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happy birthday david sylvian - huh (1 year ago)
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PSR B1257+12
Happy Birthday, David Sylvian - World Citizen - PSR B1257+12 (1 year ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to Rebecca Goldstein, Eddie Dibbs, Ed \"Too Tall\" Jones, Patricia Richardson, Brad Whitford, Kenny Be - Teewhy Nyema (1 year ago)
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Happy 62nd birthday to David Sylvian. Here s a promo Mike used to play on FMMP. - @InnerViewFMMP (1 year ago)
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Kevin Larkin Angioli
Happy birthday to the great David Sylvian, whose music has enriched my life and provided immeasurable solace to me. - Kevin Larkin Angioli (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, David Sylvian!!! - Lucía (1 year ago)
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Happy 62nd Birthday David Sylvian. I ve adored your little babybird arms since I was fifteen - Nae (1 year ago)
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Aura Weaver
Happy birthday to one of my favorite Musicians, David Sylvian! Unfortunately he doesn t have a message or Faceboo - Aura Weaver (1 year ago)
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Martin Quibell
Now listening to The First Day by David Sylvian & Robert Fripp. Happy birthday David Sylvian - Martin Quibell (1 year ago)
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alles in allem
Also happy birthday david sylvian love that tumblr hipster-looking binch - alles in allem (1 year ago)
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Music That\'s Grand
New Wave Party Happy 62th birthday to David Sylvian of Japan! - Music That\'s Grand (1 year ago)
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Happy 62th birthday to David Sylvian of Japan! - JolandavanVelzen (1 year ago)
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Ade Belcher
Happy birthday to Japan frontman David Sylvian 23 February 1958 - Ade Belcher (1 year ago)
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IN LOVE WITH THE:80s Pop band: JAPAN The band\'s androgynous look and increasingly electronic sound made them an - Bushman (1 year ago)
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Mara Kuge
Happy birthday to Japan s David Sylvian. Here he is in the 90s with his then-wife Ingrid Chavez, who co-wrote Jus - Mara Kuge (1 year ago)
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Harder-than-you-think: Happy Birthday to David Sylvian, born 23rd February 1958. - MusicTimeMachine (1 year ago)
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Carol Hughes
Happy 62nd Birthday Mr David Sylvian - Carol Hughes (1 year ago)
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Rene Garcia
Happy birthday David Sylvian !!! - Rene Garcia (1 year ago)
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✨Bree Ravioli✨
In other news: happy birthday David Sylvian you old fuck - ✨Bree Ravioli✨ (1 year ago)
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Ant Meals
Happy 61st Birthday David Pulling Punches by David Sylvian - Ant Meals (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday! David Alan Batt Feb23,1958 Age62 Instruments: Guitar,Keyboards David Sylvian Professional career - jan_bakkarman (1 year ago)
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John P Lynch
Happy birthday David Sylvian - John P Lynch (1 year ago)
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Listen Radios
Happy Birthday to the David Sylvian, a famous English singer who was born on 23 Feb 1958. - Listen Radios (1 year ago)
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Wong Man Sze
Happy birthday David Sylvian! - Wong Man Sze (1 year ago)
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Julie Joyce
Happy 62nd birthday to the amazing David Sylvian - Red Guitar via - Julie Joyce (1 year ago)
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Dmitry Prokin
Happy 62nd Birthday to David Sylvian - Dmitry Prokin (1 year ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY David Sylvian - 雨木からす (1 year ago)
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em ✮彡
Happy birthday david sylvian you piece of beautiful mega-talented artwork binch - em ✮彡 (1 year ago)
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Galactic Pot-Lady
Happy Birthday David Sylvian - Galactic Pot-Lady (1 year ago)
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All Lera Wants Is
Happy Birthday,David Sylvian - All Lera Wants Is (1 year ago)
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Janine Bennett
Japan: Life in Tokyo via Happy 62nd Birthday David Sylvian! - Janine Bennett (1 year ago)
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Atelier Worldcitizen - Mariska
A very happy birthday to mr David Sylvian - Atelier Worldcitizen - Mariska (1 year ago)
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Bel Emil Ivy
And David Sylvian was born on this day but he\'s deactivated his message account so I guess he got sick of me slidin - Bel Emil Ivy (1 year ago)
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Hatty Burpday
February 23 Happy birthday today to Linda Cristal (86) Bernard Cornwell (76) John Sandford (76) Patricia Richardso - Hatty Burpday (1 year ago)
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Sylvian & Sakamoto - Forbidden Colours - YouTube Happy Birthday, David Sylvian! - anke (1 year ago)
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シマあつこ Atsuko Shima
Happy birthday David Sylvian! ww - シマあつこ Atsuko Shima (1 year ago)
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Lazy Stardust⚡
Happy Birthday Mr David Sylvian The singer-songwriter, musician and frontman of legendary band Japan was born on - Lazy Stardust⚡ (1 year ago)
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Purple Beacon
Happy Birthday to former Japan singer songwriter David Sylvian, born on this day in Beckenham in 1958. - Purple Beacon (1 year ago)
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Amazing 80s Radio
80s_Rewind: Happy 80s Rewind BIRTHDAY to David Sylvian, who is 62 today! Life In - Amazing 80s Radio (1 year ago)
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The 80s Girl
Happy Birthday David Sylvian - The 80s Girl (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday David Sylvian JAPAN Life in Tokyo She Shell - Alice (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday David Sylvian - ZERO(音楽専用) (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday, David Sylvian! - Meena (1 year ago)
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Music History 2.0
Happy Birthday David Sylvian - Music History 2.0 (1 year ago)
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Sylvian 1 ( `) Happy Birthday David Sylvian - あれい♨︎スギスキー♥ゾンビピンク (1 year ago)
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cRazy D. Dog (きいちゃん★)
2 23 q(-::-)\\(- -;) ... ... * : ( :) (David Sylvian) 62 Happy Bir - cRazy D. Dog (きいちゃん★) (1 year ago)
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Colin Loughery
Happy birthday same date as david Sylvian - Colin Loughery (2 years ago)
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Pitchfork: ssodomsky: happy birthday to David Sylvian. my review of his first 4 albums (newly reissued on vin - RAD BROOKLYN (2 years ago)
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Anthony Hansen // Vivi Hahn // HANSA
Happily, I\'m not too late to wish a happy birthday to David Sylvian. If you\'ve got some time, here\'s a thread with - Anthony Hansen // Vivi Hahn // HANSA (2 years ago)
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Happy birthday David Sylvian - gukajogu (2 years ago)

