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Ta'Laiah (Ta-Lay-Ah) Kingson (TT)
I grew up with him, and when I got cancer, Thank you So much, U 'Da Slim Shady. Hope you see this, and have a great b-day. And You still look young like always. -Ta'Laiah Kingson - Ta'Laiah (Ta-Lay-Ah) Kingson (TT) (1 year ago)
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happy birthday eminem! - cee (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday sslp The greatest album of b-rabbit We just didnt give a fuck, we\'re still don\'t give a - SensensebleSensayStan (10 months ago)
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Wish I could get a happy birthday shout out from - ThrillerWill (10 months ago)
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Anurag DasGupta
Wishing a Beloved and a Prosperous Happy Birthday to one of the deadliest Rap Artist I\'ve ever seen in this whole w - Anurag DasGupta (10 months ago)
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Happy 15th birthday to - ᅠᅠᅠᅠ (10 months ago)
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Yes happy birthday Shay would you like some birthday dick - O\'Toole (10 months ago)
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Human Bean
Progressive media says the person literally wishing Eminem a happy birthday lol - Human Bean (10 months ago)
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Human Bean
Progressive media says the person literally wishing Eminem a happy birthday lol - Human Bean (10 months ago)
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Xd Kazik//Dm for duos
Happy birthday to 17 years ago today one of the greatest movies of all time came out!! - Xd Kazik//Dm for duos (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday to 17 years ago today one of the greatest movies of all time came out!! - KAZIK UNTERSCHUTZ (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday B-Rabbit - theonlyzachery_ (10 months ago)
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Please arrange collab with so much time has passed since Speedom, many I\'m sure - DESTROYER (10 months ago)
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Cosmo\'s Stepson
Also, after attending an Uncles 80th bday and listening to old music the entire night I realized that i - Cosmo\'s Stepson (10 months ago)
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tin ☘️
Happy birthday eminem!!! Gurang ka na bai Thank you for everything lamo na yon hehe. Tirhan mo ko ng cake ha?! - tin ☘️ (10 months ago)
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mimi mac
Happy belated birthday - mimi mac (10 months ago)
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I love eminem too! Happy Birthday! - Tamarra (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to Eminem s - WickedWays (10 months ago)
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Kat G
Happy Birthday to the rappity rap album that is Coming in at more than 100 min of play time and 21 tracks ( - Kat G (10 months ago)
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William Susanto
Happy birthday to eminem\'s mmlp2 album... the first album i\'ve fully heard, studied and bought that makes me who i - William Susanto (10 months ago)
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Billionaire Mindset
Failed in 9th standard three times, mother hated him, wife cheated on him, and attempted to suicide once, Now, mos - Billionaire Mindset (10 months ago)
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black Jason 13
Happy birthday Eminem I\'m your fan Eminem - black Jason 13 (10 months ago)
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Still not sure which is the best Devon Sawa message this meme or the happy birthday to Eminem. Both are pretty damn epic. - CÁT (10 months ago)
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Ollie J
Happy Birthday Sammy P hope Fraser gives you a night off the Eminem - Ollie J (10 months ago)
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Raga to Rock
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO best wishes FROM For Everything in Music - Raga to Rock (10 months ago)
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Ryan Larter
9 years ago released \"Romans Revenge\" featuring it reached 56 on the billboard hot 100 without - Ryan Larter (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday - icha (10 months ago)
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Steven Ulloa
Eh, both are known for their controversial concepts. Joyner with I\'m Not Racist, Happy Birthday, I\'m - Steven Ulloa (10 months ago)
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Nirvana in Fire
Happy birthday emerlue eminem - Nirvana in Fire (10 months ago)
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Abinash kumar jena
Does anyone remember when this happened in Eminem\'s birthday last year in Indian TV for the first time.. G. - Abinash kumar jena (10 months ago)
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The Monster (feat. Rihanna) by on Happy 6th birthday to this masterpiece - Abdelrahman. (10 months ago)
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Worldwide handsome mau ultah
Happy birthday Wish you all the best - Worldwide handsome mau ultah (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday Wish you all the best - dianlaras (10 months ago)
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zee [check my pinned twt plz]
Happy birthday, wish u all the best - zee [check my pinned twt plz] (10 months ago)
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zee [check my pinned twt plz]
Happy birthday, wish u all the best - zee [check my pinned twt plz] (10 months ago)
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zee [will be doing cupsleeve event in Dec]
Happy birthday, wish u all the best - zee [will be doing cupsleeve event in Dec] (10 months ago)
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happy birthday kakk! - rizka (10 months ago)
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happy birthday kak - nedith (10 months ago)
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nedith ♨️
happy birthday kak - nedith ♨️ (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birt - SVM (10 months ago)
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Happy Birthday - Aksara. (10 months ago)
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tsabu-tsabu loves yoongi♡ | last SYS Final.
hAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - tsabu-tsabu loves yoongi♡ | last SYS Final. (10 months ago)
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tsabu-tsabu loves serok
hAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - tsabu-tsabu loves serok (10 months ago)
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JinHit Worldwide Handsome
Happy birthday kakk wish u all the best. Aamiin - JinHit Worldwide Handsome (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday kakk wish u all the best. Aamiin - Anaaaaaaa (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday kakk wish u all the best. Aamiin - Anaaaaaa (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! - cleodiva (10 months ago)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hᵃᵉᶰᶤ (10 months ago)
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Happy birthday, Bung! - Jams. (10 months ago)

