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So when i share a pic of my cats on facebook it gets a bunch of likes but when i share a happy birthday emily blunt post it gets 2 - alexis (4 months ago)
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Andrei Bondoc
Happy birthday to George Friderich Handel, W. E. B. Du Bois, Majel Barrett, Peter Fonda (these four all ded), Naruh - Andrei Bondoc (5 months ago)
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seany 萧
she was posting about Emily Blunt and slipping in an ad for Mastercard. like, okay, happy birthday - seany 萧 (5 months ago)
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Amal Al Agroobi
Happy belated birthday to Emily Blunt \\o/ - Amal Al Agroobi (5 months ago)
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If I could save only 10 people in this world, Emily Blunt here would make the cut, but who am I kidding, she d be s - Sandeep (5 months ago)
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Faiz M. Valenza
Happy bday to Emily Blunt! Our future Sue Storm a.k.a Mrs. Fantastic.. (Perhaps) - Faiz M. Valenza (5 months ago)
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Imshad Mohammed
Happy Birthday to the Lovely Emily Blunt.. - Imshad Mohammed (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to one of my very favourite actresses, Emily Blunt - Movieverse (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Emily Blunt ! © Archives du 7eme Art / Photo12 - Vogue.fr (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Emily Blunt - Daniel (5 months ago)
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rey *✧・゚:*
Happy birthday emily blunt - rey *✧・゚:* (5 months ago)
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Tonya Stutes
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt!! - Tonya Stutes (5 months ago)
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Happy 38th Birthday Emily Blunt! - syakirah (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt, Dakota Fanning, Josh Gad, Aziz Ansari, and the biggest celebrity of them all, ME! - KiraVision (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday emily blunt sweetie ily <3 - s! (5 months ago)
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Nother Brother Ent.
Happy Birthday EMILY BLUNT - Nother Brother Ent. (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you, Emily Blunt! What\'s your favorite Emily movie? - FrankieHiggins (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday emily blunt!! - julieta (5 months ago)
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Kyler Kline
Happy birthday Emily Blunt (Wife of John Krasinski) - Kyler Kline (5 months ago)
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\"Fans wish Emily Blunt a happy birthday \" - DamianAlGhulWayne (5 months ago)
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Just want to give her a hug happy birthday Emily Blunt - fr (5 months ago)
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Happy 38th Birthday to Emily Blunt!! I needed to see A Quiet Place Pt 2 & Jungle Cruise like yesterday - Joshuaaa (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Emily Blunt - CateBlanchettMyQueen (5 months ago)
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Jon James Miller
My Delayed Crush - Happy Birthday! - Jon James Miller (5 months ago)
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Protocol 36
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt! - Protocol 36 (5 months ago)
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Happy 38th Birthday to the always excellent Emily Blunt! We hope your birthday was practically perfect in every way! - FilmAssessment (5 months ago)
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Happy birthday to Miss Emily Blunt, who is magic & charm personified. - willa (5 months ago)
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Oh hey! It s Tempest Tuesday! And even better. Happy birthday Emily Blunt! - Whirlwind (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Emily Blunt - DavidEvansakaDarthSpiderMaul (5 months ago)
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Happy 38th birthday to Emily Blunt! - FandomWire (5 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emily Blunt and Dakota Fanning - TheMovieDude (5 months ago)
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Film Buffet
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Emily Blunt star of Sherlock Gnomes (2018). - Film Buffet (5 months ago)
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fahria | 04.04
So today s Emily Blunt s day. Happy Birthday Queen - fahria | 04.04 (5 months ago)
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Fans Of The Dead
Happy birthday to Emily Blunt! - Fans Of The Dead (5 months ago)
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Faradilla Ramadhita
Happy birthday Emily Blunt - Faradilla Ramadhita (5 months ago)
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Revista Cromos
La hemos visto inmersa en el mundo de la moda en The Devil Wears Prada o en musicales como Mary Poppins Return . - Revista Cromos (5 months ago)
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Carousel Kings
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt! - Carousel Kings (5 months ago)
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Birthday King
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt - Birthday King (5 months ago)
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The Epilogue
Happy birthday to Emily Blunt!! She is just one of those people that were born with natural talent. Every time she - The Epilogue (5 months ago)
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Olivia Wilde
Happy birthday emily blunt - Olivia Wilde (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday Emily Blunt! - SBIFF (5 months ago)
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One of my favorite lines! Happy Birthday, Emily Blunt! - DaboGyrl™©♊ (5 months ago)
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Ale Hardy Cavill ♦️
Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt the glamorous and one of the most brilliant actresses with her naturalness in acting - Ale Hardy Cavill ♦️ (5 months ago)
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Lencsike David
I don\'t mind when you are blunt Happy birthday to Emily Blunt. - Lencsike David (5 months ago)
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Daniel Delago
Emily Blunt kicks ass in and Happy Birthday! - Daniel Delago (5 months ago)
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graecus (derogatory)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY BLUNT you\'re my favorite milf - graecus (derogatory) (5 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt - Rechel (5 months ago)
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Ashwanii nautiyaal
Happy birthday to Emily blunt.. - Ashwanii nautiyaal (5 months ago)
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Brittany Taylor
Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt! Hope she has a wonderful birthday! - Brittany Taylor (5 months ago)

38 years old (Born on February 23, 1983)

English actress; She is famous from The Devil Wears Prada, The Young Victoria.