63 years old (Born on February 23, 1958)

Lead singer & songwriter of the band Japan.

David Sylvian's Best Moments

Happy birthday David Sylvian!            ww
Happy birthday David Sylvian
60 today! Happy birthday David Sylvian (born 23 February 1958). Photo by Fin Costello
Happy Birthday David Sylvian
Happy birthday David Sylvian. 
NP the gorgeous Nightporter from my favourite Japan album.
Happy 63rd birthday to David Sylvian     Loved him and Japan.
Happy Birthday to Japan\s David Sylvian!

What are your favorite songs from his music career?
Happy birthday to David Sylvian. Photo c.1980.
Happy birthday to the legend David Sylvian
A very Happy Birthday today to the singer-songwriter and musician David Sylvian
Happy birthday David Sylvian
Born on this day in 1958, Happy Birthday David Sylvian
Happy 60th birthday to the best singer in the history of the world. Felicitations to David Sylvian.
Happy birthday David Sylvian. 60 today. Still.lobe his early Japan and solo stuff. Also an early man crush
A very Happy 59th Birthday, to David Sylvian!!
What a stud.

Happy Birthday, David Sylvian!
The unparalleled David Sylvian , who turns 60 today and is hopefully having a happy birthday
Happy birthday to David Sylvian! This is a fan boy drawing I did in 1984.
Happy Birthday to Howard Jones and David Sylvian!
Remembering Johnny Winter.
 David Sylvian singer with British group Japan .
Howard Jones age 64
David Sylvian age 61

happy Birthday
Happy birthday David Sylvian!
Happy Birthday to the David Sylvian, a famous English singer who was born on 23 Feb 1958.
Happy birthday to the one and only David Sylvian.
Happy birthday Nick Rhodes I mean David Sylvian
Happy birthday David Sylvian! Here he is hanging with his younger self
david sylvian young 0
david sylvian hair 1
david sylvian children 2
david sylvian young 3

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