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I love your 80is movie characters. Wish you all the best.《3 - Thora (1 year ago)
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Scott Dabies
Holy shit your music sucks huge hairy balls. - Scott Dabies (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday - Marianne (9 months ago)
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Jamie Jones
Happy Fourth of July and happy 247th birthday day to America (I ve just learned this today! Talk abo - Jamie Jones (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Isabella!! - rachel. (9 months ago)
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I turn 51 tomorrow can I get a happy birthday message from an old-school fan? - Dana (10 months ago)
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Crazzy Steve
Happy birthday - Crazzy Steve (10 months ago)
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Gregory Van Voorhis
Happy Father s Day, Corey! I am dedicating my film to the memory of my father. I reach - Gregory Van Voorhis (10 months ago)
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Such a wonderful article!! Sending love to you Corey! Me & my gf both think the new album is one of - MoxLiverpool (8 months ago)
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Chantelle Morgan
Happy Birthday, Zen. - Chantelle Morgan (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday Zen - Jade (8 months ago)
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Happy birthday - HyperWolf (8 months ago)
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Happy 18th Birthday Zen! - Tammy_Ape29thJan (8 months ago)
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Kelli Sealy
Happy Birthday Heather! - Kelli Sealy (8 months ago)
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Adam Lind
Happy birthday! - Adam Lind (8 months ago)
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Duke KaBoom
Happy belated birthday Hope you\'re having a great birthday week! 51 looks good brother! - Duke KaBoom (9 months ago)
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PMC Industries Inc.
Happy Birthday Brother - PMC Industries Inc. (9 months ago)
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#IRRELEVANT - The Questioning Thing
Dearest , happy birthday! We love you! May you be blessed with many more! - #IRRELEVANT - The Questioning Thing (9 months ago)
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Corey Feldman happy birthday 51 - REGINA 26 -27 LUDWIK (9 months ago)
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Kristy C
Happy Belated Birthday - Kristy C (9 months ago)
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Jason Horror Fandom (Immortalis)
Shared with a pic. Happy Birthday, and glad that - Jason Horror Fandom (Immortalis) (9 months ago)
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Craig Elliot Anderson
Happy Belated 51st Birthday You Rock Brutha. - Craig Elliot Anderson (9 months ago)
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MJ\'s soulmate
Great picture! Happy Birthday Corey! - MJ\'s soulmate (9 months ago)
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John williams Films
Happy birthday Corey. Hope you are doing well and have a great day - John williams Films (9 months ago)
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stephanie Ann Morton
Happy late birthday to a sexy man ever COREY FELDMAN - stephanie Ann Morton (9 months ago)
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Lord Xenu
happy birthday Chief! - Lord Xenu (9 months ago)
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American Phoenix
I know I\'m a day late Happy birthday - American Phoenix (9 months ago)
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Lex Gatsby
Happy belated birthday my dude. I wish u da best! Party extra 4 me. - Lex Gatsby (9 months ago)
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Nicky Ogden
Happy birthday Corey ,just caught your single ,(and I think I ve just completely fallen in love with you ) - Nicky Ogden (9 months ago)
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John Harshaw
Happy BDay dude! Keep on rockin. - John Harshaw (9 months ago)
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Matthew Alan Mullins
- Matthew Alan Mullins (9 months ago)
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Sabrina Schroeder
Happy Birthday - Sabrina Schroeder (9 months ago)
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Since her page is private...I want to share her post to Happy birthday buddy! - Peter (9 months ago)
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Brandon Pressley
Happy Birthday!! - Brandon Pressley (9 months ago)
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Jason Voorhees Fandom (Immortalis)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from the and Legacy Awesome roles in The Lost Boys, Frid - Jason Voorhees Fandom (Immortalis) (9 months ago)
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Jared sa Folo Jykati
Happy birthday to Corey Feldman. I hope you ve recovered from all the horrors you endured in the 1980s - Jared sa Folo Jykati (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday from and congrats on the new - ZymurgyZombie (9 months ago)
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Happy birthday Corey - JeffH716 (9 months ago)
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happy birthday! We love you! - Ellie (9 months ago)
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Cara Davies
Happy birthday - Cara Davies (9 months ago)
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kama renae
Happy birthday Corey!!! - kama renae (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you Corey!!! - Dee (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Wishing you many more! - ImaJew (9 months ago)
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Emma Carter
Happy birthday loved meeting you at Horrorcon Sheffield 2019 much love - Emma Carter (9 months ago)
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The Tomb of Dracula
Happy Birthday Thank you for the cool films. - The Tomb of Dracula (9 months ago)
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daniel E.
happy birthday - daniel E. (9 months ago)
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The Jeremy Lee Show
Happy birthday to Corey Feldman He turns 51 today He\'s best known for his roles in Gremlins, Stand By Me, and T - The Jeremy Lee Show (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, hope you have a good one, loads of love from Liverpool U.K XxxxxX - Claire (9 months ago)
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Happy Birthday! - Optikz (9 months ago)
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Legend! Happy birthday - John (9 months ago)

