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ostentatious onske
Late happy birthday to delta goodrem btw - ostentatious onske (10 months ago)
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gabriele celeghin
Happy Birthday DELTA!!!! - gabriele celeghin (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Delta Goodrem - ATOM RECORDS (10 months ago)
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Teewhy Nyema
Happy Birthday to James Harper, Vanessa Lachey, Dominique Maltais, Eyedea (d. 2010), Jobi McAnuff, Boaz Myhill, Dia - Teewhy Nyema (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrem. - bombadil (10 months ago)
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Janine Bennett
Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem via Happy 35th Birthday Delta Goodrem! - Janine Bennett (10 months ago)
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RmElite Italia
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem! Feliz Cumpleaños Delta Goodrem! Buon Compleanno Delt - RmElite Italia (10 months ago)
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Hatty Burpday
November 9 Happy birthday today to Ronald Harwood (85) Roger McGough (82) Marina Warner (73) Lou Ferrigno (68) Sue - Hatty Burpday (10 months ago)
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Pavel Kazachenko
Happy Birthday!! Great and undefeated Delta Goodrem !! Health and success !!! New creative breakthroughs !! - Pavel Kazachenko (10 months ago)
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Barry Kowal
November 9:Happy 35th birthday to singer,Delta Goodrem(\"Born To Try\") - Barry Kowal (10 months ago)
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Maddison Quinn
Happy Birthday 2 Delta Goodrem who turned 34 yesterday. - Maddison Quinn (1 year ago)
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Delta Goodrem November 9 Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes! All the Best! - ELIOT RAFFÍT (1 year ago)
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Zeman Hot and Sexy Celebrity Legs
Happy Birthday to Analeigh Tipton, Delta Goodrem, Elysia Rotaru and Scottie Thompson! - Zeman Hot and Sexy Celebrity Legs (1 year ago)
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Nov 09: Happy birthday to Delta Goodrem - AYearOlder (1 year ago)
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Happy Birthday to Delta Goodrem, Caroline Flack, Finn Cole and (don\'t make him angry) Lou Ferrigno! - RussellGrant.Com (1 year ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to Roger McGough (81), Lou Ferrigno (67), Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden)(64), Karen Dotrice (63 - Melanie VaughanSmith (1 year ago)
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Tony Boy Bautista
Happy Birthday Elenita Binay, Nikki Blonsky, Janice de Belen, Karen Dotrice, Lou Ferrigno, Delta Goodrem, Beatriz I - Tony Boy Bautista (1 year ago)
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Belinda Kapetanakos
Happy 34th Birthday Delta Goodrem - Belinda Kapetanakos (1 year ago)
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Leesa Sawyer
I\'m pretty sure in 2011 I met I\'m saying pretty sure because it was on Delta Goodrem\'s birt - Leesa Sawyer (1 year ago)
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Hayatte Oueld Amar
Happy 34 birthday Delta goodrem - Hayatte Oueld Amar (1 year ago)
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Wishing the gorgeous a very Happy Birthday! - WeMissMusic.com (1 year ago)
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Isabelle Ameur
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem! I can\'t wait for tommorrow! Have a beautiful day Delta! I love you Lots of love, Is - Isabelle Ameur (1 year ago)
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Delta Goodrem Fans
goodremdaily: Happy 33rd birthday, Delta Goodrem! xo - Delta Goodrem Fans (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem!!! - LiesAngeles (2 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to James Harper, Vanessa Lachey, Dominique Maltais, Eyedea (d. 2010), Jobi McAnuff, Boaz Myhill, Dia - North Trenton (2 years ago)
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Chris Neufeld
Happy Birthday to Delta Goodrem! - Chris Neufeld (2 years ago)
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Zeman Celebrity Legs
Happy BDay to Delta Goodrem from - Zeman Celebrity Legs (2 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem - Celebrity Birthdays (2 years ago)
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HAPPY Phil May (73), Benny Mardones (71), Joe Bouchard (69), Donnie McClurkin (58), Pepa (48), Roxanne - Pauseandplay.com (2 years ago)
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Jansen\'s Jamz
Happy birthday to Miss Delta Goodrem, who is 33 today - Jansen\'s Jamz (2 years ago)
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November 9, Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem. - KalineCountry (2 years ago)
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Mark Shen
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem - Mark Shen (2 years ago)
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Happy Birthday Gareth Malone, Delta Goodrem, Robert David Hall, Finn Cole & Karen Dotrice - maddie (2 years ago)
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Jamie Roxx
Happy Birthday. Today, Nov 9, 1984 Delta Goodrem, Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, and... - Jamie Roxx (2 years ago)
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Who\'s Dated Who
Happy 33rd Birthday, Delta Goodrem! - Let\'s wish Delta Goodrem a very Happy 33rd Birthday! - Who\'s Dated Who (2 years ago)
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Nick Walker
Happy birthday to Sisqó, Lou Ferrigno, the BBC News Channel and Delta Goodrem - Nick Walker (2 years ago)
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Official Charts
Happy Birthday Look back at her strong UK chart history, including five Top 10 hits - Official Charts (2 years ago)
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Charles Newbury
- Happy Birthday!! Gallery at; - Charles Newbury (2 years ago)
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Movie Star Birthdays
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem! (musician, 33) - Movie Star Birthdays (2 years ago)
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Sexy Celebs ⤵
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem ( ) - Sexy Celebs ⤵ (2 years ago)
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My Future Teller
Happy birthday to Delta Goodrem. Her zodiac sign is Check out what her tells us! - My Future Teller (2 years ago)
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VVN Music
Happy Birthday Pepa of Salt--Pepa (53), Susan Tedeschi (46), Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees (44), Sisqo (39), Delta Good - VVN Music (2 years ago)
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Gathered Here
Happy 33rd birthday Delta Goodrem! You always make us smile Like our Page for your daily dose of nostalgia - Gathered Here (2 years ago)
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Gordon Schumway
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem Delta - Gordon Schumway (2 years ago)
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will there be a repeat of Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem on Channel V today? - CALEB (2 years ago)
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Thorsten Alteholz
Thu, 09 Nov 2017, let us all send Delta Goodrem the best Happy Birthday wishes today ( (33) - Thorsten Alteholz (2 years ago)
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All Around New Music
Happy bday Delta Goodrem! - All Around New Music (2 years ago)
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Delta Goodrem - Happy Birthday 2016! via - Toni (2 years ago)
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Howards Fireworks
Happy Birthday to Delta Goodrem, who we had the pleasure to work with at the spectacular Opening Ceremony of the... - Howards Fireworks (2 years ago)

