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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA - @1996Rosacelta (2 months ago)
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Maritzel Abigail
Happy Birthday jefa - Maritzel Abigail (2 months ago)
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The New Kinky Family |Parody
Happy Belated Birthday Ms. James. One apologizes for being late. I hope you had a wonderful day x C. - The New Kinky Family |Parody (2 months ago)
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KL Thomas
Happy birthday! I wish a wonderful day filled with smiles and laughter. - KL Thomas (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, EL! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of love. - Kenzie (2 months ago)
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Mrs. Anne
Happy Birthday dear E.L. James! - Mrs. Anne (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday E.L. James! Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. - GAWBY.com (2 months ago)
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My sweet Anastasia
Happy birthday to the woman I have to thank for making me fall in love with books. Thank you for your kindness and - My sweet Anastasia (2 months ago)
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Freed | OhMyFifty (Fan Account)
Happy Birthday - Freed | OhMyFifty (Fan Account) (2 months ago)
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Alice Marie
Happy Birthday, Have a wonderful Birthday. - Alice Marie (2 months ago)
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Letícia de Pointe du Lac
happy birthday Erika,have a great day - Letícia de Pointe du Lac (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Crissy (2 months ago)
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happy birthday - M (2 months ago)
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Ivette W
Happy Birthday - Ivette W (2 months ago)
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Sam Monk
Happy birthday - Sam Monk (2 months ago)
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Fatima فاطمة
Happy birthday Have a wonderful day and fab year ahead! - Fatima فاطمة (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - corinesmith (2 months ago)
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leanne deacon
Happy birthday - leanne deacon (2 months ago)
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Steph Fielding
Happy belated birthday!!! Xxx - Steph Fielding (2 months ago)
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Joe Bangles CBE
A belated Happy birthday - Joe Bangles CBE (2 months ago)
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Happy birthday - Madlynmonroemaddox (2 months ago)
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Emily Von Spears
Happy birthday to one of my favorite authors. I own every book! - Emily Von Spears (2 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCH 7th; Actress Huang Biren ,53; Judge Anthony Carmona,69; Actress Diana Gomez ,33; Novelist Robe - BRONX POET (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday, jefa Best wishes to you. Kisses from El Salvador, Central America. - Maritzel (2 months ago)
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michelle surtees
Happy belated birthday - michelle surtees (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday and thank you for everything - Melissa (2 months ago)
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La Estantería
Hoy es el cumpleaños de escritora de la famosa trilogía que hizo suspirar a muchas como en papel como e - La Estantería (2 months ago)
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❂ FS Meurinne - Book Enticer ❂
Happy birthday! - ❂ FS Meurinne - Book Enticer ❂ (2 months ago)
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Jennifer Holt
Happy Birthday! Hope its the very best day - Jennifer Holt (2 months ago)
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National Champions
Happy Happy Happy Birthday! - National Champions (2 months ago)
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Mark Williams
Happy Birthday Erika, hope you had a good one x - Mark Williams (2 months ago)
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Bibiana Ivonne Hernández
I didnt know I hope you have a very special Birthday!!! Happy Birthday!!! - Bibiana Ivonne Hernández (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Erika - JamieDornanFanAc (2 months ago)
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Joann P. RMT, Unitarian Universalist
Happy Birthday! - Joann P. RMT, Unitarian Universalist (2 months ago)
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Paty Yañez
Happy Birthday to you - Paty Yañez (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday hope you have a great day!!! - AK (2 months ago)
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Anastasia Steele Grey.