47 years old (Born on October 17, 1972)

Hip Hop rapper; He is famous from My Name Is...

Made $29,000,000 in 2002 with The Eminem Show LP, as the CEO of Shady Records, and the Anger Managment Tour '02. Hailie is in his two videos " When I'm Gone" and "Mockingbird ". His "D 12" band mate Proof was best man at his second wedding to Kim Matters. The Tribal Sign tattoo on his wrist he got when he was drunk. He has a tattoo on his right lower arm that says Hailie Jade (His daughter).

Eminem's Best Moments

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to my brother
Happy Birthday   Let s all relive the moment he left everyone shook at the 2013
Happy birthday,
Happy 45th birthday we\re looking forward to your next move
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy Birthday Eminem! Abu Dhabi were on our way!
Happy Birthday   Here are your top 5 hits!
Wishing a Happy 45th Birthday to
Happy birthday,
Happy Birthday, Eminem! XXL Magazine (XXL) October 17, 2017
Happy Birthday to (hear his channel on Channel 45)!!!
Happy birthday Eminem! Look back at our 2004 cover story on the rapper
Happy Birthday to Remessage and Comment your favorite track from the Rap God!
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday   We reveal Slim Shady\s Top 10 biggest albums in the UK
Happy birthday to the goat thank u for changing my life
Happy Birthday to the one and only, Eminem
Wutang mix is serious right now with        happy Bday mix     tune in!!
Happy Birthday to the World\s best-selling Rapper Of All Time!
Happy birthday to me, Flabba and Eminem.
Happy Birthday I love you
But, fuck it! show was the best! We gotta make it back there again! Happy Birthday
Happy 46th Birthday, Eminem  Every album has released since 2000 has debuted at the top of the charts
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the real slim shady   You will always be the one and only Rap God!
Happy Birthday to the 1 & Only RAP GOD
Happy Birthday to Best Friend and Backbone of \"Proof\".
You are never over RIP
Happy birthday eminem! keep rappin  love you ma hihi dagdag allowance pls

