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Robert Diaz
Happy birthday 29 years of age wow - Robert Diaz (5 months ago)
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MzRockMon, MOB
. Happy Heavenly Belated Birthday. I\'m blessed that I had the honor to work with you to help you then & to now - MzRockMon, MOB (5 months ago)
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Omg happy bday to my fav dmx album bc we rlly don t give a fuck - NO ME JODA (5 months ago)
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Madanda Francis
He would be 53 years today, happy heavenly birthday DMX ,,, - Madanda Francis (5 months ago)
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Happy Belated Birthday DMX (12-18-1970). From Myself and My Brother Canibus!! - PLAYBOY MIKEY D (5 months ago)
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Bronxstar Payne
Happy 52nd Birthday DMX DMX (1970 - 2021) 12/18/1970 - Bronxstar Payne (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to my big BROTHER IN MY HEAD AND - Cheetaah (5 months ago)
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Don Salmon
Happy belated birthday to the great DMX. He would ve been 52 years young. - Don Salmon (5 months ago)
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Kay Dee
Happy Birthday Rah Digga, Cicely Tyson(R.I.H.), DMX, and my 25 year old daughter Imani!!! - Kay Dee (5 months ago)
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Engineer Dave
Happy birthday to you man - Engineer Dave (5 months ago)
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DJ Marvalous
Happy birthday to the Dawg!!! Bumping this all day!!! A Marvalous DMX Mix by DJ Marvalous on - DJ Marvalous (5 months ago)
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Tiffany Fox
Happy Birthday Thanks for making my birthday years ago & smoking Kush with me! These blunts today are for you today - Tiffany Fox (5 months ago)
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Jay-Z says DMX improved his stage performance Happy belated Birthday DMX, he would ve turned 51 yesterday - FMHipHop (5 months ago)
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Semiverse.Eth I StoreNO8.Eth
Happy birthday - Semiverse.Eth I StoreNO8.Eth (5 months ago)
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Happy bday DMX . - scumbag (5 months ago)
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justin harvey
Happy birthday x - justin harvey (5 months ago)
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I Didnt Know Me And My Favorite Rapper Was Birthday Twinz Happy Belated Bruh I Just Found Out At 29YRO HAPPY BIRTHD - RBE LEGEND KILLER (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to the Darkman DMX! - THE FRANCHISE! Франшиза (5 months ago)
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Wild Mountain
Happy Birthday to the late Great Legendary DMX. Ain t none like you. R.I. - Wild Mountain (5 months ago)
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Carilia Wilson
Happy Birthday Dmx - Carilia Wilson (5 months ago)
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Sylvester Williams
Happy Heavenly Birthday to Rapper DMX - Sylvester Williams (5 months ago)
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the christmas shoes
Almost forgot Stone Cold and DMX\'s birthdays this year! Happy birthday to the greats - the christmas shoes (5 months ago)
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The Kickstand Podcast
Happy Birthday I still ride with a DMX sticker on the back of my truck - The Kickstand Podcast (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday To DMX RIP - On-Q (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday DMX May 1 2004 DREAM NIGHTCLUB - evipNFTs (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday dmx - natasha (5 months ago)
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Happy heavenly birthday, DMX! . . : Getty - Bossip (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to these Music Legends! - Ranker (5 months ago)
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PPPerry The Platypus
Happy Birthday - PPPerry The Platypus (5 months ago)
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Doc Trower ☮️
Now stop me if you\'ve heard it before, but happy birthday to Billie Eilish, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera, DMX, Sto - Doc Trower ☮️ (5 months ago)
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TipToe ®️©️
Happy Heavenly Birthday - TipToe ®️©️ (5 months ago)
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Today DMX would have turned 52 years old. Happy birthday to a legend! - TIDAL (5 months ago)
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Angelo Ellerbee
Happy Heavenly Birthday - Angelo Ellerbee (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday and Long Live X - Q (5 months ago)
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emo bih
Happy Birthday to my mom and DMX. - emo bih (5 months ago)
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George Daniels Jr.
Yessir gone too gone. Happy heavenly birthday to the dog DMX R.I.P. to a legend. - George Daniels Jr. (5 months ago)
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✨Paradise for Pimps✨
Happy Birthday I always knew he would pass before his time. - ✨Paradise for Pimps✨ (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday DMX!!! - maxwellgirl17 (5 months ago)
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Eric Hatcher
Happy Heavenly Birthday DMX - Eric Hatcher (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday King.... the best who ever did it... the only rapper who can bring God into the - Juels (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday & R.I.P DMX - lthstyle.bigcartel.com (5 months ago)
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Rah Digga
Happy Birthday to DMX, Cuban Link, General Steele, Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera...AND ME! - Rah Digga (5 months ago)
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BlaccSheep ♊︎
Happy Heavenly Birthday to DMX the Epitome of an Honest Soul, with Raw Passion. no matter how dark his life got - BlaccSheep ♊︎ (5 months ago)
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A Moment In Time
Happy birthday DMX - A Moment In Time (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace Would\'ve been 52 today - ShadyDripperDPG213 (5 months ago)
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Trashbag Huncho
Happy Birthday DMX and Brad Pitt it s a legendary day - Trashbag Huncho (5 months ago)
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Jason Sweet
Happy Heavenly Birthday DMX RIP legend - Jason Sweet (5 months ago)
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⚖Travis Bell⚖
Happy birthday DMX! - ⚖Travis Bell⚖ (5 months ago)
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Kei ✨
Happy heavenly birthday I loved me some DMX - Kei ✨ (5 months ago)
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Browny J
Happy Birthday - Browny J (5 months ago)