Happy Birthday . Have a beautiful birthday. - Anastasia Steele Grey. (2 months ago)
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Milena Vasileva
Happy Birthday! - Milena Vasileva (2 months ago)
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Celebrity Born
Happy Birthday to (English Film Producer, Novelist, Author, Writer & Philanthropist) - Other Name : Eri - Celebrity Born (2 months ago)
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happy birthday - @t22713790 (2 months ago)
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Angela barnum
Happy belated birthday - Angela barnum (2 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - shoeluvvr (2 months ago)
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Jenny Young
Happy Birthday - Jenny Young (2 months ago)
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Jeanette (StillJust AWriter)
Happy Birthday, great photo. - Jeanette (StillJust AWriter) (2 months ago)
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Tracie Perry
Happy Birthday love your books sooooo much - Tracie Perry (2 months ago)
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Just preordered it on Kindle!!!! And happy Belated Birthday. I am sorry I forgot to wish you that yester - Eddie (2 months ago)
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Jenny Pasley
Happy birthday - Jenny Pasley (2 months ago)
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Georgie Wright
Happy birthday - Georgie Wright (2 months ago)
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Nic Gilly Langridge
Ah happy birthday. Hope you had a good one. - Nic Gilly Langridge (2 months ago)

61 years old (Born on March 07, 1963)

The British author of the erotic Fifty Shades of Grey romance trilogy, she holds the distinction of writing the fastest-selling paperbacks of all time. In 2012, she received the UK National Book Award.

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Happy birthday to author
Drawing  \"Happy Birthday Christian!!\"
Happy birthday, I hope your day is as fabulous as you are
 Happy Birthday!!!
Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thank you for introducing us to Anastasia & Christian, a lovely couple
Happy Birthday We hope you have a GREYt and wonderful day. Lots of love, besos
U mean a lot for us, and you\ve created an amazing story <3 We love u lot, and we wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3
 Happy Birthday  Have a great
Happy Birthday, Hope you have a GREYt day with your loved ones. Thank you for everything!
Happy Birthday to the lovely Best wishes!
Happy birthday to the superb lady that created the thing I love the most: Long live the Queen! ILYSM
Happy Birthday to such an inspiring woman!
Happy Birthday to the one and only You\re wonderful exquisitely talented and amazing. Enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday to the amazing I\m so grateful to you for You\re a wonderful author & person! xx
Wishing the very lovely a very happy birthday xxx
Happy Birthday to the fantastic
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the lady that gave us not only Christian Grey but love and friendship. We love you
Happy Birthday !! Have a GREYt day Thanks for bring to us such a beautiful lovestory
Happy Birthday
Happy  birthday
Happy Birthday Erika. Hope you have a Wonderful day
Happy birthday to our amazing have a spankingly Greyt Day
Happy Birthday        by me
\" Happy birthday      Thanks for giving us such passionate and wonderful love story...
Happy birthday Thank you for sharing your stories with us. May you have an amazing birthday!
¡Happy Birthday
Hoje é aniversário da autora de  Happy Birthday Erika (
Happy Birthday to the amazing who creates the most beautiful love story ever !
Happy birthday to Thank you for inspiring us with your wonderful love story Stay amazing & we love you
Happy birthday to the mastermind behind the greatest movie
Happy Birthday
Huge Happy Birthday to our gorgeous fearless leader
 Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday . Have a beautiful birthday.
 Happy birthday! All the best for you. Thanks for creating this beautiful love story that keeps us crazy.
Happy Birthday We love you. And kisses from France.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Here is some flowers and a cake I made for you! Enjoy your birthday!
 happy birthday x
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I\m watching the movie with my family in your honor!
 Since PACEY has been tying up your line, we\re wishing you a happy birthday on message ;) x Kitt & Lisa
 Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day and if this new year can get any better. I hope it\s your best yet!
Happy Birthday Thanks for everything FLOWERS AND HEARTS FOR YOU...
 a very happy birthday!
Happy Birthday queen !!
Happy birthday Hope you have a wonderful day!
 May your day be filled with so much love, Happy Birthday! Thank you for writing such an amazing book
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to  E L JAMES
\" Happy birthday Erika
Happy birthday We want to thank you for creating the world of Christian and Ana  Have an amazing year!
 Happy Birthday Mss James .Have a great  day !   from
Happy birthday God bless you forever....Your fantastic      ¡I love you! Greetings from colombia
 Happy birthday, Erika! Thank you for everything! xx
Happy birthday     Thanks for the amazing books!! You are our Fandom Queen .