ps: check my insta story y all HAHAH
Happy 46th Birthday Eminem! 10 Top Marshall Mathers Tracks
So far, 23 has been as sweet as this Cheesecake!  (also happy late birthday
Happy Birthday to the one and only
Happy birthday to the pride and joy of Jefferson and the future
Happy birthday to Joint Reserves Manager
Happy birthday   salamat sa libree
Happy birthday, Eminem!
 Happy Birthday to my 18 yr old baby Kind, considerate and cool enough to hang with Eminem.
Happy birthday to my ultimate homie I love blake more than blake loves eminem
Happy Birthday today he turns 46.  What s your favorite line?
Happy Birthday to The Rap God \"Marshall Mathers Eminem\"
Happy Birthday Check out this interview with the illest
Happy birthday to the greatest Rapper ever.
 Happy Birthday born today in 1972
Happy Birthday,
Happy fourth birthday to this classic shit!
Happy birthday to the Rap God
Happy birthday Rapgod .
\"From to TRL\" Thanks for the inspo ! Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to my favorite Eminem
Happy birthday .
Happy 45th birthday to
Happy birthday to you.!
Happy Birthday to the RAP GOD
Happy birthday It is mine too...:-)
Happy birthday, Hopefully you\re eating right now!
Happy birthday Eminem is still shit
Happy birthday to my great friend and ok rapper
Happy birthday rap God
Happy birthday to one of the greatest What s your favourite Eminem track?
Happy birthday to a true icon and an endless source of inspiration Forever a stan.
Wishing the Rap God, a very Happy Birthday!
Play his hits here:
Happy birthday PROOF !<3
Let s all just take a moment and let the fact that on Wednesday Eminem turns 46 set in. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday EMIN M
Happy Birthday to the eminem
Happy birthday
Happy birthday best man
What a legacy!
Happy Birthday To My Idol    .
Happy Birthday to the greatest artist of all time !!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Rapper Eminem turns 46 today!
Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to the boss man from and the fam!
Happy birthday to the wizard of rap Happy Birthday
Happy birthday, We Stan.
Happy Birthday slim shaddy
Happy birthday G.O.A.T     BY
\"Shady\s back, back again\"  Happy birthday to rap legend, Eminem.
Happy Birthday  Eminem  47 years old today
 Happy birthday Eminem. You re the G.O.A.T.
! HappY BirTHdaY
Happy birthday bae
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keep making music!
Happy birthday Em! At 46? Just keep yelling into the mic.
I\ll be the first one to wish you dear brother ,happy birthday, we appreciate and love you.
Happy birthday Marshal
Happy Birthday to
 Happy 46th Birthday, you gorgeous thing!
Happy birthday Eminem.
Happy Birthday Eminem ..
Happy birthday to the greatest artist in the history of hip-hop.
Happy birthday
 Morning moose can I just say a big happy birthday to my good friend Eminem
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to the
Happy Birthday to
Happy birthday  I fooking love you man..
Happy 46th Birthday Eminem
Happy Birthday to the greatest rapper alive
To my Dr. DRE, 
Happy birthday you regal QUEEN. 
love always: EMinem
Happy birthday to the man who taught me everything.
Had a dream i was king i woke up still king . 

The best to ever do it Happy birthday Eminem 4  7
A God was born today.  Happy Birthday  All his biggest rap hits, play here
We wan wish Happy Birthday to Eminem. 

Bad Belle People go say na McTominay.
Eminem is 47 years old today. Happy birthday to one of the greatests in rap.

Your fa song or line from him?
Happy birthday
Happy birthday cutie! HOW YOURE TURNING 47 I HAVE NO IDEA BUT
Happy Birthday Eminem
Happy birthday to Eminem
Everybody wish a happy 47th birthday !
Happy Birthday to hope you enjoy your day
Drawing of for Joe Weeks - Happy Birthday my friend!
It\s \s birthday......Happy birthday man.
Happy birthday I love you
Have a nice day
Had a dream I was king I woke up, still king - Eminem

Happy Birthday to me and to the real slim shady.
Happy birthday rap God.
 Happy Birthday Legend
Happy birthday Marshall Mathers
Happy Birthday eminem.... Keep rocking....   ......
Happy birthday to the goat
Happy 45th Birthday to my favourite artist, Eminem!
 Happy motha fuckin Birthday to the greatest motha fuckin rapper of all time!!!! SLIM SHADY!!!!!
 I Love You, Happy Birthday
Happy birthday you really 45.
Here\s wishing a happy bday to the God of Rap
Happy Birthday Marshall |
Happy Birthday, Rap God! \s Greatest Hits
Happy Birthday Eminem!                         Eminem
  the fastest rapper ni the world Eminem bday so wish you a very very happy bday Eminem sir
Happy Birthday
Happy 45th Birthday to Eminem!
CHAO to Eminem. Happy birthday to u ma man, enjoy your day and i wish u all the best
IN PIX | The \Slim Shady\ turns 45 today: Happy Birthday, View more here:
Happy birthday  My hero Eminem
Happy Birthday to The Rap God  your music has been there for me when everybody left...
Happy 45th to
Happy birthday dad
Happy Birthday,
Happy 45th Birthday to the real Slim Shady!
My dream started because of him,my love to hip-hop and a true inspiration
A genius ! Happy Birthday Sir !
Happy birthday Eminem! Labelled the King of Hip Hop, he has sold over 155 million albums:
Happy bday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to the best rapper of all time. I\m proud of having you as an idol, thanks for everything
Happy birthday,
Happy 45th Birthday to the LEGEND
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday Eminem
 Happy birthday my man. God bless you. 
Ni gamba kita 5 tahun lepas bestfriend_Yelawolf ft. Eminem
Happy 46th Birthday, One true Rap God.
A very happy birthday  to Already 17th here in India. Lots of love and here\s my version of Medicine Man.
Happy birthday to the greatest artist and rapper alive!!!
Happy Birthday to Eminem.
Happy Bday       Love Ya 4Ever
Happy Birthday 46 today!!
You\ve still got it bro.
Happy Birthday Monster
Happy birthday
 Happy Birthday       7,000
Happy birthday legend
Happy birthday the greatest of all.
Happy birthday to the GOAT.... You\re still the best EmCee
Happy birthday Rap God
Happy birthday to thanks for all the music you gave us from day 1 GOD bless you
Happy Bday to the GOAT 46 and still outselling your favorite rappers     .
Happy bday to the goat
 Happy Birthday Rap God
Happy birthday Rap God
 i just wanted to say happy birthday!!!!!              I hope you have an awesome day!!!
On this Day 46 years ago the GOAT was born.. Happy Birthday
Happy birthday
Happy birthday Rap god
  Happy birthday
Happy 46th birthday to the fucking GOAT, Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady aka B-Rabbit aka Eminem
Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to the god of rap, King of Hip Hop. Slim Shady
Happy birthday may your 46th be your best ever
Happy Birthday to Eminem
Happy bday to and me
Happy Birthday
Arthur Miller
(1915 - 2005)
Evel Knievel
(1938 - 2007) 
45th Birthday
Happy birthday to the GOAT, Eminem.
Today in HipHop: was born. Happy birthday to the
Happy birthday to the rap god
Happy Birthday Day Zaddy
Happy Birthday .    1999 Eminem Tour Shirt -
Happy birthday to the real Slim Shady aka aka Marshall Mathers.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday~The best rapper in the world!
 Happy birthday Eminem,
 Rap God Happy late Birthday
eminem album 1
Eminem celebrity 2
Eminem sexy 3
Eminem exclusive 4