52 years old (Born on July 16, 1971)

American, Actor; He is famous from Teddy Duchamp in Stand by Me (1986).

He and ex-wife Vanessa Marcil, whom he married in Las Vegas, never moved in together. Wears a "Purple Rain" t-shirt throughout the film The Goonies (1985). He and best friend Corey Haim were known as "The Two Coreys" at the peak of their success in the 80s. Divorced his parents. Parents: Bob and Sheila; sister, actress Mindy Feldman; brothers, Eden, Devin.

Corey Feldman's Best Moments

Happy birthday Corey Feldman. He turns 49 today! Who is your favourite character that he played?
 Happy Birthday sir!
Happy birthday
  w and a Happy Birthday 2 Paul
Happy Belated Birthday to actor Corey Feldman who turned 50 yesterday
Happy Birthday to star of Bordello of Blood and the Tales from the Crypt episode \"The Assassin\"!
Happy birthday, Corey Feldman!
Time to wish a very happy birthday to The \Burbs star
Happy Birthday
Happy 48th birthday to my favourite Goonie,
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday, Corey Feldman.
  Oh and happy birthday , have a great day Corey
    Happy birthday michelle!!! Hope you had a rockin day
Happy birthday to American actor, voice actor, singer, and activist Corey Feldman, born July 16, 1971.
Happy 44th birthday to one half of the Frog brothers,
   Happy Birthday Danielle! Hope it\s fantabulous! Love you!
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman!
Happy birthday Mouth !!!

You\re simply the best
Happy birthday, Corey feldman
   Happy Birthday!!!!
The The Final Chapter and A New Beginning actor was born this day 1971
Happy birthday to Goonie/Lost Boy/all around 80s Icon,
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman.
Whether it\s bravery or insanity, he\s dared our thrill rides! Have you? 

Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday, You excited for Corey Feldman?!
Happy Birthday I\ve found the perfect person to cut the cake. He even brought his own knife....
Happy Birthday to Star of so many awesome movies, celebrates his 44th birthday today.
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman (44)
Happy Birthday !!
Forever our Tommy Jarvis.
Happy Birthday, Thanks for being part of our documentary,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Corey Feldman&much love Corey&I of The Dead Show Minneapolis
Happy 47th Birthday, Corey Feldman!
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman!
Born today, July 16th! Happy Birthday to all!!
Huge happy birthday to the legend that is !!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman!!
Happy Birthday, Corey Feldman!
Happy birthday From your favorite goonie lol
Happy Birthday ! One of the best actors ever!
Happy Birthday I l U and I waited until midnight my time to post this. Have an awesome day!
Hoy es el cumpleaños de nuestro querido Bocazas. Happy birthday
Happy birthday Today\s treasure: autographed cast photo from
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Corey Feldman - was at premiere of your movie AN OPEN SECRET riveting
Happy birthday to
Happy Birthday Hope you have a great day celebrating you!
 Happy Birthday Corey!   Hope you have an awesome day brother!
Happy birthday !
Your Goonies can\t save you now!

