy 20th birthday to my wise and gregarious daughter .
Flattered to have so much in common .x
Happy birthday Wishing you long life, good health, common sense and success in all your endeavours.
Happy birthday to the great . Coolest common man on screen
Happy 85th birthday to the poet of the common man. Rest in Peace Merle Haggard
Happy birthday to the one and only 

Shared Belief
[Candy Ride (ARG) x Common Hope]

12 : 10 - 0 - 0 / $2,932,200
Happy 51st birthday to Common.
What\s your favourite song from him ?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to one of the Chi s greatest,
Happy Birthday to the soulful lyricist
On behalf of birthday 

A common dp done by the fans :) 

Advance happy birthday sir :)
We wish you a very happy birthday,
Happy 46th birthday to the multi-talented, Emmy, Grammy and Oscar-winning,
Wishin\ a very happy bday to
Wishing Many More Happy Returns Of The Day

Common Dp for Birthday
Happy 48th Birthday Common! is the only rapper to win an Emmy, Grammy and Oscar.
Happy birthday Zee News.
26years of happy journey of Zee news...
Happy 50th Birthday to the one & only icon Common!    [WATCH]
Happy birthday to my filipino bff glad i have someone who shares a common love for Jollibee  hope you had a fab day
Super&Mass Common dp Eagerly waiting  anna Adv happy birthday
Wishing a very happy birthday!
Since it\s his Birthday, it\s only right!
Happy Birthday,  Thanks for coming to Temple!
 dp of vedhika.Advance Happy bday mam
Happy birthday to one of Chi-Town\s finest,
 Happy Birthday Bret, common, im starting to you think you re an Android .
Happy Birthday Mams  Common Dp Semma
 Happy birthday! Surprised this common tree snake in my yard last weekend.
Leo Common ametimiza miaka 49
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy 43rd Birthday to !
Happy birthday to Oscar winner,
Happy Birthday !!
Happy Birthday
  from Sunday and all employees at Lynn Universities Dinning Common, Happy Birthday Mariana
\"People are your fans because you actually have a lot in common...\" -Kristen. WE LOVE YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy Birthday   us on IG:
Happy 45th Birthday to !
Help us wish a very Happy 45th Birthday to rapper/actor
Happy birthday to one of the most insightful MCs in the game,
Happy Birthday  Favorite track?
We love everything about  from his words of wisdom to his incredible music. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to my Big brother always solid
Happy Birthday to a true fashion icon and the most common singing voice stuck in our head,
Happy Birthday to the one and only Chicago legend Common!
Happy 48th Birthday to iconic rapper Common
 One for you from Corfe Common. Happy Birthday
Happy 1st Birthday to COMMON SENSE HOLIDAY
One day it ll all make sense Happy birthday to the illustrious Soulquarian Common Sense
Wishing a Happy 49th Birthday to Common  . What s your fav song/movie role by him?
Happy Birthday  via
Happy Birthday to who turns 51 years old today! : Getty Images / Sean Zanni /
Happy birthday
\"The People\"! Happy birthday to what\s your favorite song?
Not even a birthday could stop this man s lucky streak. Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to We have a few things in common I guess
Happy birthday to this gem   love you forever
Happy birthday to my favorite common white girl! Life would be so boring without you! Ilysm Chan
Happy birthday 2 a girl with zero common sense!! Love u v much have a gr8 day
Happy Birthday ji . I salute your commitment for Himachal & common man .
Happy birthday lover  so glad we have so much in common hope you\ve had a great day so far!!! miss you
Happy birthday E$, only 5 more months till common man
Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday Dear Happy Birthday To You Common Wish Her Now
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday You continue to inspire me in many areas of my life, especially singing!
It s Birthday   Happy Birthday boo! I love you
Happy Birthday !
Here\s to one of the realest people we know. Happy birthday,
Happy birthday !!   !!
Happy bday to this sassy girl that I literally have way too much in common with.. I love you!!
Common dp       annna adv happy bday
Happy Birthday my man! Enjoy this one and keep common ground!!
Happy Birthday egbon ti o common.
Here It Is Common DP Advance Happy Birthday Annaya Nuvvente Naku Pichi
Advance happy birthday Common Dp for Birthday
It s time to wash your hands! And while you re at it, wish a very happy birthday to and
Happy Birthday What are your favorite roles he has done?
We want to know!
 Happy Birthday!! Mine is in 10 days, we seem to have some things in common
   Happy Birthday common dp
Birthday Common Dp for Sir

Advance happy birthday Sir
Happy birthday to the ONIDURO of the common man
Here\s The
COMMON DP Advance Happy Birthday Anna
Happy Birthday ! It s a big one, have a great one.
Happy 4th birthday to all our friends at Tooting Common junior parkrun
Happy birthday bro hope you have a sick one, be prepared in the common room! love
Happy birthday, What do you have in common with this Superstar? Find out here
Happy Birthday Chelsea FC...!!!
Happy birthday to one of the most talented rappers, poets & Black Consciousness advocates.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! May you have a great year ahead..  Professional HITTER! Mr. Price out today.
Happy birthday, Common!
 is 40 today ! Happy Birthday MS :)
(15 years of common life is something!)
Happy Birthday Nige! Let\s look at those common sense views through these rose-tinted glasses
Happy Birthday to Grammy, Oscar-winning rapper
Happy birthday, What\s your favorite Common song?
Happy birthday to Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr. AKA - somebody who has always lived up to his words.
Happy 45th Birthday Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr! 
aka, \"Common\"
Happy Birthday Kenz, two out of the four pictures have something in common, I hope you get some of that! love you
Happy Birthday Nani Common DP :
Happy 46th Birthday Common
Happy Birthday to Chicago\s own
Wishing a very happy birthday to a Chicago legend,
Happy 46th Birthday To
Happy Birthday
 Happy Birthday to you King!
Here is the Common dp for the beautiful     Advance Happy Birthday Gorgeous Lady
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Fun Facts About Common

Was known as Common Sense prior to 1995, when a ska band with that name sued him, forcing him to shorten his name.

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