35 years old (Born on November 09, 1984)

Australian pop singer and actress; She is famous from Australian TV actress and singer.

Her DVD 'Delta' which is certified 11X Platinum by ARIA is the highest selling DVD ever in Australia (ARIA DVD Chart - 2003). Named for the Joe c*cker song "Delta Lady". Her debut single, "I Don't Care", peaked at No. 64 on the ARIA charts in December 2001. Family consists of parents Denis and Lea Goodrem, and younger brother Trent. Her single "Predictable/Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" entered the ARIA charts at #2 on December 9, 2003, and peaked at #1 on December 22, 2003.

Delta Goodrem's Best Moments

Happy Birthday to Delta Goodrem, Caroline Flack, Finn Cole and (don\t make him angry) Lou Ferrigno!
Happy Birthday 
76 John Singleton 
35 Jana Pittman 
33 Delta Goodrem
Delta Goodrem November 9 Sending Very Happy Birthday Wishes! All the Best!
 - Happy Birthday!!

Gallery at;
Happy Birthday Gareth Malone, Delta Goodrem, Robert David Hall, Finn Cole & Karen Dotrice
Happy Birthday Delta Goodrem
November 9:Happy 35th birthday to singer,Delta Goodrem(\"Born To Try\")
Happy Birthday to Australian singer/actress Delta Goodrem.
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Fun Facts About Delta Goodrem

Her single "Not Me, Not I" enters the ARIA charts at #2 on September 22, 2003, and peaks at #1 on September 29, 2003.
She had a top ten UK hit with 'Born to try.'
Had to cut off her trademark long hair to undergo chemotherapy for Hodgkins Disease (her treatment has now ended, and she is currently growing out her hair)
Her single "Lost Without You" entered the ARIA charts at #1 on March 11, 2003.
Only artist to have as many as ten ARIA Award Nominations, and to win as many as nine ARIA Awards (including two viewer voted awards - 2003).
Has written songs with Gary Barlow, ex-singer with Take That.
Manager is Glenn Wheatley, most famous for managing John Farnham throughout his career.
Close friend of Rebecca Cartwright. The pair have been friends since childhood.
Her album 'Innocent Eyes' which was released in Australia in March 2003, has never left the Top 3 positions in the ARIA Albums Chart since, and has spent 29 weeks at #1, which no other Australian artist has done (breaking the record of John Farnham's album 'Whispering Jack' which was released in 1982 and spent only 25 weeks at #1) also making it the highest charting local album in Australia. It's certified 14X Platinum by ARIA and is also the highest selling album in Australia (ARIA End Of Year Albums Chart - 2003).
In the Official UK Singles Chart, in March 2003 her single 'Born To Try' debuted and peaked at #3, in June 2003 her single 'Lost Without You' debuted and peaked at #4, in September 2003 her single 'Innocent Eyes' debuted and peaked at #9 and in December 2003 her single 'Not Me, Not I' debuted and peaked at #18. Her debut album 'Innocent Eyes' also debuted and peaked at #2 in the Official UK Albums Chart in 2003.
She is the only artist ever to have as many as five (consecutive) singles peak at #1 from an (debut) album (which also debuted #1 in the ARIA Albums Chart) in the ARIA Singles Chart in Australia (2003).
She has a longtime love of sport - especially skiing and netball. If she wasn't going to be a singer, she would have aimed to become a World Class Olympian.
All five singles from her album "Innocent Eyes" (Born to Try, Lost Without You, Innocent Eyes, Not Me Not I and Predictable) achieved number 1 on the Australian charts. A seemingly unbeatable record.
At age 7 appeared in an American commercial for Galoob toys. Recorded a demo CD at 13 and released her first single at age 16.
Announced that she has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a treatable form of cancer. Her career will be put on hold while she receives treatment (July 11th, 2003).
Her single "Born to Try" entered the ARIA charts at #3 on November 18, 2002, and peaked at #1 on December 2, 2002.
Her single "Innocent Eyes" entered the ARIA charts at #2 on June 16, 2003, and peaked at #1 on June 30, 2003.
Wrote the song "Together We Are One" for the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony with her boyfriend Brian McFadden.

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