Fun Facts About Eminem

Favorite movie of all time is Scarface (1983).
Father of Hailie Jade (b. Christmas Day, 1995)
The name 'Eminem' came from his initials M(arshall) M(athers).
Ranked #6 on VH1's 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists.
His 2000 album, "The Marshall Mathers LP", sold 1.76 million copies in the first week of release in the U.S., a record for a solo artist.
Eddie Guzelian, a producer on the hit Disney Channel show American Dragon: Jake Long, wrote in his blog for the show that the character of Jake's little sister was named after Hailie, Eminems daughter. Eddie is a big Eminem fan and was actually listening to one of his albums while creating the character.
Is a Detroit Pistons fan
2000 Album "The Marshall Mathers LP" sold a reported 7 million copies. [January 2001]
He was the only guest artist appearing in Jay-Z's Album Blueprint
Despite what people think, Eminem did not spend his whole life in trouble with the law. Eminem's first arrest came when he was 20 years old and it was for shooting a paintgun at a police car. The charges were later dropped.

Is good friends with Jay-Z.
His ex wife Kimberly was granted physical custody of their 5-year-old daughteruntil 2001.
To help support his mother, young Marshall worked as a short-order cook at a Michigan family restaurant called Gilbert's Lodge
He has sold over 65 million records worldwide (February 2006).
He supported Barack Obama in the 2008 Presidential Election.
Spoofs his character from 8 Mile (2002) in his music video "Just lose it"
His ancestry is partly German and Swiss-German.
He announced when he was high in his time line that he plans to publish his own children's book entitled: Daddy, Why's Mama a Dirty wh*re? The book will help fathers explain to their children why they have a terrible mother. He was inspired by Dr. Michael Salzhauer's book, My Beautiful Mommy, which he never wrote because he ended up in rehab before the day that he annouced that he would do it.
His real hair color is dark brown, he stated in White America that he bleaches his hair with peroxide; he did not bleach his hair in 8 Mile, and so his natural hair color can be seen in the movie. (tv.com)
He has known his ex-wife, Kimberly, since high school.
His favorties

