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ha your funny how bout no i will do it later
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space cowgirl
happy birthday conor oberst - space cowgirl (3 days ago)
birthday balloon

tasha ❣️
Happy birthday conor oberst - tasha ❣️ (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

Happy belated birthday to one of my favorite contemporary songwriters..the Bob Dylan of my generation, Mr. Conor Ob - Topher-J (6 days ago)
birthday balloon

small humble mountain breasts
Forty years ago the world was lucky enough to gain Conor Oberst so he could bless his soul into the form of lyrics. Happy birthday. - small humble mountain breasts (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

little snake
Happy birthday to fyfy the cat, conor oberst & my new nephew - little snake (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Robyn Kanner
Happy Birthday Conor Oberst - Robyn Kanner (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy bday to the legend Conor Oberst - spenser (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

BSL stan account
Happy birthday Conor Oberst!!! - BSL stan account (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Ronni Cook
Happy 40th Birthday to Conor Oberst. Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life This is one of my - Ronni Cook (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Conor Oberst thx - keet (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy 40th Birthday to my birthday neighbor Conor Oberst and only Conor Oberst - rndll (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

is special to me for a lot of reasons that only have to do with her / her music, but I will say mi - shan! (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

chicken strip™
Happy birthday Conor Oberst - chicken strip™ (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Conor oberst bday happy bday conor oberst - juliana (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Taylor Hammers
Today is the day of our lord and saviour, conor oberst. happy birthday darling we love you very very very very very - Taylor Hammers (1 week ago)
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red pikmin just vibing
Happy Birthday, Conor Oberst - red pikmin just vibing (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday conor oberst - layla (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

frankenstein\'s cool car
Happy birthday to entertainer and songwriter conor oberst - frankenstein\'s cool car (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

kayla, who is good at crosswords
Trying to think of a joke about how Paul Rudd and Conor Oberst look alike but I can t think of one happy birthday C - kayla, who is good at crosswords (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Paul Lazo
Conor Oberst goes up to Chris Farren at the gig and says \"happy birthday baby\" in 74 days - Paul Lazo (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

chris ian burton
Happy Birthday to Conor Oberst, to Chris Farren in 74 days and me in 16 days. - chris ian burton (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Chris Farren
Happy Birthday to Conor Oberst, and to me in 74 days. - Chris Farren (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

detective tutuola, nypd
Happy birthday conor oberst i love you - detective tutuola, nypd (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday conor oberst i love you - bridget (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

orion lake
Happy birthday to Conor Oberst and Meg the Stallion - orion lake (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy Birthday to the most special: Conor Oberst! - ANW (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

this fraudulent christmas prince
Happy Conor Oberst s birthday - this fraudulent christmas prince (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

chloe ⁷
Happy birthday Conor Oberst - chloe ⁷ (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

thinkin bout solidarity
Happy birthday conor oberst, i\'m still waiting for u to a. be gay and b. marry me <3 - thinkin bout solidarity (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Mel Stone
Happy birthday to my boyfriend, conor oberst - Mel Stone (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Conor Oberst I love u - tom (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

gael is baby
Happy birthday Conor Oberst I love you very very very very very very very much and you\'ll have to stand me quoting - gael is baby (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Nova A
I m also going to look at apartment for my move next week and like LOL. So. Wine at 6am is apparently the move . Y - Nova A (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Janine Bennett
Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life via Happy 40th Birthday Conor Oberst! - Janine Bennett (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Purple Beacon
Happy Birthday to Bright Eyes singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Conor Oberst, born on this day in Omaha, - Purple Beacon (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to the legend that is conor oberst, his music has helped me so fucking much and i can t wait to see - ryan⚡️ (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

\"Its a birthday party, its your birthday, happy birthday darling...\" Todays Conor Oberst, born this d - AMY BRITTON (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Conor Oberst, Diego Martinez, Heurelho Gomes, Matt Hoopes, Olivia Longott, Rita Jeptoo, Vivek Shr - Teewhy Nyema (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

anna b̷e̷l̷l̷e̷ noelle ♡
Happy Conor Oberst\'s Birthday Eve! Dont forget to leave a gift for him under your pillow! - anna b̷e̷l̷l̷e̷ noelle ♡ (1 week ago)
birthday balloon

Anthony Strand
You know old Ronnie Reagan He was a shoe salesman\'s son He got himself in the movies He impressed everyone He thoug - Anthony Strand (2 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

Chris Melkus
in the words of Conor Oberst: \"Happy birthday, darling We love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much\" - Chris Melkus (3 weeks ago)
birthday balloon

little cherubic frog
Saying The plane is gonna crash - Negative - Will cause panic - Not nostalgic at all Saying We\'re going t - little cherubic frog (1 month ago)
birthday balloon

Wtf joe made me a happy birthday conor oberst and yet i stil . - map_ebooks (11 months ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday to conor oberst gonna go cry - tyler (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy conor oberst\'s birthday everyone! it\'s a holy day. - chloe (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Happy birthday Conor Oberst. Thank you for all of your emo words - Alexis (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Isabel Juranty
Happy birthday Conor Oberst!!!! - Isabel Juranty (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Joel Douglas
Happy birthday Conor Oberst! Celebrating the life of an American songwriter. Definitely a great day for some Bright Eyes! - Joel Douglas (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Dean Chittenden
Happy Birthday to my favorite songwriter/poet Conor Oberst! - Dean Chittenden (1 year ago)
birthday balloon

Sid Johnson
Happy birthday to Conor oberst have a good one king - Sid Johnson (1 year ago)

40 years old (Born on February 15, 1980)

American, Musician; He is famous from Lead Singer of Bright Eyes.

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Happy Birthday to Ronnie Vannucci Jr. of the Killers & Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes
Happy birthday Conor Oberst thank you for keeping me sane and making me cry
Happy Conor Oberst\s Birthday Eve! Dont forget to leave a gift for him under your pillow!
Conor oberst bday happy bday conor oberst
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Happy birthday to you, Confeti, pastel y esta playlist para celebrar.
Happy Birthday, Conor Oberst!
Conor oberst. happy? birthday, king

glad yr in a better oblivion now than u were when this song was written lol
Happy birthday Conor Oberst!!!!
Happy birthday Conor Oberst. Thank you for all of your emo words
Happy birthday to entertainer and songwriter conor oberst
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