For her breakout performance in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Emily convinced David Frankel that her character should be British rather than American. Emily also improvised many of her lines and told interviewers that she based the character on people she's met, but would never want to associate with. Recently named Best Female Scene-Stealer for her performance in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) in Entertainment Weekly. Grew up in Roehampton, London. Made her theatrical debut alongside Dame Judi Dench in "The Royal Family". At the 2002 Chichester Festival, Emily earned rave reviews playing "Juliet" in a production of "Romeo and Juliet".

Emily Blunt's Best Moments

Happy birthday, Emily Blunt ! 

© Archives du 7eme Art / Photo12
Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt you hot MILF
EW: EWFlashback: Happy birthday to Emily Blunt!  to her first film role, in \My Summer of Love\:
Happy birthday Emily Blunt!  She was in Edge of Tomorrow with Tom
Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt       Who is 38yo today!
Everyone say happy birthday emily blunt
Happy bday emily blunt!
Happy Birthday to the wonderfully talented, Emily Blunt! Here\s to many happy years and great roles to come!
Happy 36th birthday to the extremely talented Emily Blunt
Happy birthday Emily Blunt
As we\re on the Edge Of Tomorrow. Good time to wish Happy Birthday to the bad-ass that is Emily Blunt!
Happy Birthday to the one and only Emily Blunt!!!
Celebrity Birthdays: Today Golden Globe winner turns 35! \"HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY BLUNT!\"
Happy 35th Birthday Emily Blunt!
Which of her films are your favourite?
Happy birthday to our fair Juliet, Emily Blunt!
Happy birthday to Emily Blunt, one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in history
Happy Birthday to Emily Blunt! 14 greatest films ranked from worst to best
Happy Birthday to the queen of sparkles on the red carpet, Emily Blunt
Happy birthday to miss emily blunt
Happy 37th birthday to Emily Blunt
Happy birthday emily blunt
Happy 38th Birthday to 
Happy birthday, emily blunt <3
Happy birthday to one of my very favourite actresses, Emily Blunt
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt via
Happy birthday, Emily Blunt! Thanks for teaching us how to drop an insult!
Happy Birthday to the girl on the train, my favourite actress, Emily Blunt :)
Happy Birthday to Niecy Nash, Emily Blunt, Aziz Ansari & Daymond John!!
The Devil Wears Prada to The Girl on the Train, she lights up the screen every time! Happy birthday, Emily Blunt!
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt
Happy Birthday, Emily Blunt! The actress is known for her roles in Sicario and The Girl on the Train.\"
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt
Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Emily Blunt! Catch her in The Huntsman: Winter\s War
Happy birthday emily blunt!!!!!
Happy birthday emily blunt
Happy Birthday .    .
Happy birthday, Emily Blunt
Happy birthday to the one and only emily blunt
Today, & Emily Blunt were born. Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt
Happy birthday to my love emily blunt
Happy Birthday to the Beautiful Emily Blunt! The actress is celebrating 37 years.
Happy Birthday Emily Blunt via
Happy Birthday, Emily Blunt! Take a Look at the Actress\ Cutest Photos With John Krasinski
Happy Birthday Tomorrow To The Voice of Best MLP Movie Character, Emily Blunt!!!
Happy Birthday, Emily Blunt.
 Happy birthday Emily Blunt.
 Happy 38th Birthday Emily Blunt!
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Fun Facts About Emily Blunt

Divides time between London, Sydney and Vancouver where she lives with her partner Michael Bublu00e9.
Co-star Meryl Streep has praised Blunt as the best young actress she's worked with in some time, perhaps ever.
Bought a $2,2mil new house in Vancouver where she lives with her partner Michael Bublu00e9.
Only did six months acting training before winning the role of "Gwen" in "The Royal Family".
In 2004, Emily shared the prestigious Evening Standard British Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer with Nathalie Press.
Susan Sarandon asked for Emily to be auditioned for the role of "Mara" in Irresistible (2006) after watching My Summer of Love (2004).
She was told to lose weight for her role as "Emily" in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). She revealed this in a 2006 interview with Craig Ferguson.
Her boyfriend Michael Bublu00e9's self-penned hit single, "Everything", was written for her.
She is not related to singer James Blunt.
The new face of Max Mara add campaign (2007).
Favourite actresses are: Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.
Upon filming their first scene together for The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Meryl Streep laughed that Blunt should be given the film carbon copy, rather than steal the movie.
Acting, and adopting new accents, helped her overcome a debilitating speech impediment at age 12.
Admits she and her The Devil Wears Prada (2006) co-star Stanley Tucci competed to see who could be more over-the-top in their scenes. Tucci admits his young co-star won "hands down".
Good friends with Anne Hathaway.
She is the great-niece of actor and retired Major-General Tony Richardson.

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