HL wishes a VERY Happy Birthday to ... (Martyn)
Happy 30th Birthday
Happy Birthday to The Final Chapter\s Corey Feldman!
Happy Birthday to me and Corey Feldman! It is an honor to share my bday with one of the Coreys.
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Corey Feldman
   Sounds like the perfect birthday! Happy Birthday Corey, love ya always!!
  Happy birthday corey
Happy Birthday
Happy 48th Birthday to Corey Feldman (  and born (July 16, 1971)!
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY !  Phoebe Cates  and  Corey Feldman
 Happy Birthday Corey
Cheated a touch on this one. Happy Birthday
BIRTHDAY ROLL CALL!        Happy birthday to Phoebe Cates (57),  Corey Feldman (49), and Will Ferrell (53)!
 HAPPY birthday Mate  Hope you have had Amazing Day
All three episodes up! Happy bday lost boys!  !!
Happy birthday
Happy birthday I hope you have a wonderful day. Wherever the year ahead takes you, I hope it\s happy.
Happy Birthday 50 today.

Can you believe that?
 Happy Early Birthday Corey! Love you!
Happy Birthday to aka The Voices of Donatello & Slash from
     Happy 18th Birthday Zen!
 I\m not good at doing that so happy birthday once again
HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY look what I\m watching !  ((ignore the subtitles haha))
 even though your birthday is tomorrow, happy birthday!!
 Happy Birthday to the one and only Man,Myth,and Legend!!!Hope you have a great one.I love you Corey
 Happy Birthday Corey!! It\s the 16th here in Australia and I wanted to be the first to wish you joy..
 Happy Early Birthday to one of my favorite actors! 2 for flinching. Happy Birthday!
  Happy Birthday Beautiful man
 Happy Birthday Lost Boy!
Happy birthday corey!!
 ! ! YO FELDMAN ! ! Happy Birthday Man ! !
A very happy birthday goes out to one of my favourite actors: along with a small edit! Best wishes
Happy birthday to one of the loves of my lives and one of the best actors.
A very Happy Birthday to    I hope it is a great one
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman, who turns 44 today!
Wishing my beautiful idol a happy birthday. Enjoy your day Core, 44 years young  Love you. xoxo
HUGE Happy Birthday to ....much love from Upper Michigan!
Happy birthday to an amazing, and one of my most favorite actors ever! i love you so much!
 Happy Birthday to my favorite actor. I hope you have a wonderful day :)
Happy Birthday to the legend that is, Corey Feldman
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman 80\s movie start who turns 43 years old today
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY FELDMAN as Edgar Frog one of the most quotable stars of THE LOST BOYS..
Happy bday to my sugar daddy
 Happy Birthday!!!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy Birthday !!
Happy 44th birthday to actor,
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Corey!!! (probably late but idc)
. Happy Birthday Dude! We really need to send you one of these Burbs Tees!
Happy Birthday to Corey Feldman,Remember The marijuana goes in the top drawer & the heroin goes in the bottom drawer.
Happy birthday to one of my favorite actors !!! have an amazing day corey, love you !
Happy Birthday July 16,1971
Happy Birthday I still can\t believe I met you  , have a great one!!
Happy Birthday part 1: Will    Denise!
Happy birthday to the best actor ever! I hope you have the best 44th!! I love you!
Happy birthday to the one and only Corey Scott Feldman
Happy Birthday I hope u have a wonderful day!!!
Happy Birthday part 1: Will    Denise!
Happy Birthday to half of the Frog Brothers Hope you love our shirt as much as we love your work!
Happy Birthday to my favorite actor, Hope you have a wonderful day, Corey! <3
Happy birthday Corey !! I love you so much and I hope you have an amazing day
Happy Birthday !! Enjoy your day!!
 Happy birthday man
Happy birthday to the best person in the world
Happy  birthday Corey!
 happy birthday
I saw on my birthday weekend  and he said happy birthday to me in April and asked me to kiss him
   Happy Birthday to the two actors Kari Wahlgren and Tom Kenny!
Happy Birthday !!! many many more! keep fighting the good fight!
  Happy bday from my clone and I!
 Happy Birthday - Have a fantabulous day
 Happy Birthday Corey. Wishing you the very best in the coming year
Happy Birthday, wish you all the best, from this side of Colombia!