Greetings from Chile!!!
  Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday  Thank you so much for Fifty Shades. Love,
Happy birthday to the amazing have a great day
 happy birthday.         I LOVE YOU TO SO MUCH!!!!
 I wish you a happy Birthday from Eiffel Tower !!
Happy Birthday, Thank you for giving to the Lord of Our Universe
Happy Birthday to Without you, none of us would be possible.
Happy Birthday my Queen   Have a wonderful Day with
 Made with all the love, I hope you like it!  Happy birthday!
 Hello Erika I wanted to wish you very Happy Birthday On behalf of your French fans . Big Kiss
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! To the woman who we owe this entire fandom to, thank you Erika!
Happy Birthday you\re great woman
Happy Birthday the creator of our I love U
Happy Birthday, bb!
Happy Birthday ! thanks so much for these novels. Will wait for Christian\s POV of the last book
Happy birthday to Queen Erika!! You deserve all the things.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday hope you\ve a wonderful day
Happy Birthday
  happy birthday
 Happy Birthday hope you have a great day!
 happy birthday hope you have a blessed day
Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday young lady. All my love and warmest wishes.   <3
 happy birthday my dear Erika! I just want to tell you that you changed my life with those amazing books
Happy Birthday      Your books brought together this group of amazing ladies from all over N. America
Happy birthday ! Thank you for giving us such a beautiful and amazing story
Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday !
   HAppy birthday Erika ... Wonderful  Day for you ..kiss    . Annick
 because you wrote the best book, thank you for that has changed lives and more happy birthday! F Colombia
 Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy your special day. May all your birthday wishes come true, and than some ;)
 happy birthday buttercup  hope you have a fabulous day!!
Happy Birthday to the most amazing author ! Thank you for sharing your fantasies, we love you!
 Happy Birthday..! You\re the best writer
Happy birthday to an amazing day  congratulations on the success fifty shades of Grey
 Happy Birthday E. L. James! :-)
 thank for letting us enter the world of shadows, happy birthday...
 Wish you a happy Birthday, dear! Thanks for everything <3 we love you <3<3
Happy Birthday  , a big hug, from all your fans of Latin America ,Thank you for everything, besos Reina
 Happy birthday you enjoy your day and your wishes are fulfilled, a big hug, love and happiness for you
Happy birthday hope you have a really lovely day
Happy birthday  Thanks for writing these books that changed millions of people\s life Enjoy your day We U
 Happy birthday to my favorite  author, God bless you. I love you thank you for make my life better.
 happy birthday !!!
Happy Birthday Erika :)   Have a wonderful Saturday for you..:)
 happy birthday fantastic woman!!
 Happy birthday! Love from France
 A very Happy Birthday to my favorite writer. Have a Beautiful day. Love from France
Want to wish such an amazing women a massive Happy Birthday, hope you have an amazing day/night.
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday!!
 Happy Birthday Queen James ! Have a GreyT day & a lovely moment with family and friends
   Birthday hope you have a lovely day shades, laters baby    ,
 Happy birthday dear Erika !!! I love you and your work))) All the best from Russia !!!
 Happy Birthday with the first flowers of the year and many more returns.
 Happy Birthday =)
Happy birthday to our queen - what an amazing birthday present! Much love
Happy birthday .!! Have a blast and laters baby.! Thank you for giving us xoxo Philippines
Happy birthday to you Thanks for creating the ultimate perfection..Enjoy the day
 Dear Erika! Happy Birthday!
I dont know English, but I wish you all the best!!
Happy Birthday to ,  , and me! :)
Happy Birthday Erika  Thanks for the ride;)
Happy birthday !!   The most beautiful, smart, creative, written in this world
 We share the same birthday. Happy Birthday   I was very happy when I woke up this morning!
 Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day.
 Happy Birthday - Have A Beautiful Day  and Always remember ;) Cheers!
 Happy birthday!!! May your day be filled with many blessings and wonderful surprises.