FAVE FOOD: Taco Bell, Burger King

FAVE TV SHOW: comedies, cartoons

FAVE MUSIC: rap, hip-hop


FAVE SPORT: basketball

FAVE COLOR: light blue
FAVE MOVIES: action flicks
At the 1997 Rap Olympics in Los Angeles, he came in second.
He wears glasses
Son of Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. and wife Deborah R. Nelson (later remarried).
He came out of his hiatus of 5 years to release Relapse which will come out in 2009.
On March 23, 2003 his song "Lose Yourself" from the film 8 Mile (2002) became the first rap song to win an Academy Award. He was not in attendance, and one of the song's co-writers, Luis Resto, accepted the Oscar on his behalf.
His "D 12" band mate Proof was killed in a night club shooting at 5 am. [11th April 2006]
Has a younger half-brother called Nathan (his mother's son from a later marriage), born in 1986.
He was voted the 82nd Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artist of all time by Rolling Stone.
Hired young actress Karli Filips twice to portray his daughter, Hailie Jade in his music videos for "Lose Yourself" and "Like Toy Soldiers". When they shot the Toy Soldiers video, Eminem had to be reminded Karli had played his daughter once before.
Eminem is a longtime fan of LL Cool J and his songs.
He says his nickname, Slim Shady, came to him while he was in the bathroom high.
Raised in Detroit, Michigan.
He can't stand it when people spell his daughter's name wrong.
Eminem has a younger half-brother named Nathan. Nathan Mathers lives part-time with Eminem in his Detroit mansion.
Parodied on "Saturday Night Live" (1975) by Chris Parnell.
Dr. Dre is his mentor.
3rd January 2001: Album "The Marshall Mathers LP" nominated for 4 Grammy awards at The 43rd Annual Grammy Awards (2001) (TV), including: Album of the Year, Best Rap Album, Best Rap Solo Performance and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for the track "Forget About Dre" with Dr Dre.
Won a Juno Award (Canada's Grammy Awards) for International Album of the Year.
Filed for divorce from Kimberly Anne Scott after only 82 days after marrying her for the second time.
With the band D12, has hahe d a number 10 hit with S**t on you, and a number 2 hit with Purple Hills (originally titled Purple Pills).
When Eminem was young, he was bullied so badly, that a fight actually put him in a coma.

He dropped out of high school in his childhood.
On his stomach, he has a tattoo that says Rot In Peices.
His music video for his song Superman wasn't allowed to be shown on television because of its nudity.
Has custody of his niece Lainie (short for Alaina). Lainie and his daughter Hailie have been brought up together and are considered sisters and he refers to both as his daughters. Lainie was mentioned in the song Mockingbird on the "Encore" album.
Got joint custody of daughter Hailie Jade in 2001.
Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972, in Kansas City, Missouri.Son of a fifteen-year-old mother at the time of his birth and a father who left six month later never to return, he spent his early childhood being shoved back and forth from Kansas City and Detroit. He settled on the Eastside of Detroit when he was 12. Switching schools every two to three months made it difficult to make friends, graduate and to stay out of trouble. Being a rap fan for most of his life, he began rapping at the early age of 4. Rhyming words together, battling schoolmates in the lunchroom brought joy to what was otherwise a painful existence.

At the age of 14, he began to get very serious about his rapping but it wasn't until he was 17 that he actually made a name for himself, becoming M& M, which he would later respell as "Eminem". Being rejected by most fellow rappers because of his race, he grew an anger that flows through his music to this day. After failing the 9th grade for three times in a row, he quit school, but remarks that he doesn't consider himself stupid and doesn't advise that people should follow his example. He says that it just wasn't for him. Forcing himself on radio shows, freestyle battles, he threw himself head first into the rap game, where he was swallowed up most of the time. His very first album was titled "Infinite" and, while the album sold less than a thousand copies, it was the gearing up stages for the rapper who became a millionaire. Having nothing to lose at all, flat broke and not knowing where he would be living the next week, Marshall set out to rant about life in general, the set quickly caught the ear of hip-hop's difficult-to-please underground. What came out of this was the Slim Shady EP, the early work for the later Dr. Dre revised Slim Shady LP. Down to nearly his last dime, he went into the 1997 Rap Olympics in Los Angeles, basically hoping to win the $1,500 cash price which he badly needed. After battling for an hour and throwing back every race diss thrown at him, he made it to second place losing in a slip up. Furious that he had lost,he didn't even notice that he had been spotted. In the crowd were a few producers from Interscope, and they were handed a copy of the "Infinite" tape by way of a demo. Dr. Dre got to hear it and eventually tracked him down. The two instantly hit it off, recording four songs in the their first six hours of working - three which made it to his first LP. After the album was finished, Dr. Dre asked Marshall to come work with him on his new album. He helped produce several tracks and was on the best songs of the album.