53 years old (Born on December 18, 1970)

Rapper, actor; He is famous from Rapper, Actor.

Same birthday as Brad Pitt, Casper Van Dien and 'Steven Spielberg'. Has a religion-related skit on each of his CDs. Was often sick as a child. Formed Rap Group named Ruff Ryders consisting of Eve, Drag-On, The Lox, Swizz Beatz, Parle. Is the only artist ever to have two albums debut at number one on the Billboard top one-hundred chart in the same year.

Dmx's Best Moments

 Happy Birthday!

DMX turns 49 today Show your love
Happy birthday to the late, great who would ve been 51 years old today
Happy Birthday to these Music Legends!
Happy heavenly birthday,  DMX!  .
. : Getty
Happy Birthday to 4EP featuring \Wide Open Space\.Released on the 25th November 1996!  DMx
Happy birthday to DMX, who turns 50 today. Here\s DMX and Snoop dancing during their Verzuz.
Happy heavenly birthday to DMX, he would ve been 51 today
DMX would ve been 51 years old today, Happy Birthday & Rest in Peace
Join us in wishing the legendary DMX a Happy 50th Birthday
Happy Birthday to the LEGEND We love you X! ! || Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Happy birthday DMX
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy Birthday, DMX! Drop your favorite X track below  ( : )
Today DMX would have turned 52 years old. Happy birthday to a legend!
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy heavenly Birthday to the legendary Earl Simmons aka DMX
Happy birthday Never forget when he had the whole world at his concert
Wishing DMX a Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday to one of hip-hop\s most prolific artists
Happy Birthday to DMX, he turned 50 today
Happy Birthday, DMX
Happy Birthday DMX. He would have celebrated his 51st birthday today.
Happy Birthday To A Living Legend
Happy 50th birthday
Happy Birthday DMX!
Happy Birthday DMX! Top 10 Anthems From The Dog
Happy birthday to the legend DMX.
Happy Birthday, DMX.
Happy Heavenly 51st Birthday to one of the greatest to ever grab the mic, The Great DMX
Happy Birthday
DMX angekuwa na umri wa miaka 51 leo, 