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY  You trully are one in a million!
Happy Birthday to the one that started it all!
 happy birthday!!
Happy birthday xxx have a super day
Happy Birthday !!!
Wishing you the best! thankful with the that help you write those books! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Happy Birthday to ~ Your words have changed society in a way you can\t imagine... Thank you for that!
 Happy Birthday my queen. Peace, health, success and many years of life. Congratulations. Love you
Happy birthday enjoy the day ... Carpe diem. Best wishes and a hug....
 Happy birthday!!
Happy Birthday !!! Thanks for bringing Mr Grey to our lives !! best wishes for you! Love from Buenos Aires
Happy birthday Erika!!!
Gracias por una hermosa historia  Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday dear Erika !!!     we love you
Happy Birthday beautiful, amazing
 Happy Birthday i love an thank\s
 Happy birthday to a brilliant and talented woman. Greetings from Argentina
 Thank you for existing and create wonderful things.God will continue to give life and happy birthday queen
Happy Birthday Thank you for editing the best trilogy I have ever in my life HappyBirthdayErika
  Happy birthday!, you are my favorite writter you  are awesome.
 Happy Birthday Dear! Thank you for the wonderful love story! I wish you creative achievements!
Happy Birthday! I wish you success and inspiration ...
 Happy birthday!!
¡Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday Mrs. James .... Enjoy to the fullest ;)  xox  Much love
 Happy Birthday to our beautiful Erika Leonard James and thank you for having created this amazing novel!
Happy birthday to hope you have an amazing day & many more to come! Thank you for these amazing books!
 you deserve them is your special day! Happy Birthday to the Queen of our sexy trilogy 50 shades!
Happy birthday !
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! U are the best! God bless u forever!
 Happy Birthday                      THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! :\)
 Happy Birthday!!! Eat, drink and get spanked roughly!!!
Happy Birthday!
Hoje é o aniversário da nossa autora preferida, da querida Happy Birthday Felicidades  \"Laters baby\"
Happy Birthday to a fellow PISCES (Feb 29th here) and a sweet lovely lady & inspiration!!! Many MORE!
 Happy birthday to the Queen of the writers, thank you for giving us another world in which to live.
 Happy Birthday Erika send you a big hug !!!!
Photo credit Kathryn Starkey from Fifty Shades of Grey movie group ..Happy Birthday EL James!!!!
Happy Birthday ! With love, Masha from Russia !
 I wish you a wonderful Happy birthday. Stay the way you are.  Than so you are The best.
Happy Birthday! One of the few people who have changed my life
Happy Birthday to the creative woman \"more\". Thanks to her we could love us Christian Grey, i love you!
  A very happy birthday to you, Erica!  I am 54 as well!
 happy birthday
 happy birthday my queen You have a handsome day today in you birthday.   From México
Happy Birthday, You are great
Today is E. L. James\s birthday! Happy 52nd birthday!
\"  Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the queen
Happy Birthday Hope it\s lovely
 happy birthday to the most talented writer ever
Feliz cumpleaños!!  Happy birthday!!  From México!  Thank you for everything!  Lov U!!
 happy birthday Erika have best Brithday ever
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU AMAZING WOMAN, YOU. LOL MUCH LOVES :-) I hope you have an amazing one!
 Happy birthday, is a AMAZING woman, I love you so much congrats!
 Happy birthday you are amazing!!
 Happy Birthday Erika! congratulations and thank you for giving us gift fsog.
I love u
 I watched the Movie in Mexico and I actually enjoyed it Happy birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAY your the best author for me. LOVE YEAH
Happy Birthday best wishes... congratulations  Erika
 Happy Birthday Beautiful \"never forget to smile\"
 \Happy Birthday honey!!! I love So much! You are amazing!! You\re the best!! ILSM
 happy happy birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday day my Queen
Happy birthday to the queen    I love you so much
 Happy Birthday!!!
 Happy Birthday lady
Happy birthday Hope you have a truly brilliant day
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