 Happy birthday, you\re the hero of my childhood. 
Keep rockin\ man.
Today is Corey Feldman\s birthday! well happy birthday to you sir
 Happy Birthday!!! Hope it\s a great 1
 happy birthday from me and the poster in my room thats got your face on it !
 Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to
 Happy Birthday, Corey! You\ll always be our favorite Goonie!
 wishing u a very happy birthday mr Feldman have the most amazing day/ night
Happy birthday to 80s legend who turns 46 today.
Happy birthday,
A very Happy Birthday to My favorite Childhood Vampire Hunter
Happy birthday to the original Tommy Jarvis,
Happy Birthday Will Ferrell, John Chilton, Shirley Hughes & Corey Feldman    & if it\s ur Bday Many Happy Returns
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to The \burbs need a pizza eating rock and roller on every street.
 happy happy birthday!!!!
 just want to wish you a very Happy birthday and hope u have a great day.
Happy birthday to 3 of my faves!
Happy Birthday Ginger Rogers, Barnard Hughes, and
Happy Birthday wishing another year of all the best to you!
Happy birthday to the iconic actor and recording artist
Today is a special day, everyone. Happy 46th birthday to Mr. Corey Feldman! Corey Feldman appreciation post 1:
 happy birthday to you my good sir
 Happy birthday--I called the pizza dude!!
Happy Birthday Corey Feldman
Happy Birthday ! I hope you have an amazing day!   You make 46 look awesome!
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday July 16,1971
Happy Birthday, (Lost Boys, Goonies, Stand By Me)
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday, dear God bless you always! Hugs from Brazil!
   We wish a very happy birthday to Corey Feldman! ¡Feliz cumpleaños
Happy Birthday, ! I love your roles as Sparx and Slash! You\re awesome!
   Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday,
 7/16 Happy Birthday to: Daryl Mitchell, Corey Feldman, Topper Carey, Tony Kushner
Happy birthday Corey . (it\s a little late)
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to The Lost Boys......the coolest vampires EVER!!!
30 years old today!!
 Hang in there Cory.   Happy Birthday Mindy!!
 Happy birthday Feldog!
Happy birthday to Corey Feldman!
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!!!  May all your dreams come true!
Born on this day, Corey Feldman turns 47. Happy Birthday! What movie is it? 5 min to answer!
A very happy birthday to our beloved Edgar Frog,
Happy Birthday Corey Feldman!
Happy birthday to !
Happy Birthday Name your favorite movie starring Corey!
Happy 47th birthday to myself and !
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday, you magnificent Jason-slaying bastard!
   Happy Birthday Corey!
   Happy birthday Corey from your 
Fan in the UK
July 16:Happy 48th birthday to actor,Corey Feldman (\"Stand by Me\")
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Shout Out! To Corey Feldman
 Happy Birthday Corey!
 Happy birthday Corey I wish you all the best
Happy birthday, Teddy DuChamp!!
  Happy Birthday......thanks for adding something fun to my 80\s!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COREY FELDMAN - 16. July 1971. Chatsworth, California, USA
Happy 7/16! Happy birthday I wish you a good day and you get what you want for your me day .
Happy birthday, Corey Feldman! Today the american actor turns 48 years old, see profile at:
16 July 1971
age 48 years
Happy Birthday ! Hope he has an amazing day
 happy birthday goonie!
Happy Birthday Corey Feldman! 
Remember what his character\s name was in STAND BY ME?
corey feldman movies 0
corey feldman mother 1
corey feldman 2013 2
corey feldman 2013 5

Fun Facts About Corey Feldman

Ranked #8 in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars"
He and Corey Haim were the two highest paid teen stars and were essentially the kings of the teen box office back in the mid late 80s
Is a vegetarian.
His first acting role was in a commercial for McDonalds Gift Certificates.
Auditioned for the role of Dick Grayson/Robin in Batman Forever (1995).
Released the hip hop single "Honesty" in 1993. It met with poor reviews.
His wife, Susie Feldman, gave birth to their first child, a boy named Zen Scott Feldman, on 7 August 2004 in Los Angeles.
Frequently appears on Howard Stern's radio talk show.

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