Happy Birthday & Rest in Peace
Happy heavenly birthday to DMX.
Happy 47th Birthday, DMX
Happy birthday Find this iconic photo in Portraits: The FADER Issues 1-10 via
Happy Birthday,
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the legend, DMX.
Hit us with your favorite DMX song/lyrics!
This vid will go down in history (forever), will go down in history (forever) Happy birthday
Oh No, thats how Ruff Ryders roll// Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday,   What\s your favorite track?
Happy birthday to DMX ,one of my favorite artist  OAT
Happy Birthday,   In celebration, check out our Inspired Beats -->
Happy Birthday to DMX
Happy 50th birthday, DMX
Happy 50th birthday, DMX
Happy Birthday  Quote message your hardest track/bar
Salute to a legend & Happy Belated Birthday
Happy Birthday Relive some of the classics from Dark Man X\s storied career:
Happy Birthday //
One of my fav videos of DMX, Happy Birthday Dark Man X
He would be 53 years today, happy heavenly birthday DMX ,,,
 12.18 Happy Bday! (44 )
 Dedicating our to the OG, DMX. Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to DMX!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the award winning rapper, What s your favorite DMX line?
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy birthday to the dog What s your favorite DMX song?
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the dog DMX.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday DMX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy first bday DMX
Happy birthday to one of the greatest,  :
Happy birthday DMX 49
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to DMX! What s your favorite song or album from him?
Help us in wishing the hip-hop legend himself a happy 44th birthday!
Happy Birthday, He turns 44 today!
Happy Birthday Artwork by
Happy Birthday,
Still one of the baddest songs I\ve ever heard. Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday To \"The Legendary\" Many Blessings
Just want to wish our family a happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the one and only !
Happy Birthday
Happy 47th Birthday
Happy Bday to DMX!
Happy Birthday to my girls (yesterday) and my guy
Happy birthday to the almighty Dark Man X!
Before the night ends, let get you in the holiday spirit   Happy birthday DMX
Happy 18th Birthday ...And then there was X - DMX
 Happy birthday buddy... DMX is a Malabite Have a successful year ahead
Happy Birthday DMX!
Join us in wishing DMX a happy birthday!
Happy 49th Birthday to the Legendary DMX

What\s your favorite song from him?
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy birthday Dmx!
Happy Birthday to the legendary
Happy Birthday . The rapper turns 50 years old today.
Happy birthday to the realest DMX
Happy Birthday to one of my favorite rappers ever The Dog, DMX

One of the greatest verses of all time. Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy 51st birthday to the one and only   Favorite tracks of all-time?
 Happy Birthday To A Yonkers Legend
Happy 52nd Birthday DMX DMX (1970 - 2021)   12/18/1970
Happy birthday to my  Im listening to DMX in your honour
Happy birthday honey! Hope you have a good one       xx
Happy Birthday to princess number 1
Happy Birthday To The Dawg we ve got a coming up at 5:15a on
Happy birthday, DMX
Happy Birthday to one of my all time favorite poets, DMX!!
Happy birthday DMX! The realist
 Happy 45th Birthday DMX! Come back in one piece....
I remember this     Happy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY We can\t wait to celebrate your birthday tomorrow night
Happy bday DMX
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy 47th Birthday     To RAPPER
Calling all my Let s wish a very Happy 47th Birthday to
Happy Birthday  Watch full interview at
Happy 47th birthday to DMX!
 Happy Birthday to the legend
Happy birthday to the OG  and anniversary to  Good day in hip-hop.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!
Happy birthday to the legendary DMX
  Happy birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday DMX. You are a true king.
Happy Birthday to a music legend
Happy Birthday DMX Prayer King
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday To The Fucking
Happy Birthday to the legend and Hot Summer 2019 savior
Happy Bday right now
Happy Birthday to my favorite rapper of all time
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy Belated I didn\t see one birthday shout out yesterday.
Happy 49th birthday to
Happy 50th Birthday to Fun fact: DMX stands for Dark Man X.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to the Legend DMX!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Earl Simmons Born December 18 Better Known By His Stage Name DMX,
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy 50th Birthday to  What are your top 3  favorite DMX songs/collabs or albums? :
 A Happy 50th Birthday to DMX. Explore over 400 samples, cover versions and remixes:
Happy birthday DMX.
Help me wish my brother a happy 50th birthday!
Thank you for Keeping Hip Hop alive.
Happy birthday to 2 of the GOATs
Don\t we all? Happy birthday X
Happy 50th Birthday To &
I forgot to tell my man Happy Birthday
  Happy Heavenly Birthday King
Happy Heavenly Birthday DMX
Happy Birthday
Happy heavenly birthday to he would ve been 51 years old today    Getty images
Happy Birthday DMX. He would be 51 years old.
The Book of DMX 1:17 