Now officially making it, heand Dre set to make his second LP. The album became the Marshall Mathers LP and won 3 Grammies and was the first rap album ever to be nominated "Album of the Year", selling more than 8 million records in the United States alone. He also stunned critics when he shot down all homophobic remarks by performing "Stan" with Elton John. Currently working on his third LP, Em has made a movie, 8 Mile (2002), and has gone back and brought his friend with him; D-12. Though 2001 was a rough year for the rapper, being charged with weapon offenses, divorcing his wife, and almost going to prison, he explains his life today in one word. "Claimer".
Spent childhood moving back and forth between Kansas City and Metro Detroit. Attended Lincoln High School in Warren 1986-89. Hustled self-made cassettes of his work to places like Record Time in Roseville. His ex Kimberly gave birth to daughter Haile Jade on Dec. 25, 1995. He worked at Gilbert's Lodge (a family restaurant) in St. Clair Shores from 1996-1998. Full-length debut, Infinite, released in 1996. The Slim Shady EP was released in 1998. Later that year, Dr. Dre signed him to his Aftermath label after hearing the rapper free styling on a Los Angeles radio station. The Slim Shady LP was released on Feb. 23, 1999 and hit No. 2 on the Billboard charts within weeks. The Slim Shady LP was 3 times platinum. He has now put out his second full length CD, entitled The Marshall Mathers LP. (lucywho.com)
He has made racially derogatory references to African Americans; especially African American women.
He has had an operation on his knee, which led to his awkward stance at numerous performances.
Hailie gave him a ring that reads "DAD". He replaced his wedding ring with her ring, after Kim became his ex wife. He never takes it off.
He has three daughters named Hailie, Alaina, Whitney.
Cuts his own hair.
On his upper left arm, there is a tattoo in memory of his Uncle Ronnie who commited suicide in 1991.
Featured in "Entertainment Weekly" magazine (December 22/29, 2000) and was voted #3 for Entertainer of the Year.
January 2008 - Released from a Detroit hospital after being rushed there during Christmas 2007. His publicist attributed this to a bout with pneumonia.
Was the only guest artist appearing on Jay-Z's album, "The Blueprint."
Has a tattoo of his daughter on his right lower shoulder
Biography/bibliography in: "Contemporary Authors". Volume 245, pages 121- 122. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale, 2006.
Filed for divorce less than 3 months after re-marrying his ex-wife.
He has his own radio station, Shade 45.
He adopted his niece Alaina after her parents did want her for Hailie.
Failed the 9th grade three times until finally dropping out. He said that he was not stupid [which is evident from interviews and his obvious success], but said that he lacked an interest in school. All he wanted to do was rap.
The Eminem Show has sold more than eight million albums
Has a half sister and a half brother on his dad's side; Sarah and Michael Mathers.
His maternal grandmother Betty Hixson was married five times. He is her grandson from her first marriage.
When he was a teen, he worked as a short-order cook at a Michigan family restaurant called "Gilbert's Lodge"
He failed 9th grade a total of three times, because he didn't care much about school. All he wanted to do was rap.
In May 2003, a minor media stir came about when Eminem refused to allow rock parodist 'Weird Al' Yankovic to produce a video for his "Lose Yourself" parody "Couch Potato". Although semi-official statements from Eminem's camp stated that the rapper wasn't being malicious and simply did not want a parody to detract from his image as a serious hip-hop artist, most of the press that covered the story sided with Yankovic. Despite the lack of the music video, the album featuring the parody, "Poodle Hat", earned Yankovic his highest chart debut in "Billboard" (#17) and, in February 2004, his third Grammy Award.
The only white person to ever be on the cover of "The Source" and "XXL" magazines.
On his wrist, he has a tribal sign tattoo.

He wanted to be a comic book artist in his childhood besides a rapper when he was younger.
Created his own fashion line called Shady Limited.
Has said that he would like his daughter, Haile Jade, to become an actress.
Has his own record company called Shady Records
He is left-handed
He met famous rapper, LL Cool J, in a Foot Locker.
In his 2004 song, "Like Toy Soldiers", he stated he no longer wants to argue with Ja Rule and other members of Murder Inc.
Monday 26th Feb 2001: Winner of Best International Male at the 2001 Brit Awards.
He loves South Park, and even calls himself a "twenty-six-year-old skinny Cartman" in the song Marshall Mathers.
He has seven tattoos.
Adopted his ex-wife's, Kim, other daughter Whitney, who Kim had with another man when he was not married to Eminem anymore the first or secound time in a row.
He and Kim first met at one of his friends' houses, when he was fifteen and Kim was thirteen. She came over while he was lip synching to LL Cool J songs and jumping on the furniture.
cuts his own hair
His ex-wife, Kim, has a twin sister named Dawn.
Born on the same day as Wyclef Jean.

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