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Frank S
Don't know Edwina apart from living in Derbyshire like her. Always get randy thinking of you Edwina. Yes I would! - Frank S (5 years ago)
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Paul Woodward
Happy Birthday dear Edwina. Bring back the decency. - Paul Woodward (3 months ago)
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Pauper X
Happy birthday babe - Pauper X (3 months ago)
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Conor Burns
Happy birthday You did more than anyone else to allow openly gay people like me become MPs. Now we - Conor Burns (3 months ago)
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John Glover
Happy birthday Edwina xx - John Glover (3 months ago)
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Have a very happy birthday edwina.cheers have - Elaine.Elliott. (3 months ago)
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I love Edwina , she is a lovely woman happy birthday Edwina - micjay70 (3 months ago)
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Happy birthday Politician Edwina Currie! I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughte - AllFamous.org (3 months ago)
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Mel Vaughan Smith
1/2 Happy birthday today to Paul Simon (81), Robert Lamm (Chicago)(78), Edwina Currie (76), Sammy Hagar (75), Marie - Mel Vaughan Smith (3 months ago)
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SaddoPodcast (Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive)
Happy Birthday to salmonella shit stirrer Edwina Currie, who turns 76 today.... - SaddoPodcast (Sitcom Archive Deep Dive Overdrive) (3 months ago)
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Mark Kahn
Happy Birthday, Jimmy! - Mark Kahn (1 year ago)
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clive gibson
Happy birthday to Edwina. A - clive gibson (1 year ago)
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william clarke
Gutted Vicki, never knew you - william clarke (1 year ago)
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simon stanley
happy birthday hope you have a marvellous day keep well safe fit and healthy lots of love - simon stanley (1 year ago)
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LGBT+ Conservatives
Happy Birthday to the wonderful Edwina has been a friend of the group for over 3 decades and - LGBT+ Conservatives (1 year ago)
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James Hogg
A very happy 75th birthday to the adorable Edwina Currie. Have a lovely day - James Hogg (1 year ago)
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noel willis
Happy Birthday Edwina - noel willis (1 year ago)
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Neil Taylor
Happy birthday to Edwina Currie - Neil Taylor (1 year ago)
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Andrew Hawkins
Happy birthday ! - Andrew Hawkins (1 year ago)
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Connor Dennis
Wishing a very happy birthday today - Connor Dennis (1 year ago)
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Wishing Edwina Currie a very HAPPY - JACKIE CAPES (2 years ago)
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David Easton
Another lovely picture and Happy Bi - David Easton (2 years ago)
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Mine too - we share our day with Thatcher and Edwina Currie. Always been ashamed and disappointed by tha - nanarchist (2 years ago)
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Rhona Whiffen
Mags & Edwina Currie are birthday twins..... Happy Birthday dollface - Rhona Whiffen (2 years ago)
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Nicki Edwards
Especially admire her for her plain - Nicki Edwards (2 years ago)
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Jumpers for goal posts. John George LFC YNWA
Happy birthday and have a lovely da - Jumpers for goal posts. John George LFC YNWA (2 years ago)
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Vicki Michelle MBE
Happy Birthday lovely Edwina Currie. Great memories of being in the jungle with you. Honest, straightforw - Vicki Michelle MBE (2 years ago)
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Countryside La Vie
Good Morning all. Happy Birthday to - Sacha Baron Cohen (49) Paul Simon (79) Marie Osmond (61) Edwina Currie (74) - Countryside La Vie (2 years ago)
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Edwina Currie
And Happy Birthday.. - Edwina Currie (2 years ago)
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Hatty Burpday
October 13 Happy birthday today to Nana Mouskouri (85) Melinda Dillon (80) Paul Simon (78) Edwina Currie (73) John - Hatty Burpday (3 years ago)
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Celebrity Birthdays
October 13 Happy birthday today to Nana Mouskouri Melinda Dillon Paul Simon Edwina Currie - Celebrity Birthdays (3 years ago)
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On the button Mrs J. Belated happy birthday. - wbg (4 years ago)
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Tim Scott
I think there is just enough time to wish a very happy birthday. Lovely to meet you at the High Peak on Friday. - Tim Scott (4 years ago)
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North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema)
Happy Birthday to Chris Farlowe, Pharoah Sanders, Paul Simon, John Snow, Rutanya Alda, Bob Bailey, Jerry Jones, Wal - North Trenton (Teewhy Nyema) (4 years ago)
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Famous Birthdays
Wishing you the greatest birthday! Happy Birthday! - Famous Birthdays (4 years ago)
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The Celtic Critic
Happy BirthDay, EDWINA !!! - The Celtic Critic (4 years ago)
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Happy 72nd birthday edwina. - broughstar (4 years ago)
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Vicki Michelle
Happy Birthday you fabulous female, have a fantastic day. Had so much fun with you in the jungle and last New Year\' - Vicki Michelle (4 years ago)
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Melanie VaughanSmith
Happy birthday today to Paul Simon (76), Edwina Currie (71), Sammy Hagar (70), Marie Osmond (58), Kelly Preston (55 - Melanie VaughanSmith (4 years ago)
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Jeon Jungkook
Happy Birthday Park Jimin,Shawn Milke,Najee De-Tiege,Mathi Sellanes,JP Cappelletty,Edwina Currie,Billionaire Black,LPSLover,Kevin Clifton,.. - Jeon Jungkook (5 years ago)
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happy birthday for yesterday. I share my birthday with you, Maggie T and my aunty Martha - Em (5 years ago)
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North Trenton
Happy Birthday to Peter Sauber, Robert Lamm, Desi Bouterse, Demond Wilson, Levon Ananyan (d. 2013), Edwina Currie and Lacy J. Dalton. - North Trenton (5 years ago)
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Damien McCabe.
Happy Birthday! . - Damien McCabe. (5 years ago)
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Happy birthday Edwina Currie - ATOM RECORDS (5 years ago)
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Andy Lindsay
Happy birthday, you share your birthday with Margaret Thatcher and Edwina Currie - Andy Lindsay (5 years ago)
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Happy Birthday to Paul Potts , Kelly Preston, Edwina Currie, Hetti Bywater, David Haye, Ben Winston & Chris Farlowe - maddie (5 years ago)
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Charles Lawley
Happy birthday! - Charles Lawley (5 years ago)
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Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful day! - Louise (5 years ago)
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Alwyn W Turner
Happy birthday to you for next week. - Alwyn W Turner (5 years ago)

76 years old (Born on October 13, 1946)

Former British Parliament member who gained radio and reality fame after she lost her seat as an MP in 1997. She also served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health under Margaret Thatcher.

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Happy Birthday to salmonella shit stirrer Edwina Currie, who turns 76 today....
A very happy 75th birthday to the adorable Edwina Currie. Have a lovely day
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