Happy Birthday Dark Man X. Thank you for the inspiration.
Happy birthday DMX.
Continue to rest in power. 
We miss you dawg.
Real mc.
Happy birthday to the Darkman DMX!
Happy Birthday DMX !!!
                         HAPPY 44th BIRTHDAY to 
Happy birthday DMX
Happy Birthday foster care alum "Chris is comin for ya" I WILL get to interview you for
Happy Birthday to rapper and actor Earl Simmons (born December 18, 1970), better known as DMX.
"Whats my name..." Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday DMX!
Happy Birthday from Organic Soul Rapper-songwriter and actor, DMX is 44
Of course! Happy bday the rawest *whispers to we get some X in the mix 2day?*
Happy Birthday to one of the greatest to hold the mic, Dark Man X.
Happy Birthday to the dog,
Happy birthday to my first love, Earl Simmons.
Happy Birthday to DMX, who turns 44 today!
Happy Birthday DMX!
Happy Birthday to the one & only,
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to one of my favorite of all time dmx
Happy birthday DMX enjoy your special day
Happy birthday to one of the greatest
Happy 44th birthday to
Happy birthday to the Dog
 Happy Birthday To The Greatest Rapper Ever 
Question:Remember My Mom - Eileen Morgan 
And My Dad Rodney Robinson
Oh and happy birthday DMX
  Happy bday dmx  inc lol
Happy bday to
Happy birthday to the legend
Happy Birthday DMX
Happy birthday to dmx
A big Happy birthday to DJ Dave  love you so much daddy have an amazing time tonight
Happy Birthday
Happy belated birthday
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday DMX.
Happy Birthday to (40yo) (35yo) (45yo) and Brad Pitt (52yo) !
Happy birthday to Murphy Lee,Angie Stone, DJ Axwell,Keith Richards,DMX,Christina Aguilera,Brad Pitt and Sia!
Happy Birthday DMX!
Happy Birthday to one of tha greats:
Happy Birthday to !
Dec. 18 - Christina Aguilera (1980), Ray Liotta (1955) & DMX (1970) are born.  Happy Birthday.
dmx and aaliyah 0
dmx jail 1
dmx dogs 2
dmx 2013 3

Fun Facts About Dmx

The first three of DMX's CDs debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts and each one has gone at least triple platinum.
Loved to play with Green Army Men toys and watch Eddie Murphy on "Saturday Night Live" (1975).
Wrote his first rhymes while spending time in jail.
He released a song titled "Born Loser" in 1993 on Columbia Records
He and his wife Tashera Simmons, welcomed a baby girl named Praise Mary Ella Simmons on 18th April 2005. They also have a son called Shawn.
DMX stands for Dark Man Extreme.
Was briefly on his high school`s track team.
DMX is one of the best selling Hip-Hop artists ever. His first 4 albums have each gone at least triple platinum in the US alone, and his current CD, Grand Champ, recently went platinum.
Has 9 dogs.
Formed music label Ruff Ryders.
6th best selling rapper of all time.
Also a recording artist on Def Jam Music label along with Foxy Brown
Estranged father was a street artist.
His wife Tashera lived above him in his apartment complex when he was young. He did not know this until he met her at a club.
He has his own record label and clothing line called Bloodline
His third album "... And Then There Was X" sold over 600,000 copies in its first week.
Was hit by a drunk driver when he was a little kid.
He has 2 half sister in his mother`s side sisters, also had 2 younger half brothers who died at birth; and has 2 younger half brothers in his father`s side.
Lived in Yonkers, New York
Announced that he's retiring from the music business so he can focus more on church and his family. [2003]
Has a scar on his left wrist from a fan trying to rip his watch off.
Has two sons named Xavier & Tocoma
His family was a Jehovah`s Witness when he was young.
His 5th album, "Grand Champ" was a number 1 debut on the Billboard Pop Charts. (September 2003)
Has sold more then 15 million records in the United States.
Known for his barking and growling while rapping.
Wrote an autobiography titled "E.A.R.L.: Ever Always Real Life."
Battled rapper Jay-Z in a rap battle which was determined to be a draw. Although, DMX stated in an interview that the battle taught him that his style of rapping was not always the best.
His sixth album, 'Year of the Dog...Again', debuted at #1 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at #2 on The Billboard 200 at the end of its first week of release.
He is now the only artist in the history of the Billboard Charts to have his first five albums debut at number one on the Billboard Charts.
His second album "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood" sold over 670,000 copies in its first week.
Beat rapper Jay-Z in a rap battle.
Has his own record label called "Bloodline Records"
He is the only artist in Soundscan history to have his first four albums debut at number one on the Billboard Charts
Has tattoo on his back of his dog killed by a motorist and the words ONE LOVE BOOMER.

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